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Spring Break With Friends


After spending a week studying and taking tests, spring break seemed like it'd never come. I didn't have any plans for the break so I was pretty excited when I went home and there was a message from my friend Tim, asking me if I wanted to go down with him and some mutual friends to Carolina.

Of course I called him up immediately to tell him that I was in, and found out that Katie and Erin were gonna come down with us too.

Well, I thought that it was strange that Tim's girlfriend Kim wasn't coming with us, but her sister Erin was. I asked him about it and he just said that Kim was busy with work. So whatever, that night I packed my stuff and got my father's permission to use his car since mine wouldn't even make it half way there.

I stopped by Tim's and picked him up then went to the girls' house and got them. I have had a thing for Erin since freshman year of high school, she went out with one of my best friends for a long time so I never tried to get with her, out of respect.

Erin was a bit chunky in high school, but was still quite attractive, about 5 foot 6, short brown hair, with a nice rack and amazing legs. In college she lost some weight and grew her hair out, which made her look even better.

Katie on the other hand, has annoyed me for as long as I can remember. She has had the hugest crush on Tim since middle school I think, but Tim could care less. If he wanted to, she'd sleep with him in a second.

Katie is quite attractive when she isn't talking. Shorter than Erin, but with a pretty face and great body. She has at least a C-cup chest and a nice little round butt, for the ride down she was wearing a tight white tee-shirt and jeans. I flirt with her now and then, but for the ride south I spent most of my time working on getting with Erin.

Erin had been unattached for quite some time, i figured no one would mind if I tried to get in her pants on this trip. Tim on the other hand was surprising, while I was driving he and Katie were flirting quite heavily in the back and I think she was sitting in his lap for most of the ride down.

When we got to the condo it was pretty late so we all went to bed. I slept on the couch while Erin and Katie shared a room and Tim got the single bedroom at the end of the hall. The next morning we all went to the beach.

Both Erin and Katie were looking great wearing these matching small black bikinis. We all fooled around in the water for some time, dunking each other and grabbing some ass. After a while on the beach Tim and Katie went off walking down the shore leaving Erin and me alone.

Erin seemed very receptive to my flirtation so I decided, what the hell, I'm going to make a move. I leaned over and kissed her lips for about a minute, she looked me in the eyes and kissed me back.

I was ecstatic, her lips were soft and I was quite horny and thinking that I was going to get some. After we made out for a while she grabbed my hand and said,

"Let's go back to the room." and winked.

I unlocked the door to the condo as fast as I could and we made our way to the bed in her and Katie's room. I laid Erin back on the bed and kissed the insides of her thighs, then with my finger, moved aside the triangle of fabric that was covering her pussy.

She had her shaved her vagina all except for a strip of hair just above it, I thought that was quite hot.

I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and tongued up and down her cooch spending a good deal of time flicking her clit. She was moaning quite loudly after a few minutes of that and her pussy was becoming quite moist. I licked her until she wrapped her legs around my head and shook kinda violently, letting out a large gasp of air.

She looked into my eyes and said, "That was amazing, now it's your turn. On the bed"

Erin still with her bikini top on pushed me on the bed and undid my swim trunks. She licked down my stomach while taking out my erect cock. It's 6 inches looked bigger in her small hand. She began pumping it in an exceptional motion and I started to breathe heavier. Then suddenly she swooped down and half of my cock disappeared into her mouth.

She blew me amazingly and I ended up cumming in her mouth right before we heard the door to the condo open. We got dressed quickly and Erin wiped her mouth before going out into the living room.

Tim and Katie looked surprised to see us both coming out of the bedroom and smiled quizzically. We had dinner and then when the girls were getting ready to go out Tim told me what had happened on the beach with Katie.

He said that they stopped under a pier and that he just kissed her. Tim told me that he felt her up and that she jacked him off right there under the pier. I thought that was funny since he had always rejected her, and told him what had transpired between Erin and I.

We went out and danced, I spent most of the night with Katie, and Tim was with Erin for some reason. Katie had on this tiny little black miniskirt and a shirt that exposed a good amount of her cleavage. We all got not quite plastered and went back to our condo. It was quite odd, I was making out with Katie on the drive home and I could swear that Erin had her hand in Tim's lap while he was driving. How did this happen?

Well I wasn't arguing. I took Katie into Tim's room and Tim went with his girlfriend's sister into the other room. Katie undid my pants as I fumbled trying to get her top off. When I was successful I was rewarded with the sight of a gorgeous rack in an expensive black bra.

I kissed her and tongued her mouth before undoing her bra and taking off my shirt. Her fantastic tits fell out and I suckled one after the other while she fell back onto the bed with her skirt riding up on her thighs.

She was loving the attention I paid to her erect nipples and giggled saying,

"quit messing around, Fuck me".

So I obliged, and slipped her skirt and panties off her fine ass and positioned myself over her. I could hear from down the hall Erin moaning rather loudly,

"uh...Shit, lick my ass, c'mon Timmy honey. I bet you never did this with my sister" and all sorts of other comical things.

I still couldn't get over that Tim was cheating on his girlfriend with her sister, and the same girl that I wanted to have sex with in multiple positions.

Then I realized that I had my dick out just hovering over a spread eagled goddess and slowly inserted it into her pussy. We fucked nice and slow for a few minutes before she said,

"I wanna be on top" and we turned over.

She rode my dick for a long time with me holding her narrow hips, and came twice before I unloaded in her. As quickly as she got off me she got on her hands and knees and took my cock into her velvety mouth. Trying to coax my prick stiff again. It worked.

After she licked up and down my shaft and sucked the head of my dick for a while I turned her around on the bed, on her hands and knees. I entered her from the back and in full doggie style, she jammed her ass back at me while I drove into her.

We were going like this full speed when I grabbed a handful of her hair and gently tugged now and then on her gorgeous black mane. She was saying,

'fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck' in that frantic half whisper, half moan.

Katie came time after time, I felt the walls of her vagina shaking and could barely control my own orgasm. I was about to explode in her when she turned around and said,

"honey, cum in my mouth."

When she said that it must of increased the orgasm I had ten fold. My cum spewed all in her mouth, on her cheek, and a bit in her hair. She sat back and looked at me with cum dribbling down her chin. We fell asleep soon after naked and in each other's half-drunk arms.

The week was amazing at that condo. It seemed that every few nights Erin and Katie would decide that they wanted to switch and sleep with the other guy. I ate out Erin every morning we were together and enjoyed doing Katie in the Bathtub, shower, and Jacuzzi.

Erin has an amazing chest, and a great ass that she loves getting eaten out. How it ever turned into this week long sex fest between friends is beyond my comprehension, but then again, spring break trips are always nuts.

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