Spreading Seeds Ch. 41


Vera climaxed and froze, made a few feeble attempts to continue but collapsed on my face. I rolled her over and continued to simulate licking her, while softly blowing my hot breath over her dripping lips.

Lauren followed us with the narration, "The puma rolls over to allow the poppa puma to massage her with his tongue. Licking up and over her breasts and neck. Savoring the taste of her, the smell of her driving him to greater passion."

I followed Lauren's script and licked my way over Vera's belly and onto her breasts. I was indeed being driven to greater passion. I wanted to mount her then and there, but held back, because it was art, not sex.

I stayed on my hands and knees and licked Vera's neck and then kissed her mouth hard. Her arms came up and held me to her for a long time. Her tongue worked its way into my mouth and we played for a while until Vera could continue.

"The Puma pair find completion in their togetherness." Lauren extemporized. "There in the wilderness they revel in the moment. No thought of finding food, no fear of intruders, no skulking in the undergrowth, just the two of them in the midst of their passion."

Vera pushed me away and took a breath, smiled at me and stroked my face. She rolled over to her knees and took a turn around the pedestal while I followed her licking her hips and pawing her to make her stand still. Vera selected a position where her hips were away from Lauren, down stage, I guess.

"The Puma has now been fully aroused and presents her dripping vulva to her mate. He licks at her vulva and begins to mount her, plunging his mighty penis into her anxious vagina."

"Finally," I thought. I pushed her tail aside and opened her legs a little then climbed up over her and slipped it into position. Vera was ready but I didn't want to hurt her so I eased it in and she pushed back hard until it was firmly seated. I screamed a Puma cry of triumph.

Applause broke out and a few cat calls. I was hip deep in Vera. She felt good, wet and slick, warm and soft, eager to feel my plunging patrimonial prick penetrate her pink passionate pussy.

"The Poppa puma strokes his penis in and out for a few seconds and then withdraws. Pumas copulate for only a few seconds at a time." Lauren continued.

"What a gyp!" I thought. I had a hard time pulling out. Vera moaned and hissed and turned and stroked herself along my flank.

'The passionate Puma wants more. How she longs for a mate who would fully satisfy her animal lust and not leave her unquenched." Lauren narrated, striking the drum hard to emphasize the script. "She tries again to have him mount her."

Vera stopped in position and lowered her shoulders looking back at me and pulled her tail out of the way. I licked her wet pussy and sprang on top of her and plunged my eager dick into her. I pumped her hard for a few seconds and then pulled out. Vera moaned, "No, Now Josh Now!" I put it back in and drove her hard until she climaxed. I kept it buried in her as her vagina convulsed and she squirmed. It was almost perfect. I pulled out and let her down on the pedestal and licked her chest and neck then kissed her solidly.

"And so ends the Puma's passion. Finally she had found the perfect mate who would bring her satisfaction. She lays and lets him lick and caress her, feeling the warm fluid of his sperm in her belly and is content."

I looked up at Lauren. "I didn't climax,"

Lauren frowned at me and hammered the drum in a long roll. Genevieve whimpered and grunted Astral began to play the romantic tune. Lauren was thinking and smiled, "The Puma is surprised to find that the Poppa Puma isn't finished with her, unable to fend him off he mounts her belly to belly and presses his prominent penis to her aching vulva.

Vera rolled over on her back and spread her legs raising her knees slightly. I slipped into her, she moaned and cupped her hips to take me fully. I started a long stroke, Vera moaned and kissed me savagely. The guitar began to play in time with my stokes, and the drum pounded as Lauren was getting a little excited too.

I switched to a long banana and kept that up for a while hoping to coax the ejaculate, but failed. Vera was getting very animated and whispered in my ear, "Oh fuck me Donald, Fuck me hard."

I shifted into a hesitated slap and after a few moments felt the demons assembling. Vera was biting my shoulder and moaning and I was sweating, but the pressure that had been building since I had lunch with Charlotte just kept on building. I went to the short stroke and made it fast and hit Vera hard on the in stroke. Vera climaxed again and the feel of her arms slipping off my shoulders as she pushed her hips into me, made the demons come.

I tried to pull back and put them at the entrance to the cervix but she just felt too good. I thrust full into her and started to spurt, Vera moved her hips and made me spurt again. Her hips pumped me dry then had me whimpering when I spurted again. I'm sure it was dust at that point.

I collapsed on top of her and she held me weakly to her. Astral played louder and the drum was tapering off, finally Astral's guitar tapered off and stopped.

Applause came from everywhere, Bob shouted "Ya-Hoo!". I opened my eyes and Charlotte was clapping and crying, "Brava, Brava, Bravo!" I kissed Vera and she smiled.

"Thank you Josh. That was marvelous, was most fulfilling." Vera moved her hips and said urgently, "Oh fuck me again Josh just a little?"

I was still erect. It surprised me, so I tried a few strokes slowly. I lifted up and smiled at Vera, "One more for your belly to grow on?"

Vera blushed and said, "No just for my memories of you, Josh Perkins, Proud Poppa Puma. You feel so much like Donald, but harder." She laughed and moaned as I long stroked her. Astral started playing "Irene's Passion" and I fucked Vera slowly and firmly. She cupped her hips and stilled mine with her hands, holding me deep inside her, kissing my neck and shoulder until the "Passion" ended.

There was another round of applause and everyone came up on the pedestal to kiss and congratulated us. April kissed Vera and me and said, "I hope this insemination works and we can add another Perkins-DeSoto to our clan."

Able and Bob came over and helped me lift Vera up while I was still coupled to her. Once I got her up in my arms, her legs wrapped around my waist, I got on my feet, carried her to a chaise lounge and Able and Bob helped me lower her. She wanted to stay coupled and I thought it was a good idea to hold the seed, until I went flaccid.

While Vera and I lay coupled on the chaise lounge across the pedestal from Charlotte, Lauren pulled the drum from Genevieve's slack legs and with Astral's help got Genevieve turned so she wasn't crosswise on the lounge. April was behind me and I looked back to see June sucking Abel's dick as April was kissing him. Lenore and Maria were all over Bob and he was saying the weasel out loud, "Dontcumdontcum don't" He caught himself and smiled and actually took a breath then pulled Maria's head up away from his dick. Maria wiped her mouth and kissed him.

Lauren stood up on the pedestal and shouted, "Attention to Orders!"

That got everyone's attention. Lauren held a piece of paper by the top and bottom and stood very straight and tall, Astral held a lamp to illuminate the paper so Lauren could read it.

Lauren barked, "Headquarters, 383rd Quartermaster Detachment, Scout Trader Corps

Attention this date:

Scout Trader First Class, Able Drake is hereby promoted to Assistant Cultural Liaison, Burney District and shall draw pay of a Captain of the Corps.

Captain Drake is commended for his unstinting devotion to duty and his successful application of the teachings of the Lone Pole Kiva.


Grace Mercer, Chief of Scouts Burney N.M.

Sarge Thompson, Head Raccoon, Lone Pine Lodge # 27."

Lauren led the applause. April got Able up and kissed him, then handed him off to June who kissed him and the women all passed by him congratulating him and pinching his prick. Bob shook his hand and hugged him.

Lauren made her pass at Able and kissed him ostentatiously then handed him off to Charlotte who kissed his cheek and hardly rubbed her nipples on his by now bare chest.

"Josh let me up," Vera said and wiggled under me.

I pulled out of her and Vera lifted her hips and called for Maria. Maria came over and smiled, "Ready?"

"Yes have you got the plug?" Vera asked.

Maria smiled and pulled a hand full of dark round things out of her pocket. "I don't know which one will fit," Maria said.

"Pick a big one, Josh has me opened up a good deal," Vera said and patted the couch next to her. I sat beside her as Maria selected a plug and pushed it into Vera's vagina. Vera grunted, "Oh Maria that's the one."

'Can I see one of them?" I asked.

Maria handed me one and I saw it was shaped like a tulip bulb, sort of heart shaped and had a short shaft on the rounded end where a large brass screw held a cross piece. I looked down at Vera's pussy and saw that Maria had positioned it so one end of the cross piece was right next to Vera's clit. Maria rubbed it and wiggled it, "Feel good?"

Vera was moaning and pulled Maria's hand away, "Oh stop it Maria, You'll make me squirt all of Josh right out of me."

Maria laughed and said, "OK Josh see if she can stand."

I helped Vera move slowly into a standing position and Maria checked for leaks. "Looks like you won't be dripping." Maria said and got up and kissed me then kissed Vera. "I'll get your robe," Maria said and hurried off into the dark.

"Help me out of this costume," Vera said. I helped her undo enough of the costume so she could get it off and then she pulled off her mask and kissed it on the nose. Vera looked at me and kissed me, "Hold me Josh, its cold out here." I wrapped Vera in my arms and had her set on my lap.

Maria came back with two robes, and helped Vera into her's.

I untied the straps holding my costume on and Maria handed me a robe. I put it on and sat back with Vera and Maria.

Vera looked at me and said, "Josh."

I looked at her, she smiled and said, "Can you deliver something for me?"

"What?" I asked.

"Well Charlotte looks so lonely over there," Vera said nodding to Charlotte, "I wanted to thank her for allowing you to play the Puma with me. So will you pass this too her," Vera rose up and kissed me licking my lips, smothering me in her hot mouth and pushed me back on the lounge and twisted her head and kissed me softly then harder. Vera smiled and licked her way down to my chest, kissed my nipples and sucked them. Vera pulled back and stroked my cheek, "Just like that Josh, it has to be delivered just like that."

I looked up at her and Maria, who was chuckling. "I think I can do that Vera, but can I go a little lower?"

Vera looked at Charlotte smiled and laughed at Maria, "Sure Josh, I grant you license to lick your way to paradise, if you tell her that it's from the De Soto Sisters."

I got up and kissed Vera softly then went to Charlotte at long last. "Charlotte", I said as I sat next to her, "Vera asked me to deliver a token of her appreciation for allowing me to perform tonight. She said to tell you that this is from the Desoto Sisters." I kissed Charlotte just like Vera had shown me to and ended up nibbling her red bush, before she pulled me up by the hair and kissed me.

Charlotte looked at me and said, "I thought you were magnificent. You handled her smoothly and masterfully at the same time. I can see that becoming pregnant was something she has long awaited. And, I know just how she feels about your genetics." Charlotte smiled at me and kissed me.

Between the soft press of her breast on my chest and the hot wet lips and tongue, I was hard and wanting her then and there. I put my arms around her and pulled her into my lap. "I thank the Goddess you are here."

Charlotte hugged me and laughed. Charlotte asked, "Has Vera wanted to get pregnant a long time?"

I looked back at Vera and Maria who were making comments on April's selection of methods and laughing. "She has," I said, "and she and Donald decided to break the curse, that's why she wanted me to impregnate her."

Charlotte put her arms around my neck, "You had a message from Vera?"

I delivered Vera's message again and added a little from me. I had her sweet pussy on my lips and sucked her so softly and slowly. Charlotte grabbed my head and pulled me up to her lips and kissed me.

"Oh Charlotte I'm so glad you came." I said.

Able was laughing and pinching Lenore's nipples when Lauren stood once again on the pedestal and pulled out a multi-page document from an envelope Astral held. "Able may I have your attention," she said.

Able looked up at her and smiled.

"I have a letter from Amelia; she left it to be opened after she left. It is written in the script of the Sisterhood, so it was meant to be interpreted. If you would close your robe and face April, April will interpret Amelia's words into action."

Able closed his robe and bowed to April. April straightened her robe and rewrapped her bare breast, bowed back to him.

Lauren read, "Dearest Able: I am well and happy and send you word that you have made another woman's dreams come true. I am pregnant. I can not express what this means to me in words, so I have asked my Sisters to help me.

I knew when I left that I was pregnant and wanted to tell you personally but alas, there was no time for us in the scurry to leave.

I intend to stay in Davis until the baby is at least six months old before exposing her/him to the return trip. Know that everyday for the rest of my life I will be thinking of you and how you made me laugh, cry and filled me with life.

I wondered how I could express the love I have for you in a manner that you would find most enjoyable."

"April?" Lauren said

April stepped forward, "Call me Amelia," and took Able in her arms and kissed him softly at first then she opened his robe and threw it on the pedestal behind him. Able was more than able, his penis wasn't pendulous at all. April kissed him again, then opened her robe and threw it on the pedestal, her magnificent breasts hung in her "Black" and red bra and she waved her breasts at Able. He just smiled and took her in his arms, rubbed his prick on her belly and held her. He closed his eyes and said, "Oh Amelia come hold me."

April held him in a strong two armed bear hug and kissed his socks off. He was moaning and had his hands all over her ass. It was lovely to see.

Lauren picked back up on the letter, "Able I hope you enjoyed that as much as when you kissed me at the river.

Now I know how much you like it when I provided you with Resistance Training Assistance or RTA, although Sue tells me that there is no such thing in the code of the Scout Traders. She said 'Only women who enjoy it believe that superstition.'

I know that RTA helps you deal with the pressure of your predicament and so have asked my sisters to provide you with an Extra Special Oriental RTA. I don't know how many will answer this call for assistance but I know that April will.

April learned at the feet of a Master Extractor, our Aunt Rachel De Soto, who for over 25 years taught the triple tongued tip tickler and the slobbery sucking sap extractor to many De Soto girls, so April may challenge even your legendary resistance.

And to add to your incentive to refrain, I have asked that this be presented to you when my friend June Black is in season. It would please me no end to have you impregnate June and break the Curse for her. I know she will be pleased and happy with your genetics.

So my strong Able until we meet again I leave you this gift in hope that you will remember me, but that you will also do your duty to give the women of Burney the most stimulating experiences of their lives.

All my love Amelia."

Able was smiling and crying at the same time. April was kissing him and June was stroking his naked back. Lauren said, "Able do you understand the challenge that Amelia has set for you?"

Able dried his eyes and kissed April, "Yes I think so."

Lauren smiled and laughed, she looked reasonably sure he had no idea what was in store.

"June, do you accept Amelia's gift to you?" Lauren asked.

"Oh yes I accept Amelia's gift, and blessed be her soul." June rubbed Abel's belly and back.

Lauren nodded at Able, "Then assume a comfortable position and April, you may begin.

Able lay on a chaise lounge and leaned back. April got between his legs kneeling, pulled his penis up and kissed it on the big end. Able smiled at her and watched for a few seconds then his eyes rolled back in his head and I saw his lips moving in the Lone Pine Mantra.

As we watched Able resisted April's Triple Tongued Tip Tickler as it was tempting Abel's tonk tremendously. Abel's whole body was stiff and he gripped the chaise lounge hard with his hands, his face was distorted and he was moaning periodically as April's mouth sucked and licked his penis.

Charlotte kissed me and said, "I missed you too Josh, but I want to watch. April is going to make him climax and I want to see how high he squirts."

We got up and pulled the lounge to the other side of Able and April and settled back watching our newest Captain confronting decades of arcane sperm extraction craft.

April's jaw muscles were wearing out and she finally tried what appeared to be a Slobbering Sperm Suck in the outstroke, combined with a Rotating Rod Reamer on the intake. Able grunted but held his seed. April leaned back for a moment, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand then came up and kissed Able, laying her magnificent breasts on his chest and rubbing her abdomen on his prominent penis. "That was from Amelia to you Able," April whispered in his ear.

Abel's arms wrapped around April and he kissed her weakly and whispered something to her. She laughed and got up. She kissed June and put on her robe, saying, "Lauren are you ready to help our sister in her absence?"

Lauren had her robe off and was sliding Abel's penis in her hand in an instant, "Ready," Lauren said and leaned down to blow warm air over Abel's quivering dick.

April counted down from five," ...Four, Three, Two One, Now"

Lauren slowly sucked about half of Abel's penis into her mouth and she came back out slowly, her eyes closed as her tongue flicked over the tip of his dick.

"Steady now," Bob said to Able.

Able tensed a little then relaxed and asked for some tea. Lauren sucked him hard but Able just got up on one elbow and took a big drink, handed the cup back to Lenore and lay back relaxed. Lauren got an evil look in her eyes and started licking up the shaft and stroking her left hand on the root. Able held his ground; he never tensed up or gave Lauren any indication that she had an effect on him.

Lauren pulled back and spit in her right hand and grasped him by the tip and began to stroke him. She smiled an evil smile, "Able you are very controlled, Amelia said you could hold out all night." Her left hand started to slide up as her right hand slid down.

"Oh my god! A Split Fisted Cum Buster," I thought, "He'll never resist that!"

Able gripped the lounge and stiffened for a second or three, then slowly went back to the relaxed state he had been in.

Lauren kept up the "SFCB" and added her mouth coming down following her right hand. Abel stiffened and grunted.

Lauren slowed down and let him catch his breath, "Almost got ya' didn't I?"

Able relaxed again and breathed for the first time in minutes, but didn't answer.

Lauren licked up his dick and sucked him slowly and carefully. She kept it up for while then sucked her way to the tip and triple tongued it for a second or two. Able quivered as her tongue flashed over the tip of his dick, her hand holding him up, squeezing him hard. She let him down and kissed his tip softly.

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