tagMatureSpying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 04

Spying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 04


Trevor Easterly was in a quandary in that normally his job sucked and his wife was work. Recently though, it was the other way around and he was confused about what was going on.

Work was getting better by the day, while at home Carol, his lovely wife, was almost as amorous as the weeks following their honeymoon 20 some years before. In recent years their lovemaking centered around a one every other week session, and maybe on some major holidays.

Both were professionals, he being an architect while his wife a real estate salesperson. These days there was less building due to economic reasons ensuring his boss was all over his ass about every design he did. It lacked this, it didn't consider that, you know how it is when times get tight.

Carol's sudden interest in sex was both good and bad. Trevor wasn't complaining, but on the other side he wondered if she had a new love interest that was sparking new demand on her part. Maybe she was cheating on him, but there weren't many overt signs. Or maybe she was just getting her second wind.

In any event over the last several months she'd been a tigress in the bedroom. She used to despise oral sex, whether giving or receiving, yet recently she not only performed but she was seemingly enjoying the nocturnal activities. And while for years missionary was the position of choice, these days she offered a wide array of positions including her new favorite, doggie.

Trevor wasn't complaining, but he was feeling a high level of guilt from a fling he had with a much younger girl in accounting the year before. He'd never strayed in his marriage --- save one hooker at a Nevada brothel years ago while on a business trip. Then there was the young accountant Missy.

She was on the rebound after being dumped twice in two months, and she seduced him one night after a holiday party. Carol was sick, so Trevor went and had a good time talking and dancing and right before leaving he continued a conversation from earlier in the night with Missy. Just 22, she was sexy, hot and drunk. She slurred her words and they went outside to hear each other better.

Knowing she couldn't drive in her state, she accepted his offer of a ride home. One thing led to another and soon they were parking by the lake and Missy was performing fellatio on his manhood. It wasn't long before he was in the passenger seat and Missy's skirt was up, panties down, and she was riding his cock. It was erotic and animal.

He dropped her off, eliciting the promise of a return performance, but the following Monday she acted as if the whole escapade didn't happen. He later heard from a friend that Missy was working her way through the guys in the office, and to be careful she didn't corral him as well. Trevor only smiled.

Still, given his wife Carol's recent increase in libido, he wondered whether she had found out about his one-nighter, or, on the other hand, had one of her own. Maybe she had a lover?

@ @ @ @

Carol Easterly had so many mixed emotions about her recent bedroom escapades that had been observed by her neighbor's son. Damn, it was so wrong. But deep inside it was so right. She hadn't felt this sexy in years. Becoming an exhibitionist in her own bedroom while being spied on from above was so very hot.

As long as there wasn't sex, physical contact and sex, what was the problem she assured herself. They weren't sleeping together. She was merely having sex with her husband while knowing someone was watching. Why was that different than the times when she and Trevor in their younger days were caught fooling around in the car? Once they were at the train station, and she was kneeling on the passenger seat blowing her husband while a freight train slowly went past. Oh, the engineer had gotten an eyeful, her sucking off her husband with him lifting her skirt and playing with her ass. That engineer gave a couple toots of the horn.

Another time on a long fall walk they had the urge. Well Trevor did, anyway. He convinced her a quickie was in order and they walked from the main path along a deer path ending up near an old oak tree. There, Carol bent over and held the tree while Trevor dropped both her and his jeans, pulled her ass back, and slipped his dick inside from behind.

Totally into their quick fuck they didn't hear a fisherman walking toward them until it was too late. He had stumbled upon them and watched before Trevor jumped back in surprise. They were embarrassed but the guy was cool. He said he was sorry for interrupting them, and even offered to walk toward the main path and keep a lookout while they "finished what they were doing." Try as they might, neither could finish the act.

Carol smiled while thinking of those past escapades, and thought of the more recent ones that involved some performing by herself or with her husband as the college boy next door watched. It was so very hot. She'd cooled it in recent weeks, as she suspected her husband had, well, suspected something amiss. Yet she totally missed the sensual action and decided to throw a little bit of caution to the wind and get ready for the next act.

@ @ @ @ I have to tell you the last month has been terrible for me and my so-called sex life. For weeks I'd been spying on my best friend's mom and at times mom and dad, as they behaved like teenagers in their bedroom. I got to see it all, from oral sex to full screwing to private personal masturbation sex.

Along the way I got to feel my girlfriend's breasts to sample some real life tit flesh. It was an awesome feeling.

Then my girlfriend dumped me and Mrs. Easterly, my best friend's mom, told me that the exhibition show from her bedroom had to stop for a while as she thought her husband was getting close to finding out about our little show and tell session.

It was as if I had gone from the top of the world to the outhouse, nearly overnight. Damn, that's tough to take. But I didn't mope, I just took solace in that Mrs. Easterly didn't say it was over between us, just on hold.

Rereading the above paragraph, I realize nothing was physically "going on" between us, I'd never touched the woman in any way...except with my eyes. I'd seen her blow her husband, play with her pussy, get dressed and undressed in my own little peep show, but I'd never touched her.

Ours was a visual relationship, me from my spying perch in the attic of my parent's house, she with the shades open in her bedroom. Only over the last month by design those shades had been closed.

Anthony and I had continued our basketball playing, studying together and even card playing which sometimes included his mother. I had a special tingle at the poker table knowing that I didn't have to play strip poker to see Anthony's mom naked as the day she was born. No, I'd seen her in all her naked glory on numerous times in her bedroom. Hell, I'd seen his dad rub his cock all up and down Mrs. Easterly's behind before fucking her over the chest of drawers.

On those occasions, I didn't just focus on the fucking. No, I watched Mrs. Easterly's face as it smiled, grimaced and contorted this way and that while her husband banged her from behind. I lovingly looked into her eyes as they caught mine. Damn, that was really hot. Once she even blew me a kiss while she was getting humped from the back.

I really missed those sessions, and could only wait until they began again. I hoped and hoped those shades would open once again for my viewing, but I didn't push things. Over time I knew she would keep her promise and she'd be performing while I watched.

The words I longed to hear came unexpectedly one afternoon when Anthony and I were studying after our classes. We were deeply involved in math equations when Mrs. Easterly came home from work in a great mood. Apparently the real estate salesperson was on the verge of a big sale, hopefully the following day.

She looked adorable in her blazer covering her yellow blouse. Her black skirt was trimmed to her body well, and I know that if I was in the home buying marketplace she was the woman to sell me. She sat with us for a while before Anthony ran upstairs to get another book.

Mrs. Easterly looked at me, smiled, and asked if I'd missed her. Nodding yes, I started telling her how much before she shooshed me. "Tonight, if Mr. Easterly plays his cards right, he will be having a firecracker for a wife....heck, maybe the shades will be open!"

My dick hardened at the thought, and when Anthony returned I struggled to keep from moving around in my seat.

Mrs. Easterly told her son that she and Mr. Easterly would be going out to dinner tonight. I surmised that was code for me to keep a lookout when they returned from their date, and boy, was I right!

I watched as the couple left their house for dinner, with Anthony's mom looking pretty in a sweater and slacks. Three hours later I heard their auto arrive back at home, and, after checking as to where my parents were, I slipped up to the attic.

It was so very dark, their shades were open, and I waited what seemed an eternity before the lights clicked on. First Mr. Easterly entered the view, talking with his wife, and then slipping into the bathroom. Mrs. Easterly looked up, as if to see if I was there, and flashed me a thumbs up and a smile before sitting on the bed.

Mr. Easterly came back into the room, his shirt partially open, and lifted his wife from her seat. The two kissed for a few minutes, their hands caressing each other's body. Mr. Easterly spent a lot of time fondling his wife's ass while kissing her neck. Soon he was pushing her down, and she took the fall I loved to see onto her knees.

Mrs. Easterly made a point of taking her time teasing her husband. She played with his ass before slowly unzipping his trousers. Reaching around inside, she ultimately slipped out his dick and began kissing it all over before ovaling her mouth and sucking his cock.

The man apparently loved it, rocking slowly in and out of his wife's hot, wet and willing mouth before grasping the back of her head to guide the action. He used her head for his nasty pleasure for a good three or four minutes before lifting her up and kissing her lovely red lips.

This time Mrs. Easterly took the initiative, dropping her man's pants and pushing him back on the bed. He kicked off his pants and underwear as his wife quickly dropped her slacks and slowly lowered her French cut lace panties. She slipped atop her husband and grasp his cock, sliding it up and down her slit, before sitting down on the dick.

What happened next was so sensuous, so sexy, and so hot. She rode her husband slowly as his hands grasp her ass to help guide the action. Slowly she went, up and down on his cock, and I couldn't help see his eyes open and close as he mouthed sweet nothings to his wife. They continued the coupling for several minutes before he pushed her over onto her back and repositioned himself atop her.

Soon he was thrusting in an out of his wife with tremendous fervor. In and out he went as the two lost track of time with their humping. I saw his ass clench, and realized that he was shooting his load of man sauce deep into his wife's snatch. She looked so perfect there, taking his cock as he collapsed on her.

They lie together for a minute before she opened her eyes, looking right up at me and winking several times. She smiled at me, her husband on top of her totally spent.

After a bit she moved him onto his back and then did the unthinkable. She bent her head over and started cleaning his pussy tasting cock with her mouth. In it's flaccid state she could take all into her mouth, and she did a great job of cleaning the dick. Damn, it was hot, and watching that action set me jerking my dick off and shooting my load as well. I wondered if she knew she got me off just minutes after getting her husband off!

Lost in the action I didn't realize the man was looking my way, and when I did I recoiled back. I don't think he saw me staring at the action below but he could have, and that thought kept me up.

Finally, after a bit, I realized there was nothing I could do about it if he had seen me.

The next day Mrs. Easterly went to meet her client and Mr. Easterly went to his weekly golf game. Later in the day she arrived back home with a big smile having made the sale. She told me so in the driveway, and I felt so happy for her. When she invited me inside to help her move some boxes, I quickly agreed to help.

Of course, there were not items to move. She gave me a hug and asked if I'd liked the show the night before.

"Oh my, Mrs. Easterly, that was so very hot. I was so happy for you and Mr. Easterly. You two were amazing."

She smiled and asked if I had jerked off.

"Oh, did I. How could I not?" was my embarrassed reply.

She asked if I always jerked off. She'd asked me that question before, and I'd always said yes, but I think it turned her on knowing that I had.

"Come downstairs and show me what you did."

I couldn't believe my ears. Did I hear the woman correctly? Did she just ask me to jerk off for her? I think she did. And when she led me downstairs to a chair in the basement, I knew she did.

Mrs. Easterly sat in the couch and directed the action. "Take off your pants, and your underwear too," demanded my best friend's mother. "Tell me what you think about when you play with your dick.

Dropping my pants, I stood and took them off. I mentioned that I always thought of her, even if I wasn't watching. Late at night in my bed I stroke myself off thinking of her. Standing there with tight blue underwear and a tee shirt, I felt so embarrassed.

"Well, come on now, we don't have all day. My husband will be home in about an hour and a half, drop those drawers and let me see what you have...oh, that's a nice cock!"

I had taken off my underwear and tried to cover my semi-hard cock, but it had a mind of its own. It grew because of the situation. I think it liked showing off for the woman. I sat down as Mrs. Easterly asked me to stroke my dick. I did, looking down at the floor.

Hearing a rustling from the couch I looked up. Mrs. Easterly had stood and was taking off her work blazer. She then unzipped her prim black skirt and slid it off, displaying her nude stockings and baby blue panties.

"I wore my stockings for luck," said the woman, commenting on her thigh high stockings that had the lacy tops.

She unbuttoned her blue top and soon that joined the skirt and blazer on the floor as she stood in just her bra, panties and stockings. Sitting back on the couch, she smiled and asked, no demanded, that I stroke my dick and enjoy myself.

Oh, did I. My dick jumped at my touch and my eyes couldn't leave Mrs. Easterly's prone body. She lifted a bra cup and showed me a meaty breast. She lifted the bra up showing both breasts, but didn't unhook it. And then she reached down and fingered her pussy.

I watched as she masturbated while I did the same just feet apart. We worked our own sex to our own tune, eyes locked on each other's body. I looked away from her panties, but only for a minute. I had to look again and that sent me over the edge. Soon I was spurting cum all over the basement rug, my head back and eyes closed.

The sounds from the couch opened my eyes though, as Mrs. Easterly was bouncing up and down and whimpering as she came herself. I stared as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy as the dampness showed on her panties. Amazing.

We both were breathing hard for a couple awkward minutes before Mrs. Easterly smiled.

"That was so erotic, so hot. You have a great cock, and that will make a lot of girls happy," said my best friend's mom. "We shouldn't have done this, but it will be our secret, right?"

Nodding my head in the affirmative, I just muttered a quick "thank you."

Once again a caring mom, she smiled and told me to get dressed quickly. Her husband would be home soon! She put on her blouse, but kept the rest of her clothing off and in her hands. She dropped things off in the laundry room and came out with a wet towel.

Scooting me home, I walked away and thanked her once again as she was reaching over to wipe off my manly sauce off the floor. Looking back one last time I noticed her finger picked up a bit of cum and she brought it to her mouth.

"Oh my goodness, " I thought. "My best friend's mom just sucked down some of my cum."

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