tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 14

Spy Games Ch. 14

bythe proffesor©

Amber lay prostrate before Fajulah, the Karwa group leader. Her mind is calm, that of a professional. She knows it's a tough sell. All she needs is a few hours to distract him. A few hours until her rescue and she can get out of there.

"So, my child, why have you come to me?"

"To join you," she says in the most timid voice she can muster. "And to fucking cut your balls off," she thinks to herself.

"To join us? Heh. Why should we believe one who worked with the man who stole my precious child."

"He was wrong. We were wrong. Your way is the way I want to live. No more war, blood and violence."

"Our way leads to peace. But only through destruction can true peace be built."

Amber slumps her shoulders, as if preparing for her death. "No way they are buying my ruse," she thinks.

"I am in need of a new champion. One who can aid in me in my quest for this peace. Can you be this champion?"


"Are you prepared for the destruction before the peace?"

Without hesitation, Amber responds, "I am."

A clap of Fajulah's hands ushers in six women dressed in silk black robes that barely conceal their lithe, luscious bodies. Each woman is fitted with a silk hood that tightly covers their heads, except for their eyes and mouths.

They encircle Amber, grabbing her arms and legs, suspending her into the air and carrying her over to a table. Amber is then stripped naked and laid on a bed of cold, hard concrete.

The bed is long enough to support her torso and lower back. Her legs are open to the air and her feet are supported on two concrete posts. The posts feature protrusions to which Amber is tied securely with a soft, silky rope.

"First we bind you, and then we will release you," Fajulah says as he stands and watches the proceedings. He stands, in command and in power, seemingly unaware that two of his charges are taking turn sucking his massive, dark dick.

Two of the six attending to Amber reveal two more lengths of the silky rope. They use them to bind her tits, beginning at the base of each mound, winding tighter and tighter forcing the flesh to push forward, extending into the nipples, distressing the soft, supple flesh. Amber grimaces at the pain and revels in the kinky pleasure it brings. Never into erotic pain games, she knew not what to expect.

Her nipples pushed out, both from the rope and her arousal. The girls begin their work. Two take a position on each side of Amber, each armed with a candle. They each begin dripping the wax onto Amber's erect nipples. She squeals in both pleasure and pain. The dripping burns her, covering her tits and chest, and the rope, in shades of red, violet and green.

"You are to be "Sunburst" and your color will be yellow." Fajulah's voice surrounds her.

With a nod, another of his men stands between Amber's legs and roughly pulls the rope free of her tits, allowing the blood to flow to her orbs. Two pieces of yellow satin are gently put in their place.

A button is pushed, forcing the table she is on to invert, tilting her head back, and thrusting her feet higher in the air.

The girls gather around her again. The one with the ribbon takes a third ribbon, puts it around Ambers neck. Straddling her, using the ribbon like a pair of reigns she pulls Amber's face into her muff. Amber tries to resist, unable to breath as the taste and scent of the woman fills her and intoxicates her.

Amber's urge to fight back is replaced with a desire to eat this woman and begins to lick and suck this woman's pussy. Her sucking becomes harder and harder as she feels a warm breath on her own snatch. One of the others begins slowly licking and sucking her clit, while two of the others rubs, licks and sucks her feet, sending waves of pleasure through out her body. Each woman's lick and kiss urges Amber to crawl inside the object of her desire...the nameless, faceless pussy on top of her. She fills her nipples, being pulled, her cunt and ass being licked and the rest of her body straining to let go. She fills the ropes binding her cutting into her skin as she experiences the most explosive orgasm that she has ever experienced.

Her body begins to calm as she hears a booming voice, "My turn."

Fajulah stands before her. His massive cock, now sucked to hardness protrudes 12 inches from his body. The other girls giggle, as the quickly form a line at Amber's head.

They begin taking turns, covering her mouth with their pussies. One takes the advantage of spreading her ass cheeks over Amber's tongue, allowing for a good ass fucking with her wet, hot tongue.

As she licks the pink little asshole of a girl who cannot be more than 19, pain and pleasure shoot through her as she is split in half by the massive dark meat of Fajulah. He is not gentle, pummeling her womb as she feels herself ripping as he pussy tries in vain to accommodate his meat. Tears well in her eyes, moistening her face, mixing with the juice from the six pussies she continues to sample.

She groans, sinking her teeth into a woman's thigh as a second orgasm now takes her over.

She nearly passes out from the emotion.

I gently tap Fajulah on the shoulder as he pulls his cock from her wet pussy. His dick pops out with a mix of girl cream, blood and his cum on it.

"Mind if I get a shot of that," I say as I bury my fist in his face. Teeth spatter free of his mouth as he falls against Ambers sopping wet pussy.

His head falls against her chest as I pull him back up by the dreads and slam him headlong into a concrete wall. He slumps against the wall, unconscious.

I free Amber's restraints, kissing her mouth and tasting all the women she experienced.

"All the fun without me, eh lover?"

"Believe me, you would have loved to be here," she says sarcastically.

I point at one of the girls in black. "Get me some clothes for her now. The rest of you, go to your rooms."

Dressed in one of the black outfits one of the women gladly gave up out of here, Amber appears ready to move.

"Where to?" she asks.

"Shan is after Phoenix. It's the last loose end. She has a nerve gas pellet she is going to detonate in the Capitol building. We help her get Phoenix and all this ends."

"It doesn't end. We have to help these girls."

"One thing at a time."

As we walk out of the room, Amber stops. "One last thing. I need a knife. I have a promise to fulfill."

I wait for Amber on the roof as I here Fajulah screaming in the type of pain a man experiences when he is relieved of his manhood.

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