tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying on Lillian

Spying on Lillian


Arrogant 18 y/o spies on hot 21 y/o neighbor, pays price

It seems wrong that Lillian, who had been Aidan's babysitter in years past, is smaller than him now. He is 18 but still feels like he was only recently a little boy. He stares at her through the camera he installed in her room just the week before. She is slender, and somehow soft, softer than him as well as smaller than him. She is perfect. She is his.

Aidan had watched Lillian's parents, as well as the various people who worked on their yard, come and go for weeks. It had taken six weeks to confirm that there was a three week cycle, and the only day he could break in on was Wednesday of the third week. Under the cover of night he had broken into her house, went into her surprisingly understated, book filled bedroom, and put the cameras in above the bed, in the mirror, right below the window sill across from her desk, giving a side view, and on the underside of the desk directly across from her bed. He had named this last one "The pussy camera."

He had felt embarrassed but also somehow sophisticated. For even though he had not fingered a girl or (he did not tell anyone this) even kissed one, he would soon have far more than that.

Now it is paying off. There he sits, pants around his ankles, in front of his computer. It turns out that there are perks to being smarter than everyone else.

She had sat there on the bed for a while under a pile of blankets, listening to some music that was somehow happy and sad at the same time. The woman in the song has a voice that sounds the way he hopes women sound, when he has sex with them, which he hopes is not too far off.

He sat there for what felt like hours but was actually fifteen minutes, and he thought about logging off, but just then she gets up and she turns on the heat, and soon the blankets are on her bed.

At first she is still in her hoody, but he has seen her in a bikini before and he knows what to expect and it keeps him there. Then it must get a little bit warmer because she takes off the hoodie and she is wearing a slightly loose tan sweater, but he can tell from where it clings to her and where it doesn't that she is still quite slender, but that her breasts have grown more. When she turns around, he sees that her ass has rounded out and strains against her slightly faded black jeans.

She goes to the mirror and he sets the mirror view to the main view. She arranges her hair in front of the mirror a few times, flipping a lock over one eye, mussing it around her head, seeing how buns look at different heights. She is alternately flirty, mysterious, open, and cruel. She opts for a loose bun, a friendly and relaxed look.

She smooths the sweater against her body, breathing in and pushing her chest out. She gives herself a little smile and then pulls the sweater over her head and he breathes in sharply. She is wearing just a bra underneath, lacy and very full, her breasts pressing against the cups. He is hoping for more, but then her phone rings. She says, "be right down," into it and the sweater goes back on and she runs downstairs in her slippers, which are puffy dachsunds.

She comes back up, after just a few minutes, with a boy from her grade who he knows. Dan Matsumoto. He had no idea that they were a thing. He had always thought she disliked him.

He and she sit on the bed for a while. He is using the window sill camera, which gives him a nice front view of her and she sits on the bed next to him. They have been talking for a while, passing a joint back and forth, and she looks happy. Dan has been making her laugh, and he is long-limbed but, one can tell, athletically built, and she keeps touching his arms through his shirt. Suddenly their faces are very close, and he moves his face even closer and she follows him to receive his kiss, her lips parted slightly. He is very eager, and she is too. She pulls his shirt off. He goes to pull hers off but she stands up from the bed, and he sits back as she pulls the sweater off. She is pulling her bra off but Dan pulls her toward him so she is straddling him, and he takes her bra off as she leans over him. He kisses her breasts briefly and then pulls away, as if embarrassed. She laughs and then she is on him, her body, so smooth and slender, pressed against his body. Her tits are mushed out against his tautly muscled chest so that you can see them from the back through the overhead camera.

They are squirming against another. Dan's knee is between her legs and she is up against it, shoving her crotch into it, rubbing her pussy, still beneath jeans, against his own denim thigh. She gets up from the bed, frantically pulling her jeans off, her tits jiggling with the effort, and then she is on him again, now just in panties, and Aidan toggles between the camera under the desk, which gives him a rear view of her round ass, and the ceiling camera, from which he can see her pale back and the smooth curve of her hips.

Suddenly she bucks wildly against him, moving very quickly, seemingly not under her own control. She shoves her head in the pillow next to his head, and then she moves more smoothly against his thigh, seemingly in a more controlled way, then stops.

She picks up her face from the pillow and laughs, then flops down next to him, and he looks at her from above. Her body looks just like he always imagined it would, but it's better than imagination. She continues giggling and Dan looks very awkward, and then she pulls him on top of her. She kisses him, starting gently, then deeper, and he reciprocates, pushing her head against the pillow. She pushes his hips up and unzips his pants. She has her hand on the hem of his underpants when she hears her mother call. The two get up from the bed and quickly throw on their discarded clothing and assemble their hair.

He laughs, pointing at the stain on his pants from where she had rode him. She shrugs, and then he shrugs. She points at a hairdryer, and they use that for a minute before deciding that it doesn't work.

She sprays febreze and they both put eyedrops in for the weed. They are headed toward the door and then she stops him, quickly pulls his pants down, and puts his slightly softened cock in her mouth for just a second. She laughs. Dan looks stunned.

She takes Dan downstairs and then she is back upstairs. She gets naked but pulls a blanket around herself as she writes in a journal. He can see that, as she writes, one hand is working, occasionally, beneath the blanket, but he can't see what it is doing.

His own parents call him and he goes down and they play a board game that his older brother brought back home from his college. The game is boring and he wins easily against his stupid family.


The next night he cuts his dinner short, complaining of stomach pains, when Dan's car pulls into Lillian's parents' driveway. He runs to his room, locks the door, and switches the camera on, and soon the two college students are in the bedroom. Despite the weather, Lillian is wearing denim short overalls over a burnt yellow t-shirt. The straps of the overalls frame her chest.

They sit on the bed for only a moment before they start making out. It's very heavy this time, from the very start. They tear at each other's clothes and Dan and Lillian are naked very soon.

He gets on top of her and they push against each other as if they are trying to occupy the same space, but he still does not enter her. He stops, taking deep breaths, and then puts his hand on her pussy. He holds it in his hand, pushing against it with the heel of his palm. She grabs his hand and pushes his fingers in. She arranges them and moves his hand until he gets a rhythm going, and then puts her arms around his neck, her eyes closed. She pulls his hand from her cunt and licks the fingers. He smells his hand. He smiles. She grabs his cock from underneath.

They rearrange themselves on the bed and she sucks his cock for just a minute. Then she pulls him back on her and guides his cock, which, through the high def cameras, is clearly oozing pre-cum, into her cunt.

Aidan is transfixed, stroking his cock to the rhythm of Dan's thrusts, slow at first, then faster and faster.

He is licking her nipple, and then he seems to be trying to get as much of her tit in his mouth as he can, using one hand, elbow crooked on the bed, to assist with this, while he works her clit with the other hand. His thrusting is slower, more controlled than before, and her hands are running up and down his back. Her eyes are closed and her lips are trembling. She looks almost sad in her pleasure.

She starts quaking, digging her nails into his back, when he pulls out and cums voluminously onto her stomach and tits. She rubs it all over her tits and licks some of it, and this is too much for Aidan. He finishes without even meaning to, even though he had, for the last glorious minute, forgot to even touch himself, his jaw hanging open like an idiot.


The next night, dinner passes agonizingly as Aidan waits for Dan to come over. Dan doesn't, and Aidan is looped into another round of the game. His parents are fine, but his brother is pathetic, and is clearly trying very hard to beat Aidan. He dispatches him quickly and then goes to bed early, leaving his parents and brother together to figure out, using the game, which of them is the smartest idiot.

He watches her through the camera, wearing the hoodie. She takes a phone call and is excited, but her excitement fades as the conversation goes on, and it ends quickly. She writes in her diary for a while, somewhat furiously, before tearing off her pants.

She masturbates hard on her bed, occasionally pinching her nipples underneath her sweatshirt. She goes to the mirror and looks into it, pulling off her clothing. She masturbates more, lying on the ground until she finishes.

She gets up again, fixes her hair in the mirror, and smiles. Then she stops. She is looking at the top of the mirror. Oh no.

Aidan wants to run out of his house and stop her, but he knows that makes no sense. He can only watch as she examines the camera and then smiles and waves into it.


She finds all of the cameras over the next couple of days, but does not remove them. He still has his feed. She continues to masturbate, now on the bed, displaying herself. He feels odd jerking off to it, but he does.

Then one day, a knock at the door during dinner.

"Hello, Lillian!" says Aidan's father.

"Hi, Mr. Fielding!" says Lillian. "I was wondering, is your son available?" Aidan's heart dropped.

"I'm available!" Aidan's older brother steps up from the table.

"Oh, I was actually looking for Aidan." She looks at his brother. "Well-have you studied differential equations? I was having trouble with it and I know Aidan is way past that, even though he's still in high school."

"Oh, no-I haven't. Sociology major," says his brother.

"Oh, Aidan-do you want to help?" asks his mother.

Aidan looks at Lillian. She smiles at him. Aidan's cock jumps.

The two get to Lillian's room and he stands at the door.

"I've just been having so much trouble," she says. "Could you help me?" He walks over and sits next to her.

"Would you show me?" she says. She gets up and hands him a sheet of paper and a pencil. She stands behind him, to the side. She takes off her sweater. She is wearing a tight leotard top that reveals a generous amount of cleavage when she bends over. Her breath smells slightly of cinnamon and he can feel the warmth of her body, her breasts right by his ear.

"I didn't know that you did science," he says.

"I don't, you little pervert." She presses his face into her tits and he struggles, but she is much stronger than he is. After a second he feels very strange and suddenly he realizes that he is shrinking. His whole body becomes enveloped in her massive, soft chest, and he passes out.

He wakes up on her window sill. She is a giant now.

"Dance for me, little pervert." He is petrified. She presses an enormous finger into his stomach, and he can feel organs pressing against each other. She lets him go and he can barely breathe. "Now dance!" She claps, an enormous, thundering sound. He dances weakly.

She laughs, but she bores of the dancing quickly. "I'm horny," she says, and he feels almost hopeful for a second and then feels like an idiot for it. She opens her laptop and starts flipping between pictures of naked Dan Matsumoto and incredibly raunchy porn. He can see that she is getting very close when she grabs him. He screams. She speaks to him. "God, you're so quiet. Scream as loud as you want. No one will hear you." With that, she plunges him deep into her cunt, and all is darkness, warmth, wet, and salt.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/29/18


If you're going to write fetish erotica, the fetish needs to be the main event. Don't just shove it into a couple paragraphs at the end. It feels forced and unnatural.

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by Anonymous12/13/18

Okay story ....

.... spoilt by the ending.

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by LupusDei12/13/18

Wtf was that ending... lol... will he wake up from the nightmare?

Anyway, quite great. Only not sure if present tense was needed and justified, it reads a bit awkward here

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