tagFetishSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 09

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 09


Suzanne was now fully initiated into the fun that my neighbor and I have, although we had only played with her twice. After a few talks, my neighbor and I decided to se just how kinky and trusting Suzanne really was.

The following weekend we decided to get together and have some fun. I had bought a video camera with some of the money I had. My neighbor wanted to run the show, and I followed her lead.

Suzanne pulled up in front of my neighbor's house at eight-o-clock. She got out of her car and approached the door.

My neighbor looked at me as she walked towards the door and simply stated "you might want to start recording now," as a wide smile graced her face.

Snatching the camera I followed her to the front door. It opened as soon as Suzanne rang the bell. Gave her a bit of a fright, but she calmed down when she saw my neighbor's face wearing a warm smile. After a quick hug and greetings Suzanne waited for my neighbor to invite her inside.

My neighbor calmly spoke to Suzanne, "you are not allowed into my house until you are completely naked."

Suzanne's eyes went wide, and her face turned deep crimson. She looked around, and that is when she saw me standing past my neighbor while holding the camera. She looked around the neighborhood; no one seemed to be in their front yard, but that didn't mean that no one would be driving by at any moment.

She shot a pleading look of worry at my neighbor, who stood her ground silent like a statue.

Suzanne slipped off her shoes and socks; handed them to my neighbor who carelessly tossed them into the house behind her. Next was her bra from underneath her top. She then hiked her skirt up and slid down her panties, kicking them into the house through the front door.

Anyone walking by would not notice anything strange, as Suzanne still had her skirt and top on. She took one last glance around the neighborhood and pulled her top quickly over her head, dropped her skirt to the ground, steped out of it, tossing both into the entrance of the house.

Suzanne was now standing on my neighbor's front step totally naked.

Looking at her calmly my neighbor said, "You may now enter my house."

Suzanne quickly dashed past my neighbor into the house and the door was shut behind her.

"You did as I asked" my neighbor said, as she walked past Suzanne into the living room.

"You deserve a reward. Get on your knees and you can lick my asshole as your reward."

As my neighbor said this, she turned around and dropped her pants down revealing that she was not wearing any panties underneath. She reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide. I dropped to the ground to get a better camera angle, as Suzanne moved in eagerly to lick my neighbor's puckered anal hole.

Suzanne started licking my Neighbor's anus holding her ass cheeks and pulling them apart. My neighbor released her grip and brought her hand to her cunt to stroke her clit and rub her soaking labia.

Soon, my neighbor was moaning and her head tilted back towards the ceiling. Her body started to shudder as she had her first climax of the evening.

Suzanne pulled away from my neighbor and started fingering her dripping wet slit right there on the tile floor of the foyer. My neighbor turned to see this and asked Suzanne a question.

"While licking my asshole you didn't so much as finger my pussy or ass; but as soon as you are done with me, you finger yourself. Do you think inserting things in your holes feels good?"

Suzanne looked at me; her hand drifted away from her pussy. She then looked back at my neighbor.

"Inserting anything feels wonderful; I didn't mean to keep my fingers to myself."

My neighbor, never looking away from Suzanne calmly said "Insertion is very important and should never be left out, even if it is just a simple finger. Let's go put something in place to help you remember this, shall we?"

My neighbor stripped off the rest of her clothes and headed upstairs with Suzanne following closely behind. I was in a state of very strong arousal and wanted to shed my clothes as well. I turned the camera off for a minute and quickly stripped down releasing my now straining cock, from its confined space.

I grabbed the camera and ran upstairs into the bedroom and found it empty. I then heard my neighbor's voice from the bathroom. Heading there I found Suzanne getting onto her hands and knees, and sticking her ass high in the air.

My neighbor was standing above Suzanne, holding the nozzle of her enema tube. I saw the enema bag hanging from a towel hook on the wall above Suzanne. I turned the camera on and sat on the floor to get a better view.

My neighbor applied a bit of lube on Suzanne's ass hole and slowly pushed her finger into her tight anal ring to make sure nothing was left dry. A deep throated moan escaped Suzanne's mouth when the finger was removed.

The Nozzle was then slowly inserted into Suzanne's ass, and another deep moan came out during the insertion.

"After this lesson you will never forget how important insertion is," my neighbor said with a wide smile, as she looked over her shoulder at me and the camera.

"The flow of this bag will be very slow for you, and the entire time you have to lick my cunt and finger my anus, till you are full, do you understand?"

Suzanne's breathing had already speeded up and nothing had happened yet. Without lifting her had she responded with a simple "yes?"

My neighbor clicked the clip on the tube and the flow started to trickle into Suzanne's beautifully flowering anus. Suzanne started moaning, and reached under to rub her moist vaginal slit. Soon one, then two, fingers slid into her moist depths, prying her lips apart. The view was amazing and the camera was catching it all vividly.

My neighbor lay down on her back on the floor and told Suzanne to turn around. Suzanne slowly turned around and started to lick my neighbor's pussy. My neighbor closed her eyes and dropped her head to the floor relaxing completely.

I rose to my feet and moved, to get a better angle to watch. I was standing directly above my neighbor, and had a great view of the action. Suzanne was sliding two fingers of her left hand in and out of my neighbor's dripping cunt hole. This caused more moisture from her pussy to drip down her crack and make it easier for the index-finger on her other hand to violate her rectum.

I'm not sure when, but my neighbor opened her eyes, and seeing me standing above her and filming, must have been a sight. She looked up at my rock hard cock, while I filmed her getting both of her holes violated and eaten out simultaneously. All of this was being done by a beautiful girl who was currently receiving an enema.

The words came from below me, "squat down her and let me have that."

I looked down to see my neighbor licking her lips. I slowly lowered my body until my neighbor grabbed my cock and pulled it to point straight down and started to suck on the head. She kept pulling me down until she got enough or my cock in her mouth deep enough in her throat to satisfy her.

I felt kind of bad as my sack must have been hovering right over her face, but I was not complaining.

Suzanne was starting to squirm a bit as her bowels slowly filled up with the tube inserted into her ass, and the warm liquid was flowing in. She was moaning as best as she could, with her mouth full the way it was.

My neighbor then surprised me by releasing my cock and running her tongue along the underside of my cock to my sack. She then started to lick the underside of my cock and balls repeatedly sending shivers up through my body. Then she reached up grabbing my cock with one hand and my waist with the other pulled me lower and started sucking on my balls.

The feeling was amazing, and the iron grip she had on my cock was making sure, I couldn't go anywhere. I was doing the best I could to keep the camera steady as I panned it around; trying to capture what she was doing to me.

My neighbor was now moaning, and took big breaths, as she started to climax. At one point she let my balls fall from her mouth to take a couple of gasps; the next thing I knew, she was jamming her tongue into my anus. I came to a nearly ejaculatory state, at that move.

As my neighbor was rocked by her orgasm she tongued my anus, giving me feelings of pleasure I didn't know, was possible.

As her orgasm subsided she released my cock and pushed me away. She sat up and looked at the enema bag hanging on the towel rack. It was almost empty.

She got to her feet. Suzanne stopped fingering her for the time being. Immediately Suzanne's hand shot between her own legs and I could hear the sloshing of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

My neighbor pushed the last drops from the bag into Suzanne's ass and said "Make sure you keep it in there for a minute. Keep your anus clenched for me."

She pulled the nozzle out of Suzanne's ass and opened up a drawer pulling out a large Butt Plug. She spread a bit of lube over the plug and pushed it into Suzanne's straining anus. I could see Suzanne pushing back against the plug trying to get it into her ass deeper.

A minute later the thick plug popped into her ass and locked in. Suzanne had an orgasm as it entered her. She was screaming and convulsing on the floor.

"Now we can go into the bedroom and have some real fun," my neighbor said.

Suzanne rose to her feet and blinked a few times looking around. She must have gotten one hell of a head-rush standing up quickly. Suzanne made her way towards the bedroom keeping a hand on the closest wall as she did.

My neighbor stopped me from following Suzanne long enough, to tell me her plan. She had blended the Enema with water and white wine solution, and was going to get Suzanne so drunk she'd pass out. We both could do anything we wanted from then onwards.

As my neighbor was telling me this, I almost came again on the spot. We headed to the bedroom to find Suzanne lying on the bed fingering her pussy and pulling on her nipples.

Her eyes looked fairly glossed over already, and her head was swaying back and forth slowly. I could tell she was feeling tipsy already.

"That was one hell of an Orgasm I had" Suzanne said with a wide grin on her face.

"I am 'sooooo' light headed now, I feel 'sooooo' good."

My neighbor climbed up onto the bed and got into a 69 on top of Suzanne with her ass facing me. She reached back, pulled her ass cheeks apart and I knew exactly, what she wanted.

I placed the camera on the dresser and got on the bed behind her. I poked my cock into Suzanne's face underneath and she giggled as she started to suck on my swollen cock head.

I then pulled my cock out of Suzanne's mouth and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of my neighbor's ass. I slid my shaft into her anus easily, as Suzanne had loosened her up already. I pushed and buried my cock in one swift thrust.

A small pre orgasm shook my neighbor's body as I held still, and as deep as I could get, letting her pre climax tremors kiss the base of my shaft, and hearing her moan into Suzanne's cunt. Soon, I was sliding all the way out and plunging back in very slowly over and over. I wanted to give her the sensation of being penetrated relentlessly. She had been, fucked in the ass every time she had asked for it, but this felt different.

Upon each penetration she let out a loud "OH god!" and then dove right back into Suzanne's soaking cunt lips.

As I pulled out of my neighbor's ass, she crawled off Suzanne who was now feeling drunk.

My neighbor said sternly to Suzanne, "Do you think you even know how to perpetrate yourself properly?"

"Shhhhur I doo" Suzanne said with a slur as she started to finger her pussy very sloppily.

"Any girl on the planet can finger themselves until they are stupid, I mean really penetrate yourself."

As my neighbor said this, she opened up her night stand and pulled out a dildo; I had seen her use it a couple of times on herself. It was pretty big, and I knew my neighbor could take it, but was not sure about Suzanne.

Suzanne's eyes went wide as she saw this toy, and as she lunged for it missed and almost fell off the bed. My neighbor and I both laughed and got her back into position. We handed her the toy and she started to caress it while she looked at it wide-eyed.

We stepped back to watch, as Suzanne stated to rub the toy along her slit getting it nice and lubed. The toy was made of latex and was fairly flexible. She positioned the toy at her pussy entrance and started to push. The toy slipped and almost fell out of her hands.

My neighbor looked directly into her eyes and said "are you telling me you can't even masturbate correctly?"

"Thisss thhhing is ssslippery" Suzanne replied with a giggle.

She repositioned the head of the dildo at her pussy entrance and started to push with a tighter grip. The butt plug in her ass was taking up a decent amount of room inside and making it difficult to get this beast inside. With a yell she managed and forced the head into her sloppy cunt.

She flopped back and lay still, panting on the bed for a moment, trying to collect herself.

There she was. Suzanne was lying on the bed on her back, spread eagled. She had a butt plug jammed up her ass, and a huge dildo stretching out her pussy. The dildo was hanging out of her cunt. It was such a tight fit; it couldn't slide out on its own.

Suzanne slowly reached down and started to push more of this latex monster into her well stuffed cunt. She got about four or so inches inside, and fucked herself with it.

"Ohhhhh my GOD, thisss thhhhing is stretching me 'soooo' wide" she moaned, as she fucked herself.

Stroking my cock I looked at my neighbor; seeing her fingering herself while watching the show. I moved my neighbor to the end of the bed and bent her over so she could have a front row view of the show. Her hand never left her pussy; she leaned on her free arm and I entered her ass from behind.

I slowly fucked her anal ring as Suzanne fucked herself to an incredible orgasm. She started jamming more and more of this monster dildo into herself so hard, I thought she was going to hurt herself. Soon she was screaming and thrashing on the bed, as my neighbor too climaxed. I pulled out to avoid ejaculating in the colon depths of my neighbor. I wanted to save my seed to be pumped into Suzanne's passed out body.

Suzanne fell limp onto the bed repeating "Oh my GAWD... oh my GAWD" in whispers. Each breath that kept getting more and more quiet as she calmed down.

My neighbor and I climbed onto the bed and realized Suzanne had passed out after her climax. She was still laying there with toys filling her holes, and completely out of it. My neighbor reached out and slowly slid the dildo out of her pussy. I'm not sure weather the reason was, she had passed out or because she had stretched the hell out of her cunt and anal holes, but her pussy was gaping open like never before! God I wanted to cum so badly!

"We should empty her out, before we play with her" my neighbor said, as she motioned for me to help her pick Suzanne up.

As we carried her to the bathroom Suzanne moaned and turned her head and passed out. We laid her down into the tub and slowly pulled the butt plug out of her ass. As soon as the plug was past the widest point the pressure behind the plug forced the plug out the rest of the way. The plug popped out like a cannon shell.

The water/wine mixture rushed out of Suzanne's ass and flowed down the drain. Soon it died down to a trickle, but then seemed to pick up again. We both looked at her and realized she was pissing in the tub. Soon Suzanne was all empty and I held her up, and my neighbor toweled her off.

We carried her back to the bed and laid her down on her back. As we did, Suzanne stirred a little, and then seemed to get comfy again and passed out.

"I want to see how out of it she really is" I stated, and mounted her chest with my cock hovering over her face.

I opened her mouth and slid my cock into her slack mouth. I leaned over her and started to fuck Suzanne's mouth. She stared to choke and my neighbor and I decided, fucking her mouth while she was passed out wasn't the best idea.

We rolled Suzanne onto her stomach and turned her head to the side so she could breathe. My neighbor pulled her ass cheeks apart and beckoned me to her ass.

I plunged my cock into Suzanne's well lubed asshole and started fucking her like a pile driver. As I fucked Suzanne's ass my neighbor grabbed her dildo and started plunging it into her pussy matching the speed of my strokes.

With all of the pent up energy the night had created, I didn't last long. I started to pant as I approached my climax.

"God YES! Fill her ass with your cum, you know she wants it, give it to her!" my neighbor cheered me on.

I felt the first surge like an eruption of scalding liquid shooting from the tip of my cock at a thousand miles an hour. It was followed by a second shot, then a third. Over and over I shot deep within Suzanne's bowels.

My neighbor grabbed the camera and moved in behind Suzanne and me as I pulled out of her ass. Her anus fully relaxed in her passed out state, stayed open and started to release my cum. I put my hand under her gaping hole and caught all the sperm that seeped out and smeared it on her ass cheeks, as my neighbor recorded the whole thing.

After my neighbor put the camera back down we flipped Suzanne over and my neighbor started sucking on my cock to get me hard again. I was fingering Suzanne's pussy and ass while receiving a tremendous blow job.

Once I was hard again I lifted Suzanne's legs and slid right into her pussy. As I entered her some random sounds escaped her lips and her head started to move a bit. My neighbor and I froze in place, startled, and wide-eyed. Suzanne passed out and I started to fuck her fully loosened pussy.

My neighbor had crawled up to the side of Suzanne and had taken her hand in her own. She then proceeded to force Suzanne's index finger into her ass and her middle finger into her pussy. She laid back and stated to rub her clit with Suzanne's fingers lying limp in her holes.

I continued to fuck Suzanne for the next few minutes taking in the sight and the feeling of using her completely anyway I wanted to. The feeling of fucking this beautiful girl, who was fully willing and passed out, was the biggest turn on. I pounded her pussy as my neighbor started to bring herself closer to climax.

My balls once again started to boil and I knew I was getting close. I picked up my pace and brought Suzanne's ankles together and set them on one of my shoulders for a bit more friction. Soon I was erupting ropes of cum deep into Suzanne's wanting pussy.

Again my neighbor grabbed the camera to catch the action close-up. As I pulled out though, she handed me the camera and held Suzanne's legs up for me. I finished pulling out and my neighbor dove right in and started to eat Suzanne's sloppy cunt. I could see my cum start to work its way out, and my neighbor lapped it all up.

As soon as she had all of my cum in her mouth she crawled up Suzanne's body and leaned it to give her a kiss. In stead she stuck out her tongue and started to lick her face. As she licked she let a little bit of cum dribble onto Suzanne's face. She licked her entire face, lips and cheeks, coating her in my cum from her own pussy.

After that we shut off the camera and we both cuddled up to Suzanne and fell asleep.

As always, please leave me feedback. That is why I write the stories. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.


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