tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 34

Spreading Seeds Ch. 34


Chapter 34 – The Stopover

On the fourth day we had been on the trail, we arrived at a place where water was plentiful and grazing was good. The stock were starting to need a day to rest up and graze. Sue decided that we should layover a day and let the stock graze, get ourselves cleaned up and since there was good water, wash our clothes and rest awhile.

It was early afternoon when we arrived, we unloaded the mules and set up camp. Gloria and I watered the mules, picketed them in a field next to our camp and closely inspected each animal as we curried them.

Sue, Linda and Amelia set up the camp and killed the last two of the chickens we had brought with us, for our dinner. After this we would be on trail rations, bacon, dried goat and venison, corn mush and mint tea. Linda started a squash stew with the last of the fresh squash we had and Sue decided to stew the chickens, since they were laying hens and not pullets.

By the time Gloria and I finished up with the stock and got back to camp the food was cooking and smelled wonderful. I set up a place to sleep at the edge of the trees where Sue had pitched the camp. Gloria and I swept the ground and filled in the dips with dry sand and I set my saddle and gear set up so I could lean against my saddle and watch the stock. Gloria set her saddle up next to mine and sat down with me.

I looked at Gloria, she was bedraggled and her shirt was streaked with dried sweat, she grinned at me and said, "I think I'm going to have a bath before dinner. You want to bathe?"

I looked at her and smiled, "Yes, but Gloria, we need a chaperone. You're still not Bahia yet."

Gloria blushed and said, "I just wanted to get clean Josh. I didn't mean we'd...." she left off the last and ducked her eyes down and added, "Not really."

I laughed at her and pulled her hat down over her blushing face. "Let's see who can join us?" I got up and went to the fire where Amelia, Linda and Sue were working on dinner. "Do we have the time to take a bath before dinner? Gloria wants to bathe and I need to wash some clothes for tomorrow."

Amelia looked up and said, "There is plenty of time until the chicken is ready. I think I'll just wait and watch the chicken, Sue why don't you go with them and keep an eye on Gloria?"

Sue looked up at me and smiled, "Let me get my washing and towel. I smell like a horse and could use a bath." She stood up and stretched her arms over her head, "My back's a little sore, do you think you could give me a massage, Josh?"

"Sure Sue, be happy to, but after we bathe, eh?"

Linda looked up at me and grinned, "If you're giving out massages Josh, I could use one too."

I grinned at her, "May be tomorrow Linda, I want to get some sleep tonight."

Linda looked at me and grinned, "Oh I won't keep you up, Josh. That's not my intention at all." She smirked and Amelia laughed.

Sue, Gloria and I went and got our washing and towels then walked down to the stream that flowed from the hills on the west. It was a small stream and shallow. It took us some time to find a deeper pool where the water was knee deep down stream from the camp.

Sue spread her blanket in the dappled shade and sat down to take off her boots. Linda and Gloria sat and did the same while I took my washing to the side of the stream and started to make a rock pool in the shallows.

The stream was running with a good current and when I tossed my clothes in the rocky enclosure and pushed them down into the water, they were pushed to the downstream side of the pool. I got out my soap and began to wash my shorts and socks with soap.

The women, behind me, were talking and Linda laughed but I didn't pay any attention to them, I was humming a little happy tune, figuring that I'd have Linda on her back in a few hours and was thinking about her soft breasts as I slipped out of my shirt and pants, putting them into my washing pool. I got my socks and shorts washed and put them in the pool to be rinsed by the water that ran through my pool.

By the time that I had finished my shirts and pants I heard Sue ask me, "Josh, I forgot my soap, can you give me some?"

I turned and there in front of my face was Sue's wooly bush about a foot from my face. I looked up, between her breasts, at her eyes, which were sparkling, and saw that she was smiling at me. Linda and Gloria were washing themselves in the stream. Linda had her hands on her breasts and was teasing her nipples as she told Gloria, "Like this, tease and pull," she pulled her nipples out and rolled them between her fingers.

I couldn't see what Gloria was doing, Gloria's smooth little bottom and slim back made me start a little. I had seen Gloria naked several times in the bathhouse but in the light of day she looked older and I reminded myself that she was still too young.

I looked back at Sue and handed her my soap. Sue grinned at me and said, "I was hoping you'd apply it too, Josh." She grinned at me, I stood up and swallowed, Sue had never asked me to wash her before. She winked at me and whispered, "Yes Josh, come wash me."

Sue was about thirty-five and she was tough as a boot, but she was at the age where she loved to fuck. She was kind of compact and solid, smallish breasts and small tight nipples of pink tipped her firm breasts. I had had a hard-on for Sue for a long time.

I grinned at her and glanced over to see what Linda and Gloria were doing. Linda had her soapy hand on her crotch and was stroking her clit, saying, "There just softly rub." Gloria was evidently rubbing her crotch too and making little noises as she explored herself.

I looked at Sue and smiled, "Let me wash these shorts and I'll be right with you."

Sue rubbed the soap over her breasts and handed me back the soap, "I'll just wait over there," she indicated the direction with a tilt of her head.

I slipped out of the shorts I was wearing and said, "I'll be there in just a moment," and squatted down to wash my shorts.

Sue looked at me with a grin and rubbed a little water into the soap over her breasts, "Don't be too long Josh."

"No I won't," I replied.

Sue turned and walked over to where the others were and talked to them, she faced me and continued to rub her nipples and cupped her breasts smiling at me.

I washed my shorts and hung my washing on a bush nearby. Sue had always been nice if somewhat formal with me. We had never been intimate before and I wondered about her. The word from the guys that had been with her, was that she liked to have her nipples sucked, was an easy cummer, and liked to have multiple climaxes. I wondered if I'd have enough sauce afterward to give Linda a little?

I finished up my washing detail and got everything hung on the bush and turned back to the women. Linda was still rubbing her crotch and moaning a little. Gloria's hips were moving back and forth and I saw her fingers come out between her ass cheeks then slide forward again. Sue was still looking at me and rubbing her nipples as I walked slowly toward her in the knee high water.

Sue grinned at me and said, "Just in time Josh, I need my breasts rinsed," She squatted in the water as I came up to her, she lost her balance a little on the rocky bottom and her hand reached out and grasped my dick. Her hand was warm and slippery as it slid off the tip of my dick and I reached down to hold her shoulders. She looked up at me and smiled at my cock that was slowly firming up.

I leaned over and splashed water on her breasts, "Here you just hold on to me and I'll rinse you." She stroked my cock with her slippery hand and it got a lot bigger. My hands splashed the water onto her breasts and then slowly massaged them to get the soap off. She stood and let me massage her breasts, pulling her nipples a little. Sue's breasts were firm and smallish. The areoles were nice and tight after the cold water hit them and it took a while until they relaxed. I didn't mind and used both hands to warm her breasts.

Sue grinned at me and stroked my rapidly erecting dick. "Maybe you could soap up the rest of me," she said and turned her back.

I gave her the soap and put some water on her back and took back the soap to rub it over her broad back. Sue was not as tall as Linda, nor as short as Gloria, but she was muscled and fit. My hands ran all over her back and down to massaged her saddle weary fanny. She pushed her hips back and spread her legs to allow me to wash her between her legs. I was happy to do so, after all she was not only my superior and team mate, she had a soft slippery fanny and I was hard as a rock in the minute or two that it took to wash her back.

I knelt and washed the backs of her legs then pulled her around and washed the fronts of her legs and while she smiled down at me I soaped up her pussy and washed it very thoroughly. My fingers made sure to seek out each crease and crevice in her luxurious lips. She just grinned at me, spread her legs a little and moved her hips back and forth as my fingers stroked her opening and all the way back to her bung hole.

Sue looked over her shoulder at Linda and Gloria, "Have you girls finished?"

I looked around Sue at Linda who had a finger in her pussy and pulled it out with some effort, Gloria turned and took her hand off her crotch, 'I... I guess so," Gloria said.

"Then why don't you rinse off and go dry off and set on the blanket?" Sue was holding my hand against her pussy and moving her hips just a little, "Gloria you can watch."

Gloria laughed and sat down in the water to rinse. Linda did the same and they rinsed off and went up on shore. Sue looked down at me and said, "Let me wash you Josh."

I stood and Sue began to wash me. First she cupped water over my chest and up under my arms, then she took the soap and lathered me up making sure to feel my arms and chest. Her lips moved as she washed me and she licked her lips as her hands went down and stroked my slippery pole. Her eyes met mine as she squeezed my dick and stroked me softly. Her hands weren't as soft and smooth as Linda's but she had her heart in the right place. I started piling on the weasels and was up to five when she said, "Squat and I'll rinse you."

I squatted in the water and the current made me fall back a little, instinctively I reached and my hand went between Sue's legs and I probed her ass with my fingers. She flinched a little, then smiled at me, "You can hang on to me, Josh. I don't mind."

I grinned at her and slipped my finger up her asshole a little, just to have a firmer grip, you understand. She grimaced a little but moved her hips to press it a little deeper. I let her rinse me while my slippery finger stroked in and out of her hot hole. It was gripping me when it went in and relaxing a little as it slipped out. Sue was enjoying it and we stayed like that for a while. The cold water on my balls made my erection fade away. I wasn't worried about it, but the water was making me cold. I said, "Why don't you squat too Sue and I'll rinse you."

She spread her legs a little more and squatted. The current in the water made her press toward me and I kissed her. I rinsed her pussy and slipped a finger into her ass and one in her puss. She kissed me back and then put her head on my shoulder, "Oh Josh, that's just right."

We stayed like that for a moment then she stood, my fingers slipped out of her and I stood too. She put her arms around my chest and sucked on my nipple making little noises.

It was a little awkward to try to finger her, because she was so short so I waltzed her around with my hand on her lower back and backed her up the bank of the stream until she stood on a shelf about tall enough to look me in the eye. She smiled and put her arms around my neck, "You know Josh, I always thought you might impregnate me. I don't know why I haven't acted on it before."

"Are you in season then?" I asked.

She kissed me and said, "No, but I haven't had a man love me for five weeks."

I knew she was lying, but I gave her a shocked look, "What five weeks? Oh my Sue you are deprived aren't you?"

She shrugged and sighed looking at me, "Well there is the Corps and I didn't want to get pregnant."

"No?" I asked and rubbed her furry bush.

She frowned and looked down, "Well it is a problem to have children on the trail. I wanted to finish this tour before I had another child."

"I didn't know you had had a child, Sue, how old?"

She smiled at me, "Megan is five... No, six now. I left her with the sisters and I thought she'll be alright with me leaving for a year, but we're going to have to adjust to the changes in each other. That is why I jumped at the chance to be Amelia's liaison."

"So you could get back to your daughter?"

She nodded, kissed me and then pulled back, "Rub a little, deeper, Josh," she said softly and so I started to stroke her damp lips as I kissed her softly.

We stayed that way long enough that my feet were getting cold and my cock got pretty warm with Sue's hand around it. I said, "Shouldn't we lie down?"

Sue pressed her cunt to my fingers, "Oh if you want to, I'm just fine here," as she stroked herself on my fingers slowly.

I looked over Sue's shoulder Linda and Gloria were looking at us and giggling at each other.

As Sue turned and led me to our towels, she said to Linda, "Why don't you and Gloria give us a little privacy?"

Linda and Gloria slipped into their boots grabbed their towels and went downstream around the bushes that shielded the little clearing where Sue had spread her blanket.

Sue sat at the edge of the blanket, she tossed my towel up to me and dried herself. She grinned, dried her bush slowly and kept her eyes on mine as she dried her legs and feet. She slid up on the blanket and looked at me though her wide spread knees, "Josh, do you have your scissors in your kit?"

I dried my balls and said, "Yeah, I always have scissors Sue."

She grinned at me and waved her legs in and out a little, "Then can you trim my bush a little. It seems to have gotten out of hand." I walked over and got my kit bag and sat on the blanket at Sue's feet.

"I'll just put my soap away," I said and dropped my soap box in the bag and rummaged around until I had a comb and the scissors in hand. I laid them at the edge of the blanket and began to dry my legs and feet, getting the sand from between my toes as I looked up Sue's wide spread legs.

Sue looked down at her muff and rubbed it, "Yeah it's a little out of control don't you think, Josh?" Her fingers reached out down her furry pussy and when they came back up, she had pressed one between her lips and split them so that there were these plump pink frills on either side of her finger. The tip of which was slowly rubbing on her clitoral hood. She was making faces at me showing how good it felt to stroke her pink petals.

I said, "Sue you want me to do that?"

She grinned," No, I can do it. Just keep the sand off the blanket."

I finished drying my feet and crawled up between her legs and began to comb out her bush. There were a few knots and I leaned forward to disentangle the hair from the comb. I snipped off the knot and brushed the errant lock away.

Sue giggled as my fingers brushed her furry mount. I continued to snip and clip and rubbed the residue away. I trimmed her closely but left enough that it wouldn't be itchy in the saddle. When I finished I reached on either side of her hips and put the comb and scissors down. I began to blow the hair off her belly and put my lips close enough to her that they occasionally touched her. When I dipped my head to blow off her mound I kissed her exposed clitoral hood and licked it softly. She made a "Eeek" noise and rubbed her hands in my hair pulling my mouth down to her. Her knees came up and her hips rotated so I could lick her from 'taint to tickle in one smooth lick.

Sue was loving that but I had heard she really liked her nipples stimulated so I kissed her from her damp lips to her belly button and the then up around each breast. She kept her hands in my hair but let my lips move where they may. When I licked her nipple I felt her hands grasp my hair and when I sucked her nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over the tip, she pulled me to her breast and moaned deeply. I licked and sucked for a while then moved over and licked the areole of her other breast. She pushed her breast to my mouth and held my head there while I sucked and licked and even nipped her nipple with my teeth.

I kissed my way up her neck to her mouth and kissed her mouth hard. Her hands knotted in my hair and she thrust her hips up toward me and clamped her legs around me. I could feel her warm belly on the end of my dick and I rubbed it around a little on her belly for a while until I had to start spouting weasels because of the feel of her warm smooth skin on my hot hard cock.

I got control of myself and kissed my way back over her breasts giving her the Audrey approved treatment like Iren liked so much, sucking her nipple almost off.

I slid lower quickly. A man can lose a women's attention if he dallies too long between good spots. I pulled her knees up and kissed her on her just trimmed puss, running my tongue between her lips and licking up over her clit.

It was a little awkward trying to lick her slit while keeping my feet on the blanket so I switched to the 69 position and buried my tongue in her pussy. She groaned and held her knees back so I could lick her deep into her vagina. Sue was short enough that my cock didn't quite reach her lips so she licked her hand and stroked my dick as I licked her slit.

Sue had a nice pussy, lips that got plump when you sucked on them and her clit was large and protruded out of her hood when she was aroused. I made sure she was aroused. I licked her allover and sucked lightly on her clit. I reached down and stilled her hands from stroking me. Sue just held my dick in her hand and rubbed it softly on her forehead.

I was only up to ten-twelve weasels and was enjoying sucking Sue's snatch when I heard a soft voice say, "Oh my, Oh my god." It sounded like Gloria and then I heard Linda say, "Shush."

I kept up the licking and sucking and Sue kept humping her hips into me. This went on a long time and Sue was really wet, so I slipped my finger into her pussy and massaged it all around. I hit a spot in there and she flinched and said, "Oh Josh, no more. Just fuck me now!"

I let her lick my cock for a moment then switched to a happy missionary position and began to probe Sue's sloppy pussy. She was pulling my shoulders and urging me to get it "Deeper, please Josh," I was happy to oblige as her pussy was so much warmer than the surrounding air. It took only two strokes before I was balls deep and she was humping for more.

I kissed her, "That's all there is Sue, just relax." I gave her the long banana and she began to stroke with me slowly. She kissed my chin and throat as I stroked her slow and deep, well as deep as I could. She didn't complain but picked up the pace a little and soon I was giving her the meat slap and she was moaning and saying , "Give it to me, More Josh Oh, shit Oh." And similar UPP type noises.

Sue was making enough noise that I almost didn't hear Linda moan deeply and grunt a couple of times. Gloria said, "Shhhh, they'll hear us."

I was in the moment and was giving Sue all I could. I was breathing well and the only problem was I had just ridden about 200 miles in the last four days. Sue saved me when she slammed her hips to mine and held me hard by the hips to her as she grunted and groaned her way though a good one. I held my ground and led her slid off the mountain easily.

I bent and kissed Sue on the lips. She licked my lips and started to drive her hips against me again. I gave her a hesitated meat slap and she fell right into the rhythm. We drove her up the hill again and she screamed as she climaxed a second time.

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