tagIncest/TabooSpring Break

Spring Break


The Greyhound glided over the interstate at roughly ten miles an hour over the limit. I was glad. It was spring break. Seventeen days of rest, relaxation and no worries about making grades or getting to work on time. The twelve hour ride passed slowly. I thought about where my friends were going for their break. Most college students relish the thought of going on spring break. Most have visions of going to South Padre Island, Miami Beach, Cancun, Mexico or any place warm. I, on the other hand, only envisioned two weeks of going home to the chill of early spring in southwestern Pennsylvania. I couldn't afford to go anywhere but home. I was putting myself through college working at a local convenience store. Mom did her best to help but I was basically on my own.

The rocking of the bus must have lulled me to sleep because I was jolted to consciousness from the rush of air as the driver set the brake. I focused my eyes to see the sign on the building telling me that I was home. My watch told me that we had arrived a half hour early. I waited for my bag to be unloaded from the belly of the bus. Inside the bag were nothing but dirty clothes. The only clean ones I had were on my back. The taxi ride took only fifteen minutes. I stepped through the front door to a rousing greeting from our dog, Peaches, a mutt I had brought home some eight years earlier. "I'm home!" I yelled as I closed the door. I rolled my bag to the kitchen where I found a note from mom.

Hi Jenni,

Sorry I couldn't be there to meet you but I had to go into work. I'll be home around 8 or so. Brad will be home from school about 3. Don't cook. I'm bringing home a pizza.

Love, Mom

I looked at my watch. It was 2:15. I turned and grabbed my bag and headed for my old room, hoping that mom hadn't changed it too radically since I left after Christmas break. I got to the top of the stairs and heard a familiar sound. The shower was running. I thought that since my brother wouldn't be home for forty-five minutes that it must be mom getting ready for work. I sat my bag in my room, delighted to see that nothing had changed in it, and headed for the bathroom to surprise mom. As I got near the door, I heard that the water wasn't running anymore. I waited outside the closed door until I heard the shower door open. I grasped the knob and threw open the door. "Surprise!!!"

Only it was me that was more surprised. My brother was standing on the rug right outside of the shower, glistening from the water. He reached for the towel over the shower door handle and threw it around himself. I stood in my tracks, shocked and awed at the same time. My eyes naturally lowered from his face to a region some three feet lower. His cock was soft but still thick and extended well below his balls. I stood there, still staring at the towel that now hid his organ. "Jenny!" he said. I shook off the erotic sight as I looked at his face again.

"What?" I asked as our eyes met again.

"Do you mind?" he said as he tried to gather the towel at his waist, failing miserably.

"Oh, sorry." I said as I backed out of the bathroom and returned to mine. I had never seen my brother naked. I never wanted to. He was my brother! I sat on the bed and looked down, thinking of what I had just seen. As I did this, I noticed that my nipples were hard. I realized then that I had become aroused seeing my own brother in the nude. I closed my eyes, trying to rid myself of the image of his amazing manhood and smooth, unblemished skin. I too was failing miserably. My mind wandered. I envisioned watching it getting hard. Imagining how big it would get at full erection. I also moved my hands over my breasts, squeezing them gently.

My mind was like a video, playing out a deep, dark, passionate love scene between Brad and myself. He had come to my room and closed the door. His strong hand released the towel, revealing his half-hard, dangling cock. It was much thicker than it was in the bathroom and had grown longer. My hands, still kneading my breasts, moved to my lap. I began to massage myself through my jeans as my lurid dream played out in my mind. Brad was now walking toward me. He grasped my shoulders and pressed me back on my bed. Our lips met in a sensuous, passionate kiss. He lay down beside me, still searching my mouth with his. That wonderful cock was now rock hard and pressing against my thigh. As I had in my dream, I lay back on my bed and drew my hand up from my overheated crotch and slid it down inside my jeans. My fingers slid past my trimmed hair and found my clit, now hardened from my lurid vision. I began rubbing myself as my mind wandered again to imagine Brad snaking his tongue around mine. I thought my hand was his, roughly rubbing my clit into a lather. My legs involuntarily spread to ease access to my most sensitive parts. Brad slowly moved himself up and over me, positioning himself between my outspread legs. His huge head was poised at my entrance. His eyes begged for me to say when. I smiled at him knowing by doing so, I would soon feel his cock pierce me. My fingers, acting as a double for his cock, slowly inched their way inside me. My mind saw Brad with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling as much as I. "Oh, God, Brad!" I sighed as his cock bottomed out in me.

"Damn Jenni!" My fingers were buried to my palm in me. "Jenni?" "JENNI!" I heard Brad yelling from the other side of my door, snapping my fantasy, and me back into real life. I quickly pulled my fingers, wet with my fluids, from my pussy and wiped them on my pillow.

"Come on in, Brad." I said as I gathered myself. Brad opened the door. He stood there in a pair of cut-off jeans. "Brad, I'm sorry!" I said again, apologizing for barging in on him. "The note said that you would be home at 3 and I thought you were mom." I explained.

"Mom's at work." he said.

"Yea, and you're not supposed to get home until 3!" I retorted.

"I got out early. Something about a water break in the school." he said. "Um, welcome home by the way." he said smiling.

"Oh yea, thanks Brad. Glad to be out of there for a while." I replied. He backed out of my room, closing my door as he left. I gathered myself and opened my bag, gathering my dirty clothes intending to throw them in the laundry. I went right to the basement and began separating my clothes. As I put my whites into the washer, I heard the basement door open. "You down there Jenni?" Brad yelled down.

"Yea, just doing my laundry." I answered.

"You want a soda?" he asked. "Yea, that would be nice." I replied. A few seconds later I heard the door open and the steps creak as Brad came down. I was still remembering my dream as he leaned on the dryer beside me and handed me the drink. I stared blankly, not moving.

"You alright Jenni?" he asked.

"Yea, just daydreaming, I guess." I answered, not wanting to tell him the truth. I grabbed the can and popped the tab and drew in a few swallows, my eyes fixed on the wall behind the washing machine. I could feel Brad looking at me. His eyes seemed to bore right through my clothes. I thought I heard him say something but I was becoming lost in my fantasy again.

"Jenni?" I heard as Brad nudged me with his hand.

"Oh, what?" I said still staring at the wall.

"Damn Jenni! Snap out of it! You act like you've never seen a cock before!"

Still in my dreamy haze and not thinking of who I was talking to, I said, "Not one that big!" As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized what I had said and who I had said them to. I jerked my head to look at him. His eyes glared back at mine. A smile broke through his surprised expression. "Did I just say that out loud?" I asked, knowing full well that I had. He raised his eyebrows and nodded. I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment. All of a sudden the basement became extremely warm. I turned to go upstairs. But Brad stopped me before I made a step.

"You like big cocks?" his hand was on my shoulder. I didn't move. I couldn't move. "You do like big cocks, don't you Jenni?" he said putting down his can of soda. He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me to face him. I couldn't look at him. I stared at the floor. "Take it out." he said softly but demandingly. I shook my head. "Take my big cock out of my pants." he repeated. Again, I shook my head. I wanted to so badly.

Brad grasped my wrists and placed my hands on his crotch and holding them there. I felt his bulge move. It was growing in my hands. "Take it out!" he demanded as his grip on my wrists increased. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. But I think that is what made it more exciting for me. I slowly raised my hand and found his zipper. I began to glide it down it's track as Brad said, "Yea, Jenni. That's it!" I bottomed the zipper out and tried unsuccessfully to move my hands away. His grip was firm but gentle. "You're not done." he said as he pulled my hands back to his bulge. I reached inside his shorts and grasped his manhood. I tugged it upward but it barely moved. With my other hand I pulled his shorts away from his body and reached for it again. My hand barely fit around it. I grasped it again and tugged it. Brad moved his legs and his cock sprang through the open zipper. I let go of it and it bounced down and slowly straightened to point right at my navel. Brad said nothing as I stared at the monster cock between us. "Grab it, Jenni. Feel how hard it is for you." he said softly, sensuously. My hand encircled his flesh. I pulled on it gently at first. I could feel it getting even harder in my hand. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I had to do.

Slowly I kneeled in front of my brother. He let go of my wrists as my mouth opened and I slowly ran my tongue down the length of his shaft. As I drew my tongue back up, I glanced at his face. He had his head back, his eyes closed and his mouth wide open. I grabbed his club and pulled it straight up and sucked one of his balls into my mouth gently. "Aw fuck!" Brad moaned as he felt my mouth engulf his nut. I looked back at his face and saw that he was looking right at me. His eyes seemed to be glazed over. I slowly let the suction subside and adjusted him to give equal time to the twin on the other side of his sack. Sucking it in as I did the other, I watched as Brad smiled at me as I ran his ball around on my tongue. As I released it, I pulled his cock down to my level and pointed it at my mouth. I realized that it might not fit into my mouth. The head looked so huge from the short distance it was from my mouth. "Yea, Jenni, suck it, please." he was almost begging.

Keeping my eyes on his, I ran my tongue around his head and opened my mouth and slid about 2 inches of it into my mouth. Sucking it hard, I realized that the head was barely inside my mouth. He again put his head back as I moaned on his cock. I began moving my head back and forth, taking a little bit more of his massive meat into my mouth each time. I got about six inches of it into my mouth before my gag reflex kicked in, telling me that it was as deep in my mouth as it was going to get. And there was still some of his shaft exposed between my mouth and my hand that was grasping it by the base. I started to increase my speed. Brad was pushing his cock into my mouth as I stroked it with my lips and tongue. A minute or so passed and I began to feel Brad's cock stiffen even more. His breath was becoming erratic and his motions became more spasmodic. "Fuck, Jenni!" he said as he drew his cock out of my mouth. I was preparing myself for his flood. Why he denied me this pleasure was beyond me at the time.

Brad held my hands and helped me to my feet. As I stood, he grasped my shirt and tugged it upward. I raised my arms, allowing him to remove it. My A-cup breasts, now fully exposed, were capped by my copper-colored nipples that were as hard as I had ever felt in my life. Brad lowered his mouth and kissed each one gently. As his lips explored my areola, his hands unfastened the snap on my jeans and he slid them down my legs. As I stepped from them, I felt his strong hands running up my thighs, causing me to shiver. His mouth was trailing saliva from one nipple to the other. His hands separated my legs and he cupped my entire mound with one of his strong hands. He was gently massaging my flesh with his hand.

Then without warning, he pierced me with his finger. "Oh, God!" I sighed as I felt his finger stab my pussy. I looked down as he withdrew his finger to see that it was completely covered in my secretions. Brad smiled as he put his finger into his mouth, tasting me. He stood again and grabbed me under the arms and effortlessly lifted me onto the washing machine. He grabbed me behind the knees and pulled my legs up to my chest, I leaned back onto the washer as he lowered his face to my sex. I watched as his face lowered and his tongue glided along my skin from my butt up to my clit. I heard a small squeak come from my lips as his tongue found and began to circle my red nub. I grabbed my legs and drew them to my chest as far as I could get them, fully exposing myself to him. His hands lowered and spread my lips and he stabbed me with his tongue. I began to melt as his tongue danced on my clit.

Brad began to suck on me and his finger was rubbing the entrance to my vagina. I was beginning to do a slow burn. He inserted his finger into me. I was beginning to lose control and when I felt a second finger stab into me, I completely lost it. I had myself stretched so tightly down there that it actually felt like I could feel every ridge of his fingerprint and every bump on his tongue. My cheeks and chest were flushed. Brad turned his hand and curled his fingers upward. He hit a spot within me that brought me to orgasm so quickly that I almost passed out! I felt every cell in my body explode in total ecstacy. His fingers and tongue thrashed me into a bliss that I had never felt before. Even after it began to subside, he was still fucking me with his finger, though not as intensely. I was looking right into his eyes when he stood and I again caught a glimpse of his rock-hard cock. I don't care if it split me in two, I wanted it. "Fuck me Brad." I said, almost demanding. I didn't have to ask twice. Brad reached for his shorts and grabbed a condom. That bastard must have known that we were going to fuck! He actually brought a condom! I leaned up and grabbed it out of his hands. As I tore the packet open, I looked at his face. "Confident bastard!" Brad smiled as I rolled the condom over his club. I ran out of condom long before I ran out of cock. He leaned me back again and raised his body and pressed his cock against me. I felt the smallest twinge of pain as he tried to pry it into me. But, being a good lover, he leaned back and rubbed it on my secretions to get it wet. I reached down and parted my lips firmly to make it easier to gain entry. I needed that cock in me!

When Brad placed it back at my entrance and pushed gently, the sensation was awesome. There was no pain and only immense pleasure as I felt his head pop into me. God was it huge, but I needed to be fucked. Brad began to slowly work his cock into me a quarter inch at a time. The exquisite, intense pleasure he was causing as he did this made me quickly rise toward another orgasm. The pleasure was so great that I was beginning to have trouble focusing my eyes. When I did manage to get them focused, I watched as over half of his fat shaft was gliding easily into me. Brad was grabbing me by the thighs and pulling me to him with every stroke. My euphoria was building quickly as I heard Brad begin to moan aloud. I saw a look of total passion on his face as he seemed to be holding back his own orgasm. I reached down and began rubbing my clit, hastening my impending release. I felt his cock stiffen and his eyes closed tightly. Then he stopped. I didn't want that! "Oh, God, don't stop!" I moaned.

"I'm gonna cum." he said, his breathing quick and shallow.

"So am I." I said, begging him to get me there. He still hesitated. I grabbed his cock and tried to pull him into me. "Please, Brad, I need it!" I begged. He slowly brought his rhythm back to where it was before. I watched as his facial expression changed every second. Then just as quickly, I lost focus and began a whole body spasm! I felt Brad stab his cock all the way into me. That sent me over and my flesh engulfed him totally. I came with an intensity unmatched before or since.

We stayed like that for what seemed like an hour. I felt brad's cock soften in me and slowly he pulled it from me. I lowered my legs and it was only then that I felt any pain from the extreme stretching that my pussy endured. But I didn't care. The pleasure far exceeded the pain. "Oh, God, sis." Brad moaned as he removed the condom from his reddened dick. It was right then that I was brought back to reality. He called me sis! I had just fucked my brother. What had I done?! I looked at Brad.

"Oh, Brad. What have we done?" I said. I was expecting him to be as mortified as I was. He laughed a little and smiled.

"We are just two people who love one another expressing that love in the most intimate way. And I don't regret one second of it." he said confidently. As soon as I heard him say that, I realized he was right. I did love him. And what better way to tell someone you love them than to give yourself to them wholly.

"I do love you Brad." I said gazing at his dark brown eyes. "And that cock is amazing!" Brad laughed. "I'll bet you get told that a lot, don't you?" I asked. Brad smiled broadly.

"Yea, I guess I do." then his smile turned a bit mischievous. "Even mom says so."

Check back later for part 2!

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