tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 36

Spreading Seeds Ch. 36


Chapter 36 – The Bear

Sue drove us hard for two days after we left the Lightning Strike. We crossed the Painted Desert in an eighteen hour ride to Holbrook Wells. That had the mules very tired, Linda and Amelia held up pretty good but Gloria's ass was dragging. I was doing okay, had a sore butt and I really needed a bath when we got to Holbrook. I got about three hours sleep before Sue had us up and driving eighty miles to Flagstaff. Another fourteen hour ride in the hot sun.

I got the mules fed and rested a little in Flagstaff. Forage was still good and the water was clear and still cool in the streams. Sue let us rest the mules and horses. I tried to keep watch but fell asleep in the wee hours.

Sue's laugh in my ear woke me with a start. She was grinning at me, "That will cost you twenty bucks mister; sleeping on duty, Josh what am I going to do with you?"

I looked around, the sun was just breaking the rim of the earth, "Oh shit Sue...," I didn't continue. It was Corps policy, the one who caught you sleeping got the twenty bucks and until it was paid, you were that persons slave.

Sue was looking pretty happy and said, "Go check the stock, I'll wake Amelia and Linda. I'll let Gloria sleep 'til breakfast is ready."

I pulled my shit together and got up. We had made a hasty camp in the night and I saw that we could have done better. There was a nice bit of grass just a bit further on and the mules were eying it as I walked out to where they were picketed.

I got the hammer and started to move the stock into the better grass. It took a while to do it, getting five and moving them then another five and so on until I got to the horses. I left Barb where she was just in case I needed her. After I had moved the horses, I came back to her and checked her feet. She looked in longing at the sweet grass and shook her head at me nickering.

"Okay Girl, I'll move you after breakfast," she gave me a soulful look and nibbled at the sparse grass at her feet.

Bacon and corn mush were cooking when I got back to camp. Amelia looked up, her face harder than normal and said, "Sue said you had to cook the bacon." She got up and let me have her place at the fire, "Is it true she caught you sleeping?" The tone of her voice was severe. Linda, who was kneeling on the far side of the fire, stirring the mush, glanced at me and looked away down into the fire.

I hung my head and took Amelia's place at the fire, "Yeah that ride after the Painted Desert wore me out, I know there is no excuse." I shifted the bacon a little with the fork and moved the heavy pan off to the side a little so it would cook evenly.

I looked at Linda, "I remember the moon going down and was doing squats for a while. I did two circuits and what a bitch that was in the dark. Then I sat down and began to warm up."

Amelia grinned, "Well no harm done. So you're her slave until you can pay her off?"

"Yeah I hope she isn't mean about it."

Linda laughed and grinned at me. She gave me that Golden Goddess smile, her eyes wide open, "Oh I don't think you'll have much to complain about, Josh."

I looked at her for more information but she looked away at Sue who had woken Gloria.

Gloria, as she pulled down her blanket, sat up and said, "Aren't we there yet!"

Sue laughed, "Soon I promise."

Gloria got up, put her blanket over her shoulders and stumbled away.

I adjusted the bacon, savored the aroma and thought, "With the scents of frying bacon, pine, drying grasses, sweat and camp smoke, it wasn't a bad day to be a slave."

Sue came up and looked down at me smirking, "When you've finished with the bacon, you can feed the stock and water them. That corn mush will take a long time and," She smirked, "I know you like it thick and not too hot."

I looked at Sue and shook my head, "Yes Ma'am," and looked down at the bacon.

I heard Barb nicker and thought that Gloria must have gone out to check on her. I looked out and saw a large bear just emerging from the brush on the stream banks.

"Bear!" I yelled, and pointed. Sue spun and ran for her carbine. I jumped to my Carbine and ran out to untie Barb before the Bear got to her.

It was not even going to be close, the bear was speeding up and would get to Barb well before me. I made the decision to shoot while the bear and Barb were separated; I dropped to one knee and cocked the piece. I took aim and Gloria came out of nowhere and jerked the half hitch that held Barb and waved her arms to make Barb shy and bolt. The bear started to go for Barb but then looked at Gloria, who was now between me and the bear by the time she had stopped from her sprint.

"Gloria get down, Now!" I yelled, and took aim again. Gloria dropped flat and I saw the beast was almost on her. I fired the shot and the recoil of the heavy carbine made me loose sight of the bear.

By the time I caught sight of the bear again, he was snarling and leaping at Gloria's body on the ground. That's when I felt Sue's carbine go off just behind my ear it seemed like. The slug hit the bear dead center in the chest and it reared up a little and fell forward on to Gloria.

I pulled my belt knife and rushed to Gloria and the bear. Sue was right behind me. We flipped the dead bear off Gloria, who was screaming, "Get it off. Get it off me!"

Gloria had some blood on her back, but it seemed to have come from the bear. Sue slowly turned her over and Gloria leaped up and backed away from the bear.

"Is it dead?" she asked as she backed further away.

I looked at the bear then at Gloria and said, "Yeah, he's dead. You scared me out of a year's growth."

Gloria put her hands over her crotch and said as she turned back to camp, "I need to change."

Sue chuckled and waved to Amelia, "Help Gloria get cleaned up. Linda check the food, I still want my breakfast." She turned to me, "Well, you better go get your horse, Josh."

"Yeah, Barb could be half the way to Canada by now." I went to get my saddle.

Linda came over from the camp fire and handed me her bridle, "Here take my horse, she can catch the barb."

I gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and took the bridle from her, "I just hope I can catch her. She looked pretty spooked when she left and two gunshots probably just pushed her harder."

I looked for Barb as I walked up to where the other horses were picketed. They were all a little nervous as I began to saddle Linda's chestnut. I was just tightening the cinch when I felt a nudge to my shoulder and turned, it was Barb; she put her head over my shoulder and nibbled at my shirt pocket.

I caught her lead rope and dug out a couple of dried apple pieces that I had and gave them to her. I stroked her neck and said, "He scared you pretty good, but you didn't run off. I don't know what I did to deserve you Barb." She looked at me and shook her head.

Sue was yelling and waving to me, so I tied Barb to the chestnut's picket and mounted the chestnut, riding wide of the bear until I could approach the bear and Sue from up wind.

Sue came out to meet me and saying, "Give me a rope and I'll tie the bear on. We'll drag him down there to butcher him."

I gave her my lariat. She tied on the bear and brought me the end of the rope. I let her get up behind me, took a couple of wraps around the saddle horn and started to pull the bear.

Sue said, "He's a big bastard isn't he?"

"Two hundred kilos at least, I'd say."

Sue laughed, "How's the ear, Josh?"

"What say? Try the right ear Sue, my left one is still ringing."

Sue patted my shoulder, "Sorry about that but I had to take the shot."

I chuckled and nodded," I'm glad you did, my shot just stunned him for a second. Yours, put out his lights."

"It's too bad that we can't skin him, but I don't want to ride in the heat for two days with a green skin." Sue pointed me in the direction of the stream bank where there was green grass and water to clean up. I pulled the bear out into the fresh grass and Sue dropped off to untie the bear.

Sue pulled out her knife and tried the edge with her thumb, "Josh, go back to camp and get me something to carry the meat in."

I gathered my lariat and handed Sue my knife, "Here, that old boar is going to be tough."

Sue nodded and took it, "What da'y'a think about Bear Chili?"

"Sounds good to me, are we staying here?"

Sue looked up at me, "We might as well. Gloria's is about done in.

"Then we ought to move the camp site down where I put the mules."

Sue looked up that way, "After breakfast we'll move camp and cook some chili. What say, smoked bear chili?"

"As you desire my mistress." I laughed as Sue made a face at me.

"Go get me the lid to the fry pan, Josh. That ought to hold every thing." Sue said and bent to her task.

The chestnut seemed happy to get away from the bear. We cantered up to the camp and I dismounted and tied her to the brush.

Linda looked up, "The mush is pretty thick, Josh."

I squatted beside her, "Sue sent me for the fry pan lid, she said, after breakfast we'd move camp and stay for the night."

Linda smiled, "Oh thank heaven. My butt is sore as hell, and some sleep would do me a lot of good."

"Sue said she'd make smoked bear chili for dinner. Do you like bear?"

Linda looked at me, "Never had it, elk, deer, antelope but never had bear."

I took the lid and rode back down to where Sue was butchering the bear. I tied the chestnut up wind and went to see what Sue was doing.

Sue put about three kilos of back strap and a kilo of the bear liver on the lid. She said, "Do you like liver, Josh?"

"Right now I could eat it raw but Linda says the mush is done."

Sue and I went back to the camp and found Gloria and Amelia were back. Linda handed out the bowls of mush and honey and we all shared the fry pan for the bacon. It got pretty quiet as we all were hungry. This was the first decent meal we'd had in two days.

After we ate, Gloria and I started to move the pack panniers using only five of the mules, Sue had taken Linda's horse and found us a campsite, about a half mile upstream from where she had butchered the bear. In about an hour we had moved and begun to set up the new camp. Sue pointed out where she wanted to put her bed roll and had me work to get her bedroll spread.

She came over to see how I was doing and smiled at me, "Why don't you put your bed roll with mine Josh?"

I looked at her and she just grinned, "After you do that, I need a bath." She laughed at me and came over and hugged me, looking up at my face, she stroked my ribs and pulled my head down to kiss me.

I kissed her hard and she came back at me with some enthusiasm, grabbing my ass and pulling me tight against her. She was so short that I had too dip at the knees to kiss her. I held her tight and lifted her up in my arms to let her feet dangle.

She pulled her head back, "Josh, You look like you could use a nap. Let's go wash up and then we can get some sleep."

I kissed her again and set her down, "Let me get my bed roll and my towel and I'll be right with you."

Gloria had found a place in the shade and had rolled out her blankets and dropped off to sleep. Linda and Amelia were arranging a few rocks to make a cooking fire and Sue sat and talked with them while I moved my bedroll.

I took my towel, kit bag, and blanket to the fire and said, "Sue if you're ready, I am."

Linda laughed, "He's always ready." Amelia smiled and said, "You know I should have bathed with Gloria this morning, maybe I'll join you."

Sue stood up and said, "No, Josh is my slave and I don't want to share."

Amelia grinned at Sue, "But Sue honey, can't I get clean?"

Sue grinned and said, "You can get as clean as you want Amelia, but Josh is mine today."

Sue went and got her towel and clean underwear, came back and took me by the hand down to the stream. We selected a place where we were screened by brush and had a fairly deep pool to bath. I spread my blanket in the grass in a shaded area as Sue began to strip down. While I stripped off Sue went to the stream and waded out splashing herself with water. I took my soap box and went to meet her in the stream.

Sue smiled at me, "You can wash my legs first, and be thorough," she laughed and pushed my head down making me kneel before her.

I smiled up at her and began to splash water on her legs then rubbed the soap all over her legs and up on to her belly. She smiled at me then closed her eyes. I washed her legs and up between her thighs. Sue spread her legs a little more and squatted a little when my hand stroked her pussy. Sue giggled as my fingers split her lips. She pushed my hand away when I started to penetrate her.

"No Josh, just wash, no penetration," she pulled my hand back to her pussy.

"Okay Sue, I'm your slave,"

I made her turn so I could wash the back side of her. Sue liked it when I washed her bung. She laughed when I goosed her a bit and pulled away.

"No penetration Josh, but some massage would be good."

"Sue, how much longer do you think it will take to get to Topock?"

Sue leaned over and put her hands on her knees allowing me to run my hand from her ass up over her clit.

"Oh Josh, oh, do that some more."

I kept up the stroke with my right hand and washed her cheeks with the left.

"I figure it will only take three days from here."

Sue was not in the conversation and made a few UPP's as she moved her hips to lengthen the stroke of my fingers on her. She finally stood up and turned.

"I think we can make it to Topock in two or three days if we press hard. Tomorrow is going to be tough though. As I remember the trail we have a high pass that will slow us down."

I stood and Sue began to wash my chest and up under my arms. She got me all lathered up and then put her arms around my neck and rubbed her chest against me, washing my back with her arms around me and pressing her belly into my stiffening dick. I gave up trying to converse with her, she was obviously somewhere else in her mind.

We fooled around for a while longer then we squatted and rinsed each other. Sue kissed me and pulled my dick a little but I knew she was only playing. We finished and went to dry off.

Sue sat on the blanket and looked up at me, "Do you have your nail clippers?"

"Yes Sue."

"Then clip my toe nails," she leaned back on her elbows allowing her legs to spread a little.

I sat on the blanket, dug into my kitbag and found my clippers. They were antiques. Shiny and sharp even after 300 years, I treasured them. My dad had given them to me when I graduated from the academy telling me, "Son, I know they don't look like much, but they will come in very handy." He was right.

I started to do Sue's nails, they were long and kind of raggedy. Sue must not have clipped them in weeks. I sat with her foot in my lap facing away from her.

"Don't you have a set of clippers, Sue?"

"No, I had a pair but I traded them for..." She paused and didn't continue.

Sue let me finish her left foot and I moved to the other side and started her right foot. When I had finished trimming her nails I massaged her foot and calf allowing my hand to slide up her thigh and stroked the soft skin just below her crotch.

"Umm, that feels good Josh. How are the mules doing?"

I turned to her and let my hand rub her belly, "They are doing well Sue. I expect we can push them hard for another day or so, but then they'll need a few days rest before we start back."

Sue had her eyes closed, I guess, enjoying her belly massage. "Oh good, a little lower," she moaned.

Sue wasn't thinking about the mules now that I had her mound in my hand and was slowly massaging it. She spread her legs even wider and said, "Just lightly, rub my clit, Josh."

I put my finger on her clit and just rolled it around for a moment then let my finger slide slowly down and circled her opening then slid it up and circled her clit.

"Oh yes Josh, only lighter." Sue said.

I lightened my touch so I could barely feel her lips and stroked her slowly. She fell back and allowed me continue while she said, "I always wanted to have someone just lightly rub me."

"Would you like me to kiss it?".

Sue shook her head, "No, just do what you're doing."

I could feel her lips almost sucking my middle finger tip as I slipped up and down her pussy. Her clit was beginning to firm up and began to emerge from her hood. I put a little pressure on it and rubbed in a circle while Sue arched her back and pressed harder to my finger, then relaxed and let me rub her so softly that I wondered if it was doing anything for her. I continued her soft massage and yawned. I was still tired and the quiet day and a soft pussy at my finger tips made me sleepier. I kept up the massage and Sue got wetter and wetter.

Sue stilled my hand for a moment. "Oh yes Josh. That feels wonderful. Now kiss it but softly. I want to see if I can climax with just a light touch."

I got between her legs and blew lightly on her pussy, then licked her very softly just allowing the tip of my tongue to lift her clit up as my tongue passed over it. Sue gasped and moaned. I pressed my lips to her clit and sucked very softly licking her from her opening to her clit and back very softly. Sue jerked a little but settled down on the second stroke and suck. I nibbled at her hood with my lips and squeezed her clit inside her hood. That got her attention and she lifted her hips up to my mouth. I backed away still playing with her clit softly, then licked my way to her opening and circled it, feeling her open and close as I pressed deeper then licked up to her clit and sucked it softly. Sue lifted her hips and whimpered a little then she settled down again and made soft noises as I slowly licked and sucked her softly.

She was getting close, I thought. She was rocking her hips as I licked up and down, just touching her with my tongue. She quivered and pulled me up by the hair and kissed me. I was between her legs and stretched up to touch her pussy with my dick. She rubbed her pussy lightly over my tip letting my dick just touch her clit. We did that for a moment then she pushed me away.

"No penetration Josh, I want to see if you can make me climax with just a light touch."

Sue was wet and hot but I got beside her and very lightly rubbed her pussy. She moaned again, "Kiss my nipples Josh."

I moved around to where I could kiss her nipples and lick them as I lightly stoked her pussy. She was getting more active, lifting her hips and moving to allow me to touch all her special spots. Her hands pressed my face tighter to her breast and so I sucked her nipple a little harder. She groaned and pressed my face to her.

I thought she might go off anytime and was feeling pleased with my self when she pressed her hips against me and started moving her hips at a rapid pace. I let my finger slip up and down her pussy, just touching her lightly and she got more vocal.

"Oh fuck! Oh Josh! Fuck!"

She was rabbiting my finger as it pressed lightly on her opening then circled her clit and down around her opening again and again. She was crushing my head to her breast so I nipped her nipple and she surged up and jammed my finger into her opening with her hand, and began to run off the cliff. She humped my finger for a few moments moaning and swearing as she climaxed. Sue settled down, pulled my hand away from her pussy and put it on her breast, massaging my fingers over her nipple.

I leaned over and kissed her lips, "Feel better now?"

Sue opened her eyes and smiled at me, "Not a good as I hope to," and she put my hand back on her mound. "Again Josh but no penetration."

I began to softly stroke her and she smiled at me. "You don't mind just feeling me?"

"No Sue, you feel very nice and juicy. I could lick you again?"

Sue smiled and said, "No, just do what you're doing Josh. Licking makes me crazy and I just want to... "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

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