tagGay MaleSpring Training Awakening

Spring Training Awakening


"You like this don't you Piggy?" Holly teased as she slid down my body and wrapped her soft lips around my cock. Her pretty eyes sparkled as she looked up at me, her head slowly bobbing on my thick, turgid shaft.

"Mmmm, god yes Mistress," I replied as she took my entire rod down her throat and swirled her tongue over its base. We had been dabbling in BDSM role playing for several months and in that time we had found that while we were both switch, Holly tended toward dominant while I preferred the submissive role.

"Are you ready Piggy," she asked, wiping saliva from the corner of her sexy mouth and straddling my waist. Her big, natural 36dd tits bounced enticingly as she guided my cock into the wet warmth of her excited cunt. Her curvaceous body undulated over me. Her full hips and narrow waist doing a perfect belly dance with my dick buried deep inside her velvet embrace.

Holly's eyes flashed to the corner of the room, reminding me that we were not alone during our intimate interlude. She smiled brightly at our guest and then looked down at me with a lust filled gaze.

"Yes Mistress," I answered quickly. I looked over at him and he nodded before moving from the corner of the room to a spot by the head of the bed. He was naked, like Holly and me, and his hard cock jutted lewdly from his tall athletic body, pointing at me like an accusing finger.

"You want it don't you Piggy," Holly said playfully. She was in complete control but her excitement was easily seen on her pretty face as she simultaneously rode my cock slowly and watched our guest touch his hard cock to my lips. I had never been with a man. I had never considered it an option before that night but the combination of alcohol, sexual tension and my submissive nature allowed me to let Holly take control and get what she wanted. I had begun to suspect that Holly might want to have a threesome with another man in the days and weeks leading up to our tryst with Joe. She was openly bisexual and we had often talked about bringing another woman or a soft swap couple into our bed but a few weeks earlier she had said that we might have to expand our search parameters because of the difficulty we were having finding a woman to join us. I figured that she was talking about approaching a full swap couple and I suspected she was thinking of things even kinkier than those we had already discussed.

"Yes Ma'am," I moaned softly as he rubbed clear, salty precum across my lips. I could taste his essence and it was not unpleasant. The evening had begun with dinner and drinks. It had been festive and playful but not overtly sexual at first. Holly and I were staying at a rented house on an inner coastal waterway in Fort Myers Florida with three other people, two of whom had already gone to bed and the third was rubbing his dick across my face.

Holly had started the fun that evening by suggesting we take off our suits while the five of us swam in the enclosed and mostly secluded pool. She had followed that up my making out with Michelle as the two other guys and I watched excitedly. Sadly, despite the fact that both women were attractive and naked, the kiss lacked passion and Holly later told me that Michelle did not seem to be into it. Despite her perceived disinterest the kiss must have had an effect on Michelle because shortly after it ended she and Jonathan went to bed leaving Joe, Holly and me alone and naked in the pool. That was when things really started to happen.

Holly swam over to me and pressed her soft lips against mine. Her tongue quickly penetrated my mouth and entwined with mine as her hands sought my rapidly growing cock. We had often talked about having sex in front of some one else. I knew exactly where we were headed and I was more than ready to explore our exhibitionist desires.

"Let's fuck," Holly said loud enough for Joe to hear. My cock twitched beneath the warm water as her words hung heavy in the night air.

"Mmmm," I moaned and pinned her between my body and the wall of the pool. My hard dick pressed tightly against her flat stomach as my hands moved to her big beautiful breasts. I leaned down and our lips met in a soft tender kiss.

Holly's eyes moved from me to Joe and she smiled brightly as he approached us for a better view. I lifted her out of the water and sat her on the edge of the pool with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was swollen and ready as I rubbed my dick along her slit making her moan loudly.

"Not yet baby," she said firmly. "Lick my cunt first."

I kissed Holly deeply and our tongues entwined. My hands slid over her sexy body and caressed her silky flesh as my passion soared. My lips trailed soft butterfly kisses as I slid down between her splayed thighs and plunged my tongue into her hot, wet cunt. The usual delicious taste of her pussy was muted by the pool water but as I licked her swollen lips and hard clit her juices started to flow.

Holly cried out and her body shook violently when she started to cum. Her fragrant juices coated my face and ran down my chin. Her hands moved to my head and her hips undulated as the waves of her climax washed over her like a tsunami. Her strong thighs quivered and squeezed my head hard as her hips bucked hard against my face.

I stood up and rubbed my wet cock across her needy pussy as I looked into her beautiful eyes.

"Please baby," Holly said softly. She was usually much more dominant but her desire was palpable and her voice was thick with lust.

I looked at Holly's pretty face and slowly sank my cock inside her liquid core as my heart fluttered with a powerful combination of love and desire. My hands moved to her full hips and I pumped my thick cock into her as Joe looked on. He had climbed out of the pool and sat just a few feet away from us with his dick, hard and ready, in his hand. I glanced at Joe and watched him stroke his dick. I had never seen another man's erection in person before and my eyes were strangely drawn to it as I fucked my sexy girlfriend with hard fast strokes.

Joe seemed to match my tempo. His hand moving in time with my thrusts as though he was imagining that it was he who was fucking Holly's silky wet cunt. Incredibly, despite the deep love that I felt for Holly the idea that he might be fantasizing about her did not make me jealous but rather it excited me knowing that he wanted her but she was all mine, body, mind and soul.

Holly's sexy body shook again from a powerful orgasm. She gazed at me with an intense stare as she came hard. Her cunt clutched at my cock, grabbing it and trying to hold it inside her as her chest quivered and her breathing labored with the enormity of her release.

I fucked Holly hard until her climax subsided and then slowed to a languid pace allowing her to recover from the exhaustion caused by her orgasm.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Holly suggested as she regained her senses. "All of us." She smiled brightly and I knew the night was about to get even more interesting.

Joe followed us into the master bedroom and watched as Holly slid between my legs. Her demeanor changed once we were inside the bedroom. She was once again in command as she looked up at me with her pretty eyes and sucked her juices from my dripping wet dick. She cleaned her juices from my cock and then mounted it as she signaled Joe to come join us. We had discussed what our boundaries would be if we ever had another woman in our bed and I hoped that the no kissing edict would apply to the new scenario but I was shocked when Joe stepped next to me and rubbed his hard dick across my lips. I had always considered myself straight but I was oddly no repulsed by the proximity of his cock to my mouth.

"Suck it Piggy," Holly ordered when she saw the indecision on my face. She knew I needed a gentle push. Her hands slid up her flat stomach to her huge tits and squeezed them as she bounced on my achingly hard cock. She was the perfect picture of sexuality with the body of a goddess, the face of an angel and the kinky mind of a whore.

"Yes Ma'am," I said softly and opened my mouth allowing Joe to push the fat head of his circumcised cock past my lips. I had sucked a strap on previously, while Holly taunted me about sucking her girl cock but had never imagined that I would ever suck a real cock. The sensation was incredibly erotic and much different from my girlfriend's latex strap on. It was warm to the touch and it moved and throbbed as though it was alive. I liked the feel and I quickly lost myself in the taboo yet erotic act of sucking another man's cock.

"This is so hot Piggy," Holly groaned. She was riding me roughly, squeezing her huge tits and moaning as she worked her way toward a powerful climax. "Take him deeper," she cried out as her body trembled. She had seen me take her strap on down my throat and she knew I could deep throat Joe's dick.

I moaned around the fat bulbous head of his cock and pushed my mouth onto his hot throbbing dick. His shaft disappeared down my throat and my nose touched the coarse fur on his pelvis as tears streamed down my cheeks.

"Suck it baby," she cried out as powerful waves of pleasure rolled through her beautiful body. She threw her head from side to side as she came but through it all her eyes remained transfixed on the union of Joe's cock and my hungry mouth. Her body thrashed about like a fish out of water and she cried out loudly as the waves of her climax peeked and then slowly subsided.

I continued to noisily suck and slurp on Joe's dick as Holly collapsed on top of me. Her pretty face was just inches from mine and she began to help me with him. Her soft lips planted kisses on my face and his balls. Her hands caressed me while my hard dick remained deep inside her.

"Make him cum Piggy," Holly encouraged.

My hand stroked his shaft as I sucked hard on his cock head. I could feel his body respond. He was close. His breathing was labored and erratic as he approached the point of no return. I felt his heavy balls tighten in my hand and his big cock exploded in my mouth.

I quickly swallowed his erupting seed as my hand milked it from his throbbing shaft. I struggled to capture all of his hot cream but there was too much and it spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.

Joe pulled his spent went dick from my mouth and Holly kissed me deeply. Her tongue lapped the spilled cum from my face and then plunge into my mouth, ravenous and hungry. We kissed deeply and I thrust my cock into her like a man possessed. Our bodies slapped together as my own climax neared.

"I'm cumming baby," I groaned loudly. I was consumed with passion and I needed release.

"Cum inside me baby, fill me up," Holly panted. Her body shook from another weak climax as I pumped searing hot cum deep inside her womb.

"I love you baby," I whispered as we continued to kiss.

"I love you too," she replied sweetly. "Baby, that was so hot, but next time I want Joe to fuck your ass while you fuck me."

"Oh god," I moaned. I had never imagined sucking cock much less having a man fuck me but my body shuddered at the image she presented.

"Will you do that for me baby," Holly asked in between passionate kisses.

"I will do anything for you my love," I replied as Joe slipped quietly from our bedroom leaving us alone to talk about the adventures my new found freedom would allow.

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