tagErotic CouplingsSpy Games: Going Deep Under Cover

Spy Games: Going Deep Under Cover


I am trying something a little different here. This is a mix between action/adventure and erotica. I also tried to mix in some of my favorite perversions. I hope you like it, please leave comments.

Heather LeGrand's hand traced slowly up Dexter's thigh creeping increasing closer to the prize that she longed for. Inch-by-inch her hand rubbed in small circles massaging the muscles while her fingers probed for anything out of the ordinary. After all, that is what a good nurse would do, isn't it?

Heather tried to focus on the job at hand, but found it increasingly difficult, since as her hand crept slowly up Dexter's thigh she noticed the bulge in his silken briefs start to grow. It grew quickly and fiercely in front of her eyes, until the point that she wasn't sure if it would stop. Clearly outlined in a fine silken shroud, in front of her now was an extremely succulent piece of meat. She not so subtly glanced at his prick, judging its length at about 8 inches. The silken briefs granted no secrets. She could see the mushroom head of his penis clearly outlined. It looked plump and swollen and hungry. "The expectation is already getting to him", she quickly thought to herself. The shaft of his impressive cock was also clearly outlined. She followed along his shaft slowly with her eyes. She could even see the veins of his shaft as it strained against the silken briefs begging for release. "Not yet" she thought to herself, "but maybe soon."

Dexter was an extraordinarily handsome man. At 6"2' 185 lbs he was a thin wiry muscled machine. Hair dark as the night and eyes to match, he seemed to look through you when he made eye contact. Now he laid on the examination table succumbing to her every wish and desire. The entire scene made Heather flush with excitement, but she could not lose focus. She had Dexter where she wanted him and now she must move on. She must complete her mission.

12 hrs ago, somewhere on the US Eastern Seaboard at the Headquarters of the CIA

"Thank you all for joining us today" Director Scott commented as he slowly strolled around the conference room.

"I will keep this brief as you will get most of the details of the mission in transit. 2 weeks ago we made contact with Dexter Varion. As some of you are aware Dexter is a primary agent for the X Clan, a subvert group that specializes in stealing technology from World Powers and selling them to the highest bidders. The X Clan recently stole a micro chip from the Pentagon that contains information on our Stealth F-18 fighters, which are set for deployment in 2006. Losing this chip will put in the US in a hole of several billion dollars and several years as we would be forced to make drastic changes to the program its technology."

"We must recover this chip. Via an intelligence intercept we have discovered that Dexter is set to sell this chip to an unknown client tomorrow."

"LaGrand, you have to intercept Varion and get his micro chip. We have provided you with a duplicate chip to help in your switch" stated Director Scott as he placed a micro chip on the table.

"Varion, is a slippery character but he is well known for being extremely picky about going to the same doctor he has had since childhood. When our agent made contact with Varion last week he slipped a chemical agent into his drink. The chemical causes a intermittent sharp pain in the groin region. Our intelligence tells us that Varion is carrying the micro chip in his skin in his upper thigh. LaGrand, you will pose as a nurse in the doctor's office and get the chip. Here is your mission briefing, read it on the plane so you have the complete specs. Good luck" stated Director Scott as he turned and left the room.

A 10 minutes ago, Doctor Bruce McJames' office, Boston, MA.

"Please be seated on the table, Doctor McJames will be in shortly" Heather explained calmly to Dexter.

"Can I ask why you are seeing the doctor today?" question Heather.

Dexter looked into Heather's eyes and without showing the least amount of self-consciousness proclaimed, "I have been having some sharp pains in my groin, you can imagine that I am a little concerned. I am not use to having pain there, only pleasure."

Heather, liked his comment as it seemed a little flirtatious. Dexter was definitely very full of himself , but it seemed like she had caught his attention like she had planned. Standing 5"6' and 130 lbs, Heather was long, lean and tone. She had straight, long brown hair that today was pulled up into a pony tail to keep her appearance professional. Her blue eyes were warm and deep, while her facial features were smooth and delicate. Today she had dressed the part of the nurse with a white uniform, but had loosened her top buttons on her blouse displaying ample cleavage from her 36 C breasts. The skirt of her uniform was shorter then most nurses, with her long legs on display and the bottom of her thigh high stockings showing at the hem of the skirt.

"I am sure the doctor will want to give you a good examination to find the cause of the pain. Please disrobe to your underwear so I can give you a preliminary exam."

"What you are not even going to buy me dinner first?" Dexter joked sarcastically. "I am not used to taking my clothes off for women I don't even know. By the way, what is your name? I don't think I have seen you her before."

"My name is Julie, I just came on board a few weeks ago. There is no need to be bashful about disrobing, I am a professional and have seen it all. But, some are definitely put together nicer than others." She replied coolly as she let her gaze seductively slide slowly down her Dexter's body. He had taken his shirt off and his muscled chest and chiseled abs were clearly on display.

Dexter raised his eyebrow at her comment, surprised by the forwardness of it. "Well, it is about time McJames hired someone with some spunk. Most of the little girls he has floating around here go running out of the room when I flirt with them. I am surprised you have it in you to fire it back at me."

"You have no idea what I have in me." Heather smiled "Now if you don't mind taking those pants off and lying back on the table, I can take a look at the area that is in pain. I need to provide a good summary before the doctor can come and have a look."

As Dexter stripped off his pants, Heather bent over adjusting the examination table. As she did so she gave Dexter a long view down her blouse. She knew Dexter could see her round breasts pressing at the edge of her blouse. Her white lacey bra was on display. She imagined he could see the darkness of her nipples straining for release from the lace and she felt his eyes burning into her chest. As he admired her, she knocked her clipboard off of the table and onto the floor. She turned and bent over to pick it up. Dexter was then treated to a view of her ass as it was raised temptingly into the air. Her skirt had ridden up and she knew he could now see white lacy thigh high stockings that clung to her legs. She bent a little further and felt air brush against the bottom of her ass cheeks which would now be peeking out from the skirt.


Heather's hands circled higher up Dexter's thigh. As she did she was probing for the micro chip which was suppose to be imbedded in his high thigh area, but she still had not been able to find it. She knew from his erection that he was enjoying her exploration, but there was only a limited amount of time she could continue her search under the guise of an examination. She knew she had to change tactics.

"Well, I see the pain has not prevented you the ability to develop an erection." Heather voiced lustily and she leered at Dexter. As she said this she ran her hands up to his silken briefs and traced the outline of his penis with her finger nails. "And judging from what I see here, the pain must be very, very big. I think I better have a closer look, before I go get the doctor."

She then wrapped her fingers around the top of his briefs and slowly started to pull them down. Dexter's cock popped free as she released it from confines. It was a glorious cock and Heather felt herself get wet even though she knew this was in the name of duty. Standing strong and proud, Dexter's cock begged to be licked and stroked. Heather tried to put these thoughts aside as she wanted to regain focus on finding and swapping the chip, but damn that prick looked good.

Heather pulled Dexter's briefs totally off and threw them to the ground. She looked up to Dexter and gave him a lusty smile. He sat there calm as if he was taking a Sunday stroll watching her, but she knew from his hard-on he was anything but calm.

"You are taking this flirting a little far aren't you?" has asked her.

"I don't know what you are talking about, I just needed to get a better look at the patient. I am sorry, did you need me to stop?"

"No, that is alright I think it is important I make sure I am healthy." Dexter commented with a wry smile on his face.

"Well, my preliminary diagnosis is that you may have a kidney stone, but I am sure the doctor will want to do some tests. In the meantime, I want to do a few tests of my own." With this Heather stood up, turned and went to the door and locked it. She then strolled confidently back to the table and started to stroke Dexter with her hand.

"Um, well it feels firm and I don't feel any bumps. Lie back, on the table I need to examine you scrotum." Dexter laid back and let out a low moan he felt Heather's tongue trace along the edges of his balls and continued to stroke him with her hand.

"They past the taste test" Heather deadpanned. Between licking and stroking Heather uses her free hand to explore Dexter's inner thighs for the chip. She also searches with her eye for any hint of the chip.

"Let's see if the big guy here can past the same test." She then ran her tongue up and down Dexter's shaft. He tasted salty and good. Her animal instinct started to kick in and her pussy was now dripping wet. She loved the way he felt on her tongue, even if he was one of the bad guys. She then took him completely in her mouth popping the head in and circling around it with her tongue. Dexter moaned louder as she then slowly engulfed him. Inch-by-inch she traveled down the cock that she had recently just seen grow in his briefs. He was soon fully in her mouth all 8 inches filling her mouth to the brim. She traveled back up his cock and plunged back down again, this time with force slamming his cock in her mouth. She was liking this, a little too much. She grabbed his balls with her hand and started massaging them, tickling the bottom of them with her fingers. As her mouth slid up his shaft her free followed it stroking him in a circular motion. When she got to the tip of his cock she let her tongue swirl around the head, before plunging her head and hand back down his shaft. She continued sliding up and down of his prick with her mouth and hand each time sucking and gripping him a little harder. Dexter felt like a rod of iron in her mouth, he was so hard.

Up his shaft she ran her tongue on Dexter's cock. She tasted his pre-cum as it escaped from his cock.

Down his shaft as she encircled him with her mouth.

Up, down, stroke, lick, up, down, stroke, lick…she continued both of their excitement building.

She let her fingers and hand explore his balls alternating between rolling his balls in her hand and letting her fingers stroke from Dexter's anus up the underside of his balls. She dipped her head to his balls and licked where her fingers had just been. Her tongue now lapped his balls, licking and exploring. She then engulfed his balls in her mouth sucking on them passionately. Her one hand continued to stroke his cock while her other hand gripped his inner thigh.

Then she felt something and suddenly she remembered her mission. It was a square bump lodged in Dexter's very inner thigh. She opened her eyes while still sucking on his balls to inspect it, she could see a small clear tab barely protruding from his skin leading to a small square bump that was slightly raised on his thigh. It was definitely the micro chip and it was going to be impossible for her to swap it from her current position. She needed to change her position and keep Dexter distracted as she made the swap.

Heather pulled her mouth from Dexter's balls and stood up. Dexter had been leaned back on the examination table with his eyes closed in ecstasy, but he opened them now looking at her questioningly. "What the hell, you can't stop now?" he demanded.

"Oh no, I am not stopping. I just need to have that big, strong rod of your's in me." With that, Heather slowly started to remove her clothes. She unbuttoned the few buttons that remained her blouse; exposing the white lacey bra that Dexter had caught glimpses of previously. Her breasts strained against the bra accentuating their wonderful shape and size.

"Wait, what if the doctor comes in? I didn't mind risking it for a quick blow-job, but this might be pushing our luck." Dexter countered half-heartedly while his eyes never left her chest.

"The doctor is very busy and won't come in until I queue up your file for him. Besides, I am from an agency filling in for a few days…what are they going to do fire me? I believe in living for the moment and you are definitely a moment I want to experience." She unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor and kicking it to the side of the room. She now stood in from of Dexter with a white lacy thong and white thigh-high stockings. She wrapped her fingers around the edges of her thong and slowly pulled it to the floor. Exposed for Dexter was her shaved pussy. She was a glorious sight, a rock-solid tone body in a white lacey bra with sheer white stockings and a shaved pussy standing wantonly in front of Dexter. He did not put up any further resistance.

Heather climbed on the table, turned around so her back was facing Dexter and mounted him with her pussy was hanging tantalizingly over his dick. "Are you sure you aren't too nervous about someone walking in on us? " She asked seductively?

He responded by grabbing her hips and driving his thick, long shaft into her tender pussy. His initial thrust was so hard and fast and it shocked her body as she tried to adjust to the huge load her pussy was trying to receive. "AHHHH!!!" she let escape her lips as the pain and pleasure swept through her system. Dexter held her still for a moment with his cock throbbing in her. He then started to guide slowly up and down his rod. Her warm, tender pussy wrapped lovingly around him, oozing her moisture onto his cock as he slid through her. He felt so good slipping through her, she was lost in the sensation. All she could do is focus on the pleasure of his pushing.

As he slid her up and down again she wiggled and started to grind on him. "Oh God" she heard him exclaim and she knew she had him where she wanted him. She leaned slightly forward, changing the position and grinding harder into him, ramming his dick into her pussy hard and fast. Dexter ran his hands up her sides and running his fingers over her bra and tits. He massaged her tits roughly through the bra, tweaking her nipples and continued to plunge himself into her.

"Time for this to come off" he demanded as his hands moved to the clasp located on the back of the bra. He unhooked it and started to push it off of her shoulders and back. As he did this Heather slid her hands up and cupped the front of her breasts feigning as if she was helping, but really taking out her imitation micro-chip that was embedded in the front of her bra and sliding it in between her fingers. She let her bra fall to the floor and felt Dexter's hands quickly exploring her nipples and massaging her breasts as he continued to push in her.

His fingers traced her tits running along the outside of them and underneath. He pushed them and rubbed them together. Then let his fingers again dance over her nipples. He touched her lightly on the nipples and her areolas, moving his fingers lightly in a circular motion.

She felt him adjust under her and then felt him kissing her back and running his tongue between her shoulder blades. She felt his pulse quicken and knew that he was getting close to cumming. Although, she had let her mind wonder to work she too was close to cumming. Dexter was a marvelous lover, the way he was moving his hands, tongue and most importantly his prick had her at a fever pitch.

She leaned forward again grabbing his thighs and scratching her finger nails up and down his legs. She need to distract him from the pinch he might feel when she removed the micro-chip, but she also was gripping him due to her excitement.

"Um!" he proclaimed.

"Oh, your dick feels so good!" she told him as she wiggled her ass.

"Do me harder! Drive it into me further!" she was moaning.

She felt him push deeply now into her and felt him swell getting ready to explode. She ran her hands up his thighs to the spot where the micro-chip rested.

"Ohhhhh!!!!!!" he yelled as he started to cum. His cum exploded in her as he felt his warmth spread in her. She could hold back no longer and she also started to cum. She bucked furiously on him as her orgasm raced through her body. Wave after wave of pleasure poured through each of them. Skillfully, while this was happening Heather slipping the micro-chip from Dexter's thigh and implanted the bogus chip back in its place. She braced to see if he had felt anything, but he was still pushing slowly as his body was still recovering from his orgasm.

Thrilled with the success of her actions and the wonderful sex she just had she let her body relax. She turned her head and looked behind her and found Dexter's mouth waiting for her. She met him in a long, entrancing kiss. Their tongues intertwined and danced in each others mouths. It would be the first and last time they ever kissed, but it would be a kiss that Heather remembered forever.

"I better get back to work, they will be looking for me." Heather commented coolly as she climbed off of Dexter, hiding the micro-chip from his view between her fingers. She looked at him and saw he was still recovering from his orgasm. His member was still semi-hard and he was leaned back on the examination table on his elbows looking tired but very satisfied. She hurriedly put on her clothes slipping the micro-chip back into her bra. Dexter eventually recovered and put on a hospital gown which was available in the room.

Once fully dressed she went to Dexter gave him a strong hug. "Let me go get the doctor now to investigate your pain, he should only be a little while longer once I have your file ready for him. After he is done I will be back in the room and I can give you my phone number so we can this again? " she asked questioningly.

"Sure, you were the best I have been with in a while. I would love to have another go sometime." He said dryly.

Heather then turned and left the room. Once outside the room she quietly placed a chair on the other side of the door. She was hoping the imitation chip would buy her enough time to clear the building. Dexter was smart however, he will figure something is wrong quickly enough and come for her in a fury. She quickly ran out the office, running for the stairs and the car that waited for her below.

Dexter sat silently on the examination table thinking about the wondrous event that had just happened to him. Suddenly a loud piercing beeping sound interrupted his thoughts. The sound startled him and he quickly looked around for its cause. He deduced quickly that the sound was the alarm embedded within his watch. "That is impossible" he thought, the alarm was triggered when the micro-chip left his proximity. "Oh my god, the fucking girl…the chip!!" he ripped up the gown and looked for the chip. He felt the familiar lump and tab and realized it was still in his leg. He didn't relax however, it was too much coincidence with the girl and the alarm. He looked closer at his leg and realized there was a little drop of blood, indicating the skin pouch had been broken. He ripped out the micro-chip to look at it and realized it was a fake.

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