tagRomanceSquire Hill Ch. 01

Squire Hill Ch. 01



There I was again. Sitting in my black car in the scorching Florida heat with my window down, yelling at the guard to the gated community of Squire Hill.

"I can't seem to find a Stacy here..."

"I work for Sammy's Pet Care, Sammy is the owner. My name is Stacy."

Every time I had to go to Squire Hill for a pet sitting gig, it was an onerous task. And for this guarded community of 70+ year old retirees, the guards took their job way too seriously. Of course it didn't help that in the land of Lexuses and Buicks, here I am, in my 20s, dinged up old hatchback, cut off black tee shirt, kinky hair, Arab nose...

"Ah, now I found it! Sammy's Pet Care. But you're Stacy?"

Face palm. I hand him a business card for Sammy's Pet Care and explain again.

"Oh, okay, you work for them. And you're going to the Cooper's house. Okay, you can go through."

Phew. Off I went - three speed bumps later and up a huge hill, there was the Cooper's "mansion." Just your standard large home, large fenced-in yard, and of course, for safety, cameras everywhere. As much as I love being a vouyeur myself, I'm not much of a fan of being watched.

One of the guards, John, actually is hired by the Coopers to stay in their home while they are away. Then what is my job, you ask? I was hired for the important task of walking their new, hyper puppy Riley. Riley is a Springer Spaniel and described by Mrs. Cooper as "autistic." For rich people who have it all, I suppose they get some kind of rise out of taking care of animals with deficiencies. And hiring an army to take care of them.

I enter the house with a Ring camera on me - I know they are watching my every footstep, angering me. I saw John's Mini Cooper in the driveway, so I knew he was probably doing the usual - lounging on the couch after his shift surrounded by the dogs. John is what made my job semi-tolerable - although to me, he was untouchable. Great body, tall, nice hair, and that smile - maybe part of being a greeter to Squire Hill, but I could pretend it was sincere. As I walked in, this time he jumped up from the couch.

I looked at him first of course, shirtless, in his boxers, but then behind him, he had his laptop on the coffee table on none other than a good 'ol fashioned adult porn film.

"Shit," I uttered, "So sorry," as I walked over to where Riley's leash was stationed.

There I was, always apologizing. He ran after me and turned me around.

"Stacy, listen," he gripped my shoulders, "You can't let the Coopers know about this. I'll lose my job here AND with Squire Hill..."

Did he know who he was talking to? A self proclaimed anarchist who only does this job because it is really good money... not the splitting image of a saint.

"John, no big deal. I never saw it. Nothing wrong with watching porn... in fact, I should tell you about my one job writing synopses for tons of movies..." I trailed off as I was starting to ramble... and then began looking straight at his chest, and then down to those abs, happy trail coming up from the band on his boxers, a small tent below... gulp.

He noticed my stare instantly, probably very horny from his movie, and started moving his hands down my back down to my ass. That felt too good, after a long day of driving and dog walking, my back hurt and just being touched was a massage to me. I imaged how more intense being pressed against the wall would feel.

He leaned in to kiss me and I unwillingly met him, not because I didn't want to, but I knew I was sweaty and smelly from the day. There are two options in life - yes or no. He was already a yes, I thought quickly, he wants me and wants me now. Fuck it.

I became more excited, kissing him passionately, and pulled his ass towards me and pulled him against the wall. Yes, that is what I wanted.

Making out, groping, I then reached under his boxers to grab his firm ass. Fuck. Reason hit me like a ton of bricks. Bricks, like his ass, so hard, ugh, also like something that should be inside of me.

"JOHN, we shouldn't, really, I have to get Riley out. The Coopers are watching us on cameras right now I bet! Fuck."

"I know where all their cameras are, Stacy, I only live here for weeks at a time... and the Coopers have better things to do than watch our every move." He grabbed Riley's leash and latched him for me, "Here, take Riley past the Ring camera and go around back with him... meet me in the garage. You can bring him back past the camera when we're done."

"Fuck, okay," I fixed my hair quickly, grabbed Riley, and tried not to bolt suspiciously out of the front door. I walked down the garage door entrance.

John was there to greet me, grabbing Riley shoving him out of the garage. He began to scratch and bark incessantly at the door, just feeding our fire for each other as we began our semi-cautious make out session again. John then reached down to my jean shorts, unbuttoned, unzippered, and began to feel around my lady lips. Luckily I at least shaved down there recently, my legs were another story. Trying not to moan too loudly, I turned my head to bite my shoulder, as he kissed my neck and began rubbing me harder, but gently enough to make me want more. I reached to pull at his boxers, and felt that he was incredibly hard and, of course Mr. Perfect had to be huge as well.

When I'm nervous, I rush, and I also like to be in control. I flipped myself around and bent forward over their Range Rover as much as I could. Being 5'3 to John's 6'2, I knew this position would be delicious, comfortable and wonderful...

"Go for it," I said. I know, it is 2017, but I still trust that not everyone has an STD and being on birth control helps. There is nothing worse than a condom...

He pulled down his boxers and I turned to look quickly, he then slammed me back into the car. It may not have helped to be eyeing up a Louisville Slugger as he entered me, damn he was so big, and he didn't take his time. He filled me up with every pump, and how I wanted to turn around to look at his beautiful face as he fucked me, but something about this was what I wanted - sometimes I like the abuse when I decide when to inflict it on myself. He used his hand to play with my clit as he fucked me, as well as rubbing me into the car... it didn't take long and I orgasmed, again biting myself to stop from screaming. I wrapped my foot around his leg, feeling his strength as he pushed into me a few more times and let out a moan, grabbing that sweet spot right above my ass as he came into me... He then pulled out of me and enveloping me in a kiss against the car as he collapsed down to the dirty garage floor, bringing me with him.

After a few moments, he got up, got Riley and slapped my ass to get me moving to "return home," past the camera, and into the house.

I returned Riley to his crate, slightly breathless and dizzy, thinking about what happened, feeling John leaking from me. John appeared from the garage, gave me a kiss, and whispered, "See you tomorrow?"

I gave him eye contact, "Sure... I mean yes. I mean definitely. I'm on the schedule." Smooth, Stacy, at least act like it's not an obligation.

He smiled, and walked back towards his couch spot.

I left and got to my car and gave out a huge sigh. And for once after "walking Riley," a smile.

I turned on my car and started the drive out of Squire Hill. Another thing about the community is that it is so distant from humanity that I lose my cell phone service. A minute heading towards town, my phone rang.

Fuck. Call from . . . Mr. Cooper.

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