tagRomanceSquire Hill Ch. 02

Squire Hill Ch. 02


Shit. He is really calling NOW? I have to pick up, I thought.

"Hello! Mr. Cooper, how are you!" I said excitedly. I'm good at faking it.

"Hello, Stacy, just checking in to see how Riley is doing. I know he can be a real handful..."

"Oh, he is doing great! I've been using some training techniques on him along with his pinch collar. He's been walking gr-..."

Mr. Cooper interrupted me, "That's great, wonderful. How about we meet the Wednesday after I get back to go over some of those techniques. I'd love to see them in person."

"S-sure, that would work for me!" Shit. Personally I hate seeing clients again after the initial consultation. And is he paying me for this training session?

"Great, see you then!" Click.

Phew. I wiped an imaginary sweat drop off of my brow. I could be paranoid from the amazing sex session that was just had in Mr. Cooper's garage between his pet sitters, but damn, that was some intense timing.

I finally got home after a long and unprecedented day, and instantly plopped into bed. As I closed my eyes, I imagined John running his strong hands down my chest, stomach, and lower... tomorrow will be a great day, I thought.


The Coopers were set to get home in three days. That, I planned, would be three days where one of my dog walks would be replaced with incredible sex, if day one was an accurate depiction. As I got dressed the next morning, I found my lacey sports bra (I was still working that day, I couldn't be too obvious that I wanted that ass) and added a little make up to my routine. Extra deodorant, too, the Florida summers can be grueling.

I made it through my appointments with only one thing on my mind. Finally it was time to venture to Squire Hill. As usual, one of the ogre-like guards was there, but today he actually remembered me and let me pass. Thankfully he did, because I was so tense after waiting all day, I probably would have yelled if he didn't let me in instantly. I wondered how John could possibly work among those creatures... My entire lower love region was aching - I hadn't felt like that in years from a man, let alone from one fling.

I pulled up and John's car was there, of course. I burst into the front door and did not see him on the couch. I pushed through the saloon doors into the kitchen and there he was, standing by the beautiful granite counter tops, smiling. Soon my bare ass would be on those countertops, refreshing and cool as I got pounded yet again... this time the dogs watched.


The next day, we fucked on the floor of the laundry room. First doggie style, then missionary. I know, were we already a married couple? Missionary sex? After having wild and crazy sex for two days, I think we both wanted something where we could look into each other's eyes, as corny as that sounds. As we both came (me, a few times, damn, he was patient), we could not keep our eyes off of each other. For me, giving anyone eye contact is tough - too many skeletons in my closet to be completely honest. But with John, I felt comfortable and enveloped in his warmth. There were no secrets as we were both caught in a little secret ourselves.

The day before the Coopers would return home hit like a ton of bricks. I woke up knowing this may be the last time John and I fuck for a while. We didn't have a discussion on dating, hell, we didn't even exchange phone numbers yet. Would our romance just be a "thing" at Squire Hill? I figured today we would talk about it, so I ran through scenarios in my head during the day.

Finally, I arrived at the Cooper house in a cold sweat. This. Cannot. End. I feel way too good for it to end. I just hope that John feels the same way, I thought! I shook off the paranoia and walked into the house. John was sitting at the dining room table, and tapped the seat next to him for me to sit down next to him. Not on his lap? Damn, this is going to be "the talk."

"Stacy, there are... some things... that I need to tell you."

"Things! More than one... uh oh, this is serious... well, as long as you don't have AIDS, I'm good!" I say the stupidest things when I'm nervous.

"No, not AIDS. I'll start with the easiest thing to say... I'm going to college in a week. It's my first year."

"Oh? That's great! So you're going to be a pretty old freshman I suppose... why didn't you go when you were..." I trailed off. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Stacy, I just graduated high school. I'm 18."

I would have turned white as a ghost if I wasn't so tan from the summer. I looked off into the distance, in confused thought.

"But I thought you were a guard here? How could you be if you are only 18? I'M ALMOST 30. You don't look that young! And you fuck too good to be 18."

"There is more," he sighed, "I am not a guard here. I am actually..." He was obviously nervous at this point.

"You can tell me. Just tell me." I was dying to hear what could be worse than the fact that I fucked an 18 year old (and liked it).

"I'm actually John Cooper. I'm the Coopers' son..."

My jaw dropped. Slightly. Only enough for me to close it again as I clenched it in a mix of rage and more confusion.

"So your parents LIED to me and told me you were a guard here? AND you lied to me? Why?"

"My parents are very... secretive people. They don't let many people into the house. From what they told me, they trust you and you seem overly qualified for the job... but they wanted a member of the family home while you walked and trained Riley... they thought by saying a guard was here, you wouldn't try any funny business..."

In my line of work, I understand extra precautions. The cameras, a lot of people have. A sign in sheet, yes. Texting pictures of the pets, yes, completely normal. But this? Of course they didn't expect us to be having sex all over their house... so maybe this was okay... but I was so mad I could not see reason and logic at the moment.

John put his hands on my lap, and my legs began to spread out of habit, but I quickly closed them.

"Oh, come on, Stacy, I'm not going to tell any-"

"JOHN, THIS IS NEARLY ILLEGAL. I can't be having sex with an 18 YEAR OLD. When did you turn 18 anyway? Please don't say today..."

"I thought you were an anarchist though," he smiled, as he worked his hand between my legs.

The surge of excitement spread through my body and I closed my eyes. I knew I only had a few seconds to think before sex brain turned on. I thought about what I had just learned. He is 18, which is totally fucked up. We are fucking in his parents house and I work for his parents. As his hand started to work me, my head tipped back... but we already had sex, so what is ONE more time? And I also know now that he is going to college, he will be gone in no time.

He released his hand and pulled me on top of him and I straddled him on the chair. I felt our heat of passion began to build. So familiar. I couldn't be mad at him, this was mutual.. nobody lied to me... everything will be alright... except this rickety chair might break if we keep going on it...

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