tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 05

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 05


The next week was a blur. It didn't take long for me to convince my parents I was helping my neighbor with chores around her yard and house for some extra money. In their eyes, this explained why I had been spending so much time over at my neighbor's house. They didn't mind either. They figured it would teach me responsibility.

So here I am my last summer before I go off to college and I am already getting the best education I could imagine. My sexy neighbor is teaching me about all kinds of fun and kinky things to do. On top of all that I was thinking up all kinds of situations for us to utilize my invisibility to our advantage.

My neighbor took me to places I had never thought of. Sure I could go to the mall and see girls in their underwear and bras trying on different outfits in dressing rooms or when they think they are alone in a bathroom, but you still couldn't see much. She introduced me to the women's locker room at her fitness club, women's changing areas at the public pools, and best of all her gynecologist's office.

I would sit in the waiting room and wait for a beautiful woman or girl to be called into the back and just follow her into the exam room. There I would see them undress from the waist down and get up into the stirrups. Their beautiful pussies would be perfectly exposed to my gaze and I could be just inches away without them knowing. I saw so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some trimmed, some hairy, and some shaved bald. Not only that, but then the doctor would come in and spread them wide open for their exams. I didn't know what a speculum was at first, but soon learned. The best was the women with a tipped-uterus because the doctors had to insert a finger into their anus as a part of the exam.

How cool was that! Seeing random beautiful women getting anally fingered right in front of me, what could be better? I knew they weren't enjoying it, but I didn't care. It was the sneakiness of it all. I guess it was the fact that I had this freedom to see all this without anyone knowing.

There was one time I went to the gyno-office with my neighbor and followed her into the exam room. I don't know how long doctors normally take to get to the room after calling the patients, but at this office, they took forever. I used this time to have some fun.

Once my neighbor was bottomless, on the exam table, and had her feet in the stirrups, I moved in very close. I was kneeling at the foot of the table with my face about a foot from her bald pussy. I quietly licked my index finger and gently touched her pussy parting the lips a little. Just as she was realizing that I was touching her I jammed my finger into her cunt in one deep stroke.

My neighbor let out a loud scream then must have realized what was happening and quickly calmed down, but it was too late. A nurse came busting into the room.

"Is everything OK in here" said the nurse looking at my neighbor puzzled.

As she looked at her I didn't remove my finger, but started to move it in and out slowly.

"Sorry for the scream, but the stirrups are a lot colder than I thought they were going to be" my neighbor said to get rid of the nurse.

"Oh, OK. You gave me quite a start out here in the hall. Let me know if you need anything" the nurse said as she left the room and closed the door.

"DAMN IT! You scared the crap out of me, don't do that" my neighbor said as I added a second finger into her moistening hole.

I didn't say anything in response; I just placed my mouth over her clit and started to suck. Adding a third finger and the suction from my mouth was enough to make her hit a quick orgasm. She bit her lip and tried not to scream again as her body convulsed on the table.

"I need you to fuck me, but there is no way I want cum dripping out of my used pussy as the doctor exams me." My neighbor said with a sad tone to her voice.

"No problem! You have more than one hole that is good for fucking." I said as I slid two fingers into her anus that was still slick from her pussy drippings.

My neighbor moaned as my fingers slid in and out of her tight anal ring. Slowly she loosened up and I could tell she was ready. Seeing her sitting there in the stirrups waiting for me to fuck her tight ass was so erotic.

I placed the head of my cock at her dripping pussy entrance and in one full stroke entered her coating my shaft in her juices. She moaned quietly with pleasure and whispered for me to hurry.

I then withdrew my rock solid shaft and placed it at her anal bud. As I applied pressure it looked like her ass was caving in for no reason. The look of me sodomizing her while invisible was still the best sight I could imagine. Slowly I could see her anus open up and I started sliding into her. I paused for a brief second once all the way into her letting her ass get used to me. Once she started to squeeze her anal ring around my cock I knew she was ready.

Knowing we didn't have a lot of time I started to saw in and out of her now gaping anus. Seeing the skin of her anus being pushed in and then pulled back out as my invisible cock fucked her ass hole was fantastic. I increased the pace and she started to finger her pussy as her breaths came in short bursts.

She started milking my cock again while I was pounding into her rectum and I could feel my balls begin to tighten. My neighbor began to convulse as quietly as she could right there on the exam table as her orgasm ripped through her body. This caused her anus to clamp shut increasing the friction ten-fold. I couldn't hold on any longer. I started to shoot my cum deep into her guts as rope after rope filled her rectum.

I quickly withdrew my cock and grabbed a tissue to wipe her pussy with. As I was quickly drying her pussy and ass I herd someone outside the door pick up the chart out of its holder. I shot across the room to the garbage can and tossed the tissue in as the door opened.

Entering the room was my neighbor's doctor as they greeted each other.

"Good afternoon and how are we feeling today?" the doctor said to my neighbor.

"Great, thank you" she responded still trying to catch her breath with out making it too obvious.

"Good to hear, let's get started then" the doctor said as she grabbed her stool and scooted to right in front of my neighbor's pussy.

"My, you are pretty raw today, is everything feeling ok?" The doctor said as she proceeded with her exam of my neighbor's beautiful pussy.

"Just fine, I have been pretty active lately, that's all" my neighbor responded with a huge grin on her face the doctor couldn't see.

"I hope you are being safe in your choices" the doctor said as she finished her exam.

"Oh! I am always safe. Never anything out of the ordinary" my neighbor said to her Gyno with a load of my cum deep in her ass.

The doctor threw her gloves away, and grabbed the chart saying "go ahead and get dressed, I will see you out front". She then left the room and shut the door.

"That was so close! It was amazing!" she said as she stood up off of the exam table. "How much did you cum in me, it feels like a half gallon. I can't hold onto this the whole way home".

She then did something that shocked me. She walked over and grabbed the small waste basket from the corner near where I was standing. She planted it in the middle of the room and placed a leg on either side of it. Standing directly over the waste basket she started to rub her pussy as she closed her eyes and moaned. Then she started fingering her pussy until I could hear it get sloppy wet again. She stopped just before she made herself cum and placed a hand on either thigh. She squatted just a little more and looked between her legs. I herd her ass start to bubble out my cum as I saw a long strand of whitish-clear semen hanging from her ass-hole.

"Oh god, I can tell there is a lot in there. Do you want me to just push it out fast or let it leak out slowly?" she asked knowing I must be on my knees watching.

"The slower the better, but don't get rid of all of it, I have something I know you will like" I said with a huge grin on my face.

Instead of pushing my cum out of her ass she just let her anus relax and the thick cum continued to slowly leak out. There was a strand hanging from her ass about 6 inches long before it broke off and dripped into the waste basket. Then another long rope of semen came sliding out of her beautiful anus. When she could tell it was almost all gone she clamped her ass shut and stood up.

"Go ahead and put you panties back on" I said to her with a smile.

She slid her panties back on as I replaced the waste basket to its proper location.

Turning back to her I said "face away from my voice and bend over slightly. Then I want you to push the rest out into your panties and finish getting dressed".

I saw a huge smile spread across her face as she was turning away from me. My neighbor bent over slightly and I could hear the rest being pushed out of her ass into her clean panties. I could easily see the wet spot forming on the back side of her ass as the rest of my hot cum leaked from her anus. She quickly slid her pants on and reached for the door to leave.

I cam up behind her and whispered in her ear "I know you like to be reminded how dirty you really are and now you will feel it the whole way home".

I followed her through the exits and to her car after she had set up her next appointment. The whole time knowing she was leaking my cum from her ass into her panties and letting it rub all over her ass.

I have really come to like running errands with my neighbor. We never know where we will end up next.



If you liked this story please let me know. I don't care much about my ratings, but I look forward to feedback.

Thank you!

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