tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 35

Spreading Seeds Ch. 35


Chapter 35 -- A Religious Experience

Note from the Author:

This chapter is a long one, for those that like it long and stiff. I didn't intend it to be so long but Josh had a lot of stamina.


The moon was up when Sue woke me by kissing my ear. "Rise and shine, Josh," she whispered in my ear.

I turned my head to her and kissed her softly, "I'm awake, Sue," I said to her, pulled my blanket back and sat up. Sue woke Linda and went back to the fire. I put on my boots and sat on my blanket yawning and trying to wake up all the way.

Linda got her boots on and stretched her arms out, "Oh I miss my bed. Sleeping on the ground is uncivilized."

"You'll get used to it at least we've had good sandy beds so far. When we get into the granite country, in Arizona, it's a lot more work to make a good bed." I said.

Linda smiled, "Maybe I'll just sleep on you Josh. At least all your lumps are in the right places."

Amelia said, "Well keep yourself off his lump for a while Linda, at least until I get to sleep."

Sue said, "There is some tea left Josh, you might have to heat it." Sue slid into her blankets and closed her eyes.

Gloria was curled up in her blankets and looked cold. I put her field coat over her sleeping form and checked out the tea pot. It was barely warm, so I put some more wood on the fire and set the pot next to it.

I walked out to where I could see the stock in the moonlight and gave them a quick look see. Most of them were down and all were quiet. I turned back to the fire and saw Linda toasting her hands to the fire.

She grinned at me and said, "Are the animals quiet?"

I smiled and sat beside her, "All but one."

She grinned and kissed me then gave Amelia's back a glance.

We sat there with our hands entwined for a while until the tea began to steam a little. I got a cup and dipped out some, blew on it while Linda warmed her hands on my rapidly rising penis. I sipped the tea and handed the cup to Linda, "You have some tea and I'll patrol."

I gathered my gear and walked around the stock, took a leak and looked in on Barb. She was up grazing and nickered to me when she got my scent. I came over and ran my hand over her warm coat and checked the perimeter of the pasture.

I finished my patrol all around the camp and came back into the fire light. Linda smiled and opened her blanket to me. I put my carbine down and went to her. She wrapped me in the blanket and pulled my back to her. Her hands unbuttoned my shirt and she put her hand inside it on my chest. She kissed my ear and we watched the stars.

Linda said, "How about Respite?"

"From what?" I asked, not sure what she was talking about.

"As a name for this place, Respite," She said. "I think it has a nice ring to it."

I sipped some tea and nodded, "Respite, well how about Area 41 for the way we passed the day before?"

"What made you think of that?" Linda asked.

"Well four women and one man, forty-one," I said.

Linda's hand stretched down and she rubbed her hand across my hairy belly, "How about Furry Hills," she said as she brought her hand up and massaged my nipple. "The hills in the west looked furry to me, all that brush and no trees."

I sipped the tea and leaned against her soft bosom. "Well we could call this Respite or we could call it Four Climax City."

Linda kissed my ear, "I haven't had four climaxes, Josh. Why do you want to call it that?"

I sat up and kissed her, "I'll show you tomorrow Linda."

Her voice was almost apologetic when she said, "Josh, I have to pee, will you hold my hand and walk with me so I can get away from camp?"

"Sure Linda," I said and stood, taking her hand.

We walked away from the pasture I figured we needed a scent marker in back of us as well to warn away any critters who didn't know we were here. I found a place where two game trails crossed and told Linda, "This is a good place. You want me to step away?"

"No, hold my hand so I don't fall back into it."

Linda faced uphill, dropped her pants and squatted down holding my hand and peed for a while. She reached down and wiped herself with her finger and then slung the drips off into the night.

Once she had her pants pulled up we walked back to the fire and sat in the moonlight quietly for a while. We put a blanket around our shoulders and snuggled together watching the others sleep and listening to the sounds of the night.

Linda said, "I can't believe we are going to open the reserve."

"Why not?" I asked.

Linda put my hand inside her shirt on her breast, "Well it's been 275 years since the Administration sealed the vaults. After all this time I wonder if it will all be in good condition."

"What will be in good condition," I asked, "What's in the reserve? I've heard it talked about but no one has ever told me what it is."

Linda looked at me kind of shocked, "You don't know?"

I kissed her and said, "Nobody tells me what's going on. I guess men are just supposed to spread their seed and not worry about anything else."

Linda smiled at me, "You do such a good job, I guess everyone just assumes you know what's going on."

I massaged her nipple, "So are you going to tell me or are you just going to leave me in the dark."

Linda kissed me and said, "The Reserve is why Burney was created Josh. The Government set up a strategic reserve of material and information back before the plague and all. Just in case a global calamity or some other world wide event caused the collapse of civilization. At first it was a place for strategic materials and after a while they decided to put in tools and information. There are 55 vaults in the complex. Some of them are just warehouses and some are complete power stations or factories that can make materials or products. We are finally going to open the reserve now that we know that there are more people who can help us rebuild the world."

I took a while to digest that information. "You mean you have lots of stuff then, enough to remake the 20th Century technologies?

Linda laughed, "No Josh, I mean we can give you the 21st Century technology and a lot more. It will take while to get it all working and of course we need to build a road to Davis so we can move the heavy stuff around."

I sat there and thought about it. "Why didn't you open it up before now?"

Linda hugged me, "We didn't need to Josh. Burney was doing fine but we didn't have the people to fully exploit the reserve, not until we found out about Davis and all. Now we can get the population to start exploiting the reserve and start training people to run the machines and all. The Administration figures we need a population of ten thousand to get every thing working. Of course that will take years but now that you have broken the curse our offspring can be taught to start working with the materials and tools left. It is going to be wonderful, Josh. Think about it we can have electricity and restart the water pumps. We can be as rich as they were back before the Plague."

"But that technology was based upon petroleum, we'll have to find oil wells and build refineries and set up a fuel distribution network."

Linda laughed, "Well we have to start somewhere but we can get along with vegetable oils for a long time. We have lots of hemp oil now and once we get the water system really working, we can grow a lot more and set up the textile industry too." Linda hugged me, "Just think, Josh, we are going to remake the world. You and I are going to save humanity."

I laughed and said, "Well we'll need some help."

Linda laughed and said, "Perhaps our son will be able to help out too. But he'll need some help, so after I get back from Davis maybe we can give him a younger brother to help?"

I kissed her and didn't mention that by the time she got back from Davis I'd be somewhere else and we'd probably never see each other again. We got a little distracted for a while as we considered our futures and Linda was pulling on my prick while I was massaging her nipple. It was getting a little too distracting and I pulled back and said, "Linda we're on duty."

Linda squeezed my dick, "I am keeping you awake, aren't I."

"Yes," I said and hugged her, "but we need to watch the stock." We stood and walked out to the edge of the fire light and watched the mules grazing and sleeping.

Linda and I stood there in the light of the crescent moon and stars. She had her arm around my hips and held the edge of the blanket in her other hand. "So how big is the reserve?" I asked her.

"I don't know really Josh. I've only seen a little of it, all the vaults are sealed in a dry nitrogen environment and no one had been in most of the vaults since they were closed up. I know that the Facility has a hundred and fifty hectares of vaults, but most of that is records and information storage. There is a lot of material that the Administration salvaged after the Plague and we've been using that for our metals recovery, you know for steel and copper. We never tapped the reserve metals, although there was a movement about a hundred and fifty year ago to do just that."

"What happened that they didn't?"

"That was at the time of the second insurrection. At that time the Military was in charge and General Gates said that we didn't have enough population to actually exploit the reserves and wouldn't release them. There was a big battle when Arnold Burney led a bunch of villagers up to the facility to force the military and well it ended badly."

"How so?"

"General Gates sealed up the Facility and when the rebels tried to storm it, General Gates had the Army shoot them all. It was five days before the bodies were all buried and then the Administration tried General Gates for crimes against humanity and hung her. The Administration disbanded the military and that is when the Village Council was set up and, well we've been pretty much just trying to develop our population ever since."

"Well I've been doing my part," I said and kissed her. She kissed me back and we distracted our selves again.

We necked for a while until Linda pushed me away saying, "Josh we need to remember we're on duty."

I took my hand out of her shirt and kissed her on the nose, "You are a most distracting woman, Linda."

"I try to be Josh, I do try." She chuckled, "Let's check the stock."

Linda took my hand and led me around the stock and back up to the camp. Before we got to the fire I pulled her around and kissed her. "Linda can we get a little distracted again?"

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me, "What did you have in mind?"

I ran my hand over her fanny and said, "Just a little quickie. Here, away from them." We were at the edge of the trees where we had the camp pitched and there was a log lying on the ground.

Linda kissed me, "Won't that count as a distraction?"

"Well we just made our patrol and we don't have to take long."

"Am I going to have to change my pants again?" she asked squeezing my dick.

"Not if we're careful and let you drain before you put them back on."

Linda kissed me and said, "Well if we're fast I think I can take the cold."

Linda and I sat on the log and I helped her get her pants down. I pulled mine down and she sat on my lap facing away from me. Her ass was warm and soft on my lap, I reached around and stroked her clit for a moment and got her wet enough that I could slide my dick into her pussy. I had to lean back a good deal, holding on to her hips and she put her hands on my knees and began to move a little.

I was rocking my hips and was deep inside her. She felt good, despite the cold on my balls. It took a while before she was ready to climax and I was holding out pretty well. She clinched and froze on my lap moaning and bucking for a second.

"Oh Josh, that felt good," she said and held my hand on her clit, pushing my fingers down and around over it.

I massaged her for a moment before I asked, "Can I come now Linda?"

She half turned and smiled at me, "You mean you didn't?"

"No," I said, "I wanted you to climax first."

Linda chuckled, "Can I come with you?"

"If you're quick about it, I'm on a short fuse now."

She lifted her hips up and slid back down on my cock a few times, I said, "Linda can you get on your knees?"

She looked around at me and nodded. She got up and got on her knees leaning against the log while I got behind her and sunk my cock into her now wet pussy. I gave her the long stroke to get in position and then began to give her a hesitated meat slap, she groaned and began to back into me as I stroked her. We had a nice rhythm built up and she was giving me as much as I was giving her. We were a little loud, but since we were a long way from the fire I figured we weren't disturbing anybody.

I felt the tingle start and I bore down and called out the boys. Linda's slippery pussy was warm and made soft squelching noises as she grunted every time I hit bottom. Well, I wasn't hitting bottom in her but my hips were slapping her soft fanny as I worked out my climax. It took a little while to get the boys in launch mode and I was sweating a little. Finally I felt it coming and I gave Linda a solid shove and she groaned and drove back against me and quivered as she grunted her way though a climax of her own.

I was pressed up against her ass groaning myself. The tingle was intense and it felt like she was sucking my dick as she bucked slightly. I could feel the pull and the slippery walls of her pussy around my cock. I was shooting dust, but it was high quality dust and as little as it was it felt so very good.

I collapsed and pulled back Linda groaned and pushed her ass back to get it beyond her pants and keep them dry.

I stood and pulled my pants up then got down and licked Linda's pussy lips and sucked our juices out. It tasted slick and spermy but I figured it was better than making her pants wet. She was moaning and pressing herself to my tongue. Linda grunted and I felt her pussy quiver on my tongue. I licked her and sucked her pussy lips for a moment then wiped her with my hand and dried her as much as I could. I reached in my pocket and drew out a kerchief and put it against her pussy. She got to her feet and while I held my kerchief to her cunt, she pulled up her pants and panties so her panties would hold the kerchief to her pussy. I helped her button her fly and then I sat her down on the log and began to put my dick back in my pants.

Linda's hand stopped me and she drew my dick to her lips and sucked it into her mouth. She pulled it out sucking it softly and then tucked it in my pants. "There now we are both cleaned up." She giggled and pulled me down to kiss me.

We went back to the fire and warmed up. We cuddled and kissed for a while then I held Linda and we must have fallen asleep for just a minute.

I woke up and Linda was in my arms sleeping, it was quiet and the moon was going down. The fire was just low coals and cast little light. I heard a mule clear his nose and started to get up but thought I'd wait.

I thought that tomorrow I would give Linda the full adoration of the Goddess, what we called in the kiva a Four Star Rogering, or FSR since I would have all afternoon to do it and we had good water. She was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. Our blankets were wrapped around us as the dew began to settle on our shoulders. The fire was low but I didn't want to awake Linda. She had her hand in my pants and if she woke up I'd be hard again. I held her around the waist as she dozed.

There were at least two more hours until sunrise. The crescent moon had gone down and the star light was defused by high thin clouds. "Dark as a mule's boiler room," was how Sarge had described similar nights. In truth I was exaggerating because I could make out most of the stock and hear them, the air was still and cold on my legs. I had a beautiful blond in my arms and it wasn't raining. I smiled to myself, what better life could a man have?

To stay awake I ran the inventory of the train thru my mind visualizing each item and estimating the amount of feed left after we fed the stock in the morning. We'd been feeding corn because our oats had run out a month ago.

My new oat crop would be ready for harvest about the time I got back. If April and Maria had the harvester working it would be an easy harvest. I hated to think of using a scythe on 50 hectares of oats or even the five hectares in the fertilized fields. Maria had cast and turned an iron roller so we could roll the oats and barley. I was about to launch the oat revolution in Burney. Maria and I had set up Bitterwater-Perkins Feed and Seed and we expected to export a lot of feed for the goods trains that would eventually run once a month between Burney and Davis.

I shuffled my feet to get some circulation and Linda woke up. I hugged her, "Have a nice nap did you?"

She yawned and said, "I thought you were supposed to keep me awake?" Her hand tugged at my limp dick and she squeezed me hard.

I laughed because I was so relaxed it didn't hurt a bit, although it made me realize that I needed to pee. I pulled Linda's hand out of my pants, "You go build up the fire, I'm going to make a patrol."

Linda kissed my cheek, "Hell it got dark, I don't know if I can find the fire."

I fondled her crotch and said, "Maybe you just need to wake up? Take a deep breath and let your focus drift. Look at the edge of your vision rather than at the center. It takes a little getting used to." She was pressing herself to my hand and even through her clothes she felt wonderful.

She sighed said, "Josh, I have to pee," and pulled my hand from her crotch.

We undraped the blankets and shared a goodbye kiss, then I walked slowly out as she moved to the fire. I got out about 20-30 meters, pulled my dick out and let out what seemed like a liter of good strong piss. It's funny how good it can feel to pee. I redid my fly and stepped around the damp spot on the ground, continuing my patrol.

Linda had a small fire burning when I got back. She was heating the last of the tea in the pot and smiled at me when I came into the firelight.

"The tea will be hot in a minute Josh, how long until dawn, do you think?"

"An hour or so, Linda. We've got time for tea." I sat next to her and we shared a blanket.

She put her head on my chest, "You know I really like to share watch with you Josh."

"Why because I let you sleep?"

She squeezed my knee, "No because I feel so safe in your arms. I'm not used to that."

I ran my hand up her belly, gently grasped her breast and kissed her on the hair, "I'm glad you feel safe with me. Why don't you feel that way all the time?"

"Well I have been saving myself all these years and everyone says I'm so beautiful that there have been a lot of times that I had to deny myself and others. I was always on guard to save my virginity."

"Even from other girls?"

Linda chuckled, "Oh yes, Oh I haven't been completely chaste, Josh. I like to kiss a clit now and again and I like to have my pussy licked, but who doesn't?"

I massaged her breast and said, "Just about everyone I know likes their pussy licked Linda."

"See, I'm not special Josh. But now after you have awakened me, well I find I do like the feel of it."

"Of what, Linda."

Her hand found my stiffening dick and she grasped it. She didn't say a word but felt it and hummed a little. "Oh that," I said and undid my belt.

Linda opened my fly and pulled my cock out. She slid down and kissed it softly. "Can I try what Sue did?"

"Linda, just don't make me cum."

Her tongue circled my crown and she nibbled at the tip with her lips then sucked softly on my crown. She looked up at me, "Can I, Josh?"

"Just get on your knees Linda. That will make it easier on your neck."

Linda kissed me and then knelt between my legs and licked my cock slowly, "Mmm you taste salty and," she licked her way down to the root, "and you smell so sexy." She kissed her way up to the tip and sucked me into her mouth just a little, just passed the corona and licked the soft skin under my tip.

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