I had always maintained that fate had played a huge part the night I met Ted for the first time. I had only been acting as waitress for that one night as a favour to a friend that needed the night off and couldn't find anyone else to cover the shift for her. Stupidly, maybe, I had offered without a second thought; it had never occurred to me that being a waitress was pretty exhausting work. In my own mind, all I had to do was to look presentable and match the right meals to the right people.

Three hours into the shift I regretted my laid back attitude; my feet ached, my head was pounding and it was with a pasted on smile that I greeted each new customer. The last booking of the evening was for a table of six businessmen, and just going off the noise they were making at the large table they occupied at the back of the restaurant, they had something to celebrate.

After I had grabbed my order-pad from the pocket of my black trousers, I drew a deep breath and made my way slowly to where they sat, to take their drinks order. The man sitting at the head of the table had obviously appointed himself spokesperson and gestured with his fingers to let me know just how many bottles of champagne they required. There was still no indication of what they were celebrating, but there was a fair amount of backslapping going on. I made my way quickly through to the kitchen where the restaurant boss was rushing to and fro frantically behind the hotplates, asking him to take three bottles out of the walk in chill. One of the other waitresses filled the ice buckets but left it to me to take them back over to the table. Once the buckets were settled, the head of the table called for hush all round and gestured for me to pass one of the bottles across to him, he would open it himself.

My eyes widened slightly as he shook the bottle a few times before pulling the wire free and I knew once the cork was popped that there would be a fair bit to mop up. I was right. The cork shot off past my ear and my face bore the brunt of the spray, some of it doing directly into my mouth as my jaw fell open in surprise. The men round the table who had been silent, cracked up with laughter, well, all but one, who pushed his chair back and came round the side of the table towards me with an apologetic look on his face. I took the service towel that I had draped over my arm and raised it to mop my face but it was gently taken out of my hands as the man in question brought his face close to mine.

I would have sworn he was sober; his eyes looked steadily at me, and in that moment I was hooked, as if the whole world had stopped moving, leaving just the both of us. As he began to kiss the drops of champagne from my face the whole restaurant ground to a halt, that much I was aware of. The chatter of the diners had quietened and even the laughter of the men sitting around the table. With the first touch of his lips on my eyelids I felt electricity, and I knew he must have felt something too because his hands tightened around mine; perhaps he thought I would pull away.

The blood began to pound in my veins as he moved lower, letting the tip of his tongue dart out over my lips but he made no move to kiss me. I fought hard to keep my mouth closed, in my mind I could imagine his mouth covering mine. It felt as though I had been standing there with him for hours, but it was probably closer to a minute and all too soon it was over and his hands were releasing me. I was still standing there dumbfounded when he backed away, and as soon as he sat back down, everyone that had been enjoying the display started chatting away as if nothing had happened. I was too shocked to blush but as I stole one last look at him, I could see a spark of something in his eyes and a lazy grin, as he looked right back at me.

After that happening I knew there was no way that I could finish the shift, I was shy for the first time in my life. My friend's boss was still cooking in the kitchen, none the wiser about what had taken place but he accepted my apologies and my rushed excuse for leaving the restaurant early.

The next evening my friend rang me to say that a huge bouquet of flowers had been delivered to the restaurant for the 'champagne girl' and my mystery man had neatly printed his telephone number at the bottom of the card that accompanied them. It took me a week to pluck up the courage to call him; nearly seven nights of having his face as the last image in my head before I fell asleep each night was bad enough, but thoughts of him during the days were harder to control and it was starting to affect my work. That had been the start of our relationship, now fifteen years later it felt as though our souls had travelled many lifetimes together.

- - Chapter 2 - - -

Our kitchen was almost stark in its simplicity; saved from being labelled characterless by the scattered post-it notes that were stuck on the front of the fridge and a large plastic blue and yellow paddling pool draped over the kitchen table just waiting to be inflated. Sometimes it felt as though our marriage was lived through these notes, each new one would be acknowledged and a response placed alongside it; always there was a little smiley at the bottom of his messages, and on mine, more often than not, the smiley would be crying because yet again we had missed each other. There were no scribbled 'I love you' notes, but I did, more than words could say.

We managed to pass each other, sharing only our bed at night and stolen kisses as we raced off each morning to our respective jobs. Often we would both work long hours and Ted would sometimes be deeply asleep before I managed to crawl in beside him, but as manageress in a popular hotel, my days were split and there was no way I could leave until the last of the diners had left the hotel restaurant, and the last clients had been booked in for the evening. The effort of maintaining a bright smile all evening usually meant that by the time I was able to slip my shoes off at the end of the night, my face was aching nearly as much as my poor feet.

It had taken much pleading and begging on my part to get a Friday off work, but after promising to forego days off the following week, my boss Allan had reluctantly agreed to let me have one of the busiest nights of the week off. It was a special occasion, Ted's fortieth birthday, a milestone; one that I knew he didn't want to celebrate in any great fashion. Even although he was turning forty, he still looked to me the same way he had when I had met him for the first time fifteen years earlier. He carried his six-foot plus frame with not even the slightest of stoops, his thick dark curls remained free of grey and his firm stomach still showed no signs of middle age spread. With all that I had heard of things shrinking with age, I had to smile, thinking of his thick cock; fingers crossed that age wouldn't affect him in that particular department.

It was the middle of the day, I had spent the morning shopping; unusually for me, I hadn't gone into any clothes shops, all my attentions on the special treat I had in store for my husband when he came home from work. In the supermarket I had headed straight for the aisles where the naughty food was displayed; all the goodies that screamed 'eat me and repent at leisure', but good sense warned against. If it contained chocolate, cream or looked in any way squelchy, then I threw it into the shopping cart, much to the amusement of some of the other shoppers; but I spared them no more than an enigmatic smile and left them to their thoughts of eating disorders.

I had three hours before Ted would be home, enough time for me to take a luxurious bath and mentally prepare myself. Of all the presents I could have chosen for him, he would definitely not be expecting the one I had planned, and it was all because I had stumbled across a hidden magazine. I had been turning the mattress of our bed; something I usually did three or four times a year. The glossy magazine had flopped onto the floor and with me being me, I couldn't resist investigating further; my jaw fell steadily further and further down as pages full of cream and paint splattered naked women in suggestive poses beckoned me in.

Never once had he let me know that he liked this kind of thing and far from disgusting me, it had aroused my curiosity to such an extent that I was willing to give him a taste for his birthday of something he had only ever been able to look at in the pages of magazines. I gave silent thanks that it had only been mess and goo that he was into; if it had been bondage or domination then I would have had to admit defeat.

The kitchen was the only room in our house that I would be able to let fly with the chocolate and cream, being completely tiled it would be easy enough to clean and I would be able to arrange everything on the worktops. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach and for the first time I began to entertain second thoughts about how he would react on coming home to find his secret exposed, hopefully he wouldn't think about that and just enjoy himself, a whole evening in each other's company was a rare event anyway.

I left the kitchen and went upstairs to run myself a bath, making sure the water was hot but not hot enough to scald me; the scent of vanilla lay heavy in the air. There was only one thing I had to do before getting into the bath. The thought of having gooey stuff matting up my pubic hair kind of turned my stomach, so I'd already decided to shave. I retrieved a flannel from the shelf above the hand basin, throwing it into the hot water of the bath to soak while I stripped. After shaving my legs and armpits I lifted the sopping flannel out of the bathwater and wrung it lightly, pressing it against my mound, soaking my little curls and softening my skin. This was the first time that I would be shaving myself completely, normally I just kept my bikini line done and Ted had given no indication that he preferred my pussy any other way.

Slowly and carefully after applying a thin layer of shaving gel I began to draw the razor through the curls, finding it more difficult that I had first thought to get all the tiny hairs. By the end, I managed by placing one foot on the edge of the bathtub and using the free fingers on my other hand to pull the lips of my sex tight, at last though I was completely smooth and it seemed as though every one of my nerve endings was primed and ready, I felt so completely sensitised. It would have been easy to give in to my whims and frig my little clit but I wanted to deny myself until Ted was there, it wouldn't be long.

I sank down into the bath and stretched my legs right out, letting my toes settle on the bath taps and my head back against the edge of the bath, my nipples were already puckered and poking above the waterline and I jiggled my breasts slightly so that the water lapped against them, easing the ache slightly. My fingers were sliding against the slightly rounded curve of my belly, moving downwards, seemingly of their own free will; I wanted to feel my newly shaved pussy. Even as the tips barely grazed over the now smooth skin, I could feel the difference to how it had been when I had curls to protect the sensitive skin. This evening would be a revelation all round.

It was with a pang of regret that I pulled myself out of the water, quickly wrapping a towel about my body and towelling my hair roughly. The riot of curls that I painstakingly straightened each morning were now swinging wetly around my shoulders, just how Ted liked them. It was the one point in my appearance that he objected to, he liked me to have my hair free from restraints, it had been one of the first things to attract him to me he had told me. His fingers just itched to tangle themselves in the almost black curls but I always saw them as a nuisance so kept my hair straight and tied back for work.

I barely spared myself a glance in the long cheval mirror in the bedroom, only taking seconds to look at my newly shaved mound, acknowledging my curves had never come easy to me although Ted had sworn blind that he loved every single one of them. I felt more comfortable after slipping my robe on and pushed on a pair of slipper mules before going back downstairs. Steadily I emptied the cupboard filled with the cans and packets that I had bought earlier that day, piling them onto the large farmhouse style table that had pride of place in the middle of the kitchen. It was only when I had taken the last can of squirty cream out that I realised just how much I had bought and that if all the items were used then there would have to be a clean up of massive proportions after we had had our fun.

I lit one of the gas rings on the cooker and slid a half full saucepan of water on to heat gently as I opened a catering sized packet of white chocolate blocks. I couldn't resist stealing a piece and sucked on the chocolate treat; savouring the almost sickening sweetness, this was my one vice and one I rarely gave in to. After filling a glass Pyrex bowl with the chocolate I placed it atop the saucepan and began to stir it slowly, watching as the heat began to turn the solid blocks into a mouth-watering sea of chocolate indulgence. Checking the clock above the cooker I knew that I had less than an hour left so turned the cooker off and knew that the heat of the water would prevent the sauce from solidifying while I blew up the small paddling pool.

It didn't take long to inflate and after I had put a couple of bath-towels onto the floor I dropped the gaudy plastic pool onto the floor on top of them, this would stop it skidding and hopefully protect my knees a little from the hard tiles underneath. With only a few minutes left, I ransacked the cupboards for my stash of candles, placing them about the kitchen; with any luck, the candlelight would provide more of an intimate atmosphere than the strip lighting.

It was as I double checked everything that I had laid out that I heard his key in the door and my stomach muscles clenched in anticipation, there was no going back now. I held myself back from going under the table after my robe and stepped into the paddling pool, taking hold of one of the cans of cream.

"Carolyn?" His voice came from the entrance hallway and I could hear him put his briefcase down while he hung his topcoat on the coat-stand.

"I'm in the kitchen Ted." My voice sounded as though it was coming from someone else's lips and a shiver ran through me, my nipples hardening painfully as I waited for him to come through.

"What are you doing home just now, are you sick or something?" Concern filled his voice and I could hear his footsteps getting closer as I shook the can of spray cream that I had in my hand.

"I arranged for the day off darling, you didn't think I had forgotten about your birthday now did you?" I knew he was close now and I held the nozzle of the can close to the valley between my breasts.

"Ah okay, not that I wanted to remember I was turning forty or anything Caro but thanks for reminding me, do you want to go out to dinner later then?" Just another couple of steps and he would realise that we wouldn't be going anywhere that evening.

Even although I was keeping my eyes trained on the doorway I still jumped when he turned the corner to come into the room, his steps ceasing abruptly as he noticed for the first time exactly what I was doing in the kitchen.

"What... Caro what are you doing?" His eyes were wide as they travelled the length of my body, heat filling his eyes as he saw my shaven mound.

"I thought we would have dessert first for a change Ted, you don't have any objections do you." I began to squirt the cream in a line down the middle of my body.

"You make a most interesting sweet course Caro, I have to ask what gave you such a crazy idea in the first place though." His hands were already pulling at his tie, freeing it quickly.

"I found one of your magazines darling, I just wish you had shared them with me before, but seeing as you didn't, I thought I'd give you a special treat for your birthday." I smiled cheekily at him and continued spraying all the way down to my mound before dropping the can to the bottom of the pool.

"All this bother just for me, I am indeed a fortunate man, but I have to know if your little floor show requires any audience participation because I am just dying to smear that cream all over you." His voice was thick.

"Well feel free to join in but I think you'd better take your clothes off first, you don't want to ruin them." No sooner, had the words left my lips but his hands were busy divesting his body of the dark tailored suit he wore for work.

While he was undressing I took the chance to retrieve the bowl of melted chocolate from the cooker, placing it on the table near me. The clothes he would normally take great care in folding and hanging up were kicked to one side and he now stood in just his boxers, the clingy jersey fabric only emphasizing his erection, my stomach muscles jumped.

"All of your clothes Ted." I whispered, letting my fingers dip into the chocolate.

"Anything you want darling..." He replied throatily.

His fingers hooked on the waistband and he pushed down slowly, his eyes never leaving mine once as I raised my chocolate covered fingers to my mouth and began to suck slowly. As he uncovered his cock, I lifted the bowl from the table and held it out to him, smiling as he took it from me.

"Happy birthday sweetheart." I whispered as he reached his hand towards me, smearing the creamy mess slowly over my breasts.

"I only wish that I had turned forty sooner Caro, this is just amazing." He shot me a grin as the palm of his hand smoothed cream over the taut peaks of my nipples.

I let my tongue dart out to wet my lips as he dipped his fingers into the bowl of chocolate, pulling them out quickly then flicking the dripping mess at my face. I closed my eyes as the warm gobs splattered across my cheeks and nose and laughed as he repeated the action, my hands went out in an automatic defensive gesture and my fingertips grazed against the solid wall of his chest.

"Give me the chocolate Ted!" I demanded, turning my hands over, waiting for him to place the bowl in them.

"Make me!" I opened my eyes and could see that he was holding back his laughter with difficulty and I knew that I could not maintain a serious expression as I thought of how I must look with my face covered with the white sticky gobs.

He was not about to give up the bowl without a fight so I bent down quickly intent on getting the can of cream at my feet, with no warning as my hand wrapped around the canister I felt a dollop of warm gooey chocolate land on my back, oozing slowly downwards as I straightened myself back up again. There was no way to keep a straight face as the sticky stream wound its way down my spine and Ted laughed along with me in between licks at the white mess on his fingers. His eyes were closed as he savoured the taste and completely unprepared for the spray of cream I directed at his face, with a mouth opened in surprise I kept my finger on the nozzle and created a white line right down the middle of his body until I reached his crotch. That was when my hands started to shake and I lost my grip of the canister, all I wanted at that moment was to use my tongue to lap up the bead of shiny pre-cum that glistened like a jewel on the head of his cock.

"You look good enough to eat Ted, you wouldn't have any objections to me tasting?" I didn't wait for his answer as my hands gripped his waist and I leaned close to him, taking little licks of cream from his chest as I moved lower. By the time I reached his lower belly, he had started to shake slightly but found his voice.

"Be gentle Caro, I'm feeling decidedly fragile at the moment, definitely no biting!" His hands gripped my shoulders and I stole a look up at him and he laughed softly and used a finger to scoop up some of the cream that had found its way onto my face, sucking the mess off the digit slowly as I bent my head once more, intent on my prize.

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