tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 09

Spy Games Ch. 09

bythe proffesor©

Amber and I clear the first room with little or no problem. Not a shot fired and two bad guys are down on the deck. We come to the middle of a large room. No lights.

Amber and I quickly, quietly don our Night Vision Goggles. The room is soon cast in an eerie glow. We look around the room and see ten maybe twenty, people passed out and in the nude, as if part of some ancient Roman orgy. A flick of the goggles, and they go infrared. Coated all over the bodies are flecks of hotter material. No doubt about it, its semen. And no doubt about it, it's fresh.

We sneak through the chamber. The air is filled with a strange scent – opium. They aren't waking up for a while, yet. We move across the chamber to a door. A beam of light from under it tells us its time to take off the NVG's.

With Amber covering me from the side, I push the door open.

I do a combat roll through the opening, rising on one knee, my weapon at the ready.

A punch in the solar plexus leaves me curled up on the floor. "Good girl," I think to myself as I notice Amber diving out of sight.

"Well, if it isn't the soldier boy."

Phoenix is standing in front of me, with a grin on her face. Standing behind her are two of her naked thugs, complete with the barbells through their scrotums. I recognize one of them. Suddenly, my mind races back to my captivity. That's the one who fucked me. I make a mental note to make his death painful.

I rise to my feet, trying to catch my breath again. "So, where is the new girl?" Phoenix's smile stays eerily in place. She responds by kicking me again, using a round house to the chin, falling me back to the floor.

She struts over to me, and I have to admit, she is an incredible specimen of sex and violence.

She removes a small flask from her belt and pours some liquid into her mouth. She then reaches down and kisses me, filling my mouth with the same liquid. I find myself losing the power over my muscles, yet able to feel every thing by a factor of ten.

My body slumps against the wall, unable to move. She moves toward me, smiling.

She walks up to me, running her hand down the side of my face. "Jade used to talk to me about your cock while I was eating her. It used to get her so hot, her cut would get so juicy, all because of that meat in your pants. So, I knew that, given the chance, I would have to see for myself."

I tried to talk, but the muscles in my mouth wouldn't move. I feel like I am trapped in my own body.

After undressing and disarming me, her two thugs stand in front of the entrance as Phoenix stands in front of me. She slowly unzips her leather garment, allowing her large, pale breasts to fall free. My eyes trace the orbs, unable to take my eyes off of them. They trace the full round bottoms and follow the pale skin to the bright pink nipples that are standing erect and ready.

My eyes continue to follow as she steps from her outfit, clad now in only her bright red boots. The small patch of fire between her legs calls to me.

I am unable to utter a word, no form of communication can come my way, except for the tent in my pants. My cock is so hard and so sensitive. I feel waves of pleasure shooting through me as it rubs against the inside of my underwear.

Phoenix comes to me and slowly, lowers her lips to mine. Her scent is strong and sweet. I am suddenly aware of ever ounce of her taste as her tongue feels so alive in my mouth. My senses are operating on a superhuman level, to which I cannot fully describe, all because of the potion she slipped me in the kiss.

Slowly she kisses down my body, down my neck and chest, all the time, she is forcing the blood in my cock to pulse and jump.

She is prostrated before me, as I am vaguely aware of the sweat pouring down my body as the tension is too much to handle.

She slowly lowers her face to my dick, and exhales. Her cool breath pushes my cock to explosion, forcing what seems like gallons of sperm out of me and onto my chest.

"Not to worry hun, there is so much more to come."

My mind races as she lowers her moth to my member, cleaning the mess up and regaining my erection in less than a minute. I am powerless. I am in danger. And all I am concerned about is this woman fucking me. And oh, how I wish she would.

My cock bursts back to life in her mouth, as she slowly withdraws. She climbs on top of me, and begins teasing my cock with the open mouth of her cunt.

I am aware of just how slick it is. I can feel the intense heat emanating it. I can feel the blood flowing from her encouraged lips and clit as it seems to grow in tune with the rhythm of my own. She slowly coats the head of my cock with her nectar, careful to not let me slide into her.

When she finally lowers herself on to me, I feel as if a thousand hands are running their fingers over my body. It is on fire, the heat emanating from this Phoenix as my cock rises from its ashes and into her body.

Her breasts push against mine, her nipples sharp enough to cut glass, as are mine.

"Nnnn," she grunts into my ear, as she rides my dick, pushing my hard penis up and down her slick canal.

"Just wait," she says between moans, "until you feel me cum."

I am unaware of what she means until I focus out my own pleasure and tune in to hers. I almost feel what its like to be fucked by me. The motion of my pelvis on her clit sends shudders through both of our bodies. Her speed continues as she digs her hands into my shoulder for balance. Suddenly, my eyes well up with tears, as I feel her begin a glorious release.

I am able to move my hands a bit, and I use them to cup her ass, forcing her to fuck down on my harder and harder. Our face distorts, as we feel her orgasm tear through both of us. I see stars in my head as I experience the release.

Her eyes open as she continues to fuck. Her teeth grind together as she looks into my eyes. "Your turn."

Its not long, as her cunt slaps against me, my thighs coated in her juice. This orgasm is even stronger as my heightened senses hear the thunderous sound of artillery as my cock empties shot after shot of semen into her.

She slides off of me, and collapses on her back in front of me. I revel in the smell of her freshly fucked pussy. I gaze into her body, past the red pubes and the remnants of my white release.

"Phoenix!" I hear you yell. She turns to look at you, standing there. I can see in your face that your mind is free. You are not Jade anymore, at least not all the way.

You run up to her, grab her by the hair and pull her to her feet. "I told you, he is off limits!" you scream as you slam her into the wall, knocking her unconscious.

You scoop me up over your shoulder, as Amber comes bounding in.

"Come on," you tell her, "we have to get him out of here."

"What about her?" Amber asks.

"Leave her, I will deal with her later."

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