tagFetishSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 04

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 04


I didn't sleep more than an hour total last night. I couldn't! I was way too excited, and I have no idea how many times I masturbated thinking of what happened. Not only did I get to fuck my beautiful neighbor, but I also told someone about my secret. I still don't know if she will believe the note I left her, telling her that I can turn invisible, but I'll find out soon enough. I thought about what I wrote:

"I hope you enjoyed yourself, I know I did. You are great. I think we can have a lot of fun together. Just in case you are confused, I can turn myself invisible. I know this sounds like a cheap B-movie, but trust me, it is true. If you want proof, go to the mall tomorrow to the Lingerie store at 12:00. Wear a skirt and no panties."

It was shortly after dawn, and I just had to go back over to my neighbor's house to see what was going on. The suspense was killing me. I sneezed myself into invisibility and then proceeded to go over to the back of her house. I tried the back door and found it locked. I looked in all of the windows of the house and didn't see my neighbor anywhere. The front door was locked as well. Maybe she wasn't awake yet, but one thing I did notice was, the last note I left for her was gone, so I figured she must have read it.

I went home, got dressed, and made myself some breakfast. It was the weekend and family was starting to stir in the house. I needed to cut the lawn today so I figured I would get right to it. If my neighbor was sleeping-in, The sound of the mower might get her to stir a little. I started on the far side of the lawn and worked my way closer to her house. At one point I was dumping the grass from the collection bag into the refuse bin and sneezed from the dust. I quickly smacked myself in the nose looking around to see if anyone noticed, and sneezed again back into visibility. Whoo! Close call!

As I got closer to my neighbors house I saw her come out into her back yard taking the trash out. I waved to her and she waved back with a smile on her face. I cut the mower and walked over to the edge of our yards trying to get her attention.

As I got closer I asked, "I am looking for some extra cash, would you like me to mow your yard for you?"

"That would be great, Thanks! It is supposed to get really hot today, and I was dreading working outside in the heat, plus I have to run an errand to the mall around noon today." My neighbor said with a smile.

"How much are you going to charge me for your services", she said looking around her yard, seeing it desperately needed attention.

"Twenty bucks and I'll take care of the lawn refuse as well" I said in reply.

"Deal!" she said and turned to walk toward her house.

I went back to mowing the lawn but kept an eye on my neighbor through the windows of her house. It was easy to see into her house as I was now close to the boundary of our lawns. I could see she was getting close to go to the mall, and I was almost finished with my yard.

I moved the mower into my neighbors yard and walked back to my house. I quickly stripped and turned invisible. I ran back over to my neighbors house to find her garage open. I climbed into the back seat of her car and waited for her to go to the mall.

A few minutes later she got in the car and we were off to the mall. It was very difficult to be in such close proximity and stay quiet. Lucky for me she kept the radio on fairly loud.

We arrived at the mall and parked in the lot. It was fairly busy and there were plenty of cars around. My neighbor got out of the car and after she got about four or five cars away I slowly got out of the back seat. I caught up to my neighbor and stayed a few feet behind her going through the mall. She was looking around an awful lot and she looked a little nervous.

It was about forty five minutes until noon and she was taking her time looking around. No doubt to try to calm her self down. After about fifteen minutes or so of shopping she headed off to the bathroom. Since I got my gift I had been in many women's bathrooms, but never to watch a specific person.

She went into the furthest stall and closed the door. I really didn't wan ot lay down on the floor of the mall bathroom, so I went into the stall next to her and locked the door. I stood on the toilet and looked over the top of the wall.

To my amazement, my neighbor didn't come in here to use the bathroom, but was sitting there leaning back masturbating in a public bathroom stall. She had her skirt pulled up around her waist and was rubbing her pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other. I instantly got hard watching her. She soon started to slide her fingers in and out of her now slippery slit and I could hear her breathing heavy.

Soon she stopped rubbing her pussy and peeled her wet lips apart. She then started to piss into the toilet. This was so hot. Right here in the mall with tons of people coming in and out, my neighbor was putting on a show for me and she didn't even know I was there.

She finished and cleaned up heading off to the lingerie store. I followed closely and we were soon there. She entered and looked around. A clerk approached and asked if she could help.

"What? Oh. No, I'm fine, thank you" she replied, clearly nervous.

She started to look around at different bras and then made her way to the panties. There wasn't too many people in the store at that time, but a few girls shopping for odds and ends. As she approached the panty tables I followed her looking at first the plain every day panties, then she started to look over at the thongs and real panties. When I could tell no one was looking, I leaned over and picked up a pair I liked and tossed them in the air right in front of her.

She let out a gasp and one of the sales people turned to look. She slowly looked away and then my neighbor started to look around franticly. I did it again with a different pair of thongs that were just a string.

She looked around, and then whispered "are you here, are you real?"

I leaned in close to her ear and whispered back "spread your legs".

She spun around and looked all over. I could see her breathing heavy, and looking confused. She slowly went back to browsing the panties, leaned against the table a little and spread her legs. I squatted behind her and gently placed my hand on her calf. She jumped a little, but calmed down soon enough. I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her long legs. She was shaking and it was turning me on. I slid up her skirt and found her pussy soaked. She was so wet, and excited it was almost dripping.

I parted her lips and slid two fingers into her cunt. She let out a long breath and stopped shaking as much. I slowly started to slide my finger deeper into her hot slit. I looked up and realized that she had closed her eyes, and had been enjoying the moment too much. I looked around and saw a concerned clerk on her way over. I quickly pulled my hand out of her and she opened her eyes in a snap.

"Are you OK" the clerk asked?

"Oh, yes, sorry, it is just so hot out I was enjoying the air conditioning" my neighbor quickly said with a smile.

She held up the two pair of panties I had tossed in the air, and asked "Do you have these in a medium"?

"Oh, let me see" the clerk said as she helped to find the panties for my neighbor.

As the clerk looked on the table for the right size in front of my neighbor, I slid my hand back up her skirt. She jumped a little but held her ground. I was able to slide my fingers into her cunt a few more times before the clerk held up two pair of panties for my neighbor.

"Here you go, will you need to try them on?" the clerk was still looking at her strangely, but smiling.

"Yes please, where are your changing rooms" my neighbor said looking around.

"Right this way" the clerk motioned to my neighbor to follow her.

She led us to the changing rooms and I ducked into them first almost bumping into the clerk as she opened the door. Because this was a lingerie store, the doors were full height so no one could look in on the changing girls.

"You need to keep a better eye out so we don't get caught if you want to have fun like this" I whispered to her.

"Who are you, and how can you be invisible"? She asked as she reached out and touched me, quickly pulling her hand back in shock.

I reached out and grabbed her hand. She initially gave a little resistance and then let me move her hand. I pulled it towards my body and placed it on my rock hard cock. I had gotten so hard fingering her in the store I thought I would die. She let out a moan at the feel of my cock and immediately started to stroke it. Feeling pretty confident, I decided to be a little bold.

I whispered to her "If you suck my cock I will tell you who I am and everything about this situation".

I figured that if she was willing to meet me here, then she would do this.

She sat down on the changing room seat and started to attack my cock. She closed her eyes as I'm sure it was strange to not see who you were blowing. He mouth was hot compared to the air conditioning and soon she was sucking like a mad woman. She had a hand up her skirt, and was fingering her pussy as she sucked me off.

Then she did something I have never felt before. She stopped sucking and stuck out her tongue. Then slowly she started to push forward. It was the most amazing feeling and soon she had her nose pressed against my pubes and her tongue was licking my balls. Not only did my neighbor know how to pleasure herself, but she could deep throat as well.

I reached down and grabbed two fists full of hair. A moaning 'Uh Huh' was confirmation enough as she nodded her head. I started to pull her mouth back and forth along my cock, sliding it down her throat. I had never even imagined what this might feel like or even knew the words to describe how turned on I was, but all I knew was that I was not going to last long.

Soon I was thrusting like mad and my neighbor was moaning strange sounds as I thrust in and out of her throat. The first wave I swear I felt start building from my feet. It came up through my body and erupted into her throat. A small choking sound was brief, but then my neighbor began swallowing like there was no tomorrow.

Rope after rope shot out of the head of my cock as I held it deep in her mouth. I slowly withdrew my cock as my neighbor gasped for breath through her nose until my cock was clear and she could take a deep breath through her mouth.

I then realized that she had been fingering her sloppy cunt the whole time she was sucking on my cock. Just the thought was enough to get the blood flowing again, but I did tell her I would explain.

"Get cleaned up and meet me at your car, I will explain everything on the way back to your house" I said as I watched her try to pull herself together.

"What makes you think I am taking you to my house" she said kind of taken-back.

"Well, to start off with, you are dying to find out what is really going on, and second, I promise not to do anything tricky until I am done telling you everything" I said smiling.

"Let's go then". She almost sounded annoyed a little.

I followed her through the mall and once we got outside I started to talk to her.

"Now that we can talk I will start to explain" I said as she jumped a little. I guess she didn't know I was so close.

"Before I begin, let me ask you one question" I said looking at her for some kind of reaction. She was on a mission to get to her car and find out everything.

"Sure" was her only response.

"Have you had fun with everything that has happened so far" I asked as we got to the car.

She saw her passenger door open and must have guessed I had gotten in, as she was looking right at me, but didn't know it.

"Very much so" she said with a smile.

"Now please explain, you are starting to make me a little nervous" She was paying attention to driving now as we pulled out of the parking lot.

"Well, let me just say one thing. I should be at your house right now mowing your yard" I let the end of the sentence trail off a little afraid to say it. But, there, it was said. I couldn't take it back. To top it off I started to tickle my nose and as I did so I said "don't crash the car or scream" then sneezed.

Boom! There I was stark naked in her passenger seat completely visible. She jumped a little and then regained her composure.

"What!? You mean this whole time it was you spying on me, watching me, and fucking me". She sounded a little wound up, but I guess I couldn't blame her.

"Yes, now let me explain, but I really don't want to sit here in the passenger seat visible and naked". I made myself invisible and she almost lost control of the car watching me this time.

I spent the rest of the drive explaining everything that had happened that led up to this point. I noticed what I thought was my neighbor breathing heavy a few times, but wasn't sure.

We arrived back at her house and went inside. She said she wanted to see me, so once we were inside I sneezed myself visible again. I was finishing telling her what had happened and thought I'd add some extra detail from the night before to see if it had an effect on her.

"So after you passed out, I was so turned on to be able to just use your body any way I wanted, I tried to think of something really kinky. Something if you were awake you might not let me try. That is when I realized I needed to pee. After I unloaded my cum in your ass and I started to soften, I just relaxed and emptied my bladder into your well fucked anus." As I described this my neighbor started rubbing her pussy right there in front of me.

I guess after everything we had done there was no reason to be bashful anymore, so I continued.

"After I had finished pissing into your ass you started to stir from the feeling I was giving you. I quickly pulled out of your ass and watched it close just in time so nothing leaked out. You must have a very talented anus."

My neighbor smiled and said "you have no idea".

I smiled back as I continued with my description while I watched her pull her skirt up and finger her cunt with three fingers at once.

"I shot to the far corner of the room and watched you look around and then go to the bathroom. I followed you and then saw what you did."

With this my neighbor's eyes widened and she started to slam her little digits into her sloppy hole.

"I saw you masturbate while you expelled the gift I had left for you. You were really getting off on it weren't you" I asked with a smile.

Gasping with breath my neighbor answered "oh yes, very much so".

I stood up and walked over to where she was sitting. My neighbor immediately engulfed my cock in her mouth. Grabbing the back of her head I started to fuck her throat.

"Well you think your ass it talented, let's see how well trained it really is" I said looking her directly in the eyes.

She pulled off my cock, dropped to all-fours on the floor and flipped her skirt up to reveal her ass.

Standing over her I said, "it's one thing to be able to not spill after I am finished with you on bottom, but it's a whole separate skill to be able to do it if you are on top."

She looked at me puzzled for a second, then quickly moved to let me lie down on the floor, cock sticking straight up in the air.

My neighbor turned around facing my feet and got on all-fours with her head between my shins. I had a great view of her ass as she reached back and started to finger her ass with the fingers that were still slick with pussy juice.

Once she had three fingers sliding in and out easily she sat up and squatted over my cock getting ready to impale herself.

She grasped my cock, placing the head at the entrance to her beautiful ass. Slowly she slid down the shaft in one slow stroke. She was now sitting on my pelvic bone with my cock fully embedded into her tight anus.

I thought she was going to ride me like this, but she had other plans. She inserted her fingers back into her pussy which felt very strange. I could feel them on the underside of my cock. Soon she found the sensitive glands on the underside just below the head and started to rub the glands with her fingers.

She was actually stroking my cock from inside her pussy while I was inside her ass. Soon she started to milk the base of my cock with the muscles of her anus in combination to her manipulations.

The feeling was so amazing. I can not even put it into words. As soon as she added the slow gyration of her hips, that was it. I started to shoot my cum deep into her ass. I'm not sure if she could feel it, or if it was just the thought of me filling her ass with my hot cum, but my neighbor started to cum at the same time as me.

She pulled her fingers from her used cunt, and stopped gyrating her hips. She kept milking the base of my cock with her anus after I came. She wanted to get every drop of my cum into her ass she could.

My cock soon started to deflate and she started to pull off.

I grabbed her hips ad said "where are you going"?

Looking over her shoulder she said "I want to show you I can keep a good seal and not leak as I pull off your cock".

"I'm not done filling your ass yet. You got off so much on me filling your ass last time I'm going to do it again. Now just sit still and enjoy the feeling."

A gasp escaped my neighbor's lips as her hand shot down to her pussy again. I had the slight feeling of needing to pee from when we were at the mall. Now I really needed to go, although I hadn't drank much today.

I tried to relax, but her masturbating was distracting me. There was no way in hell I was going to ask her to stop though. I needed to learn to have better control. I concentrated and finally started to feel the muscles relax.

Just as the first wave shot out of my cock, my neighbor exploded in an orgasm feeling the heat filling her ass. This much movement of course, made me clamp the muscles closed again. After my neighbor started to come down from her climax, I released the rest into her hot ass.

She started to moan and kept rubbing her pussy. There wasn't very much, due to my lack of fluid intake that day, but enough to enjoy. I was finished and my neighbor was panting and rubbing her pussy still. I could see beads of sweat on her glistening back, rolling down to where my cock was still firmly inserted in her tight anus.

"Now show me how talented your ass is. I don't want you to spill a drop."

My neighbor stopped rubbing her pussy and started to slide her ass off of my cock. The feeling was intense. Her tight anal ring sliding and squeezing my limp cock was great. She got almost to the tip and slowed down. She started squeezing even harder and started to rise up again. My cock-head popped out of her ass as her anus snapped shut.

I now had no question about what kind of muscle control my neighbor had. After being able to constantly milk my cock and still keep a tight seal, I knew she must giver her ass a good work out very often.

My neighbor ran to the bath room with me close behind. She sat down on the toilet and started rubbing her clit furiously. She came again as her ass emptied everything I had given her.

Looking directly into her eyes, I simply said "with my gift we are going to have a lot of fun in a lot of great locations!"



If you liked this story please let me know. I don't care much about my ratings, but I look forward to feedback.

Thank you!

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