tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 03

Spy Games Ch. 03

bythe proffesor©

SIII: Jade's Resurrection

This has all happened so fast. I am not certain if you are the enemy, if I am or it neither of us is. The brutality and passion with which we have acted further confuses the matter.

My body continues to move toward you as the window next to us explodes and a brilliant flash of light fills the room. The light is followed quickly by darkness as I lose consciousness.


A drip of water runs down my head, as I come to. I attempt to move my hands, but I cannot. I look up. I am strung up to the ceiling by a soft vinyl rope. The rope is tight and tightens more as I struggle against it. I sway back a bit, hitting the wall. I am bare-assed and the cold, stainless steel wall almost burns me.

"No no, you need to relax." a female voice booms. The accent is German, maybe Austrian. I hear a motor starting, a slight whirring noise. I feel something cold from the wall rising from behind me. I catch my breath as a small, lubed dildo rises from the wall and impaling me, pushing gently into my ass. "That should hold you."

I try and catch my breath, trying not to move as I look around.

The room I am in is cold, stainless surrounding it. I am naked impaled on this device. My ass feels warm as it surrounds the dildo, my cock pushing forward into the open air, the sensuality of it all does not escape me.

I look up and see you. Actually, I see a reflection of you. The entire ceiling is one big mirror and I see that you are down on what appears to be the kind of apparatus used by an OBGYN. Your feet are in the stirrups, your pussy exposed and open. Your arms are tied out to your side, your breasts rolling o the side, your nipples taught in the cold air.

For a second I feel a protective need to get you out of there, although I am not sure where its coming from. On your body is specks of dried blood and dried cum that is flaking off of you as you breath. You are knocked out.

"Shannan. Get up, hun. Get up now!" I call out to you.

"Shannan is out and not coming back. When she awakes, it will be Jade rising from her body like the Phoenix from the ashes and you will be in a world of hurt."

"Wake up, Jade, my darling."

A stream of water begins to drip from the ceiling. Soon, it's more of a pouring. In a few seconds you are doused with water, splashing with great volume and violence, so that you are nearly invisible to me through the deluge.

Soon, it stops, leaving you soaked and wet. I know you must be cold. I am dry and cold. Yet you are not shivering. Your body is slick, glistening in the light. The cum and blood from earlier are off of you, washed down the drain with the gallons of water. All that remains of our coupling is the teeth marks under your left tit.

A door slides open from the wall and four guys walk into the room, all wearing masks, no shirts and the scrub bottoms. "Are we in a hospital?" I think to myself.

They are large men, each over 6 feet tall and extremely well built. I find myself studying them, finding their weak spots. Deciding now how I will kill each one later. And part of me wonders, "Why do I know how to do that?"

The men walk over to you. One stands at your head, one at your feet and two on each side.

The one at your head begins slapping your face over and over again, until your cheek goes from stark white to red, with a little trickle of blood oozing from the corner of your mouth.

You begin to groan, emerging from your sleep.

"That's right, angel. Welcome back home."

You look generally confused, unaware of where you are. You begin to yell, but your open mouth is soon filled with a gag ball.

"I see you are not fully awake Jade. Well, we will wake you up the only way we know how. Boys, please wake up Jade."

"As soon as I find that sick fuck," I think to myself, "I will feed him his balls."

In unison, all the thugs around you drop their pants. They stand, all their cocks rock hard, each with a barbell through their ball sacks. These men are nothing more than branded cattle.

The one at your feet climbs in between your legs. The table you are on lowers, so that his dick is perfectly lined up with your snatch.

He drills into with no warning. The pain on your face is evident. Your ass look to me, plead with me to help you. You lay defiant, taking the thrusting that this most powerful man is giving you. You don't give him the satisfaction of giving in. Rather, your face remains stern, only a solitary tear indicating the misery you are in.

The first man finishes first, pulling his cock from within your blood red pussy, ejaculating over your body. His cum shoots out in wide, powerful arcs, landing onto your eye, your throat and between your tits.

A second man quickly takes his place, fucking into you wildly. The others around you begin to massage you, rubbing their comrades cum into you. This man refuses to withdraw, instead choosing to cum within you, a large glob of semen flying from his cock as he pulls free.

The third man waits anxiously, stroking his cock. He dives into you, given his chance. he pumps roughly, three or four times, then pulls out and dives into your ass hole.

Your muscles tighten, then they relax. He buries into you and begins to beat your legs with his fists. Your ass must be so tight, because his own ass tightens and he pulls away, leaving a bit of blood and cum leaking from your sphincter.

The fourth guy takes a more gently approach to you, choosing to slowly push in and out of you. This causes you to strain against your restraints even more.

Another door opens and three more men join the room. These men, i notice don't have barbells on their scrotums.

"This is what men do, Jade. This is why we created you. Why we birthed you."

I notice you are not struggling. You want them now. Your mood has done a 180 degree turn.

The three new men all untie you. One unties the ball gag.

Your take one cock in your mouth and allow it to be slowly fucked. At the same time, you begin stroking the other two cocks while you are rhythmically fucked.

You look so hot now that my own hard on gets impossibly hard.

You are laying there, bloody, beaten with four cocks in or on you. The men take turns, switching, places, completely and totally tearing your little body apart. Or are they?

Finally your cunt is vacated. All four men stand by you and simultaneously unload. One into your mouth, which you do your best to swallow, but cannot. The others shoot up and down your body. Cum covers ever inch of your mountainous tits. Blood seeps from your pussy and ass.

They free you. You walk over to the man who had raped your ass. You bend down onto your knees and take his cock into your mouth. You slowly begin sucking him. Looking up at him, you sing your teeth in. Harder, hand harder, until blood pours from your mouth.

Your jerk away, spitting the man's cock onto the floor. With a movement as fast as lighting, you shove the man's nose into his brain, killing him.

You stand toward me, your body dotted with cum and blood, rage in your eyes.

"Jim, my I introduce Jade."

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