tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 41

Spreading Seeds Ch. 41


Chapter 41

Josh's Welcome at the Bunker Patio

Author's note:

This will be the last chapter of Spreading Seeds. I have a follow on story, which will add to Josh's saga, but we'll leave that for later.

When last we left our Intrepid Scout Trader he was in Topock Arizona. The trail back was long and dry in parts but with Josh Perkins as lead scout the travelers arrived in good time and with the loss of few animals. It is now July and after arriving in Burney New Mexico, Josh has been given two weeks leave to recuperate. He fills this time with rest and procreation.

Charlotte and I made our way to the dining hall for lunch. We found a place to sit and I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned. Lenore was smiling at me, "Josh I tried to find you after the trial but lost you in the crowd."

"Lenore, this is Charlotte Jenkins, Charlotte this is Lenore Black," I said rising from my chair.

"So pleased to meet you," Lenore said shaking Charlotte's hand. Lenore kissed my cheek, "Josh I came to give you this." Lenore handed me folded piece of parchment.

It read:

"You are invited to a party by the Sisters of Sappho's.

Tonight at the Patio of Chez Lenore.

Food and refreshment will be provided from the Kitchen of Lenore Black.

Dress will be casual. The night will be warm so dress accordingly.

Time: Sundown.

April De Soto, Secty, SoS #69"

After I read it aloud to Charlotte, I looked up at Lenore, "May I bring Charlotte with me."

Lenore smiled at Charlotte and said, "We would be honored if you would come too. It promises to be very entertaining." Lenore grinned as Charlotte nodded.

"I'd love to come, are you sure I wouldn't intrude?" Charlotte asked.

Lenore smiled, "A friend of Josh's is a friend to all of us here. Besides you need to meet some of us. I promise you will meet lots of interesting women, and Able Drake is coming too. Do you know Able, or Bob Krenn, he's coming too. I like Bob."

"Yes I know Able. I've met Bob a few times. It sounds like fun." Charlotte said.

"Good," Lenore said, "About sundown." And she hurried off.


Charlotte, Bob and Able went with me to the party. Bob and Able had the next day off and had done their bath house duty yesterday. We walked through the now well lighted halls of the old bunker.

Bob laughed, "April and Maria got the connection fixed from the main generators and they reinstalled the lighting and ventilation equipment last week. Lenore got the Admin to agree to fix up the outpost as an inn. She has grand plans, You'll see."

There was a slight rise to the hall way and we passed many doors and access points on the way

Parts of the walls had been resurfaced with April's sand stucco swirls as we walked out to the southern-most doorway of the patio.

There was a canopy of cloth stretched over an arched wooden half dome structure in the south western corner of the patio. The old mortar pit had a fountain in it and the water was clear and gave an elegant touch to the scene. The old mortar pit was lit by a circle of low red lights at the lip of the pit. The low level light sparkled on the surface of the water.

Three oil torches were at the edge of the canopy and Charlotte was a little surprised when Astral met us with both breasts bare and smirk on her face. I kissed her cheek and fondled her breasts then stepped back and bowed and kissed her nipples, both of them.

Astral laughed and said, "Josh you're just supposed to kiss the left one."

Charlotte was staring at me. I smiled and said, "It is a local custom when greeting a new Bahia to cup her breasts and kiss her on the cheek. Though, I suspect it is a De Soto tradition," I looked at Astral who smiled and chuckled. I said, "Astral De Soto, This is Charlotte Jenkins, Charlotte and I are long time friends, so I invited her tonight."

Astral kissed Charlotte on the cheek, "Welcome to Burney Ms Jenkins."

"Call me Charlotte."

"Charlotte, I'm Astral. Here let me introduce you to the rest of us."

Astral took Charlotte away and I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned and it was Vera in a short robe. Vera smiled and I bent to kiss her cheek.

She kissed me and then looked up at me and said, "Josh is that how you're supposed to kiss a woman on her insemination day?"

I looked at her, she was smiling at me 'that way' and she got close to me and moved my hand under her robe to her breast.

"Insemination day?" I said, "Where is Donald?"

"Donald is at another party tonight. I think he is impregnating Marsha Lane, but I hear that there are supposed to be at least three more women who are going to that party." Vera pressed my hand to her breast and smiled at me.

"So who is going to impregnate you? Donald will be shooting blanks after four women."

"That is the reason for the party. Lenore thought that you'd like to do the honors. Donald and I agreed we don't want to pass along the plague to the next generation, so we thought ..." She looked at me and realized that I was holding back, even though I had been rolling her nipple and smiling. "You don't want too?" She asked and took my hand off her tit.

I looked at her and picked her up and kissed her, "Oh I want to, it's just no one told me. Vera I'd be happy to inseminate you, but I brought Charlotte and I haven't seen her in months and..." I stopped talking as Vera pushed away from me. I let her down and kissed her forehead, "Vera If you let me inseminate you first, then can I go with Charlotte?"

Vera smiled at me, "Of course you can leave with Charlotte Josh, I just want your sperm, well and to feel you inject it." She smiled again, "When Donald spurts, that's my favorite part," she giggled. "But, Lauren planned a performance and then we can do it, OK?"

"OK," I said but was worried about that. Lauren puts on a performance piece and Vera wanted service in the intermission? I figured five minutes with Vera and I would still have an appetite for Charlotte.

I went to find Charlotte talking to April and June. ".. and I have the same problem going without a bra." Charlotte was saying.

April smiled at me and let me greet her. I caressed her breast and kissed her cheek. She held me to her a moment and glanced at June, "Did you hear, Josh I caught! I'm pregnant."

"Oh April that is good news," and I kissed her on the lips. She held me a lot longer and got some tongue into the mix this time.

"I'm so pleased," June said.

I turned to June and smiled, "But you didn't?" I asked.

"No, curse of the Black Women, I guess. April still wants me to try again, but we'll deliver this one and see how it goes.

I addressed June formally, "I hope that when you do decide, you'll think of me." I kissed her cheek, stroked her breast and twisted the nipple out on the withdrawal, bowed low and kissed her nipple.

"I always think of you, Josh," she blushed. "Especially when we play Kiss the Monkey."

April laughed and hugged June who melted into April's arms and stroked April's bare breast with her hand.

Charlotte was puzzled, "What's Kiss the Monkey?"

April laughed again and June blushed, Lenore took that moment to come up behind me and hug me from the rear, "Josh Oh thank you for the sugar."

I turned and said, "Lenore I knew you would find a good use for it."

"Oh I made Sweet Tea, come I'll get all of you some," Lenore took Charlotte and I by the hands to the bar laughing and poured us tall mugs of iced tea. I sipped it and found it sweet with sugar. "Very good," I said.

Charlotte tasted it and smiled, "Almost like Home. Isn't it Josh?" Charlotte said and I knew what she meant. Ms. Johnson's in Davis sold sweet mint tea in the summer and I remembered how I had to wash Charlotte with sweet tea one afternoon. She tasted sweet for a long time.

April sipped hers and smiled at Lenore. June sipped hers and made a face. "I guess it takes some getting used too." June sipped again and looked at Lenore, "Special Sweet tea?"

Lenore put her finger to her lips and whispered, "Don't tell Vera."

Charlotte and April were looking at each other over their tea mugs as June laughed.

June said, "Lenore you are looking 'perky' this evening," she indicated Lenore's breasts and smiled.

Lenore laughed and said, "Oh I had some new halters made, they are so much more comfortable than the usual ones. They will be part of my new collection"

"Really, "April asked.

"Oh yes, of course you can't wear them for everyday but in the evening or for parties... They are wonderful, they give support and aren't hot at all." Lenore smiled and waved her ample bosom. Her breasts didn't wander around but the cleavage rocked a little under her robe of printed fabric.

Charlotte said, "I know what you mean. Some of the bras we get are much too hot for this climate."

"Are you hot Charlotte?" April asked. "Lenore, could you find a robe for Charlotte? That uniform must be hot tonight." April said putting her mug down.

Lenore smiled "I just got some new things and I have just the one, a mahogany print that would look great with your hair color." Lenore came around the bar and took Charlotte by the hand. "You come too April. I'll let you try one of my new halters."

June and I were left at the bar, as we sipped our tea and watched Lauren teaching Able the Bahia greeting. I laughed when his hand got caught in her robe as he tried to grab both breasts. I think he was enjoying himself and messed up a lot, only to try again and again. Lauren held him longer and longer to her lips each time. Astral was instructing Bob while Vera and Maria coached.

June looked at me and came a little closer, "Josh Could we practice a little?"

I smiled at her, put my left arm around her waist and pulled her to me. "June just kiss me if you want to. I want to kiss you. Or do you like the game?"

She laughed and pressed herself to my chest, "I like the nipple rub and kiss," She laughed and took my tea out of my hand and warmed my finger tips on her nipple, "Oooh cold," she winced and massaged them over her aureole, looking at me and making kissy faces at me, while my fingers warmed up.

"June," I said, as I grasped her full breast in my hand, my palm over the nipple, "I think you may be straying from your Sisterhood."

"Oh April and I talked about that." June said as she hooked my head and pulled me down to her slowly. She held me close to her lips, "We decided to just be Associate Members," then she kissed me and moaned deep in her throat as I pulled her breast and slipped my finger tips to her nipple and then stroked on reentry.

I pulled over a tall stool and sat June on the stool, spread her legs a little, stepped between them and leaned down to kissed her experimentally. I leaned back against the bar and slid down until she was just at lip level, kissed her and massaged her breast, "There more comfortable?"

She kissed me quickly, "Oh Josh, Very!" She rubbed her thigh on my legs and up over my lap.

We were still like that kissing and fondling each other when I heard voices come out onto the patio, although June's moans had attracted a crowd of onlookers and kibitzers.

April and Charlotte were laughing at Lenore and smiling as they came into the light pool of the torches. June stepped off the stool and around to my right side.

Charlotte was in a robe of chocolate, ivory and mahogany swirls. Her cleavage showed in the folds of the soft cloth. She smiled at me and kissed me, "Josh, April and Lenore are beautiful people. How do I look?"

Charlotte spun slowly and I saw that the robe fit very loosely and came down just over her ass in a ruffle of white and reddish brown. Charlotte's eyes sparkled and she pressed her breast to my chest, "Feel anything different?"

I looked at her, and felt her breast with my fingers through the smooth light robe. I smiled and kissed her, "No bra?"

Lenore said, "Oh I can't wait," and opened her robe, "As part of my new collection, The Black Bra! I patented it yesterday" She said to the assembled crowd. Lenore's generous breasts stood almost straight out from her chest, cradled in a bra that only covered the bottom and the sides of her breasts, a v-shaped strap reached from her shoulders to the center, between the cups, holding them up and separating them. "I thought of it as Maria and April were talking architecture at a sister's meeting. I had Mabel make them and she did the embroidery." The fabric was delicate chestnut color and formed Lenore's breasts into a tantalizing display.

All the women cackled and Lauren came forward to stroke Lenore's breast, "Makes them accessible, but under control, how does it work when you lay down?"

Lenore said, "I don't know?" I never thought about it."

April came up to June and opened her robe, "What do you think June?" April was wearing a similar ensemble to Lenore only hers was red and covered in black lace. April's breasts filled the cups but just. The effect of the bra formed her ample breasts in to mounds of dark delight in the flickering torch light. June left me and touched April's breasts and smoothed her hand over the bulging mounds and extended nipples. June kissed April's nipples and smiled at her.

Lenore with her breasts bare still, poured everyone another Special Tea.

"Beautiful, so very beautiful, isn't she Josh?" June said and stroked April's chest.

April didn't cover her breasts but she grabbed June's hand, "June, I think we should make Charlotte an Associate Member. She says she is working at the bank, with Donald and Vera so she'll need the connections. What do you think?"

June looked at Charlotte, smiled then looked back at April, "I don't know. You mean tonight?"

Charlotte drank deeply of the tea and giggled. She whispered in my ear, "Oh Josh they have some marvelous sativa here."

April smiled and nodded, "Yes the perfect night, Genevieve has a drum and Vera's doing the Puma'' April smiled at me and hugged me. "Josh is the Poppa Puma this evening."

June turned back and looked at me and said, "I know, your aunt is very lucky."

"Let me show you, Charlotte," April said, she took Charlotte's hand and trooped her into the light of the patio under the dome, "Attention, Attention," she said as she led Charlotte around the patio to get everyone's attention, even Bob and Maria, who were distracted at the moment looked up.

April held Charlotte's hand high, "I present Ms. Charlotte Jenkins of the Nor Cal Team just arrived in Burney modeling, what did you call it Lenore?"

"Chocolate Sunday, a day robe or lounging robe." Lenore said, "I love the colors."

April lifted Charlotte's hand and walked her around in a circle to display the flounce of the rear section. Charlotte's legs were ivory and complemented the swirls of ivory with the dark brown and reds of the robe.

April held up her hand and said, "She is an old and good friend of Josh's and I nominate her for acceptance as an Associate into the Sisterhood of Sappho's." The women all started gibbering and Maria got up to see what was happening.

Charlotte smiled and slowly opened her robe. In the torch light she was perfection, her dark red hair was short all over except a fall of hair over her brow, which hung at a saucy angle. Her skin was fair and she was tanned in graduations down to her fine white and pink little pussy where she had a ruff of sparse dark red hair, curly and fluffy. Her hips swelled from her narrow waist and she had broad shoulders to carry her magnificent rack. Charlotte's bra was dark red and contrasted nicely with her ivory skin and tight pink nipples. The effect of Lenore's "Black bra", formed Charlotte's firm white breasts in to snowy mounds tipped by tight pink nipples that hung over just enough to droop a little.

Able gasped, "My Goddess incarnate!"

"She was my goddamn Goddess," I thought. She was beautiful and she was home to me. She smelled like freesia, her skin was clear and her nipples were clinched so hard she must have had them stimulated by the feel of the robe over them.

June applauded but April held up her hand, "Charlotte is a Graduate of the University of Davis in Economics and an assistant Medical technician. She is going to help us in trade evaluation, she tells me." April took her hand and led her around the room and everyone greeted her with eager hands, Able most especially. She came to me and opened her robe, bowed deeply, her breasts dangling, tempting my lips yet so far from me. She smiled and looked into my eyes and whispered, "Josh, wait 'till later, OK?"

I thought I knew what she was talking about

I stood, lifted her chin, took her hand and smiled at her, "Welcome to Burney Charlotte," I kissed her and fondled her nipples as local custom suggested, she pulled me to her. It was like old times and I couldn't help myself. My dick came up and Charlotte felt it on her belly. She moaned a little and that got a hand from the assembly.

Charlotte was taking my belt off when April took her hands off me and closed her robe, " I think that's enough stimulation for now," April kissed Charlotte on the cheek and tweaked her nipple. They smiled at each other and April took her off to talk to Maria.

Lauren came over and kissed me, "You better get in costume." She said smiling at me.

"What costume?" I asked and sipped my tea.

Lauren grinned at me, "Audrey, Help me get Josh ready." Lauren and Audrey took me into the bunker. They led me down the now well lighted hall to a room that had racks and boxes of costumes. Lauren pulled out a package and unwrapped it. Inside a slight assortment of Puma skin with the tail still attached.

I looked at her, "That's a costume? I mean I ask because it seems to be only a third there."

Lauren laughed at me, "Well it is merely a symbolic representation of the Puma. It was made for me and we'll have to adapt it to you. Take off your clothes."

While I stripped, Lauren detached a fierce short dildo from the costume and cut away a pad in the crotch. That left a round hole where a strap attached to a wider section where the tail attached. She made me step into it and pulled it up but ended up kneeling to loosen the ties at the waist.

She looked up and smiled at me, "You need to be erect so we can see if the hole is big enough." Lauren looked up and waved Audrey over and made her kneel at my feet. "Audrey you can stimulate him. We need to see if the costume fits."

Audrey looked up at me and fondled my flaccid penis, "Can I do anything?" she asked Lauren.

Lauren kissed Audrey then turned and kissed the end of my dick, then turned and kissed Audrey again, "No just lick it for now." Lauren said, looking up at me, "OK Josh?"

I looked down at Lauren and Audrey and said, "A little suck now and then would be good."

Lauren kissed my dick and sucked it in a little, winking at me. Lauren got up and left Audrey to her task. While Audrey licked and sucked, Lauren adjusted the ties and had to add a couple of lengths to secure the costume which consisted mostly of a broad strip of puma skin that came up the back and draped over the shoulders, with ties on my neck and arms. By the time Lauren finished getting it secured, Audrey had her mouth full, I was hard as a rock and was juggling 20 weasels.

Lauren patted Audrey on the head and began to fill a pipe. "Now Josh I'll have to adjust the script, so just follow the narrative, and let Vera initiate the action, OK?"

I only nodded because Audrey was particularly distracting.

Lauren brought the pipe over, "Ok Audrey I think he is hard enough. How does it feel Josh?"

My eyes rolled back down and focused on Lauren, "Hard and eager,"

Audrey laughed, pulled my dick and squeezed it.

Lauren handed me the pipe and lit it for me. I took a hit and held it in while Lauren took little puffs just to keep it lit, until I had exhaled. Lauren handed the pipe to Audrey who looked at it strangely but took a small hit and coughed it up. Lauren laughed but took a big hit herself. Lauren looked at me and had me take a big hit. Then she kissed me and sucked the smoke from my chest, putting her lips on the outside of mine and waving her tongue in my mouth. We did that twice then Audrey did it to me another three times.

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