tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 15

Spy Games Ch. 15

bythe proffesor©

"Phoenix, where is the gas? This ends now."

Phoenix turns to face Shan with an evil grin. "The pellet is inside me bitch. So you will have to get through me to get it."

Shannan realizes what she means. The gas pellet is in a small container inside her vagina. A small string connects it so that it can be retrieved. The Karwa women are trained to transport all manner of contra band that way.

Shannan attempts to keep her cool. "It's no where I haven't been before."

Phoneix grins wickedly, "That is so true, isn't it little bitch? But now you've gone all 'good guy' on me. I guess our fun days are done."

"We can still party."

Shannan leaps forward. Dressed in her black vinyl combat gear, she is agile and deadly. Phoenix in fire red leather pants and leather halter is equally so and the two fight for minutes without landing a deadly blow.

"Jade, or is it Shannan. You fight better than you fuck. But I am about to tear you apart."

"She is right," Shannan thinks to herself. "I can't fight like her right now. She will kill me. I need an edge."

A kick to her head knocks Shannan to the ground.

Phoenix grabs her hair, puts her face close to Shannan and kisses her. "It's going to be a shame to kill you."

"Yea it will be," Shan tries to joke. "One last kiss?"

Phoenix closes in to kiss Shannan, an attempt to grant a last request. As their soft gentle lips inch closer, Shan reaches up grabbing Phoenix' chin and neck and twisting violently, snapping her neck instantly, killing the flame headed assassin.

Shan pops up, ready for the task at hand. "At least I get to see that burning bush again," she muses to herself.

Shan reaches lays Phoenix' corpse on her back, opening the belt of her leather pants. Pulling the pants off, she opens the dead assassin's thighs. Peeking out of the nest of red pubic hair is a white string. Shannan pulls on it and out of the cavity of the dead woman's vagina comes a tiny blue pellet, the size of a marble.

I come running in, yelling, "Shan, are you alright?"

"No! Get out of here."

Before I can hear her, the pellet detonates. Shannan covers herself, absorbing the full extent of the pellet. She collapses in a heap.

On board the aircraft, I spoke with the doctor. "She has hours left. There is nothing we can do. She is a hero. She saved hundreds."

I go in to her room.

"Hey you."

"Hey," she says weakly. "Guess I got mine in the end after all.

"Yea," I say, voice cracking.

"Hey," she says, chuckling, "You DO fall in love with everyone you fuck."

I smile at the joke.

"Can you make love to me one more time?"

I am speechless. I simply scoop her up and carry her to my room.

Laying her down, I begin to kiss her, down her neck, to her breasts, sucking in her delicious nipple. As I lick and suck her, I am taken back to the times we loved and to the times we have tried to kill each other.

My cock finds her sweet spot and slides into her gently. I move slowly and steadily, grabbing her ass and pulling up body closer to mine as our lips find Each other.

She exhales steadily, obviously lost in the feeling. She lets soft whimpers escape her succulent lips. "Oh, oh, oh."

I lift her ass up as I plunge into her. We lock eyes, staring intently as her body lies out before me. "I am going to miss her," I think to myself.

Our orgasm is simultaneous. Our souls join in a wave of pleasure that seems to travel through my feet through my cock and into her.

We collapse next to each other.

She lays her head on my chest. "I just want to sleep now, Jim. I am so ready for this. My life has been torn apart and its not your fault. Don't blame yourself, please. But do me a favor."


"Take care of the others."

She closes her eyes to sleep an eternal sleep.

As she is laid to rest next to her husband and child, I remember her request. "I will," is my answer.


I sit on the throne in the chamber. Azure is on my left, Amber to my right. I rule Karwa now, though it exists in a different light today.

It is no longer a terrorists group, rather a home for free thinkers who seek a more secluded life from society. Men and women come freely and can stay as long as they live by our simple rules. Financially they are protected. Amber and I pay for that through our retirement form the Agency. And Shannan's life insurance helps to run this place. We live in seclusion from the outside world, residing in the mountains of the pacific NW.

Our ritual remains.

I look at Amber and smile. She has become a mother figure here, as has Azure, who squeezes my hand.

I lay my head back, thinking of Shannan as I feel the tongue of a hot blond with big tits slowly licking and sucking my limp cock to a perpetual state of hardness...

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