tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 13

Spy Games Ch. 13

bythe proffesor©

The two she warriors leave the chamber as the alarm rings loudly in their ears. Two guardsmen approach them rapidly and are taken down immediately by Shannan.

"Wow," she thinks to herself, "It never amazes me how naturally this all comes to me.

The two continue down the maze of concrete, following the familiar sound of gun fire. I fire my weapon in the direction of four assailants, doing little or no damage as the rounds bounce off of the walls.

I sense you behind me. "Is this what you mean by coming in quietly?"

I don't expect and answer nor do I get one.

"We got what we came for," Shannan says, "Lets go."

And the four of us are up. I lead the way, killing three attackers. Shannan runs behind me, with Azure following her in a confused state. Amber brings up the rear.

We reach the roof just as the EVAC chopper lowers.

All four of us dive inside. Shannan hangs out the door and simply gives Phoenix the bird as she and her crew reach the roof a few seconds too late.


I hold Amber in my arms tightly. "I will be there in

12 hours, lover. Just hold on that long."

I kiss her forehead.

"Just get the information we need. I will be waiting for you."

"She is such a pro," I think to myself.

She turns from me and walks out the door.

I notice Shannan watching from around the corner.

"Where is she going?" she asks.

"Into Karwa," I say.

"Isn't that where you fucked up with me?" you scream.

"Yes." Is the only answer I can give. "Yes, it is."

My obvious dislike for the situation keeps Shan from pressing.

"We need to talk to Azure."

"She won't say anything. Not to you. Not yet."

"Well, we will have to get her to talk then, won't we."

"She's been through hell."

"Yes she has. So have you, maybe so will Amber.

Unless we put an end to this now, so will a lot of other women."

"OK. But you will have to earn her trust. The only way she has been trained to trust a man."

Shannan leads me to the dark bedroom where Azure has been put up for the night.

Before entering, she drops her robe, revealing her tanned naked body. She looks at me, expecting the same. I undress, shuddering as my limp dick is revealed to the cold air.

Shannan turns the light so that there is barely enough to see. Azure is in bed, her eyes wide open and staring eerily at the ceiling.

"Azure, hun. It's me."

She turns her head to Shan and a wave of relaxation washes over her face, only to recede when I come into view. "Who is he?" she asks timidly.

"He is a friend," Shannan tells her.

"No man is a friend, except our master."

"This man is," she says.

Shannan pulls back Azure's bed sheets, revealing her nude figure. She pulls her protégé into a sitting position and puts her arm around Azure.

"Jade," she asks, "why did we leave the master and the sister?"

"All in good time, Azure."

"Yes, sister."

Azure looks up at me now, with a more curious look than before.

"Jim, pull that desk chair out and come and sit before us."

I take the armless, wooden chair and place it a few feet in front of the girls.

"Spread you legs, please Jim."

I do and sit awkwardly with my legs open, my cock hanging limply between my legs.

The two girls whisper and giggle a little.

"Jim, please hold the head of your penis up."

I do, and am once again examined.

She two girls look at my every muscle and begin softly nuzzling each other, gently touching and rubbing. The very sight of these two women together pushes blood into my penis, bringing me to a semi hard condition.

Shan and Azure come down from the bed and kneel before me. Shan gently takes my balls into her mouth as Azure slowly closes her mouth around the head of my cock. My eyes are half closed as these two women work on my cock; licking, touching and sucking every square inch of my member.

My dick jumps deep into Azure's mouth as Shan presses just between my nuts and asshole.

Shan withdraws her hand, replacing it with Azure's as she continues swallowing my shaft.

Shan comes up behind me, kisses my cheek.

"That's enough Azure, come to us."

Azure stands up, and Shan, with me in between them, offers her hands to Azure.

"Azure, hun, have you ever fucked a man before?"

"Only the master."

"Ahh, I see. Then you are in for a treat."

Shan helps Azure to climb into my lap and I exhale deeply as she slides onto my shaft.

I begin to thrust up, when I feel Shan's hand press down on my shoulder. "No," she says gently, "let her fuck you."

Azure begins slowly riding up my shaft, her warm body completely taking my breath away as my cock invades her tight, wet cavern.

Shan moves to Azure's back and goes to her knees. She grips Azure's ass and helps her fuck up and down, the wetness leaking from her vagina causes a popping sound as our bodies slap together.

Shan grips her ass tightly, throwing her up and downs my cock.

"Don't cum, Jim."

"I am going to."

With a yelp, Shan pulls Azure off my slick meat and forces her head into my cock.

She takes me deep into her throat as Shan buries her fingers into Azure's cunt.

Azure cums instantly, as Shan stimulates her G spot.

Her tongue rolls down my cock as I erupt into her, the little warrior slut swallowing most of my seed before she gags.

Azure kneels before me, smiling as white cum dribbles from her mouth.

Shan licks her mouth clean, as their faces are connected for a brief second, by my semen.

"Azure," Shan asks, "Do you want his cum inside you."

"I do," she answers.

"We need to know answers hun, and we need to know now. And we need you to be loyal to this man, who will protect you."

Azure smiles at the prospect.

"Azure, you're not using that name any more, ok,


15 minutes later I am in full gear.

"OK Shan, I am going after Amber and the Karwa leadership. I will meet you at the Capital building. Don't engage Phoenix until we get there. And leave Azure here. She's been through enough and I don't want her hurt."

"Do you fall in love with everyone you fuck?" she asks, a sly smile spread across her face.

I kiss her on the cheek, ignoring the comment and we go our separate ways.

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