tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 10

Spy Games Ch. 10

bythe proffesor©

I walk out of the on-plane shower, my muscles still a bit tingly, but most of my feeling is back.

You and Amber are sitting across from each other, not looking in one another's direction. Both of you have changed into some AIR FORCE sweats.

"Ok Shannan, what the hell is going on?" I ask.

"Jim, sit down. I have a lot to explain."

Amber looks in your direction, not saying a word. Her look though, sends a strong enough message.

"Yea," I begin, "You can start with telling me why you stopped Amber from taking that place down."

"I had a clear shot at him, hun," Amber says. I notice your eye brow raises at the term of endearment.

"Jim, you can't just go blow the entire place up."

"Why not?" I demand, bringing my face close to yours.

You look down, in shame, "Because it's my home."

"What? Your home is here. You were a deep cover..."

"I know all that, you asshole!" you interrupt, "But things change."

Amber reaches over, takes your hand, "Why don't you tell us about it?"

"It's true, the leadership of the KARWA group, they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds. And it's true," your voice trailing off, "that I am responsible for many of those."

"So why not let us bring them down?"

"It's because, underneath it all, it is a good place. It's not some evil terrorist group, not at its heart. And it's not a Cult. It's more of a commune."

"You mean with grass skirts and shit?"

"Don't be a dick. Look, it grew out of a commune from the late 1800's, when the U.S. was experiencing some social changes. It hasn't changed much. It's completely, financially self sufficient. The Asian influence crept into the group in the 40's, about the same time as Fajula's father took over."

"And what did he do?"

"He started the mind control, the para-military aspect. But you have to understand, 90% of those girls and guys, are innocent. They are disenfranchised, choosing to live a life of sensual solitude, but they are not criminals. They need our help. They are little 'me's,' caught up in the same situation I am."

"Look, Shannan, I don't know if Jade is coming back, and I would rather not see her, so lets make this clear, ok? It is my job to protect this nation. Collateral damage is just that."

"Jade is gone. She left when I saw you with...with Phoenix."

At this, Amber gets up and stands by me.

"Shannan," she says, "What do you need us to do."

"Help me take down Fajulah and help me rescue those girls, especially Azure. I don't want her to look back at what she has become and see....me."

With that, you bolt from your seat and rush into your cabin across the room. I hear you sobbing.

"We have to help her." Amber says.

"I know."

Amber turns to me, kisses me deeply, her lips brushing mine as her tongue invades my mouth. With a tear in her eye, she whispers to me, "Go to her."

"Come with me."

I walk to the door of your room. Its dark, but I can see that you're sitting Indian style on the bed, your back to me. From the dark, I can see your back. Scars mark it, a sign of the life you have chosen. My heart sinks as I realize it's a life I pushed you into.

I walk into the room, sliding off my slippers. You feel the bed shift as I get on, but you don't acknowledge my presence. I close the distance between us, putting my arms around you, kissing your shoulders.

"We'll get them back. I promise. And I will make sure they always stay safe."

I kiss your shoulder again. You turn toward me, your mascara running as tears stream down your face.

"They are just kids," you say through sobs. You cannot continue.

You turn round, into my body, as I hold you. You sob continuously. I don't even notice the lights in the room getting brighter as Amber turns them on.

I push your face to mine, and we share a tear soaked kiss.

Slowly, our mouths open and I am greeted with the soft, delicate tongue that slowly invades my mouth. Waves of memory and emotion fill my mouth.

"Love her Jim," we hear Amber say, as she moves over to a chair.

I move my mouth from yours, choosing instead to kiss your throat, stopping long enough to delicately kiss your collar bone.

My mouth finds its way, however erratically, to the large, grapefruit sized breasts that wait for me. I kiss around the bottom, pushing up on the soft flesh, forcing your nipples high into the air. Painful memories sweep through my mind as I notice the small pink scar around you nipple. I remember the night when I resembled more of a caged animal than a man, a night that will continue to haunt me forever. *

I slowly kiss the scar, before sucking the nipple into my mouth and rolling it with my tongue. My hands work down your body, diving immediately into the waist band of your sweats to the bald spot over your sex. I deftly move my middle finger over your slit, gently separating the lips so that a wave of juice covers my digit.

I massage your clit, as you fall back, arms over head. I hope to god you are lost in this, and not thinking about what you have done or what I will do.

I push the pants from your thighs, exposing the beautiful little pussy to the light.

I kiss down your belly, taking in the scent of your skin.

I find myself between your legs, staring intently, decidedly, at the meal I am about to make of you.

You shudder as I gently, lightly kiss your slightly parted lips.

I help you wiggle to the end of the bed, so I that I may kneel on the floor.

I begin with my tongue, slowly separating your lips, getting that sweet taste of your insides.

Using my thumbs to hold you open, I slowly make love to your pussy with my mouth, using a broad tongue to open your nether mouth, using wide strokes to stimulate your clit.

Using a thumb, I slowly run circles around your clit, while I now tongue fuck you, feeling the muscles in your pussy trying to tighten around my slick tongue, but unable to hold it.

Your hand replaces mine on your button.

I use my hands to now push up on your thighs, giving me cleaner access to your pussy. I slowly push in and out you, before replacing my tongue with a finger, and then two.

I push in and hope, listening to you gasp as I hit your g spot. Soon, my tongue is deep into your ass, running my tongue in and around.

You body is beginning to shake as you start to moan and cry, louder and louder.

I love the taste of you, the sweat, the excitement. I revel in the feeling of having my fingers all the way inside of your warm, wet canal.

You ass puckers around my tongue, as I feel you lose your breath with each invasion.

I can hear your breathing grow more and more labored, as your clit pops against your finger. You cum, in a loud cry of pleasure filled with anguish and joy.

I pull away from you, cleaning your self from my lips.

"Shannan," we hear Amber say. You and I look to her. To our surprise, she is standing stark naked. "I never gave you the benefit of the doubt," she continues, "Can I make it up to you?"

* Shannan got this scar in SPY GAMES 1

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