tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 06

Spy Games Ch. 06

bythe proffesor©

You kneel before the leader of the KARWA group, Fajula, a large black man with long dreads and an incredibly well toned body. He sits upon a throne like a lion on a hill, watching over his domain.

Your knees hurt. You have been kneeling on the stone steps for so long. You wear a green satin out fit, one that drapes around your neck, down your body just enough to cover your ample breasts, and then tights around the waist, just long enough that the curve of your ass is barely visible. Part of your mind wonders why the lord enjoys the pomp and circumstance. Why he requires all of his minions to pay homage to him. And why, most of all, you put up with it. You believe in the cause you tell yourself. You believe in the mission. But most of all, you believe in killing and just wish you could go back to it, instead of being here.

To your left and right are other warriors, though not as adept as your self. To your right is Phoenix, a lithe woman with fire for hair and skin much paler than yours. Her haircut is much like yours, short, jagged, mean looking. She has large tits that push against the red satin that she is cloaked in. She has a look of determination. She has a drive that matches only your own. She has been the most effective operative in this crusade, second only to your self.

On your right is a new recruit, Azure, dressed in a blue outfit very much like your own. She has longer, brown hair, tied in a pony tail behind her. He breasts are quite a bit smaller and her body is much leaner that yours, not nearly as muscular.

Fajula speaks, "Jade."

You hop from your knees, run to the side of his thrown and stand, legs shoulder with apart, hands folded and in the small of your back. You are vaguely aware of a breeze floating up your panty-less crotch.

"Jade," he says in a booming voice, "you are our best. You know this. Phoenix knows this."

You notice the muscles in Phoenix jaw begin to tighten.

"But," he continues, "You failed me. The agent is still a live. His little bitch has defiled my chamber and many of our comrades are dead. For this we must have restitution. But for this, you must also be punished."

"Sick fuck," you think to your self. You know what the punishment. "Yes master," you say with a defiant tone.

You move closer to the arm of the throne and lean over. You mouth engulfs the masters cock, now uncovered from his own toga. He thrusts up, until you allow it into you throat. You hold it there as Phoenix takes up her post.

With a cat o nine tails, she begins swatting your now naked ass. Little red marks begin to appear on your tanned ass. She swats again and again, the entire time, the masters huge cock is buried in your mouth. He works to hold you perfectly still, allowing the rhythm of his moans of anguish and the vibrations of your body from the swatting to slowly, bring him to orgasm.

Again she swats, harder and harder. You have disciplined Phoenix this was way before. It is considered an honor to discipline one of the Color Guard.

She continues to swat, trickles of blood begin dripping down your legs. She swats, pushing your forward onto his cock, sending cries through the back of your mouth and down your shaft. Minutes later, you feel yourself begin to gag as your mouth fills with hot seed. You know the rules. No drips on the master. You hold your grip until his body subsides. You lick him clean as Phoenix retakes her place on the stone steps.

You stand up and wait, as attendants come up behind you, and gently clean your ass. The ointment stings a bit, but soon, your retake your place on the higher step.

"There is another purpose for us being here." Fajula says.

"We must welcome a new guardswoman. She has been a loyal sub servant of mine and has proven herself to be a valuable asset. Hopefully she will last longer than Opal did."

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Opal. She is in hump in the corner of the chamber, her white garb blood stained, a trail of blood escapes from her body. Her left tit had been removed and was no doubt in the master's chamber as a trophy. "What a bitch." You think. "It couldn't have happened to a nicer girl."

"Azure, come to me." Fajula commands. Azure does as she is told, bounding up to the Master's chair, taking your place.

"Allow your sisters to initiate you. Allow them to make you become one of them.

With that, you and Phoenix bound up next to her. You pull her by the arm a few steps from the master. You see that his black, 11 inch cock is hard again.

Phoenix faces Azure and slowly presses her lips to hers. Her hands run and up and down her body, the force gently enough to barely disturb her clothing, but hard enough to cause the material to awaken her taught, brown nipples.

You stand behind her, ceremonial knife in hand. You raise it, and begin slowly painfully, cutting her hair off at the pony nail, until it falls free into the same style as the other girls.

You whisper into her hair. "Lovely."

With a flick of the knife, her cloth falls to the floor and her body is exposed.

She turns to you, as Phoenix resumes kissing her back and shoulders. Your lips join. You enjoy the soft pressure from her mouth. The way her tongue tastes as it gently probes in and out of you.

You push your mouth from hers as two attendants bring out a warm bowl of oil

You kneel before her and part her thighs gently. You begin to lather the brown tuft of hair above her cunt.

Phoenix holds her still as Azure breathes slowly, watching as your take the knife and begin to slowly remove most of the hair from her pussy, leaving only a thin strip. Once today is over, she is permitted to re-grow her hair back, if she chooses. But for now, she must be shorn.

With a gentle flick of your wrist, she is bald. You take the time to clean the hair from around her lips at well. You then take some oil and coat the area, preventing skin damge from the shaving.

Phoenix continues her kissing as two other attendants bring out a large silk pillow. It is adorned with green, red and blue - the colors you three represent.

You lay down, your legs spread before her as she gently dives her mouth into your pussy.

You smile at Phoenix as she slowly begins kissing Azure's ass.

Azures tongue snakes inside you, exploring you. You look her over, eyes half closed as you enjoy the tongue bathing you are receiving. You are aware of Fajula stroking his cock.

Fajula speaks in a low voice, "Yes Azure, love your sister."

Phoenix has now spread her ass cheeks and you can feel when Azure's ass is licked because she dives forward even more inside you. You feel your clit being sucked in and know that your orgasm is close. You cum slowly and steadily, the entire time knowing that Azure will be soon as Phoenix works on her ass. You rub her temples and slowly encourage her to cum.

She looks up at you, like a child entering the world for the first time, pleading with you. You hold her hand and feel its grip tighten on you. Her face distorts as Phoenix's tongue dives in and out of her ass. "Ohhhh," she cries as he body erupts with a passion she had never known.

Not to be left out, Phoenix soon takes your place. She lays before Azure whose mouth now finds her pussy.

With her ass in the air, you take up a position behind her. You have a different purpose. Ass she slowly devours Phoenix fire red pussy, you take a branding iron and slowly, place it on the top of Azures crack. She screams into the caverns of Phoenix's body.

You pull the iron away quickly, cooling it with some aloe. You have given her the mark of the Karwa, a rose and a dagger. It is a mark that you and Phoenix share, a mark that may only be worn by three women at any given time.

"You are one of us, almost." Fajula says. "Now, I must have you."

She rolls over, and onto her back, the pillow comfortably supporting her whole body.

As Fajula enters her, you watch in amazement as her pussy stretches to take his length and girth.

He begins popping in and out of her body in controlled motions, while you and Phoenix have taken up positions next to her. You take turns kissing her, kissing each other. All the while, you each rub her nipples, taking turns licking them and occasionally rubbing her clit.

She cums three times, right on top of each other. One of which caused her to scream mid kiss, her bellows echoing down your own throat.

The master pulls from her slick pussy, his cock glistening in the light of the room. He slowly rubs it, using your crème as his lube. His cum begins to fly at you, the three of you mouths agape, hoping to catch a drop. You catch more than that, as soon your tongues and mouths are covered with the sticky white cream. The three of your turn to one another and exchange a kiss, taking turns licking the cum from each other's faces.

"You are one of us now," Fajula says. "And now we have some people to kill."

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