Spying on My Girlfriend... Ch. 01


"I wonder what your dad and boyfriend would think if they could see this...me having my way with their lovely Leigh. God you're amazing..."

Then he withdrew his hand from her mouth, and before she could protest, sat up and straddled himself across her thighs so that his groin was pushing up into the lower fat of her bum. She looked a little stunned, as he basically had her pinned.

"Wha what are you doing, Steve. Please we should really stop." She said to him over her shoulder.

He was quick to respond though, all the time with both his hands kneading her bum, "Christ your ass is just, just amazing...ohhh..."

"No...c'mon...we've done...enough...fuck...if we get caught..." she pleaded, short of breath.

Realising this might end it, Steve quickly responded, "Don't like it...huh?"

"No...no its just..." she whimpered softly.

"Shhh...they'll be ages. They're both drunk and the stores a fair drive, so it's very long walk... especially when drunk," he reasoned, unaware that I was watching the whole event while pulling my pre cum covered cock. "Shhh...just relax and enjoy...I've waited so long...shh...just let me...let me do this," he said as he moved one hand around her and under hip to fiddle with her pussy.

I then saw her pull a familiar face; he had found her clit. She was lost.

Her jaw shuddered as she closed her eyes, his hand working at speed. I couldn't quite see his fat fingers but they were doing what she liked, his wrists moving up and down in little movements. Again she pushed her soft bum up, this time against him.

Steve then removed his other hand from my whimpering girlfriend's slightly shuddering bum moving it to his fly! With Leigh facing forward and lost in her pleasure, she had no idea that Steve was now sliding down his fly! My cock surged and still I wondered why this was driving me crazy with lust. Why is the perversion of a fat, balding fifty five year old man having his way with my girl turning me on so much?

Suddenly I saw it freed, his cock! Around eight inches long and very fat, it sprung from his pants, pre cum dribbling from its swollen purple end! I groaned loudly, so loudly that I feared I might give myself away. What a sight to see this fat man with his nasty old cock looming but an inch over the ass of my half stripped schoolgirl!

With his hand keeping her distracted, Steve licked his lips, smiled and began to lean forward, holding his dick in his other hand as it neared my girl's waiting bum cheeks. Tentatively he placed it along the crack of her ass, his eyes closing as his cock came in contact with her silky skin. I nearly blew my load there and then. She must have realized what was going on because she lifted her neck and turned her face to see this fat man's dick lodged in her ass cleft.

"No...no way Ste..."

But again he was quick to stop her protests. "Shh... I'm not going to fuck you. I promise. I just want to rub it against your bum," which he started to do as he spoke his words.

"But I...we ," she half pleased, half whimpered.

"Shh... Just let me...oh fucking, Christ! You feel incredible...Fucking Christ!...Fuck! I won't take long, believe me... Just let me cum, Leigh ... Please," he said as a string of drool left his mouth to land on my girlfriend's back.

He then leant forward over her, stuck his whole hand in her mouth as he began pushing his cock up and down along her ass crack and over her soft warm asshole.

"Oh...oh...fu fuck...fuck..."

"Mfff...mfff...MMMMFFF!" said my girlfriend as she was bucked forward by the thrust of Steve's large frame. For some long moments I was in awe as Steve had his way with Leigh, his eyes half closed as he slid his fat prick deep in her ass crack. He must have been in heaven, in fact, I know he was.

She whimpered as he played with her clit while pistoning his fingers quickly right down her throat to make her gag as he fucked the cleft of her ass. Then suddenly he stopped, pulled his fingers from her mouth and cunt, took her by the hips and hoisted her roughly up onto all fours.

There she was, on her hands and knees with her sweet, amazing precum covered ass and glistening pussy stuck up for the taking. Steve dragged his cock down over her asshole to rub against her swollen pussy lips. I expected her to protest, but instead she let him grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back! He took himself in the other hand, and, with a face overcome with lust, thrust his fat cock into her cunt with one push!

"MMMFFF!" she exclaimed.

Her pussy lips stretched wide and she jerked and grimaced to accommodate his big dick, but she did not protest as he pushed into her, his eyes rolling back in his head.

Damn! He was doing it to her. He was fucking my girlfriend doggy style!

Gritting his teeth, he looked down on the ripples he was making on her ass as he pounded into her, all the time pulling back roughly on her hair. Her body rocked and jerked as this fifty five year old man enjoyed the sensations my girlfriend's cunt was giving him... and I know how sweet her cunt feels.

In and out, in and out, I watched his cock go, with Leigh's stretched teen cunt drowning in juices. I could just see her face. She was loving this rough fuck from her dad's best friend. She was loving his big fat dick ramming into her from behind. She was loving being taken like this. It was so wrong, so nasty, and so fucking hot!

Then she came! Her big eyes flung open and the cords of her neck protruded as she gritted her teeth while her body rocked and shuddered.

This was too much for Steve, making this teenage wet dream cum on his fat cock! He now grabbed two handfuls of her hair as he pulled her head roughly back and entered the throes of what must have been a fucking overwhelming orgasm! His fat cheeks shook and he fucked his cock up into my girlfriend's taut cunt until her knees lifted off the floor! His eyes flung open, rolled back in his head and his whole fat frame shook as he pumped his seed into her while reveling in his ecstasy.

What seemed like a minute passed before his body stopped jerking his dick into her cum oozing pussy. The sight of this was too much for me. With an incredible rush, I too lost my load. I came like crazy, spurting all over the garage wall as I barely succeeded in stifling my groans of pleasure.

As I regained my vision I could see both Leigh and Steve hurriedly dressing. Seems all of a sudden they were in a rush. I took my leave, quickly zipping along the drive to silently open the back door and duck into the house to resume drinking my beer as if nothing had happened. The couple walked in a few moments later, shocked to see me sitting there.

Leigh tried to cover her flushed state and surprise by stammering, "I thought you went with Dad...?"

"Nah. I've been here all along, just drinkin' on my own. You guys were out there a while..."

"Yeah," said the bastard Steve, the bastard who had just fucked the shit out my girlfriend and still showed a few signs of it, "your girlfriend loves it out there. She didn't want to leave. She could smoke all day if you gave her the chance. Once she starts, there's just no stopping her."

"You know it, man," I smirked into my beer. That would give them something to think about.

To be continued...

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