Looking down sitting on a tree branch so high, seeing you riding your horse, nakedly, lovely breast bouncing, auburn hair running free with the wind. I see you almost every night. My wings flicker as your nakedness excites me, and I wish to be with you. I know that it might be a risk, if I allow you to see me, your horse protective as always, I am the least of your worries.

Your horse stops midway through the trail; leaves move around you in a dance. The wind triggers a scent of lavender, closing your eyes; taking a deep breath wondering what triggered it. Eyes open you see me; wings flickering, white sheer dress, purple highlights on my hair. Eyes brown, soft pink lips, olive skin. Your horse calms down as I smile.

You're just there, sitting, unable to move. Your heartbeat responds a bit more rapidly, seeing this by the raising of your breast. I glide closer feet don't even touch the grass, not wanting to scare you or your horse. Coming closer, staring at you, wings flickering. You can see my nipples erect I am too responding to your heartbeat. Smiling, giggling my hand, holding your horse in place extending my other hand, hoping you will agree to my invitation.

You look at my eyes; you don't seem to disagree. Smiling at my lips, you slowly come down. Standing tall. Wings flickers, still floating, we are facing each other. Wrapping my arms around you, kissing you. Your hand is resting on my small hips, smelling my skin, caressing my breast. Asking me questions that I giggle and squeal too. I respond with kisses. Your soft fingers on my shoulders slide my dress off. We are both naked, yearning. Your horse falls asleep in the background.

Flying around, showing you how happy I am, that we are together, you have decided not to fear me, and indulge yourself in my wicked desires. As fast as I left, I am back facing you, kissing you, touching your breast. Kissing them, you reach to touch my wings, wondering if my kind does exist. So fragile, You think they will break. Closing my eyes, they become hard as glass, yet see through as always. Taking your hand, my finger points at a patch of green grass, just a few feet away. Kissing your ear, hoping you got my message.

We walk naked to the patch; I am still floating as we hold hands, laying you down, legs open, showing me how wet I have made you, touching yourself for me to yearn your soaking thighs. My feet feel the grass, walking towards you, kneeling down, licking your sweet fingers, which dripped for me. Looking up at you, touching your breast, I am eagerly eating, tasting, swallowing. Watching your hips move, screaming for me, my black hair tangles between your fingers, grabbing your chest. How they jiggle in response to my tongue.

Your wanting lips, your juices still dripping from my lips. Holding me tightly, drowning in our wickedness. My ass pulled it closer to your pelvis, our pussy wet and damp. The body raises up against your, mouth suck my sweet small breast, kissing my belly, licking my hips. Dripping wet, opening your mouth as you swallow my drops. Sweet nectar from a flower, taste fruity, like fresh water.

Riding your face, hands holding my thighs in place. Wings flutter with excitement, moaning, squealing, squirting. Taking all of me in, sucking your fingers as they come to my mouth. Gasping, such a tongue most devouring. Eyes opened, hint of purple is replacing some brown. Getting off you leaning down to kiss you, licking your face, swallowing my drips.

You become irritated that I can not respond to your questions, silencing you, we interlock our legs, grinding our pussy, rubbing hard. Licking your toes as my movement is faster, unnatural. You scream I squirt, my eyes turn purple, then brown again as I sense a bit of fear. Your legs give way, you collapse. I come up to you, kissing you panting and gasping in my arms, fingers entangled in your hair. Resting my head on your breast, humming, caressing it slowly, as you relax and regain your strength.

Leaning up, I am alerted as I hear movements, my eyes turn purple, my change becomes that of a cat as I slightly hiss. You try to calm me; my hands gently caress your face. Wings open I fly away, leaving a purple rose by your side. Getting up, you notice that it was your horse that has awoken and has found you. You gallop back home, smelling the lavender rose. Seeing you from above the highest tree, humming as I have enjoyed you.

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by Anonymous

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by HamletMacbethIII05/24/18

One of your best

This is one of the best I have read of your stories so far. I'm not a huge fan of second-person narration, but you pull it of pretty well here. Good job!

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by Jamessweety696903/15/18

Breath Taking

Touching and sensual, reflecting, no doubt, the nature of the author! Your story levitated me with her flickering wings, Thank you!

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by stroudle03/08/18

More please

Short and Sweet. Fluttering wings with excitement , i found this erotic and fun.
I want my own Sprite now. I would of liked more ,but hey thats a good thing to want more. Thank you.

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