tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 30

Spreading Seeds Ch. 30


Chapter 30: Irene is Pregnant

I spent that next two days in the Kiva or checking on the mules and oats. I took my meals quickly and read some more of Lady Chatterley.

Most of the guys hung around the Kiva and nursed their wounds. Mike was the only one to pull bathhouse duty but even then business was slack and he had few takers, he said most were reluctant because of prior satiation. Annie Archer showed up and said she couldn't wait for Andre any longer and took Mike in to the alcove.

Mike had promoted two deer and decided to throw a party on Sunday. Able put up two cases of Sarge's Suds and the rest of the guys pitched in. So Sunday afternoon Sarge and Lenore tended the rotisserie on the patio and the whole village showed up. Astral and Audrey were leading the Music club band and everybody was dancing as the sun began to set.

I saw Irene in the trees watching the party. She was out of uniform and dressed in green with an amber shawl around her shoulders. The slanting rays of sun made her hair glow and my heart sing.

I went to her and she waited for me to take her hands. "Oh Josh I have to talk to you."

She seemed agitated and nervous so I kissed her brow and would have held her but she turned and led me by the hand behind some low pinions. She turned and smiled very broadly, "I'm late!" she said and pulled me to her.

I kissed her and smiled, "You missed the venison and it was marvelous."

She looked puzzled and said, "No Josh, my period is late, a week or more, I'm pregnant."

I smiled and kissed her. "Are you happy?"

She smiled and then frowned, "I'm trying to cope with it. I never thought I'd ever get the chance to have a baby. Curse of the Black Women and all." but she took me in her arms and kissed me. "But now that you are here, I have a chance and it has happened, I must like it."

"Let me take you home and we'll talk about it. That party is over nearly." I said and held her hips to mine.

She tucked herself under my arm and led me up to her place. We laughed and I felt her belly on the way. We barley closed the door and she had me in her arms. "Oh Josh," she said, "Can we be naked together again?" and tossed her shawl on a chair.

I was out of my shirt before her shawl hit the chair. I looked at her and unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her ruby nipples. She grinned at me and slipped out of her skirt. It pooled at her feet and she stepped out of it and flicked it with her foot to the chair. I laughed and slipped out of my pants and kicked them into the corner.

Irene took my hand and led me to the love seat, had me sit on one end and lay herself on my lap. She arranged my arms around her, leaned against my chest and kissed my neck.

I looked down at her and she was content to just feel the body heat and kiss my chest. I hugged her a little and kissed her brow, "I'm happy Irene, even if you are unsure yet. It is a big step in a woman's life to give birth."

She looked up at me, smiled, nodded, sighed, stroked my shoulder and lay in my arms. She was looking marvelous in the light that lingered from the window. Her milk white skin frosted with red gold, her bush now trimmed very short. I lay my hand on her belly and stroked it in circles, marveling that inside her, my seed had taken root, and perhaps we together would break the genetic chain that bound us to a time when people were afraid of the future, with good reason.

She looked up at me when my tears fell on her breast. "What's wrong Josh?" she looked up with real concern.

I kissed her and said, "You are too beautiful for me to hold in". I smiled through my tears and licked the trickles off her breasts. "And a babe to bring our people together, and perhaps heal forever the Curse of Black Women."

She smiled, slid up and kissed my tears away. I still felt like she was a miracle and I was an unlikely messenger, but she managed to dry my tears and made me smile about living.

I pushed her back down on my lap and stroked her breast and pulled the nipple a little. She watched my fingers and made soft noises of approval.

The sun took that moment to flash red and yellow rays against the cloud layer outside her window, as if saluting the Red Goddess before twilight set in.

"It is Ra bidding farewell to the Red Goddess," I said and kissed her hair.

"I'm no Goddess Josh," she took my face in her hands and looked me in the eyes, "I'm just a woman."

"No Irene, not just, but an accomplished woman. Serious, capable and talented. You are a whole woman Irene. I love that about you and I love the way you are capable of such tenderness. You are closer to the Goddess than you know." I kissed her and pushed her back down in my lap and stroked her belly and bush softly, "I wonder what it is like to be a zygote? Such complex needs and yet easily satisfied by your womb. Here inside you working for the time he can come out and claim his place in the sun."

"Or her, Josh. It might be a girl?" She looked at me and smiled.

I smiled and nodded, "Or her," I conceded, "But in any event you must teach them music. You must play for them and let them learn to love the feel of music in their lives."

Irene looked at me and said, "Should I play for you?" She smiled and got up, pulled a chair close and pulled her guitar off the stand. She flipped back her hair and arranged her breast to cradle in the body of the guitar and she pinched her nipple and blew me a kiss. She adjusted the tune a little and began a rhythm that bounced and shifted thru minor chords and then settled in a heart beat base line slow and steady, her left hand came down the neck as she played a complicated syncopation. She smiled as she played and her fingers were always sure and I didn't hear a mistaken note.

The base line picked up and there was terror in the melody then it surged in syncopation and the base line picked up even more and she smiled at me and played a soft melody, the heart bass line hammering and yet still in syncopation with her upper register line. It broke up in confusion as her fingers lost the ability to play it any faster.

The heart line came back this time slowing and softening and the melody line sang above it for a few measures before it faded softly away.

"Brava Irene that was magnificent!" I stood and applauded her and she blushed and stood and put her guitar back on the stand.

I pushed her chair back, took her in my arms, put her head on my chest and held her, "Was that a memory or a prediction?" I asked.

She looked at me and kissed me, "Just what was in my heart."

I leaned down, gather her into my arms and carried her to bed; any woman that beautiful is worth breaking a resolution or two, hell for Irene Black I'd do almost anything.

I lay her on the bed and sipped in beside her and kissed her softly. I was slow and smooth as I fondled her and then covered her, my knee between her legs. Feeling her smooth skin and her heat building. She would need to be very hot before she could overcome the changes that she was going to have to make in her life.

I thought about the book that Lenore had given me. How it was still true.

"The same thing, a thousand years ago: ten thousand years ago! The same on the Greek vases, everywhere! The refinements of passion, the extravagances of sensuality! And necessary, forever necessary, to burn out false shames and smelt out the heaviest ore of the body into purity. With the fire of sheer sensuality."

D.H. Lawrence "Lady Chatterley's Lover"-1928

I stoked her flame and she moaned and kissed me harder her hips rubbing her pussy on my leg. She was moist and it was early. I didn't escalate the action but let her find the way to paradise with some assistance and feeling her smoothness burning under my fingers.

I wanted it to last, this thing that I felt for Irene. I wanted her to want me and cry my name when she climaxed. I wanted to live with her and see her every day. But such is not the life of a Scout trader, I'd be gone about the time the baby came and I'd probably never see her again. But while this lasted I was going to fill my cup.

She was moaning and wanted more than I had given her so far so I kissed my way to her belly and rolled her on her back and lifted her leg so my head could fit between her legs and I kissed her on the muff and blew my hot breath into the fragrant fluff. She spread her legs and pulled me closer. I kissed my way finding the moisture of her. I licked her and opened her willing lips with the tip of my tongue. She moaned, "Yes Josh, Yes!"

I licked sucked and kissed her pubis from one end to the other for four or five minutes then I inserted a finger and lifted her by the pubic bone and stroked in and out lifting and letting her down, Sucking her clit and licking the juices that flowed from her over stimulated cunt. She was moaning and UPP'ing and she pulled my head away from her.

She pulled me up to her on the pillow she pushed me onto my back and kissed me as she straddled me and positioned herself over my cock. I lifted it and rubbed her pussy to find the proper angel. Irene opened her eyes and watched my face as it slid into her. She smiled and her eyes flickered shut and she had to come back out to spread her slickness, she moved slowly and deliberately watching me as I showed my appreciation by facial and vocal gestures as she worked it in.

I gave her the last inch and she smiled and rotated her hips. Her eyes closed and she came down to my chest and stroked me in and out of her, looking at my face and moaning softly. I began a long stroke and she matched the pace of it and gripped my shoulders with her nails she held her self above me and rocked her hips as I shortened up the stroke and met her fully. She withdrew until my stokes almost let me slip out of her but she held on to me and I lengthened my stroke and she took it and grunted and moaned and said, "Oh, Ag, Agh, Josh! Umph Ah!" but she didn't climax.

I held her to me and stilled her hips and fondled her ass with both hands, so warm and smooth and fine. She kissed my chest and moaned my name. I pulled her over on her back and began a long banana and a few Cervix rolls and she was gripping me hard and meeting my strokes so I let myself go and started to pick up the pace and drive it home to momma.

She was taking it and calling for more. I had dropped the weasels and slapped it to her and called her name, "Irene, Oh Irene" and plastered her vagina with a sticky avalanche.

She worked her hips and helped me make it last until I was jerking and collapsed on her chest, her legs around me and her heat all encompassing. I fell and she stopped and held me, kissing my neck, stroking my back and fucking me firmly. She held on and let me catch my breath, moaning my name and cupping me in her.

Even after two days rest she could pull the last recruits and I knew I was done for. I pulled out and fell beside her and let her minister to me. I was spent and she kissed me and wiped the sweat off me with a towel. She dried my prick and swabbed herself then lay next to me and whispered my name and let me fall asleep.

I woke to hear Irene playing the guitar softly and watching me sleep by the light of the moon that shone thru the window of her bedroom. She smiled at me when she saw I was awake but kept playing until she finished the piece. She lay her guitar on her chair and came to me and moved so she didn't block the moonlight, stroked my face and kissed me softly, "You were so beautifully asleep, I just had to play. Did I wake you?"

"If you did, thank you. I don't want to sleep away the time we have together." I smiled and kissed her nipple that hung like a jewel at my lips.

Irene smiled very broadly and kissed me and kept on kissing me. I pulled her down on my chest and made her move under the blanket. We kissed and I felt the chill of her skin but underneath there was a fire. I fed the flames and hoped they would awaken the cock monster but alas they only warmed my heart.

She kissed me hard, then softly and tenderly. "It appears the cock monster can not rise," she whispered in my ear.

"No," I said, "He is satiated; the Red Goddess has subdued him for now."

She snuggled down and put her head on my shoulder, "I hope it is a girl," she said and kissed my chest.


Irene stroked my chest and belly, "So she would be free of the curse and free to travel and see Davis and maybe find a man like you. Someone who can lift the pain of loneliness, who can fill her with the fire of life."

I hugged her and asked, "So were you lonely, before?"

"I didn't know how lonely, I thought it was me, that I was causing it. I tried to be happy. My dance studio below gave me access to the side of life my job tries to suppress. The girls are wonderful but it just made me sadder, because I could never have a child, who could leap and soar to the music in the world." She started to cry and I held her and let her get it out.

She cried and smiled and kissed me sobbing in her joy. She smothered me with kisses and slid her body on top of mine,

"Oh How very, very lonely I was." She smiled as her tears dripped hot and wet on my neck. She wiped her eyes and I handed her the towel still damp with our juices. She smelled it, laughed, wiped her eyes and then my neck. "Oh Josh, how un-lonely I feel now. I feel filled with ... With Life!" and she laughed and threw her head back and laughed and bounced her warm pussy on my flaccid penis.

That was the signal phallus was waiting for and he woke up. Slowly but she felt it move beneath her and she rubbed her pussy over it and then slid back and bent over it to watch as it filled. She looked up at me, "It appears I had coaxed Achilles from his tent."

"Even men need encouragement on occasion." I said looking at her.

She smiled and cradled my sagging penis in her hand and kissed it softly and warmly on the tip. Her hand squeezed it experimentally and it began to firm up, only to wilt a little when she relaxed her grip. She was disappointed and kissed it again and licked it.

I let it out then; she was kissing the wrong end of me. I wanted to taste her mouth and feel her wet, warm tongue in my mouth. Junior firmed up in her hand but she kept kissing and encouraging it, until it was hard and hot in her hand. She licked it all over and sat over my lap for me to raise the tip and fit it in her pussy.

She was moist, not wet yet and she waved her hips and played give and take until it was in her vaginal mouth. She stroked it in and out, just an inch or so out, but an inch and a half in, working her way down it's full length. It seemed to take hours for her to meet my pubic bone, I just lay there caressing her breast and stroking the inside of her thigh.

She took it all and just held it moving her hips around and feeling my flesh in her and on her. She pressed her hand to mine on her breast and laughed and I felt the pulsation in her vagina as she laughed and cried at the same time.

I pulled her down and kissed her. I moved a little in her and she moaned for me and kissed me harder. I kept that up for a while, suspended between the hot fluid feel of her mouths sucking my tongue and my penis at the same time, while aware that in between those two willing, wet and warm cavities was a woman who's womb held my seed and who would take care of my child as she or he grew up. It was magnificent to feel that way.

She wasn't reaching for more, just enjoying herself. I hoped she was thinking about me. I pulled her over on her side and stroked her hair, kissed her and began to move my hips more. She smiled at me and moaned deep and loud then kissed me and drove her hips in a frantic pump for a few seconds and held me, "Ahugh, Aughg, Awwwa," and she stroked out and slowly settled into at slow but jerky rhythm. I pressed her warm smooth buttocks to me and held her as she came down again, feeling her contractions and the warm liquid, so-human feel of her cunt.

I held her so we were still coupled and I stroked her a very little, just enough to feel that silky smoothness of her.

"Josh, you complete me. Oh that's what it was. Incomplete, my life was incomplete and there was no where to go, nothing to do but wait for death in this mausoleum."

"But I'm here and the world is larger than Burney or the Administration." I poked her, "Your life just got much bigger and now you have two of you to worry about." I ran my hand between us and felt her belly. "Here between my hand and my penis is a zygote that yearns to be a whole and complete person. That is the miracle of life, that genetic optimism is built in and when we loose that optimism, that the next instant is not going to be better than the last, we loose that will to live and death wins again."

Irene's eyes flared and she slammed her hips into me, "No! Death is not winning this hand, I will live!"

I kissed her and said, "Live Long and prosper Red Goddess," I held her to me and felt her slide on my penis and I cried for her and me, It wasn't going to last. Soon I was going to leave her, she would be devastated, I would be devastated.

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