tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 03

Spying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 03


There is something about catching someone "in the act", and when that someone is your best friend's mom, his prim and proper mother, well that's beyond hot. That was the case when I spied on Anthony's mother.

My best friend Anthony's mother was not only hot. She was hot for sure, but she was also a bit of en exhibitionist. How did I know? Well, my lovely next-door neighbor, my prim and proper MILF, my, well, perfect woman had given several naughty shows for me over the course of the last month. These shows were awesome.

While she did some solo masturbatory work, her best work was with her husband. He was an unknowing participant. This had all started when I accidently spied on them from the attic in my parent's house. Just 19, I'd been a late bloomer to the world of sex as the books won over from gallivanting around on dates. I'd had a few, but not to the sexual nature other than a few feels of Melissa's mounds over her clothing.

The thing is, as I explained in the first two segments of this saga, I not only accidentally caught Mrs. Easterly (and later her husband) doing the nasty, she actually spied me on my spy perch and confronted me about it.

At first I was scared she'd tell my parents, who undoubtedly would go ballistic as they tend to do about anything I do that is a little untoward. But after a few minutes the lovely lady admitted the whole idea of me watch her and her husband cavort was quite erotic to her. And if I liked so be it.

She enjoyed putting on a show, but of course insisted that if her husband knew there would be hell to pay. So we each had a good reason not to reveal anything about our viewing and acting pleasures. Of course, if my best friend Anthony found out it would have been bad because he'd beat the crapola out of me. Heck he got pissed with I once said his mom looked hot.

Anthony had, though, recently matured a little after I admitted I'd "caught" my parents doing the nasty one night. I explained it was an accident and that I thought it was just some moving in the house. But I sleuthed around and sure enough they were screwing like bunnies. That got Anthony to open up and admit he's had a similar experience.

"I had feigned sleep when my father checked, but sure enough later that night I heard the headboard bang and the bed bounce as they did naughty things in their bedroom," said my long-time best friend. "My mom was, well, a little vocal and dad was apparently a bull. I had no idea they were still getting it on, but apparently they are!"

We both laughed at the actions, our parent's still getting it on after years of marriage. And the two of us were still virgins.

I thought back to the day when I accidently spied on Mr. and Mrs. Easterly having a romp in the bedroom, a vision that I will never, ever forget. It was so hot, so erotic, so naughty and I shot a copious load before they'd even finished. Thing is, Mrs. Easterly had seen me and later confronted me about my voyeurism. Of course I was embarrassed, but soon she smiled and said all was well.

She could keep a secret if I could keep a secret. Boy, could I? Of course.

Since then there have been a couple occasions where I'd spied on the couple, watching naughty things while whacking off. She even allowed me to help pick her wardrobe on one occasion. It was as if I was a director and she was an actress.

After school one day I heard a car pull up next door and spied Mrs. Easterly in the driver seat talking on her cell phone. I slipped quickly downstairs to catch a word with her and caught up just as she was finishing her call. "Yes, I can show the house tomorrow. Let's make it at 10. Thanks for the lead." The woman clicked off the phone, turned, and smiled.

"Hi Jon, how are you today."

Explaining I was doing well we exchanged items about our day in her kitchen. It was then she smiled and said she had to be careful as her husband was getting a little questioning about her recent bedroom actions.

"You know, over the last few weeks we've, well, you know, done it more than in the last year," said the woman. "Why, he even asked if I'd been having an affair! I think he was joking, but the thought was there. So I don't know if we can do any shows for you anytime soon. I have to be careful!"

Disappointed, I of course understood.

"But there will be other times?"

"Of course honey. In fact, I'm a little, uh, randy right now. I was going upstairs and, well, you know, who knows what will happen. But he will be home within the hour so...."

I caught her drift. The woman wanted to show off a little, and if I happened to be spying, well, so be it.

Rushing upstairs, I made sure nobody was home and got to my perch in a jiff. Dropping my pants, I got myself very, very comfortable.

It wasn't long before Mrs. Easterly came into few, totally ignoring the fact I was 10 yards away and on a higher floor looking directly into her bedroom. She made some pretext of cleaning and putting items away, but I think she was just getting into the role.

First, she took off her green blazer, and then pulled something out of her hair. She began unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it out of her long black skirt to ensure all the buttons were unfastened. Soon the blouse was loose, but she didn't take it off. Under was a pretty white push up bra that made her breasts appear fuller.

Wow, the woman looked so very hot, and I stroked my cock as she went through her actions. She knew she had my eyes looking fiercely at her as she played with her breasts over that frilly bra, as if she was a girl at home alone thinking of her boyfriend from school. At least that was my thought, my fantasy. Maybe she was thinking of me!

Soon she had other ideas, reaching under her skirt and slipping down her pantyhose with a little flourish. Yes, she knew my eyes were riveted on the action. Somehow she'd kicked off her shoes --- I hadn't seen when --- and the hose came off and was placed on her bed next to the blazer.

She unzipped her skirt next, sliding that down and off, and there she was. In panties and bra with her blouse open for me to see. It was quite sexy a look, and I realized it was part of her tease that she left on the top.

While caressing her breasts she brought down her hand and began slowly fingering her panties and I swear I could see a wet spot. Of course I didn't but my mind was working overtime at watching the woman intimately caress herself. She appeared totally oblivious to me, but I knew it was all part of the show. It was hot, and so very erotic I had to fight off the urge to shoot my load way too early with so much action left.

Mrs. Easterly moved her hands to her sides and grasp her panties, sliding them down her legs and kicking them off. She moved her fingers back to her now wet pussy and began caressing, fingering and plunging in and out of her core. Damn that was hot. But the best was yet to come.

Almost as if at intermission the woman stopped after a few minutes of fingering herself and I saw a huge smile on her face. She brought a finger up to her mouth as if to quiet me (was I making noise? Of course not, but it was so hot her admitting she knew I was there).

She walked out of site and came back into view with a simple chair, which she sat in the center of the room. She then went over to the bureau, the same one I saw her bent over and taking it from behind from her husband a while back. She went to a lower drawer and reached for something.

Removing a fake cock, a dildo, from the bureau, she returned to her role and sat in the chair. She took the cock and brought it to her lips, first kissing it, then licking it, and then inserting into her mouth and sucking it like a hard throbbing cock. It was so erotic. I was reminded of a girl at school who used to eat an ice cream cone at lunch and totally tantalize the guys with her licking action. She almost made me cum in my pants with her actions. Now Mrs. Easterly was bringing out the same dancing thought in my mind as she sucked off the dildo.

What occurred next was unbelievable. She licked the bottom part of the dildo, stood, and secured it somehow on the seat. Standing to the side, she looked up at me and smiled. Reaching over, she gave a squeeze to a bottle of what I presumed was some kind of lube and jerked off the fake cock with it.

And then she straddled the cock and opened her pussy lips, slowly slipping down on the fake dick. Unbelievable, she was fucking the fake cock right in front of my eyes.

Mrs. Easterly slowly slipped up and down on the cock, her eyes closed and into the actions. It was an amazing sight, and I couldn't believe how easily she worked herself on the dick.

She kept up the action for a couple minutes and then rose off the dick, and I was afraid the show was over. But she moved the chair closer to the bureau and remounted the fake cock. Up and down she went, but was able to now brace herself by placing her hands on the bureau and bouncing her ass up and down as the cock was securely fastened to her sopping wet pussy.

Her eyes were closed, and her mouth sort of open, as the cock had its way with her. She was controlling the action, but wow, I wish I were under her with my dick pistoning in and out of her snatch. At this point I believe she was totally lost in the action, fucking the dildo like no tomorrow and I couldn't help myself. My cum started to spurt all over, some hitting the window while the rest made a mess of a nearby box.

Mrs. Easterly was right behind me, and I saw as she gasp and threw her head to the side, obviously cumming on my new hero, the fake cock.

We both luxuriated in the feelings, she sort of giving a hum and smiling. Me standing there with my cock in my hand and a goofy look on my face I'm sure. Soon she arose from the secure seat, and had to work a little to unhitch the cock from the chair. She turned, looked up at me, and licked her cock as I thought how naughty it was her licking her own secretions off the dick.

My mind was crazed by the actions, of course, and all I could do was give her a big thumbs up! She smiled and reached over and closed the curtain.

Shows over, but I still gave it a standing ovation. I couldn't help myself, my dick was hard again, and I sat back and whacked off for the second time in a few minutes and came while thinking of my wonderful neighbor.

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