tagFetishSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 11

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 11


One night I was over at my Neighbor's house having some pizza we had delivered after a very rigorous afternoon of fun.

We were talking about people in the neighborhood and she wanted to hear who I had spied on and who I still wanted to spy on.

I informed her that I had seen most of the neighbors through windows and such, but it is fairly difficult to get into a home to spy on someone, even being invisible.

She asked me if I had ever got into the house of the Paulson's on the block behind ours. I informed her that I had watched them through their windows, but never seen anything that made me interested enough to try to sneak in.

Most people just have a fairly boring sex life, and although they have their secretes, they are not willing to share them with their partner or even by themselves.

My neighbor told me she had run into Mrs. Paulson a few times around town and they sometimes talked for a while and have gotten to know each other. Although they had talked, they were not close enough to have real conversations and actually learn anything about each other.

She said that she would always get an odd vibe from Mrs. Paulson and she had made a couple off hand comments a few times that made her curious, but it was nothing worth mentioning.

We both decided that we were now both very curious and wanted to know what her and her husband were into.

We watched them for a few weeks deciding on the best time to get into the house and possibly see something.

I had noticed that every Saturday afternoon they would both go down into the basement and then about 30 minutes later Mr. Paulson would come up and leave the house for an hour or two. He would always come back and I could see he had been to the store and would go right back down into the basement.

I explained this to my neighbor and we both wanted to find out what they were up to.

The following Saturday while Mr. Paulson was doing some yard work I snuck into the house through the open garage door and in through the kitchen.

Mrs. Paulson was in the house cleaning. I used the time to sneak upstairs to their Bedroom and have a look around.

I was very disappointed. I didn't find anything of any interest in the night stands, closets, Bathroom, etc...

I killed the next hour by sitting around watching the TV that was on in the living room while Mrs. Paulson cleaned the house. She was wearing fairly loose clothes but I could see she was built fairly well, thick, but very well endowed. She was not fat and didn't look like she had any rolls, but she was just thick and well built.

About an hour later Mr. Paulson came in from the yard and to my surprise grabbed Mrs. Paulson's arm and almost dragged her downstairs. Usually they both just head down together, but today he almost pulled her along.

I followed them into the basement as I could not get in before with the door shut and very visible from the rest of the first floor. Mrs. Johnson would have seen the door open on it's own and I didn't want to break my cover.

They walked through a couple rooms and then into a corner room. Hanging from the ceiling was a sex swing. I had seen them online before, but never in person. There was a TV against the wall and all kinds of furniture that looks like you could easily tie someone to.

Mr. Paulson shoves Mrs. Paulson to the floor saying "How dare you clean so lazily. You were supposed to be done cleaning by the time I came in from doing the yard work".

"I'm sorry, time got away from me." Was her only response.

I started to get a bit nervous until I saw Mrs. Paulson start fondling her tits through her shirt and say "you know I'll be happy to make it up to you".

I then knew that this was a part of their play. Very Dom and Sub type stuff. This was going to be very interesting to watch.

"You are not going to make it up to me to get out of this. I am going to punish you until you learn your lesson" Mr. Paulson says.

"I won't do it again, I promise, I can do better" Mrs. Paulson starts to plead as she drops one hand to her pants-covered crotch and begins to rub away.

"Get your hands away from your dirty little cunt!" Mr. Paulson yells at her.

Mrs. Paulson immediately takes her hands away and drops her head looking at the ground while still sitting there.

Mr. Paulson then says "Take all of your clothes off and you better be sitting in that swing when I get back down here.

He then heads upstairs and it sounds like he is getting a drink of water.

Mrs. Paulson jumps to her feet and starts stripping her clothes off right in front of me! Her tits are huge and even on her thick frame seem too large.

Her pussy has a small patch of hair just above the slit, but the rest of it is shaved smooth. Her ass is surprisingly small for her frame and I see it as she turns to climb into the swing.

She is almost all of the way in the swing in just a few minutes as I hear footsteps coming back down into the basement.

"Good, at least I can see you can follow some of my directions" he says as he enters the room and walks over to a dresser in the corner of the room.

Opening a drawer he retrieves four leather straps and walks back over to his wife. He places a strap on each of her wrists and ankles then attaches each of them to the chains holding the sex swing in the air. Her hands are above her head and her legs are spread wide.

He then goes back to the cabinet and retrieves an egg shaped toy with a short string and a DVD.

He inserts the DVD into the player and turns on the TV. It's a porn flick of some kind of hardcore sex. I'm not sure of the genre yet, but it looks interesting anyway.

Mr. Paulson walks right up to his wife and pulls out his hard cock from his pants. He jambs it right into her exposed pussy and you can tell from the expression on her face that she wasn't ready for it. He starts to pound into her cunt and she is now screaming. I'm not sure if it is from pain or pleasure, or even the mixture of both. After s few minutes Mr. Paulson starts ramming hard and slow into her now used pussy. He must be shooting his cum deep into his wife.

Mr. Paulson then withdraws and immediately inserts the egg into her pussy that is starting to become slick as a little of his cum started to leak out. He then walks over to a device on the counter and starts something.

A slow rocker starts to descend on a plastic remote on the counter. As the rocker reaches the remote button I hear a moan and a muffled buzz of the egg inside Mrs. Paulson.

The rocker looks slow enough to press the remote for a few seconds every half minute or so. This would be torture. Knowing you will be getting the pleasure of the egg but only for a short whole and not often enough to get you off, but enough to keep you aroused.

"Now, sit here and watch how real women have sex. You will not be allowed to touch yourself, but I am kind enough to let you feel the vibrations of the egg inside your dirty little cunt. I'll be back later. If you behave while I am gone I might let you have some more of my cum when I get back." Mr. Paulson says as he is heading out of the room.

"Please turn the egg on fully, don't tease me, I'll behave I promise!!! Pleeeeaaaase!!!" Mrs. Paulson starts to beg as the egg kicks in again.

Mr. Paulson just keeps walking out of the room and heads upstairs. I can hear him leave the house and as I head up the stairs nice and quiet I see him pull away in his car. I was truly amazed that he just left his wife tied up and hanging with his cum shot up her pussy in his basement. I was so hard it was amazing.

I quietly walked back down into the basement and into the room where Mrs. Paulson was hanging. Her eyes were glued to the TV as she watched the girl on the screen. The girl was in the 'pile-driver' position and her pussy and ass were gaping open from extreme use. There were a group of guys, not sure how many, but they just kept walking up and shooting their loads into her wide open pussy and ass.

Every once in a while I would hear the muffled buzz of the vibrating egg inside Mrs. Paulson's used pussy and she would squirm and moan until it stopped. After a few minutes of this she would almost cry when the buzzing would stop. She must have wanted to reach orgasm so badly but just couldn't.

I decided to mess with her and walked over to where the remote was on the counter and pressed the button off-cycle and she jumped as she was not expecting so soon.

I quickly released the button and she looked around as she moaned.

Then I would press the button and release it again in quick succession as Mrs. Paulson started to climb closer to her climax.

The girl on the screen was now overflowing with cum as it dripped out of her holes and guys just kept walking up and shooting all over her sloppy body.

I decided to help Mrs. Paulson out and held the button down firmly. I could only hear the buzz for a second until the her moans were the only sound in the room even drowning-out the TV. She came hard and fast as I kept the buzzing going until after she had finished and her body went limp.

At this point I noticed that there was a puddle under Mrs. Paulson and she had been dripping her husband's cum out of her sloppy cunt around the egg. It must not be big enough to seal her shut, but just slowed the process down a bit.

I'm not sure how much time had passed, but I heard a door shut upstairs as Mr. Paulson returned to the house. He walked back into the room and looked at the puddle on the ground.

"Did you cum you dirty little slut" Mr. Paulson asked.

"I did, but it's not my fault, I think the batteries are going bad in the remote or something. It turned on and stayed on for a while, I swear, I tried not to, but it felt so good." Mrs. Paulson was looking at her husband with a pleading look.

"You little easy cunt, you cum so easily I can't even tease you successfully." Mr. Paulson stated as he walked across the room and opened the bag on the counter.

The plain brown bag he returned to the house with was a new sex toy. He must have gone to the store while I was making his wife climax.

I watched him open the package as his wife tried to look over her shoulder at him unsuccessfully. It was a new vibrating egg and remote but this one had cords. Two cords in fact that each ran to two bullet shaped eggs.

He walked over to his wife and released her wrists and feet from the chains but kept the leather straps on them.

"Get on your hands and knees! If you want to cum like an easy slut, then I'll treat you like one" Mr. Paulson barked at her.

Mrs. Paulson quickly dropped to her knees and as soon as she was down there Mr. Paulson grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth. She choked at first and then found a rhythm and tried to ease back on his thrusts as her eyes started to water.

"That's it, take that cock. Don't forget to lick and suck on my balls too like a good little slut does" he stated as he pulled his cock from her mouth and presented her his balls.

She eagerly took them in her mouth and started to bathe them with her tongue. Then she would suck on one then the other. She would push her tongue as far back as she could, hitting the sensitive skin under his balls.

After a few minutes of this Mr. Paulson pulled his balls from her hungry mouth and turned around.

"Lick my ass like the dirty little slut you are, and once you get it wet enough you will push one of the new eggs inside me" he said as he pulled his ass cheeks apart.

Without hesitation Mrs. Paulson shoved her face right between his cheeks. While she was licking his ass hole she reached up between his legs and with one hand fondled his balls and with the other stroked his cock.

"Just like that, mmmmmm, that feels nice" he said as he moaned.

I could see her head start to move back and forth as she shoved her tongue into his ass hole. After a few minutes of this she picked up one of the eggs and inserted it into her mouth to get it wet then took it out and started to push it into his ass.

It went in with little effort, and once in, Mr. Paulson turned around and pushed Mrs. Paulson over and pulled her up onto her knees. He shoved her face into the puddle of cum she had dripped onto the floor.

"See this mess you made, now you will get to enjoy it as I enjoy you" Mr. Paulson said sternly.

He pulled the remote egg from her pussy and plunged his cock into her dripping cunt. With her ass in the air he started to drool onto her anus as he kept his cock firmly planted into her hot pussy.

He worked at her anus and got it very moist. He then pulled out of her pussy and shoved the other end of the dual corded-eggs into her pussy. One was now in her pussy and the other in his ass.

He then positioned his cock at her anus and started to push forward. He slowly entered her ass until he was half way then pulled back a bit, and in one final thrust rammed his cock deep into her ass.

Once he was firmly impaled into her anus, he reached out and turned on the dual eggs. They both started to moan and he started fucking her ass as hard as he had fucked her pussy earlier.

He had a good rhythm and was plowing into her with all he was worth. Mrs. Paulson started to cum and you could see her cunt dripping down the cord of the egg jammed up her cunt.

Soon Mr. Paulson started to moan and slammed into her ass as hard as he could as he shot rope after rope of his cum deep into her ass as her face was smeared in a mixture of their own juices.

I took this time to head up stairs, as they were both exhausted and out of it.

I snuck out of the house slowly and quietly to report back to my neighbor. She was going to love this...


As always, please leave me feedback, as this is why I write the stories. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

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