tagFetishSpring Storm

Spring Storm


Edie flinched and buried her head in my chest as a crack of thunder shook the window above us. I could feel the goose flesh on her arms despite the stuffy heat of the room, and her body trembled as she pressed against mine. The spring storm had sprung up out of nowhere, sneaking into town after the sun had set on a cloudless May sky.

I hated spending the night in her dorm room. The bed was too small for two people, and the only way there was room was if I slept on my side with my back pressed against the wall, immobile. I had been awake for an hour or so, listening as the roar and fury of the storm outside built to a peak. Until the shattering boom of thunder Edie had remained asleep beside me on the narrow mattress, her body heat radiating uncomfortably against me beneath the thin sheet.

The building's heating system was regulated on the ground floor, and it operated with no regard for the temperature eight floors above. Periodically the heating vent would belch hot air despite the warm May weather, cooking us as we slept. Our only source of relief was a small fan propped up on a chair next to the bed, listlessly blowing over our bodies.

For a moment I thought she might fall back asleep, but a massive lightning flash lit up the room bright as day. Seconds later a clap exploded in the skies overhead, louder than the first, and she pushed against me with a frightened squeak.

"I'm scared," she whispered, her words barely audible over the steady drumming of rain on the window.

"It's just a storm, it's fine," I replied, trying not to let my annoyance at the sleeping arrangements bleed into my words.

Outside the wind had picked up dramatically, and it was beginning to buffet the building in waves, howling and gnashing against the brick and glass facade. Raindrops pelted the window with rising force, wet fingertips drumming on glass.

"I'm going to look," I said after a moment, and pushed free of her grip. Edie curled herself into a ball and pulled the sheet up over her head as I rose to kneel on the mattress.

The window ran nearly the full width of the wall above her bed, six feet from side to side and several feet high. Resting my elbows on the sill I leaned forward to peer outside, my bare chest touching the cool metal of the window frame.

Rain slashed horizontally across the night sky, pushed sideways by the driving wind. Another thunderclap detonated high above, and I could feel the glass vibrate from the shockwave. The next lightning crash revealed trees on the ground far below thrashing hopelessly against the wind.

"Holy shit, you've got to see this."

"No," she sulked from beneath the sheet.

"Seriously, it's crazy, you've got to see it."

"No, you know I don't like storms."

Lightning sizzled across the sky, again lighting up the lawn below. A garbage can bounced along the ground, ricocheting off a parked car before disappearing into the shadows.

"I know, I know, but you've got to see this." I flipped the sheet back from her head and took her by the hand. Grudgingly Edie let me pull her to her knees. She pressed close to me, a pouty look on her face, and peered out the window.

Lightning cracked across the sky in the distance, shattering the darkness. Far below a pine tree tore free from the ground, uprooted under the wind's relentless assault.

"Did you see that!"

"Yeah," she replied reluctantly, snuggling even closer to me. I snaked my left arm around her protectively, my hand fitted into the valley of her hip.

"I'm surprised we still have power."

"Yeah," she replied with a whisper, her gaze fixed out the window at the carnage.

"If it goes out there's a flashlight on my keying. We can use that until we get candles lit," I reassured her, trying to head off any sense of panic.


Almost unconsciously I found my hand sliding lower, down from her hip to the plump swell of her ass. Cupping her cheek I squeezed playfully, kneading the soft flesh with my fingers. She was wearing boy short underwear, cut high in the rear, and they had ridden up her crack enough to expose the bottom of her butt.

Edie didn't seem to notice as she stared out the window, lost in the chaos of the storm. Impulsively I leaned down and brushed my lips gently across the back of her neck.

Turning my body away from the window I moved behind her on the mattress and slipped my other hand up the front of her tee-shirt. Her breasts were large and heavy, and I squeezed one, feeling her nipple stiffen against the palm of my hand.

She remained silent, staring out into the darkness.

I kissed her lightly cross the nape of her neck, the fine downy hairs bristling at the contact. Hooking my fingers through the elastic band of her underwear I gave her a moment to tell me to stop before pulling them down, tugging first one side, then the other until they slipped half way down her thighs. My fingers found her wet and slippery already, and I pushed easily inside with one curved digit.

She spread her legs slightly to give me easier access, and I took this as a sign to pump in and out, carefully fucking her with my finger. Edie's breathing quickened, and I felt her pulse jump on my lips as I kissed her neck.

The room lit up again, a prelude to the deafening explosion that shook the building seconds later. I pulled my finger free and slipped my boxers down over my knees and onto the floor. My cock jutted out stiffly as I leaned into her. Pushing forward I paused, my straining dick nuzzled against the wetness between her legs.

Edie and I had been intimate for a few months, but the sex was rather ordinary. It was good, but it was good in the unexciting, unimaginative way that vanilla ice cream is good. She refused any position but standard missionary and had no interest in either giving or receiving oral. Despite being on the pill and both having clean STD tests she never allowed me to enter her without a condom, and our coupling was always deadly silent.

I expected her to say something, to ask me to use protection, to turn around, or to ask me to stop, but she didn't even react as I nosed my stiff prick against her pussy lips. The sky blossomed with light again, a bolt of lightning tearing the black cloth of the sky in half.

Thrusting forward, I slipped into her pussy with ease, the thought of condoms and missionary positions discarded. The feeling of flesh on flesh without a cumbersome, clumsy barrier of latex between us was almost like losing my virginity again, and the sensation made me shiver despite the stifling heat.

For the first time in some minutes, Edie made a sound, letting out an audible exhale as I bottomed out deep in her cunt. I slipped my other hand up her shirt alongside the first and found her left nipple as hard as her right. I squeezed both soft globes gently in my hands as I pulled out and thrust into her again.

Outside the storm continued its furious assault on the campus, flattening small trees and tipping over tables and bike racks. Each successive lighting flash revealed more and more destruction.

I leaned into her, kissing her neck again as I ground against her. Nothing had ever felt so smooth, so slippery, so warm and pliant and completely sexual as this. After months of wearing a condom and having sex in the same position it was intoxicating and freeing to take her bare and from behind. I needed her breasts harder now, squeezing them in my hands in time with my rocking thrusts into her cunt.

"Christ this feels good, you feel good," I whispered, trailing my lips from her neck to her ear.

Edie had brought both her hands up and was pressing her palms flat against the cool glass, pushing back against me. I could feel the beating of the rain against the window pane vibrating up her arm and through her body.

I tried to focus on the storm outside, watching the rain and counting the time between lighting flashes and thunderclaps, determined to make this last as long as possible. The sweaty heat of the room had already begun to smell of sex, raw and thick.

"Pinch my nipple," she asked after a moment, her voice a whisper.

"Pinch it?"


My hands were still on her breasts, cupping the heavy mounds, and I quickly took the stiff nubs between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed lightly. She had never really shown any interest when I had touched her breasts during sex so I tried to be gentle.

"Harder," she whispered, turning her head slightly to give my lips easier access to her earlobe.

I squeezed again with a bit more force, still careful not to hurt her as I thrust in and out of her slippery pussy.

"Harder," she whispered again, her tone more insistent.

This time I bore down with my fingers, pinching her ripe nubs, my fingernail actually sinking into the tender flesh. I was afraid I may have hurt her until she let out a low hiss followed by a groan.

"Yes, like that, like that, like--" Edie moaned, her words drowned out by the cacophony outside the window.

I pinched down again, hard, and her cunt contracted around my cock, squeezing me tight. With each thrust into her silky depths I pinched down and triggered another throaty groan.

"That okay?" I panted into her ear, the focus on her nipples helping to keep my orgasm at bay.

"Yeah, good, good," she whispered, biting her lower lip.

My pubic hair and scrotum were slick with the juice running from her cunt as we bumped our bodies together. She met each thrust with a push back against me, the sound of skin slapping against skin barely audible over the tantrum outside.

"Little longer, little longer, she gasped, pushing back hard on the glass to meet my thrusts as if she trying to escape the storm. She'd never before been able to climax from just penetration, requiring my fingers her clit, but the look on her face and her trembling voice showed she was near the edge.

"Okay," I answered, struggling to hold back.

"Harder, harder," she hissed, thrusting her ass back into me as I pinched down on her nipples. Almost automatically I did as she asked, sinking the nail on my finger deeper into the tender skin.

Edie let out a scream and came explosively, smashing back against me. Outside the storm attacked the building with a hateful roar that drowned out even her high-pitched wail. The wind slammed against the glass like some beast hungry for flesh, shaking her body as much as the tremors of her orgasm.

It was too much for me, and I let go as well, throwing my head back and howling like the spring squall. It was nothing at all like a climax inside a condom. Each individual spasm inside her made the following thrust more and more intense. It was almost too much, nearly painful, but the best kind of pain. I slumped forward, my hands still gripping her firm breasts as we both struggled to catch our breath.

We collapsed back onto the mattress as the storm continued to throw itself futilely against the building. I wasn't sure how long we lay there languishing in post-coital exhaustion; neither of us were awake, but we weren't entirely asleep.

I knew dawn couldn't be far off, but still the squall showed no signs of abating. Stifling a yawn I brought my hand to my mouth and noticed dark stains beneath my nails. It took several seconds for me to realize it was dried blood.

"Jesus, are you okay?" I gasped, my stomach sinking.

"Yeah, fine," she murmured dreamily.

"No, I mean . . . you're bleeding, I made you bleed, I cut your nipples!"

"Hmmm? Oh, that. It's fine."

She shifted on the bed, turning towards me, and in the weak light I could see twin red spots on the front of her tee-shirt centered on each breast.

"Fuck, your shirt!" I spluttered, pointing at the stains.

"It's fine, it's an old shirt," Edie answered, missing the point of why I was concerned. She pulled it up over her head and tossed it nonchalantly to the floor. Both her nipples were a violent plum purple, badly bruised, and smeared with blood where I had broken the skin with my nails. She touched one absently and held her finger up to the light. The tip was stained with crimson.

She pulled me to her and pushed her tongue into my mouth, and I couldn't help but kiss her back despite the guilt over what I'd done. She tangled her fingers in my hair after a minute and pushed my lips down to her neck. I kissed along her throat, tasting the dried sweat on her skin, her pulse drumming just beneath the surface.

"Lower," she groaned, pushing me down to her breast. I looked at her, sure she couldn't be asking what it seemed. She simply nodded and arched her back, pushing her wet nipple to my mouth.

Reluctantly I parted my lips and took it inside. Edie let out a low hiss as I suckled her breast. Her nipple was still firm and stiff, and I could taste the metallic tang of her blood.

"Bite it," she instructed, her voice detached and dreamlike.

I bit down, my teeth grazing the swollen tip of her tit, and I felt the blood flow as the gouges from my nails opened.

"Yes, yes, there," she moaned, grinding against me. "Bite down, hard, bite hard."

I nipped harder, scoring her pap, and a coppery wash of blood trickled into my mouth and down my throat.

"That's it, like that, harder, make it hurt." She thrashed against me, hand still gripping my hair. "Harder, harder, hurt me, please, hurt me."

I'd never seen her so sexually charged. It was like she was a completely different person, and I was afraid to stop and break whatever spell she was under. The more she bled, the more excited she got. I could smell her wet pussy even over the smell of sweat and blood and semen.

As before her orgasm came with frightening speed, and this time it was without even the stimulation of my cock in her cunt. Her body convulsed like she was being electrocuted, her legs shooting out straight as she arched her back and pulled me so tight against her tits I thought I'd suffocate.

Gradually the storm began to slack, abating to a low roar, the thunder echoing in the distance as it passed to the east, and we both fell asleep as the pink light of dawn began to filter in through the window. When I woke hours later she had already risen and dressed, and was stuffing books into her backpack for class. There was no sign of the bloody shirt anywhere, and her kiss goodbye was chaste and dry.

We didn't talk about what happened that night, and she made no move to repeat it. School ended for the summer several weeks later, and we separated to our respective hometowns; by mid-July we had lost touch, and neither one of us made no move to re-establish connections come fall.

Still, I think of her on occasion, when a warm spring squall kicks up and the skies above explode in thunder and lighting. I wonder where she is, who she is with, and what she is doing, and when I hear the sound of rain attack window glass I can still taste blood on the back of my tongue.

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