Spy vs Spy


I lay between his legs. My face is planted just below his soft underbelly, with my chin nuzzling against his relaxed manhood.

"You did well, actually," he says nonchalantly as he lights his cigarette.

"You seem surprised," I say rising to meet his coffee-colored eyes. His eyelids flutter at me just a little.

"You seem tired," I say turning on to my side.

I knew he would be. I couldn't count on just the motion of my hips, but I could count on the stirring of his drink. He had gulped the first one down, so to be sure I prepared him another. Now, it was just a matter of waiting.

"Don't turn away from me," he says nuzzling into the nook between my shoulder and my chin.

I let him nuzzle as I wait for him to fall into a coma. I feel myself begin to drift and I suddenly can't see through the haze.

"Wake up bitch!"

I'm jolted awake by the angry tone of his voice and the grip he has on my neck.

"You tried to poison me," he says in a sinister tone.

"What?" I manage to choke out before his grip gets tighter.

"I was doing my job," I try to push away from his arm, but his grip seems to tighten.

"I'm just a job to you now?" He says slamming my head into the pillow.

He begins to rip the covers off of me revealing my naked, vulnerable body. My nipples harden to the cold as my auburn hair masks my pale skin. I'm at his mercy. He has always been stronger than me. I beg with my eyes but his hands answer probing the soft flesh between my thighs.

"I always wanted to do you like I didn't care for you, "he whispers into my ear. His body is pressed naked and hard against me.

"You don't have to do this," I say. A tear escapes my eyes. I know that what he is about to do to me will change me forever. I needed him to die and in a way I ended up killing myself. I couldn't have hurt him. I just wanted him to go quiet into the good night. The agency wanted him to pay for his sins and now here I am paying for my own.

He places a hand over my mouth as he positions himself at my nipples. He begins to circle the right with his tongue and my body begins to betray me. I can feel myself growing wet where his other hand aches close to. I can't breathe as he begins to bite and claw at the nipple.

"You are going to feel me tonight," He says biting harder until I feel like my flesh might give way to his teeth.

He crawls on top of me now with his mouth pressed into mine. His tongue finds the inside of my mouth. Slick wet saliva explodes between us as his hands grasp my face. He maneuvers me this way and that.

"Moan if you want," he says inching his fingers higher and higher up my thigh.

I do feel like moaning. I feel like crying and moaning into him as his thumb quickly finds the only button that can turn this assault into a thing of pleasure. I gasp as he rubs his thumb on the trigger. His eyes watch me as tiny explosions sound throughout my body. I moan.

"Everything about you is weakening before my very eyes," he thrust his fingers inside me," I didn't think I'd like it this much."

I'm at his mercy as he finds my other spot. The only spot he has never touched on me before. I cum. I cum in a wave of pleasure and pain. He smiles. I'm so sensitive after I cum, he knows this, and he takes advantage of it.

The moments that follow are filled with bites and slaps all along my body. Marks are left and I hear myself begging him to stop, to slow down, anything. He doesn't stop. This time he slaps my face. I'm a melted mess.

"I loved you, you know that?" He says pulling off me a little. I murmur at the thought. Is this what love is?

He shows me just how much he loves me. He doesn't even let me brace myself as he pushes his member to the entrance of my tiny pink hole. The hole that has been off limits to every man I've ever been with.


I can barely choke out the no as he uses his member to split me in half. He doesn't literally split me, but that is what it feels like. I can't breathe anymore as he pushes deeper and deeper into me. He isn't even looking at me now as his chest contracts and his breathing deepens. I start to loosen around him, but I feel it. I feel it and I know that it isn't for my pleasure. None of this is for my pleasure. He let me cum, so I would feel it all. Damn the bastard as he goes deeper and deeper into my walls. I feel him begin to grow and contract. He is going to cum and there is nothing I can do about it. I can feel his pleasure and my pain. He cums in a mix of grunts and groans that make something in me contract.

"You want to cum again?" He says staring at me, "there will be time for that soon enough."

He pulls rope from the nightstand beside him.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/12/17

Heartbreaking. HOT
I liked it! Please continue!

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