tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 07

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 07


Getting to play with Suzanne the way I did was a dream come true. It was well worth the walk home from the club completely naked and invisible. At least it was summer and the weather was nice.

I went back to the club the next morning and got my clothes out of the locker I had left them in. Suzanne wasn't working, although I was still hoping I would see her.

While at the club, I couldn't stop thinking about the night before and got very hot. I decided that I needed some release, so I went back into the locker room, stripped and made myself invisible with a simple sneeze. I then made my way to the women's locker room and to the showers. It was like watching some kind of voyeur video, but in person.

There were all kinds on naked women. Most of them were very fit from working out at the club, but a couple that were not. There was this one woman. She had a perfect body and was just starting to wash her body as I saw her. I was already hard and started to stroke my cock watching her. She slathered her beautiful tits with soap and even had to lift them to wash underneath they were so large. Rubbing her hands all over her body while turning around under the shower, was giving me a great view of her body.

She even raised her knee a little bit to wash her leg and I could see that even though she had a little hair above her slit, she kept her pussy lips completely smooth. When she started to rinse off her pussy that did it for me. I walked over to where the stack of clean towels were and shot a huge load all over the top towel. It would be a nice surprise for the next one of these beautiful ladies that got out of the shower.

I grabbed my stuff, got dressed and got out of there. The rest of the day I used to try to come up with what to do with Suzanne if she actually arrived at my neighbors house as the note had said.

The rest of the week went by so slow, that I swear time was going backwards sometimes. I tried to make time go by as fast as I could, but not much seemed to help.

Finally Saturday was here. Tonight was the night. I wasn't sure if Suzanne would show up, and if she did would she cooperate with us. There was only one way to find out. Plow forward and hope for the best.

I had told my neighbor that I wanted to get together tonight as we did most Saturdays, but I had something special planned and that she should go to the sex store and pick up some new toys. I didn't tell her what toys to get, but told her to choose some that would be fun. Telling her all of this got her very hot and she said she was already getting wet with anticipation. I said that it was going to be a late night and to not be home until 10:30 or a little after.

Everything was set for Suzanne's arrival. I had the house all prepared, and the waiting was killing me. At 10:00 I was sitting at the front window stark naked and invisible, waiting for her arrival, but nothing yet. By 10:05 I was going crazy thinking she wouldn't show, but then saw her car pull up in front of the house. I recognized it from the fitness club parking lot. I could see her sitting in it with the engine still running. She must have been making one last decision on weather she should go through with this or not. Her curiosity must have won out, because she turned the car off and got out.

Suzanne looked up at the house and then looked at a piece of paper in her hand. It must have been the note I had written her. She looked around the quiet neighborhood and started to walk through the lawn and around the side of the house. She walked up to the Sunroom door and tried it. She almost looked surprised it was unlocked. She took a deep breath and entered the house.

As she closed the door and entered the sunroom she found a note in the doorway of the Sunroom leading into the main house.

"Thank you for coming here tonight. You will be completely safe and will not regret anything at the end. Make your way to the stairs and go on up."

Suzanne looked around and made her way into the house. She took her time and looked through most of the rooms finding just an ordinary house as she made her way to the staircase. She still looked very nervous, but very interested at the same time. On the first step she found her next instruction.

"As you climb these stairs, realize that you will be having the time of your life soon. When you reach the top go into the bathroom and you can freshen up. You will also find a glass of wine waiting for you".

She smiled big and made her way up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Turning at the top, she could see the bathroom. Suzanne entered the bathroom and found the glass of wine with another note.

"Please remove all of your clothes. If you need to freshen up, feel free. The wine is also yours if you want it. Once you are ready, make your way across the hall to the master bedroom."

Suzanne looked out the door of the bathroom and walked to it. She looked across the hall into the master bedroom and then down the hall the other way.

"Hello, is anyone here"? Suzanne asked in an unsure voice.

Upon not getting a response she re-entered the bathroom and took a long drink from the wineglass. She placed the note back down and looked around again. She then started to remove her top. She pulled her thin top over her head revealing her beautiful tits, as she was not wearing a bra. She folded her top and placed it on the counter next to the sink. She then started to undo her jeans she was wearing. She slid them down and kicked them off leaving her in just a string thong that made her gorgeous ass look even better.

Se grabbed her jeans folded them and placed them on top of her folded top. She looked at herself in the mirror and then proceeded to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Her back was to me and as she bent over sliding the panties down her legs I got a great view. The string was so far up her crack that it didn't seem like it wanted to come out. As Suzanne bent over, her ass cheeks parted and I could see the sides of her little rose bud on either side of the string that was stuck to her anus. She slid her panties off and placed them on top of her jeans.

Standing there looking at herself in the mirror she finished the rest of the wine and turned a bit to check out her ass in the mirror. She then walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid and sat down. I walked up to just a few feet away and with rock hard dick in hand, started stroking. A few seconds later I herd the hissing of her piss flowing into the toilet. She finished, cleaned up and made her way into the master bedroom.

There was another set of instructions on the bed, but she didn't go right over to it. In stead she was letting her curiosity go wild. She walked over to my neighbor's closet and opened it to look in. Finding nothing but women's clothes, she then moved to her nightstand. As she opened her nightstand drawer, her eyes became as big as they could.

She opened the drawer the whole way and found some of my neighbor's toys. She touched a large glass dildo and ran her fingers along another very large latex toy. She closed the drawer seeming excited now and grabbed the note from the bed.

"Under the pillow you will find a blind fold. Climb onto the center of the bed, and place the blindfold around your eyes so you can not see. Once your vision is covered, get on your hands and knees with your face and shoulders down on the bed. Make sure that your ass is as high in the air as possible and sticking out. We will be with you shortly."

Little did I know, but my neighbor had already arrived home and was making her way to the front door as Suzanne was placing her blindfold around her head. I had left a message for my neighbor on the front door so she wouldn't startle Suzanne when she got home.

"Please be quiet when you enter the house and I will be right with you" was all I wrote for my neighbor.

As Suzanne was assuming the position I herd the front door and so did Suzanne. Her head cocked to the side a little to listen, but she did not move. I made my way down the stairs and found my neighbor in the living room.

I crept up on her and whispered in her ear. "I have a present for you upstairs, what did you buy at the store"?

"OH, you scared me! I forget how good you can do that sometimes." My neighbor said startled.

I sneezed myself back so I was visible and my neighbor immediately saw my rock solid cock.

"What have you been doing while I was gone"? She asked.

I smiled and said "let me see what you bought and I'll tell you".

She opened the bag and pulled out a small package and handed it to me. It was a wireless remote control vibrating bullet. The kind you can use from far away if you want. She then pulled out a new butt plug that had an odd shape. It had one bulb at the tip that almost went back to nothing before flaring back out in it's normal plug shape. It wasn't too large compared to some of the plugs my neighbor owned, but was very interesting.

"I figured both of these would be good for wearing while we are out and about sometimes." She had a huge smile as she said this and then asked excitedly, "what's my gift?"

"Follow me upstairs and I'll show you but you have to be quiet." I said as I led her up the stairs.

As we entered the bedroom my neighbor froze in her tracks. She then looked at me wide eyed, looking for an answer. I motioned with y hands for to help herself, and followed her over to the bed.

Looking back at me after giving Suzanne a once-over with her eyes she whispered "she's perfect".

Hearing this Suzanne cocked her head and tried to hear more. I walked up behind Suzanne and placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks pulling them apart. My neighbor watched, as this strange girl was just sitting there letting me do this to her. As I pulled her cheeks, her puffy pussy lips started to part as well. Her gorgeous pink slit was now fully in view. My neighbor leaned in and inhaled deeply smelling this young girl in front of her.

I let go and leaned forward, closer to Suzanne's head, and in a half whisper asked "you are so beautiful, do you want us to make you feel good?"

A quiet "yes" escaped Suzanne's lips.

My neighbor leaned in as well, "what can we do to you my darling girl"?

Sounding very excited now, Suzanne answered, "anything you want".

With that my neighbor stood up, licked a finger and slid it all of the way into Suzanne's pink pussy. A moan escaped her lips as she pushed back onto the finger.

"She's really wet already, did you play with her before I got home" my neighbor asked me.

Suzanne must have now realized that I was in the house with her earlier but didn't seem to care.

"No, I didn't touch her, she must really like this if she is as wet as you say she is." I said this as I walked over to the side of the bed and climbed on.

My neighbor was now shoving two fingers into Suzanne as I climbed in front of her, leaned back against the pillows and placed a leg on either side of her head. I grabbed her head and guided her mouth to my balls.

"Don't' use your hands, I only want you to use your mouth on me" I said as she opened her mouth and started to lick my balls.

My neighbor was having too mush fun and didn't want to stop to undress, so she was undressing with one hand as the other one played with Suzanne's young cunt. What ever she was doing, it was causing Suzanne to moan which would send vibrations into my shaft every time she made a noise.

Soon she was swallowing about half of my shaft as my neighbor leaned in and started to lick her asshole while fingering her pussy. Suzanne came almost instantly as she let go of my cock to cry out in pleasure. I grabbed her head and shoved it back down to my balls shoving both into her mouth. She was moving my balls around her mouth with her tongue as my neighbor pulled away from Suzanne.

"She came as soon as I started to lick her asshole. She must really like anal stimulation. I think I really like this girl" my neighbor said as she walked over to the toys she had brought upstairs. She opened the bullet as Suzanne continued to lick like a crazy woman all over my sack and shaft. She couldn't take the whole thing in her mouth, but she most certainly liked to give head.

My neighbor walked back up behind Suzanne and slid the bullet into her pussy. Suzanne dropped my cock out of her mouth and sighed before starting to suck again. Turning the bullet on Suzanne started to hum with my cock in her mouth. She was whining as I could faintly hear the buzzing of the bullet.

My neighbor then licked her finger and slowly slid it into Suzanne's anus up to the first knuckle.

Dropping my cock again Suzanne screamed "OH GOD YES, PLEASE STICK SOMETHING UP MY ASS! YES!... YES!...."

She was way too into her anus being entered to pay attention to me, but I wasn't going to accept that. I would remind her I was here. I grabbed her head and moved it back down to my solid cock. The head was now purple and as she opened her mouth I pushed her head down until my cock hit the back of her throat.

She gagged a little and my neighbor used this distraction to push her finger the rest of the way in with one push.


As soon as she was done yelling I grabbed her head and jammed it back down onto my cock and started to pound the back of her throat. She was coughing and gagging, but every time she had the chance to catch her breath she was yelling "YES! YES!"

My neighbor shut off the bullet slid it out of her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her anus. Even though I was face fucking this little fuck toy, I could see her pushing against whatever was at the entrance to her ass. Pushing gently, the bullet slid in easily with all of the lube from her sopping cunt.

As soon as it was in Suzanne started to climax and shudder. I forced her head down onto my shaft as hard as I could as my orgasm overtook me. The first shot felt like a huge blast as it erupted from the head of my cock into her mouth. As soon as Suzanne felt the cock head swell she knew what was coming. She clamped her mouth around the shaft as tight as she could and started swallowing like mad. She was choking while continuous ropes of cum shot deep into her throat. I could see her face contort behind the blindfold as she struggled to swallow the last of my cum while my cock was still in her throat.

After I had finished and she had calmed down from her own climax, my neighbor let her collapse on the bed as wee stood in the middle of the room. My neighbor had a huge grin as she stared at Suzanne and then she spoke.

"I want to see your whole body, get off the bed and stand up for us" my neighbor said while never letting her gaze leave Suzanne's body.

Suzanne slid off the foot of the bed and stood right in front of us. Her glorious tits were wet with perspiration and now that she was standing, gravity was pulling all of her moistness out of her pussy and it was starting to run down her leg. You could also see the tip of the antenna wire from the remote bullet in her ass hanging just below her pussy and ass cheeks.

My neighbor then spoke to her again. "Take off the blindfold, I want to see if your face is as pretty as your body".

Suzanne took of the blindfold and squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light. She looked at my neighbor's beautiful body then looked at me starting at my cock and working her way up.

She recognized me as I spoke. "Suzanne here, once dated a friend of mine, and when I saw her the other day at the fitness club I belong to I knew she would be perfect for us to play with. I talked her into coming over here tonight even though she had no clue what she was in for".

Never letting her eyes leave Suzanne's young body, my neighbor said simply, "you came over here not knowing who I was or what we were going to do to you. You must have liked the mystery of it all very much. Did you get wet with anticipation thinking about what might happen here?"

Suzanne's face blushed a deep red, and dropped her head. "Yes, very much so."

My neighbor smiled and spoke. "You liked when I touched your ass and shoved things in it. You came so easily from anal stimulation, I want to see just how easily your ass can make you cum."

With that my neighbor held up the remote and turned on the wireless bullet that was deep in Suzanne's anus. Suzanne yelled as her eyes closed and her knees almost buckled. She grabbed each of her tits and started to squeeze as an orgasm rocked her body.

My neighbor stopped the bullet inside Suzanne and just smiled. There was more moisture on her inner thighs now, and she was breathing heavy again.

I looked at my neighbor and said "I want to see her try to push that thing out of her ass while it's vibrating. I want to see if she has any kind of anal muscle control."

My neighbor smiled as Suzanne's eyes got wide with a worried look about them.

"Go a head, squat for us, right there where you are standing." My neighbor commanded, and then continued. "I'm going to turn this on and we want to see you try to push it out while it is driving you crazy. Don't just push it out in one big push though. We want to see your little anus dilate as it comes out. Push it out as slow as you can".

My neighbor had a huge grin and lifted the control as Suzanne squatted down in front of us. From a standing position I couldn't see much looking down at her. And just as my neighbor turned on the remote I was sitting down in front of Suzanne to get a better look.

Suzanne started murmuring some kind of nonsense and moaning as I could see her anus slowly beginning to push out. My neighbor joined me sitting in front of Suzanne and it was like we had front row tickets to a great show.

Squatting there in front of us, Suzanne's hips were rocking slowly and with her eyes closed she was pinching each of her huge nipples, one in each hand. Her anus would start to bloom as we could hear the tone of the bullet change as her muscles bared-down to push it out, then it would close back up. This happened for about a minute. She must have had enough because her right hand shot down to her pussy and she shoved three fingers deep into her dripping hole. She jammed those fingers into herself so hard I figured she must be hurting herself. She came so hard she almost fell over while screaming.

Suzanne regained her composure and started to push the bullet out. Finally her anus bloomed open enough we were able to see the tip of the egg shaped vibrator. Slowly her ass opened more and more. Suzanne was holding her pussy wide open with both hands and was looking down between her legs so she could watch as well. She wanted to see her own ass expel this vibrating wonder.

Meanwhile my neighbor was fingering her own ass with two fingers and when Suzanne glanced up and saw this she shuddered and the egg came out with a little plop. Falling to the floor the egg bounced on the carpet and Suzanne leaned back and sat down facing us with her legs spread.

She started to masturbate again watching my neighbor finger her own ass, and to two of them were in their own world. I wanted to show Suzanne that my neighbor could take the full length of my cock down her throat now that I was rock hard again. Most girls don't believe there are real girls out there that can deep throat, so I stood up and straddled my neighbor's face.

My neighbor looked up at me and just opened her mouth. I slid it in to get it nice and wet, pulled back and then shoved the whole thing down her throat. I herd Suzanne gasp as I did this. From the sloshing I could hear coming from behind me I knew she was going crazy on her pussy again.

After fucking my neighbor's face for a minute, I dismounted her and stood aside. Looking at the two of them I said to Suzanne "Crawl forward and lick her pussy while she fingers her ass. Both of her holes need attention and you should help."

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