tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 37

Spreading Seeds Ch. 37


Chapter 37- Topock

We pulled into Topock on the afternoon of the eleventh day out, our mule train drawing out all the folks who had set up a tent city along the river. I recognized some of the women and saw they had brought a few men along as well.

Among the crowd was Charlotte Jenkins who called out to me, "Oh Josh is that really you?" she had recognized Barb as I rode up. She was dressed in just an undershirt and pants and she swung a rack you could hang your hat on! She had her hand up shielding her eyes from the sun.

I was off Barb and at her side in a flash, "Charlotte! Are you coming to Burney?" she took my hand.

She smiled, put her hand on my shoulder and kissed me, then pulled back, "Best we both take a bath," she wrinkled her nose at my trail scent. "Yes I am going to Burney and you really must tell me what it's like! I get off after chow. Are you free?"

"I've got to discharge the cargo and see to the mules but I will make some time. I better catch up." I waved to her and followed Sue to the depot.

"Who was that?" Gloria asked me when I rejoined the string.

"Charlotte Jenkins, a friend of mine." I said looking back at Charlotte. "She and I went through the University together. She was my lab partner."

Gloria looked back at Charlotte as she turned to go back to the tents. "Dairy Science major, I'll bet." Gloria snickered and poked me in the ribs.

I laughed at her and nodded.

We discharged the cargo and signed it over to the quartermaster of the team who would transfer it to Davis. Sue, Linda, Gloria, and Amelia stayed with Robin Jennings, who was leading the team that was coming to Burney, and Jack Osblat who would be leading the team that was going back to Davis. Gloria helped me unsaddle the mules and stow the tack. I told her to go find Amelia and get a bath, while I took our mules out to pasture them down river from the stock that was headed to Davis.

I took the mules in two strings of 10 down the path pointed out to me as being the way to the pasture, "Can't miss it," Osblat told me. "Just over a rise south of the tent city there's a large arroyo, fenced in bamboo and with a nice little beach on the river. I'll send some girls out to watch over them, give me a chance to round 'em up."

I led the mules down to the ridge and turned, looking back over the camp from the top of the rise. To the north were the corrals, also of bamboo, then south of that the Trading post was just hard floored tents now, but Robin had told us that a new company of Engineers were coming to replace the girls who had been here since last winter. "They have to bring in timber so we can put up a solid Trading Post.," Robin had said.

South and closer to the River was the subcontractor's camp and the beginning of a permanent settlement. They had been able to connect to the sewer system of the Post, and had water from the canal that the Engineers had dug on the top bank's edge. I marveled at the changes that three months could make.

I saw two riders following me at a trot and waved. They gave me the "go ahead" and a "meet you there" signal. I tipped my hat and took the mules into the arroyo and then down to the beach.

I was checking the first string out before releasing them to water, when the two riders came over the rise and entered the pasture, closing the fence. I gave each of the mules a once over and released them. The riders went to what looked like a common camp site and began to unload their horses.

I had released Barb and she had wandered down to the river to drink. I went down and caught her. I took her up to the camp the two riders were pitching and called out, "Hello the camp,"

A redhead looked up over her shoulder as she was bent to spread out her ground cloth. She had a nice wide ass, I saw. A brunette was smiling at me from the other side of the ground cloth.

"Hi, you just come from Burney?" The brunette asked.

The red head turned and pulled off her hat smiling at me, "What's it like?"

I pulled my hat off and beat it against my chaps and laughed. They were just vibrating with energy; I was fading fast and needed a bath to wash off three days of dust and sweat.

"Ladies, I'll be happy to tell you all about it but how about we take a swim? I'm hot and filthy and Barb wants to roll in that sand."

The red head said, "Who's Barb?"

"My horse," I pulled Barb up and held her head as the two came forward to pat her nose.

The brunette smiled, "I'm Doris Williams, and this is..."

"Ellie, Ellie Prescott," the red head offered her hand.

"Josh Perkins, SCT one, I'll be your guide to Burney."

Ellie grinned, "I know Charlotte Jenkins, does she know you're here yet."

"Yeah I saw her coming in."

"She talks about you all the time. I feel like I know you Josh." Ellie said taking my hand. She turned my hand over and stroked it then looked at Doris, "This is hand that gave us the number 742."

Doris blushed and looked at my hand and tentatively touched my palm. She frowned, "It's just like every other hand."

I said, "Well it's been treated rough, when Charlotte and I developed the 742, I was still in college and didn't do much rough work."

In a 742 you used the palm of your hand on the exposed lips and massaged, applying various pressures to the pubis with your cupped palm and fingers to the mound and major lips. It could be done upright or reversed but Charlotte like upright.

Ellie dropped my hand, "There is a saddle tree up there, go unsaddle and bring your bags back," she grinned, "We won't attack you, Josh, besides we are forbidden to copulate until we get to Burney. You're safe with us."

I grinned back, "That is good to hear, Ellie. I'm plumb tuckered out."

By the time I had Barb unsaddled and came back with my bags the women were fussing with their camp fireplace and so I just put my bags down and began to undress; Barb grazed off in the short alfalfa. Osblat had told me that the first Engineer team had planted alfalfa everywhere they thought it would grow and so the pastures around Topock were semi-improved. The mules seemed to appreciate it anyway.

I took off my shirt and sat down to pull off my boots. Doris and Ellie gave me some space but kept an eye one me as I stripped off. I gave them a good show, including scratching my balls and pulling on my cock to get the dust out of the cracks. I picked up my kit bag and started for Barb, when Ellie called out, "Josh?"

I looked back at her and she had a stick in her hand.

"You can take our soap stick," she held it out to me. It was a stick about four feet long and had a small basket roughly woven between the three branches on one end.

I caught Barb and came back for the stick. Ellie by now had her boots off and her shirt unbuttoned. She was grinning at me as I took the stick, "We'll be down in a minute, Doris wants me to show her the 742."

I smirked at her but she just smiled at me, "Have a good bath."

I went down to the river feeling the sand between my toes and thinking about Charlotte. I dropped off my things on the beach and took Barb out until she was belly deep in the water and began to rinse her off. She whipped me with her wet tail a few times and let me rinse and scratch her to get off all the dust and sweat. I was scratching her mostly to get my fingernails clean. Barb's coat was short and it was prefect for cleaning under the nails. After a few minutes of this I led her to the shore and let her loose. She looked back at me and when I didn't respond, she wandered up and rolled in the sand of the beach, shook herself off and began to graze in the sun.

I could hear Ellie and Doris up at the camp but couldn't see them, it sounded like one of them was having a good time though. I gathered my soap and took the stick out to the edge of the deep water and pushed it in the sandy bottom. The basket was just above water line and I was more than hip deep. I pushed off and swam for a while relishing the cool water and the warm sun. By the time I finished my swim, the women were coming down the bank. They were naked and carried their towels, which they dropped next to my kit bag.

"Can we join you?" Doris called out.

I waved them on, took out my soap and began to wash my chest. I watched them as they came out. Doris was about mid twenties and Ellie was a little older. Doris had very short hair on her pussy, round little boobies and big hips. They were both grinning at me. Ellie had big square shoulders, smallish breasts and wide hips. Her bush was golden and very full. They waded out hip deep and dropped their soap in the basket. Doris swam out around me and Ellie just dipped down to neck deep and smiled watching my hands on my body.

I held out my soap and said, "You could do my back, if you would."

Ellie stood up and took the soap. She smiled, "Can I do your front too?"

"All finished,"

She smiled, touched my chest with her fingers and spread her hand over my pectoral. "Aw, Josh you could do with a through washing I'll bet. A second wash won't hurt."

"I get to help," Doris said and swam up to me, her head at my hip in the water. Her hands were on my leg and began to move up.

Ellie splashed water at Doris and made her sputter and stand up. I got a much better look at her tight little nubs and round tight breasts. "Halvesies," Doris said, wiping her face.

Ellie splashed water on my back and ran the soap over me, "Okay but I get the right half."

So with Ellie on my right and Doris on my left the two women washed my back and chest and had me dip to rinse, then they soaped me up again. They were smiling at me and chuckling at each other as they worked lower on my belly and back.

I asked, "So how did you like the 742?"

Doris grinned at me and said, "It was all right, but not 'fabulous.' I don't think Ellie did it right."


"No, it just got me excited, but didn't get me off."

I looked at Ellie, "Did you complete the series?"

Ellie frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Well, the 742 is supposed be an early foreplay move. You have to follow it up."

Ellie grinned and ran her hand down my belly and pulled on my dick, which had just broken the surface of the water, "With this?"

I let her play with me for a second, or maybe six, then dove into the river. I surfaced and looked back at them. I kept my head just above the water and said, "You girls aren't supposed to copulate, are you?" I did a couple of weasels and my cock softened up in the cool water.

Ellie and Doris looked at each other grinning then Doris looked at me and said, "No, they told us we needed to save ourselves for the Burney men. The Corps wants us to mix our genes with theirs, but we can still play a little." She grinned at me and rubbed her pussy.

Ellie smiled, "What did you mean, 'complete the series'?

I stood up and waded to them. "Here let me show you." I waded up the slope of the sandbar until I was mid-thigh deep and turned to the girls, "Put your soap down, Doris and come up here. While Doris put her soap in the net, I adjusted my stance so that I had my left leg out and my left foot a little above my right foot. In the "wing" position we call it in the Kiva.

Doris looked at me and said, "What are you doing?"

I smiled, "Making a place to call the Goddess. Come up and stand here." I indicated in between my legs.

Doris looked back at Ellie, then moved very quickly and put her arms around my neck, rubbing her belly on my flaccid dick.

I held her to me just a moment and then pushed her back a bit, "No, turn sideways, and come up the bank a little." I held the heel of my hand to her belly and when she was up against my thigh good and the heel of my hand was just above her mound, said, "That's good, isn't it?" I then cupped her pubis and lifted her gently and released her.

Doris smiled at me, "That isn't a 742."

"No, no it's not, just a positioning check." I smiled at Doris and kissed her lips softly, "Put your arm around me. Comfy?"

Doris grinned at me, slipped her right arm around my waist and nodded her head.

"Okay put your right hand on mine and mimic me." I grinned as she put her hand on mine. I began to move my hand allowing her to get used to following my hand. "Now you drive, put my hand where you want it."

She grinned and pushed it immediately to her pussy and pulled my hand to her cunt hard.

"Yes, Like that," I said. "You want firm pressure on the whole clitoris but not on the opening of the vagina." I spread my fingers between the middle and ring fingers and rubbed her mostly on the outer lips, the palm of the hand cupped around her modest pubic mound.

Doris smiled, "See, it's a little exciting but not a whole lot."

I smiled at her and put my arm around her for an anchor and then began to rock my hand down over her mound, stroking her major lips, lifting her in a slight jerk when I reached the bottom of the stroke, then let her slide down, my fingers pressing firmly against her whole clitoris She was smiling now. I kept it up slowly stroking her and alternating pressure with my fingers and allowing my palm to massage her hood very lightly.


Doris grinned and closed her eyes, "Oh yeah, much better."

I was running weasels now and had to change, "You know, Doris, it takes a lot of control." I kept massaging her whole clitoris and kissed her on the forehead.

She opened her eyes and smiled, "I'd say you have got the touch, Josh."

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, "Oh yeah, It takes a lot of control when you've got a succulent woman in your arms, naked and hot." I bent and kissed her left nipple then sucked it softly. She didn't moan so much as tittered a little chuckle but I felt the Goddess come out then. She began to move her hips and her pussy 'asked' for more. I gave it to her.

Ellie had taken up a station just in front of Doris, on her knees on the sloping sand bar. Her attention was focused on what my hand was doing and in spite of the murky water, I could see she was duplicating my movements on her own pussy. Her eyes were wide as I changed the pressure from right to left and sometimes rubbed my palm lightly over Doris' wet inner lips, then shifted back to a whole clitoris massage and lift.

"Now Ellie, this is called the 743 transition," I lifted my middle finger and placed it gently on the very center of Doris' wet pink lips. "This is the hardest part to do. Keeping firm pressure on the total clitoris and just light pressure on the inner lips. See? It's difficult."

In truth it could cramp your hand to keep pressure with three fingers, the lightest of touch on the delicate labia minora with the fourth, and cup you're palm so that the skin of your forward palm gently lifted her hood and exposed the clit to the texture of you're palm print and have it barely touch the pink flesh, and, rock your hand at the wrist as you pulled her firmly and stroked her slowly.

"Now I can only hold that for just a short while but, if you transition again to a 744, Ah! That's a lot easier!"

Doris arched her back and said, "Ahaa! Ha! Urrrgg!" or something like that

I had pressed the pad of my middle finger deeper into the mouth of Doris' vagina and stroked my finger tip on the silky secretions of her sex. I shuddered as I stroked the goddess and sucked at her round brown nipple.

Ellie said, "Oh yes, Oooh! I mean, so it's in the transitions, the Series?"

"Yes, The Series calls forth the Goddess and," I looked at Doris as my finger pad gently slid past her clit. She shivered a little, kept her eyes closed and her death grip on my hip, "It looks like we've got Doris' out."

Doris opened her eyes and said, "Oh are we talking too. Then I say it's time to transition." She rubbed her wet ass on my thigh and rocked her hips.

"So the 745 is next and on the bottom of the stroke you just penetrate the opening of the vagina," I demonstrated on Doris and she almost came when I tipped her pit, then slid my hand up and continued to massage her mons and outer lips, while gently rubbing her bud at the top of the stroke.

It helps to keep a detached view point when you fondle a fair maiden, other wise you can loose control to your base biology. You have to keep the beast away, it was only civilized. These women shouldn't risk reproduction and it was my duty to protect their reproductive rights. Besides, Charlotte awaited me.

"The 745 lasts a just a few strokes as you lengthen the stroke at the bottom and penetrate deeper, just to the first knuckle, in the 746"

Doris said, "Oh no! Oh!"

I stroked her a couple of times while watching Ellie's eyes close as she buried her fingers in her cunt. "Oh yes at last," she whispered, and shuddered.

I stroked Doris and let Ellie fend for herself. Doris was holding back on me and time was wasting, "Now the 747, as you reach the bottom with the middle finger two knuckles in her pussy, pressing on the front wall of the vagina," I gripped Doris in my hand and jerked her slightly upward. I put firm pressure on her mound with my palm squeezing her firmly and evenly between my palm over her whole clitoris, with my finger rocking across her g-spot up in her very lubricated pussy.

Doris groaned and humped herself to my hand; I had to hold her hips back on my thigh with my left hand. She was tossing her head and rocking her hips and my right hand was moving faster as my fingers pressed to her whole pubis and up into her pink cavity.

"Oh Charlotte, why isn't it you?"

Ellie's head went under and she came up sputtering and wiping her face, "Damn, Josh you almost drowned me, "She grinned up at me, "What's next,"

I looked at Doris who was humping my hand and had snot coming out of her nose she was breathing so hard, "I guess the 748," and I slipped my ring finger in Doris' wet cunt and drove both fingers in deep. Doris froze and held herself impaled, then rotated her hips slowly. So, I counter rotated my fingers stroking all against the inside of her vagina. She was climaxing now. I was still cupping her clit with heel of my hand, pressing firmly and began to hook my fingers so that when I pulled them out they pressed all along the pubic bone. Doris was shivering and groaning.

I began the 780 immediately by running my fingers in and out of her very wet pussy, my palm on her clit as I slapped her cunt with my palm. Doris screamed and lost her footing in the sand, sliding down into the water as I vainly tried to hold on to her slippery body.

Fortunately the water was shallow and she held herself to my leg. I reached down for her and she attempted to smile at me as she gasped for breath, "Oh that was some transition at the last, Josh!"

I helped her up and held her to my chest, her body was loose as she laid her head on my shoulder, "Is that how you Davis boys act all the time?"

"No, not all the time, Charlotte and I just worked that out one summer, She was working on her Kegels and needed some assistance. Why, aren't you from Davis?"

Doris kissed my chest, then looked up at me, "No, we're from Reading, almost the whole team is."

"That's why I didn't recognize many of you." I laughed, "I suppose it is fair to share the drain of resources. The Long Pole Kiva put up the first team, I suppose the Steel-heads can put up the second."

"But there are a lot more of you in Davis, so ten men is a lot in Reading." Ellie said.

Ellie came up and put her arm around me, "Josh, perhaps you could show me the whole series? You know, for my education?" She grinned at me and kissed my arm looking up at me with her eyes wide.

I included Ellie into my arms and held the two of them for a moment, "Well, Okay, but I don't want to miss chow."

Doris kissed Ellie on the cheek, "I'm going to dry off, have fun."

Ellie hugged me for a moment then let me get into position, she rubbed her ass against my leg and held my hand to her golden cunt as she assumed the position. I leaned down and kissed her warmly. She came back tentatively at first but then she kissed my dick stiff. Her hand found it and she was stroking it softly as I began the series. Since she had been warming herself, I moved through quickly. 748 was fast coming, my two fingers in her cunt, my palm massaging her mound and whole clitoris. She was rocking her hips and kissing me, pulling on my dick and I had to stop.

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