tagFetishSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 02

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 02


Spying On My Neighbor II

I now know I am the luckiest person on the earth. Some would say that a gift like mine should be used for good and not abused, etc... Blah blah blah... We are only human and are on this earth for a shot time so why not enjoy it.

It has been a month now since I realized that I have this new gift of being able to become invisible with just a sneeze and I have put my gift to good work. I can't even explain the fun I have had. Anything from sneaking around the girls dressing rooms in stores, the girls locker room at school, girl's restrooms, and neighbors' houses. I have seen all kinds of things from girls showering at school to complete strangers getting totally nude to try on a swimsuit. I have also seen girls use the bathroom and all kinds of other private actions.

I just love spying on girls who don't know I am there doing things they would never do in front of anyone. Of all the fun I have had, the best times I have are at my neighbors house. She is a total sex fiend. I find a way into her house at least twice a week to watch her do all kinds of nasty things that make me cum so hard I feel like am going o pass out.

Just a couple of days ago my neighbor was out doing some yard work and I took the opportunity to sneak into her house. I checked to see if she had gotten any new movies or toys and to my disappointment she had not. I went into her bedroom and fished a used pair of panties out of her hamper. They were a small pair of cotton thongs and had a definite stain in the crotch. I slowly raised them to my nose and inhaled her beautiful aroma. I was rock hard in seconds and couldn't put down her panties as my entire libido was drawn into the heavenly musk of the smell of her arousal.

I poked around her house some more then decided to sit and wait for her to come back in from her yard work. It was a hot day and I could see her in her yard in a thin tank top and very short shorts. Her sweat was making the thin material of the white tank top cling to her skin and become slightly transparent. At one point she was taking some weeds she had pulled to her trash can and I could see her beautiful tits bounce with her step as the underside of them was completely visible through the wet fabric. The heat must have been getting to her because she came into the house shortly after.

I followed her around her house wondering if she was going to do anything worthwhile. She got a cold drink from the fridge and then headed upstairs to her room where she striped out of her sweaty clothing and then took another long drink from her glass. There she was, standing there completely naked with a beautiful sheen of sweat on her skin. I was so hot for her all I wanted to do was touch her, but knew I couldn't. She walked across the hall to the bathroom and started the shower.

"YES!" I said to myself. Seeing her cares herself, even in a non sexual way, was such a turn n for me. I still have not gotten over the whole idea that watching women and girls during their most intimate of times was such a turn on for me.

My neighbor stepped into the shower, and again, I was very glad that she had plain glass shower doors so I could see in. I knew that the shower doors wouldn't be steaming up because she most likely would be taking a cold shower to cool off a little bit. Shortly after she stepped into the shower her nipples got so hard I thought they were going to pop right off of her gorgeous tits. I could see her shiver as she got herself completely wet.

Then she did something that amazed me, she stepped back leaned against the wall thrusting her pelvis out slightly and started to piss right there in the shower. Not a little dribble mind you, but a full stream that shot out a good foot in front of her. Here I thought that guys were the only ones that pissed in the shower. Not only was she starting to piss right in front of me but she stated to fondle her tits as she pissed. With cock in hand I was stroking like mad. Her stream lasted a good twenty seconds or more. She could really piss. She washed herself and then shut the shower off.

She stepped out of the shower and I figured she would get dressed and make some dinner or something as it was starting to get dim outside. I couldn't have been more wrong. She opened some drawers and cupboards removing items and placing them on the countertop. It was some lube a couple towels and an enema bag with nozzle. She then went into the bedroom and got a fairly large but plug and then a bottle of white whine from her dining room. I was very confused, but knew I would find out soon enough.

She filled the enema bag with water and laid a towel out on the bathroom floor. She hung the bag on a towel ring on the wall and got on all fours on the floor in front of me. All I wanted to do was mount this stunning sex goddess from behind and ride her all night long. She inserted the nozzle into her ass and released the clip to start the flow of water. I took a seat directly behind her a couple feet back and watched and she started to moan. Soon she was rubbing her pussy and inserting one and then two fingers into her pussy that I could now see was sopping wet. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was getting off on giving herself an enema.

Soon the bag was almost empty and she reached back and clamped the clip shutting off the flow and slowly pulling out the nozzle from her ass. She quickly got up and sat on the toilet letting out a huge sigh as I heard the stream of water hissing into the bowl. Again she started rubbing her pussy as the water exited her body. It took a long time to get all of that water out of her body. I guess it was pretty high up there, but I wasn't complaining. I was enjoying the show. Once she was empty she took one of the rags and cleaned herself off then emptied the enema bag of it's water and started to fill it with the white wine. She didn't put too much in maybe three or four glasses full I figured.

Then it was back into position. The nozzle was inserted and 'click' went the clip as the flow of whine entered her body. She started moaning as soon as the first drop hit her insides. This time instead of fingering her pussy she grabbed the lube and but plug and started coating it gently as the bag emptied. Once the bag was empty she slowly removed the nozzle and kept her ass as tight as she could. I could see her straining to keep all of the whine in her ass. She reached back and slowly but firmly pushed the plug into her tight anal ring. It took a minute or two to get all of the way in, and I loved the show of seeing her beautiful anus stretch to accommodate the intruder that was now acting like a cork.

As soon as the plug was in place she slowly stood up and started to leave the bathroom. I has to hurry backwards so she wouldn't step on me as she went downstairs to her living room. She grabbed her remote and turned on the TV and DVD player. I guess she already had a movie in there. I forgot to check the DVD player earlier when I was looking around. I always like to see what kind of movies she watched.

As the menu came up she reached into the side table drawer and got out a decent sized dildo and a pair of nipple clamps attached by a chain. She placed the clamps on her nipples and then sat back in the couch. She opened her legs and I could see the plug still in her ass. Her eyes looked strange and her movements were starting to look a little odd. I wondered if you could get drunk from putting whine in your ass... I had no idea, but from what I was seeing I guess you could.

She started the movie and I turned to see what it was. It seemed pretty low budget for a DVD, but I guess you never know what you will get when you buy a porn movie. The movie started a little strange. It just seemed to be someone following a girl around with a camera and filming her without her knowing. She looked like a porn actress, but it is always hard to tell when they are clothed. A new scene opened and it was a guy picking a lock of a house and sneaking in. He snuck up into a bedroom and there she was sleeping. He had a bottle and a rag and dumped some sort of liquid on it then rammed the rag over the girls face. She struggled a little and was soon out cold. I'm guessing the liquid must have been something to knock her out.

Once the girl was out, the guy removed her panties and t-shirt that she was sleeping in. He started doing all kinds of things to her. He started by fingering her pussy and ass. Ramming his cock into her mouth and slapping her face with it. Soon he was fucking her hard while she was out cold.

I turned, to see my neighbor ramming her dido into her pussy just as fast as the guy on the screen was fucking the girl, maybe even faster. She definitely looked drunk now. Her eyes were all bloodshot and her face was flushed, although that could be from the brutal fucking she was giving herself. I am not be one to be left out, and was stroking my cock to a new found hardness. My neighbor took one hand and started pushing on the plug as she fucked her cunt with the dildo.

On the screen the guy had rolled the girl over onto her stomach and was fucking her ass hard. Soon I could hear him moaning and his thrusts got much more urgent, an then he slowed. As he pulled out you could see deep into the girls ass. My neighbor was going wild and was soon climaxing herself. Her eyes were glued to the screen, and as I looked, the guys white cum was oozing out of the passed out girls' ass.

My neighbor slumped down into the couch and let go of the dildo inside of her. It slowly slid out of her used cunt and flopped onto the floor with a loud PLOP, as she fondled her tits with one hand, and rubbed her pussy with the other. After a minute or two she got up and walked upstairs into the bathroom and hoped into the shower. I knew she was drunk now from the way she moved.

She left the shower door open and stated to squat in the shower. She started to grunt and I could see the plug start to move. She was trying to push out her plug and what was left of the whine. Soon I heard a loud POP as the plug shot out of her ass. As soon as that plug that was acting as a cork was gone, I could hear the hissing of the rest of the whine as it flowed out of her gaping anus. The plug bounced around the shower and ended near the drain.

She turned on the shower to a gentle stream and laid down in the tub along with her used plug, gaping ass and sopping pussy. She was rubbing her pussy again and I couldn't contain myself. I started to rub my rock hard cock. She was half passed out and I needed to cum so bad I felt like my balls were gong to explode if I didn't.

Soon I felt my balls tighten and I was shooting ropes of cum all over her belly and pussy as far as I could shoot it. She didn't even move and I had noticed that her hand had stopped moving and her eyes were closed. She was passed out as my cum ran off of her body and down the drain. I made my way out of the house and back home where I passed out thinking about the night. I loved this more than anything else in life.

Thank you,


If you liked this story please let me know. I don't care much about my ratings, but I look forward to feedback.

Thank you!

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