tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 38

Spreading Seeds Ch. 38


Chapter 38 Topock Frolics

As I rode up to the trading post, I attracted more than a few glances from the Engineers who were coming in for a bath and supper. The Company of Engineers had been here since last December and had brought no men with them. I imagine that the ten guys that Jack had told me were here on the way to Burney, must have gotten a lot of action from the Engineers. I put Barb in the corral and my saddle in the tack tent.

Most of the girls were stripped down to halters and shorts, or in some cases less, as if they weren't expecting me to be wandering around in their tent village, which numbered about twenty-five tents, plus the big mess hall tent. The tents were laid out in clusters of four and had a central water supply in each group. Duck boards built of bamboo spanned the junction of the four tents. Some of the girls were bathing and one of them looked right at me, ripped down her shorts and poured water on her bush while rubbing it, giving me the eye and blowing me kisses.

Finally a frowning, rather severe looking older woman, who wore the chevrons of a Staff Sergeant gave me the evil eye, marched purposefully over and asked, "Can I help you find, something?"

I grinned at her, "Yeah, I'm Josh Perkins, just came in on the train from Burney and I was looking for Charlotte Jenkins?"

"I just bet you are." she looked me up and down.

I probably looked a fright, the damp wrinkled clothes and dusty hat, saddlebags and bedroll over my shoulder made me look a vagabond to her. The enormous hard on I was sporting was kind of a tip off to my intentions, I guess.

"Perkins, ya' say, any kin to John?" She looked at me skeptically.

I smiled and figured my Dad had greased the skids. "Yeah, he's my dad. You know him?"

She made a face that would have petrified a lesser man, "I know him, if you see the son of a bitch, tell him I want my toe nail clippers back, Anne Murchison." She stuck out her hand. "Who did ya' say you were looking for?"

I shook her hand and smiled politely, "Uh, Charlotte Jenkins, red head, short hair, about this tall," I held up my hand at about my chin.

Anne thought a second and then put out her hands about six inches in front of her own small boobs and grinned. This indicated that she knew Charlotte.

I nodded.

Anne pointed up the way, "Last tent on the right, she's bunking with the Major. Something about the Mothers or some such," she gave me an evil look and said, "You just keep you pecker in your pants, son. Ain't nobody getting laid in Topock."

"Yes ma'am, I'll just be going then. Anne Murchison, I'll tell him," I made my exit while stealing a glance at the brunette who had been rubbing her cunt at me, I winked at her and left.

The tent wasn't hard to find and it was a long way to the right. At the end of the company street was what had to be showers, a bamboo bridge, with a wooden trough above and woven mats of river reeds to shield the bathers, to the right of that was a small grove of trees with a trestle table and a couple of rude chairs under them, to the right of the grove and kind of isolated was another tent, the sides of which, like most of the tents, were spread out to allow air circulation. I could hear Charlotte singing in the Mother's tongue and that made me smile. It was so good to hear her voice, it sort of reinforced my sporting nature, you might say. I called out, "Charlotte, is that you?"

She stepped out of the tent and waved me in. At the door of the tent she took my hand, leading me in. I took off my hat and squinted in the darkness for a moment, staring at Charlotte's face. Her hair was shorter than normal, but there was a delightful spray of hair on her brow. Her ears stood out a little and I smiled as I leaned in and nuzzled her ear, "I'm so glad to see you."

She whispered in my ear, "Josh, there is some one I'd like you to meet?"

I stepped back, looked up, a woman stood and stepped forward, who had had her shirt unbuttoned. She was a big solid woman, late thirties, early forties and dark. Her raven black hair was slicked back in a ponytail and her bold features and walnut complexion gave her an exotic air. Her mobile lips spread into a smile over even white teeth, "Major Denise Funston, Charlotte has spoken of you Josh, a lot!" she laughed.

Charlotte blushed and pulled my saddle bags off my shoulder, "Oh, put your things down and tell me how you are, Josh?"

I shed my hat, chaps and bags and took her hand in mine as we sat on the bed. I couldn't talk, only look at her.

"I guess you're surprised to see Charlotte, Josh?" Major Funston said as she pulled up a chair and sat nearby.

I grinned at her, "Dumbfounded, Never in my remotest dreams did I..." I shook my head, glanced at Charlotte and Funston, "It is just fantastic." I beamed at Charlotte and took her hand to my lips. It didn't smell like flowers but as I looked in her eyes, I felt calm and peaceful. I hadn't felt that in months, I realized.

Charlotte blushed again and grinned at me. "You seem to have lost weight Josh."

I grinned and said, "Well we've been on the trail eleven days, and they kept me pretty busy in Burney. You look fantastic, I like your hair, and I'll bet it is a lot cooler that way."

"It feels strange, even after a month, and now I have wear a bandana to cover my neck, but it is a lot easier to wash," Charlotte grinned and kissed me, "Are you going to go back to Davis with the Ambassador?"

"No, I'm going to guide you back to Burney; I'm Chief Scout, well only scout, except for Gloria Bitterwater."

Charlotte took a deep breath, "Whooo!, I was afraid we might pass each other by." She held my hand and looked me in the eyes and solemnly said, "Josh, I can't copulate with you. The rules," She sighed, "But we can be together," she smiled shyly and I put my hand on her cheek and lightly touched her.

"We can be together again, that's all that matters to me, Charlotte."

"Oh, go ahead and kiss him, Charlotte," Major Funston said with a chuckle.

Charlotte smiled at me and took her time, she caressed my cheek and felt the stubble of four days on my cheeks, she ran her thumb over my lips as she stared into my eyes and came closer, slowly she turned her head, put both arms around my neck and kissed me softly.

Her body molded itself to me, my arms wrapped around her, I held her firmly to me as she gave me liquid kisses of happiness.

This continued for some time until Major Funston cleared her throat and asked, "Josh, how long are you going to be in Topock?"

Charlotte snuggled to my chest and held me, "I don't know, maybe a day or two?"

"Perhaps you might want to make use of our laundry service." Funston said indicating my damp wrinkled uniform.

Charlotte looked up at me, "You bathed?"

I grinned at her, "Just a dip in the river, to scrape the barnacles off, and I washed my clothes so I'd smell a good bit better. They still aren't dry but they smell a lot better."

Charlotte began to unbutton my shirt, "You shouldn't be wearing damp clothes, Josh, not even in this weather."

I smiled at her and glanced at Major Funston who had had her shirt unbuttoned when I had walked in. She had on a halter under her shirt and sitting her shirt had opened to expose full hips and a well defined waist. She smiled at me benignly as Charlotte stripped off my shirt and jerked the tail out of my pants.

"Well I have to wear clothes, Charlotte," I said, and shrugged out of the shoulders as her lips grazed my chest.

"We were just waiting for you, we thought we'd shower with you." Funston said, shed her shirt and stood. "I'll get you a skirt to wear to the showers, It'll be easier to deal with."

"Oh yes, Josh," Charlotte said grinning and folding my shirt, "I'll get my skirt too."

Charlotte stood, pulled off her undershirt and as she untied her halter ties, I slipped out of my boots. I stood as she dropped her halter and grinned at me. She was a vision, her soft white breasts with rosettes of dark pink and her complexion, now freckled over the nose and shoulders. I just stared at her for a second. She grinned and rocked back and forth, "The girls have so missed you," she said and gave me a pouty face.

I smiled at her and opened my belt. I was pleased at her expression as I pulled my pants down over my erection. It stood up proud and stiff like a Lone Pine should. "Goddess I loved that woman!"

She grinned at me and opened her belt and slipped out of her pants. She stood and smiled at me. Her sparse red bush was pressed against her mound and contrasted with her white skin. As if to indicate something hot and dangerous, at least if not handled properly.

Major Funston, who I imagine had taken this all in, handed me a skirt, helped me wrap it around my waist, and tied it over my hip in a bow knot. "There all set, now we can get cooler."

Charlotte wrapped and tied her skirt but made no move to cover her breasts. "Have I told you how much I love that woman?"

I dug out my kit bag and Funston gave me a pair of leather flip flops, that were a little short but kept most of the dirt off my feet.

Major Funston took my left hand and Charlotte my right and we walked over to the showers. The Major flipped over a sign on the front of the reed wall that shielded the showers proper from sun and view down the company street.

"We'll have more privacy," she indicated the "Officers Bathing" sign.

I nodded and the three of us walked up the steps into the showers, there were a couple of benches, also built of bamboo in a entryway and four showers that dripped from leakage. "Where did you get all the bamboo?"

Denise laughed, "We found a big bamboo thicket upstream from here, must be three or four hectares, a good thing too or we'd had to have logged the cottonwoods. It must have gotten into the river from a garden. It's one of the giant varieties, some of it is a hundred and fifty millimeters in diameter, but most is smaller."

"Makes for good building material."

"I'm taking a few cuttings back to Davis, It might grow real well along the river, if it can take the cold." Denise said as she removed her halter.

"Denise, you said you wanted to get pregnant?" Charlotte asked softly.

The Major stopped and looked at Charlotte, "I do, and I'm in season now but I need a man."

Charlotte looked at me, smiled with a cock of her head and said, "Josh is ever so much the man."

I felt pride at Charlotte's complement, as I untied the skirt. Naked, I opened my soap box and the women looked at me, Charlotte grinning at me and Denise standing there, her halter in her hand and her firm tits with long dark nipples pointing at my chest.

She smiled, "I see you brought your soap," she looked me in the eye, "Do you think I can have some?" her eyes were steady when she said it.

I looked at Charlotte who smiled and nodded. I looked at Denise, "Do you wish to be inseminated?" I smiled at her, "I am a true son of the Goddess and offer myself to you."

Denise laughed, "I accept, but since Charlotte is your old and good friend, shall we invite her to join us?"

Charlotte hugged Denise. Denise hugged her back and kissed her wantonly, her hands stroked over Charlotte's fine, fair breasts making slight indentations in the milky flesh.

I wondered if Charlotte was agreeing for my sake or hers. I let that slide as the two women enveloped me in their arms, pressed their breasts against me and kissed me before backing away.

I had been sweating since I had gotten out of the river and they were pretty warm after having worked in the sun all day. Denise pulled the rope, which opened a sluice gate that drained a warming pond at the side of the water ditch that brought water to the camp above the flood plain.

The water ran down a wooden trough and poured from ceramic sieves on the sides of the trough. Soon the shower was pouring and Denise lowered the gate and stepped into the gentle rain. Charlotte stepped in and I followed. Denise ran her fingers through her short hair and let the water drench her. Charlotte and I followed her and it felt good to get cooler.

I was trying to gracefully wash my ass crack that had been itching since after eating the bear chili that Sue had prepared. I was sure I had dingle berries. I had just about dislodged the lumps in my ass when the water ran out.

The women looked at me and I smiled at them. Denise laughed, "Pull the rope Josh, I just got my hair wet."

I looked at the rope and grinned at her, "Sorry, I'm new here." I pulled the rope and the water began to flow again.

"You have to hold it until the trough fills, Josh," Charlotte said as she took out her own soap and the air filled with the scent of spring flowers

I watched as Charlotte began to soap herself. I smiled at her and got out my own soap, made in the Kiva. Denise came to me and said, "Is that real Kiva soap?"

I looked at the slim bar in my hand, "Yes Ma'am, Do you like Kiva Soap?"

"It reminds me of Davis," Denise said and put the bar under her nose, smelling deeply and looking me in the eyes. "I think of the House of Giving and the time I spent there."

Now I had spent a lot of time in the HOG for the last four years but I don't remember seeing Denise there. That didn't mean much, given that four to seven thousand women lived in Davis or passed though in a month. That and the fact that I wasn't there two days out of three and I guess it was the odds that I had never seen her.

Denise had a short firm bush, dark as midnight between her legs. I looked up at her eyes, "So you like the House of Giving?"

"It has its attractions," she glanced at my crotch, looked up and smiled, "Are you John's son?"

I nodded, "John Perkins is my dad, do you know him?"

She smiled and nodded, "I've known Johnny many times in Davis and Redding," she laughed, "I once give him a case of beer in Redding," she smiled, "You do look like him when he was younger. I didn't meet him until he was, oh, maybe twenty seven."

"Pull the rope one of you!" Charlotte said.

I pulled the rope and watched as Charlotte rinsed her short red hair, the suds trickled down her smooth white belly and lodged in her red bush. I had stroked her firm pudenda many times and I longed to stroke her again.

Denise looked at me and then at Charlotte, "She is beautiful isn't she?"

I nodded, Denise smiled, "I like a full figured woman, don't you?"

I grinned and nodded, "I like a well toned woman and Charlotte is in the best shape I've seen her in since soccer season the year she won the title."

Denise and I watched as Charlotte finished up her hair and began to soap her breasts. I had to help her. I went to her, took the soap from her hands and began to soap her breasts, shoulders and back and all the delightful parts of the girl who had made me the man I am today. Charlotte smiled and kissed me, rubbing her soapy tits on my chest.

"You're getting kind of skinny Josh. Are you getting enough to eat out there in Burney?" Charlotte pinched my hip and found just skin and bone.

"I get enough to eat most days Charlotte, but I've been working hard too. I can't complain."

Denise came up behind me and began to soap up my back. Her hands were rough at first then they smoothed out as the soapy water softened her skin. She started at my shoulders and soon had her hand up my ass and it felt good. Her hands were just the right texture to stimulate my itchy skin. She washed my ass crack and then went down my legs and came around in front and started up my legs. She was kneeling looking up at me when Junior came between us.

She smiled and squeezed Junior softly. I got hard immediately.

Charlotte laughed and reached over and polished my knob with her soft hands and her own soap. There was a contrast in the scents of the soap. Hers was a floral scent. The Kiva soap had a musky scent, the exact recipe was a closely guarded secret and was reputed to have special pheromones to make women more compliant.

Charlotte's soap had her scent, or what I have always associated with her presence. I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders and she smiled and nodded. I looked down at Denise who was holding my solid erection as Charlotte's hand slipped off the knob. She said, "Pull the rope Josh."

I pulled the rope and Denise soaped up my crotch and made sure that I was thoroughly scrubbed from my knees to my hair. She felt me, scrubbed me everywhere and rubbed her nipples against my chest as she washed my hair.

I was holding my own even as she stroked my cock and licked her lips. I had a flash about a woman my dad had told me about in the Kiva one night when he was in his cups. She had fucked my father every way he knew and some he had only heard of. When he was drained, she gave him that look of superiority that some women get when they have fucked you into a stupor. As he told me one day, "Like she was doing you a favor for not fucking you one more time and then eating you for lunch. It was spooky, I'm not lying. Made me think of a Black Widow."

I had my eyes shut because of the soap in my hair but I could remember the look Denise gave me when she looked up and held my stiffening cock, like she was going to master me. I pulled the rope again and rinsed off.

Denise was soaping up while I rinsed off. Her hand stroked her furry bush, making a riot of suds that ran down her legs like whipped cream as she looked at me.

I slicked back my hair and wiped my face. I needed a shave and but that could wait. I went to Denise, took the soap, started on her back and worked her slow and thoroughly. She was muscular and solid with an ass that felt like it was made of brick when she flexed it. I worked my way around her and felt her tits, semi-firm but not overly large. She had long nipples and when I tweaked them it made her smile, very broadly. I was surprised to find her clitoris was large and meaty. In the hair, it was hidden but when my fingers explored it Denise moaned and kissed me. I washed her very thoroughly and rinsed her carefully. I considered shaving a priority now.

Charlotte came and kissed me, she ginned at me, "I'm sorry Josh we can't copulate," she smiled, "But I do want to feel you close to me."

I hugged her and held her to me, "I don't mind much really Charlotte, it's so wonderful we'll be together again in Burney."

Denise hugged us, Charlotte took her arm off my shoulder and put it around Denise's waist, I put my arm around Denise's shoulder, pulled her sweet breast up into my chest and kissed her. Then Charlotte kissed her and Charlotte kissed me and began to pull my dick softly. Denise snickered.

"What?" Charlotte asked.

"You must have a lot of faith in his abilities, to be pulling his cock so soon," Denise said and rubbed her tit under my arm pit.

Denise was soft on the outside but hard underneath and warm, Charlotte was softer and as she rubbed my cock on her soapy belly, Charlotte was hot! I went past the Weasels and right into the Lone Pine Mantra, "Holy Goddess who's hand's on my cock, have pity on a Lone Pine. Let not your furry bush chafe me nor rapid hip movements cause my dick to bend. Let me persist until you have sipped the dregs of your passion."

It seemed to work for a while but I had to concentrate on my deep breathing and the image of the Lone Pine, on a spur of rock. The Kiva required that we stand firm on our spur of rock and hold up the honor of the Lone Pine in times of trial, and this appeared to be a day for trials. I let my hand slip down to Denise's ass and fondled the hard muscles as she rubbed her belly on my hip bone and her wooly bush on my leg. Concentrating on Denise and not on Charlotte's hands and lips allowed me to resist Charlotte's teasing but didn't calm my mind about Denise.

I caught my breath again and pulled back from them, "I need to shave, ladies."

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