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Spring Pleasure


I walk in on her still in bed. One leg has come uncovered and I can see all of the way up her thigh. I think she is asleep so I stand there and watch her for a minute and then she stirs and I notice that her hand is lightly moving between her legs. She is playing with herself lightly. I get hard almost instantly and stand there trying to decide what I should do. I decide that I should quietly walk out, but I hear her whisper stop and as I look back at her she rolls onto her back and lets her legs spread apart so I can see.

She continues to rub her clit as I stand mesmerized watching. I slowly move forward and stand beside her. I slide her nightgown up and rub her nipples. I feel them get hard under my touch and watch as she begins rubbing faster. I lean down and suck a nipple into my mouth and begin sliding my hand down her stomach. My fingers play with her pubic hair as I continue to suck on her nipple. Still watching her play I begin sliding my hand further down. Just before my hand touches hers I turn to look at her and she gives me a slight nod. I push my hand past hers and slip a finger between her lips. I rub past her clit and slip a finger deep into her. She is so hot and wet. I begin to kiss down her stomach and get to the top of her slit and suck a lip into my mouth. I feel her hand grab the back of my head and hold me to her.

I crawl onto the bed and push her legs up as I kiss up her thigh. Once I get to her precious spot I lick up her slit to her clit. I spread her lips with my hand and suck her clit into my mouth. I take my other hand and slip a finger into her as I lick and suck. Slowly fucking her with my finger. I feel her tight pussy begin to get even tighter around my finger so I slip another into her tight hole and begin to lick a little faster, curling my fingers as they fuck her to rub her g spot. She grabs my head as she begins to cum, begging me to fuck her.

I slide up her and slip deep into her. I start pulling slowly out and then slide it back in. Her pussy is so hot and wet and it feels so good as my head slips past her lips. I begin pumping her fast and deep. I pull her ankles up onto my shoulders and really begin pounding her. I am watching her tits bounce as I fuck her. I lean down and suck a nipple into my mouth, not missing a stroke and she begins to cum again.

As I feel her tighten around my hard cock I know I can't take much more and slam deep into her and explode. I pump my cum into her as I look into her eyes. She thinks I am done but I begin kissing down her chest. When I get lower I look and see my cum running out of her, down the crack of her ass and I lean down and kiss right above her clit. Then I look again and my cum has made it to her asshole. I ask if it feels good running down her ass and in response she reaches down on each side and spreads her cheeks allowing me to see my cum coating her most secret of places. I lean down and begin to clean my cum from her with my tongue, making sure she is free from of my cum. Sticking my tongue deep inside her to make sure, fucking her with my tongue. I lick her from ass to clit as she begins to moan again.

I flip her onto her stomach then up into the doggy position with her face down I lean down once more and begin licking her, only this time from clit to her most secret spot. I push my tongue against it and she pushes back. I reach under her and begin rubbing her clit while I lick her ass. She begins to moan and begs me to fuck her again. I slide up behind her and tease my cock along her slit slowly pushing it in. I begin slowly fucking her and I slide my thumb down her ass crack to her tight bud. Every time my thumb rubs across it she moans and pushes back into me harder. I continue to fuck her and apply pressure against her hole with my thumb.

Then it happens, my thumb slips past her ring. She almost screams and almost cums. Now with my thumb in her ass I continue to fuck her and work my thumb further into her. As I get my thumb all of the way in I feel her reach between her legs and grab my balls. I slip my thumb out and replace it with my middle finger and fuck her with it in the same rhythm my dick is fucking her sweet pussy. Then I try a second finger as she continues to play with my balls. Once the second finger slides in, she squeezes my balls and moans. I can tell she is close, but I continue to fuck her slow and deep in both holes. I can feel my fingers in her ass rubbing against my dick in her pussy.

She begins to cum and as she does I slip everything out of her and push the head of my cock, wet with her pussy against her ass. She slams back against me forcing my dick into her super tight hole. I begin fucking her slowly and gently at first then she looks back over her shoulder at me and tells me to fuck her. As I begin pounding into her I feel her hand on my balls slide further back as she places a finger on my ass driving me nuts and I moan and begin fucking her even harder. I grab her hips and begin pulling her back into me as I feel her finger flip into my ass. Now we are fucking each other's ass and neither of us can take it as we begin to cum. I pull out and watch as I cum straight on her open ass and we both collapse on the bed.

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