tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 12

Spy Games Ch. 12

bythe proffesor©

The three of us drop silently into the chamber, painfully aware of the danger that surrounds us. I place three explosive charges on the main doorway leading into Karwa's leadership council.

Shan and Amber wait, weapons at the ready. A loud boom and a flash of light fills the room as the door blows off its hinges. We spread out as we enter the room.

Inside, the inhabitants are groggy, obviously disoriented from the blast. I sense an attack and duck as a large wooden plank shatters against a wall. I roll on the ground and bound back to my feet and look dead in the eye of my attacker. My mind flashes back to him fucking me in the ass. I drop my weapon, staring him down.

"We don't have time for this," I hear Amber yell to me.

"Go." I say. The much larger man kicks at me, a glancing blow that slides off my face. I drop low, spinning my legs out, catching him in the knee. I hear a pop as he crumples on the floor, probably crippled for life. I walk up to him, .9 mm pistol in hand and empty two rounds into his chest.

"Bastard," I say as I walk out of the room.

I follow down a long, dark hallway knowing that the girls had gone this way. I reach them, standing in an open area.

I stare in horror at what I see. 10 young girls, probably 16 years old are all huddled together in a cold room. Their clothes are tattered and they are generally unkempt.

"Did he?" I can't bring myself to ask the question.

"No," Shannan says, "Not yet. He waits until they are 18. He begins grooming them mentally now, to be his slaves."

I notice Shannan's lip quiver. She knows all to well what goes on here.

"You have to get them out of here," she tells Amber and I.

Without notice, she bounds back up the dark hallway. She winds up a long concrete staircase heading to her chamber. She walks in, retrieves a few weapons and then begins to make her way back down. She pauses at a royal blue door.

"Azure," she thinks to herself. She taps in a code to the keypad and enters the room of the lovely brunette.

"Azure. Sara, we need to go." Azure's eyes slowly open, she focuses on Shan and a smile quickly appears on her face.

"Have you come for me Jade, to be one with me?" Shannan's mind races. "She is so programmed, I will never break her. Best to play along," she thinks to herself. "I have Azure. You are to be my special sister."

The smile broadens as she rolls to her side. Her body is barely concealed by the blue satin sheet that covers her. The sheet is translucent and the master requires that all his charges sleep naked, so that he may watch them.

Shannan's mind focuses on the camera in the room. She has watched with the master before. Watched these girls fuck, sleep and masturbate. She knows exactly what the camera can see and she knows that, up until now, she has not been shown on screen.

"Come to me, Jade."

Shannan, formerly known as Jade slowly removes her gear, using her uniform top to cover the camera. Standing naked, she stairs at her "sister" in arms. Azure opens the sheet for her, inviting her to her bed. Her body has gotten tighter as she has trained. Her pubic hair has been shaved into the shape of a dagger.

Yes, the hold of Karwa has Azure in its grasp.

Shannan goes and lays next to her, looking lovingly into her eyes. Shannan is in love with this woman and needs to protect her. But the thought of the mission and the task at hand leaves her head as she becomes intoxicated with her scent.

The two warriors kiss hungrily. Shannan wants desperately to explore this creature. Azure wants to be an equal. The two explore each other's breasts desperately, sucking, pulling and biting on nipples.

This is the way of Karwa. Women fight and women love. And one is not a warrior until they have done both. And once a Karwa warrior has experienced the baptism, she is beholden to the one who purifies her. That is what Shannan is counting on.

Soon, Shannan is nestled in front of Azure's pussy, licking and sucking her clit. She has to be loved and nurtured and Shannan does this with every slow, deliberate lick. Soon, she brings the woman in her as a gush of orgasm washes over Azure.

Shannan looks up, and between heaving breasts, she watches as the orgasm is played out through her facial expressions.

It is a cycle, when you become a full Karwa warrior. First she is born. Shannan has done that. Next, Azure must walk hand in hand with Shannan. The two roll into a 69 positions, with Azure on top, her cunt lowered to Shannan's lips. The two lick each other, mutually loving the other's sex.

Again they cum, this time Shannan's orgasm sends fluid into Azure. Now, Azure must walk alone. Shannan lays back, knees open as the hot brunette buries herself into her vagina. She licks hungrily, devouring the sweet peach between her legs. Shannan hasn't felt this raw exuberance in a very long time, so long that she is swept up in it and explodes again, in Azures waiting mouth.

Now, must come the cleansing. Azure kneels in her ceremonial position on the hard floor. Shannan stands before her, smiling. Grasping the back of Azures hair, and spreading her legs before her, they wait. Soon, a long, golden stream of urine emerges from Shannan's snatch, coating her young apprentice in the warm, sticky fluid. Her breasts, face and neck are splashed as Shannan relieves herself.

Shannan helps her young charge up and they rinse themselves in the shower. "Ok, Azure. Gather your equipment and follow me."

In 5 minutes they are out the door and bounding down the hall, Azure unaware of the mission but trusting her "sister." Soon, the main alarm sounds. "Damn," Shannan exclaims. "Forgot the shower cam."

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