They walked hand and hand up the stairs to his apartment. Just as they reach the right floor she pulls open the door to the hallway and he follows her in to the dim lit hallway. She turns, grabbing him and pushes him against his door pushing her body against his. She leans in to kiss him, but he moves his head up and she tilts her head down and kisses his neck, sucking a little as she works her way down his neck; cold from the weather outside. He grabs she ass and picks her up and slams her back to the door as he jimmy's open the lock with his keys. The door flies open and he stumbles into the door way. With she ass still in his hands, he starts kissing her. His tongue slowly creeps past her lips and onto hers. They make out for a few minutes and Deryk drops she to her knees as he undoes his pants. She takes control and unzips his jeans; she pulls them down over his hot ass and they fall to the floor. Through his boxers she can see his bulge. She rips his shorts to the floor and as she looks up to his face he is smiling back at her. She starts to licks from his balls up to the tip of his giant cock and flicks her tongue stud against it. It's cold and makes his cock twitch with each touch of the metal.

As she gets ready to take his cock into her mouth she pauses to look his cock over examine every inch if it. He places one hand on her head and takes his dick with the other and pushes her head forward till her mouth is full of him. He pounds his dick in and out of her mouth. She stops him and starts to suck him into her further; the only place for it to go is her throat. As she is doing this he does not notice until his cock is in her throat. His cock twitches and makes her choke a little; she regains control and continues to push it further into her and his nine inches of cock are now fully in her mouth and throat as he starts to face-fuck her once again. In no time at all there is saliva all down her chin and neck and he can hear her muffled moans. She knows he is close to cumming in her, so she removes him from her mouth and takes one of his hands from her head and places it on his cock. As he starts jacking off, she opened her mouth and he starts cumming into her mouth and over her face and clothing.

She starts to lick his cock clean and he picks her up off her knees and they walk to his room. She sits on the bed and leans over to untie her shoes and removes them and when she looks up him is completely naked; her jaw drops not expecting this to happen. Her body tightens and her nipples turn hard inside her bra. He reaches down and pulls off her top and takes off her bra. Now; him seeing her that she is very turned on. He gets down on his knees and takes a nipple into his warm mouth and stars to suck and nibble on it lightly, but she says

"Bite it harder; don't worry, it won't hurt. I like it."

He obeys and her breathing is now heavy and irregular. She fondles her other breast. He can tell that she is completely in another world when she slides her hand down under her skirt. Her hand is giving all it had to get her off. He bites hard one last time on her right nipple which takes her out of her daze and she stops and pulls him up. She runs her fingers, which had been in her pussy against his lips, wanting him to lick them clean. He takes her fingers into his mouth and sucks them clean, but with his first taste of her he wants more. He starts to head toward her wet pussy, already smelling her wetness, but she has other plans. She pulls him back up to her lips, kissing him; tasting herself she whispers to him "I love the taste of my cunt juices.

Then she says "pleased scare me."

He is a little confused at first but, then he sees a way that could make it work.

He stands up and walks to his closet and grabs something out of a box and walks back to Jen and tells her to lie on the bed normally. She is very confused now, but she does as she is told. What happened next shocked her.

He startles her by cuffing her hands to the head board. She did not think this was fun.

She says

"I don't like this. Please, let me go. They are hurting me. Please, let me go."

He ignores her pleas and takes a tie from the floor and ties her right leg to the bed frame, and then her left. She struggles to get free as he does this. She is screaming for him to untie her, but he grabbed her bag to find something to put in her mouth to shut her up. He found a pair of wet panties; she must have wet them earlier that night and put them in her bag, so he took them and shoved them in to her mouth. She didn't stop trying to wriggle free. She tries to close her legs, so that her pussy is not showing, but she can't. She almost starts to cry when he starts to kiss her nipples, which went hard with the first kiss. He moves from nipple to nipple, biting them softly at first, then harder and harder, until she is almost screaming with pleasure. As her looks down to her bag again, he sees an anal plug with a bottle of lube in a plastic bag. He reaches down and grabs them and looks at her and smiles.

He takes the bottle of lube and puts some on his fingers. He lifts her legs so that he can see her puckered asshole. He tells her to relax; it will hurt less. She knows this, but she can't, so he puts some lube on her asshole and doesn't take his time. He pushes his first finger into her asshole and she screams a little through the panties in her mouth. He takes them out and shoves two, then three, then four fingers into her tight ass. When he is at four, he starts to pump his fingers in and out of her ass until it loosens up a little more. He takes his cock into his hand and quickly takes out his fingers; replacing them with his cock. As he pushes into her, she screams with pain, but he starts fucking her in the ass fast and hard. She doesn't like this at all.

he hears her muffled "stops," so he just pushes his cock in as far as it will go and just keeps it there for a few minutes; twitching his dick every once in a while. When he finally pulls out her ass is stretched and it doesn't close quickly and with this he shoves the ass plug into her. It is bigger than he was; it is about twelve inches long and about four wide. In his mind he thinks she is a freak for having a toy this big for her ass.

He starts to kiss her wet pussy, sucking all the juices on her pussy and ass into his mouth, savoring her flavours; he loves it. He starts to stick his tongue into her cunt and she starts to moan. She loves it; she starts shoving her pelvis into his face. He must have hit something on the ass plug, because something starts to vibrate and he is amazed at what this does to her. She starts to thrash around and out of nowhere his mouth fills very quickly with her cum.

He moves his head and she squirts across the room. He is so amazed that he wants her to do it again, so he turns up the vibrator and starts to eat her out again, and every once and a while to tease her he shoves his cock head in, and it works. She is almost there again and with the little bit of control she has over her body, she lifts her pelvis to his and his whole dick is in her. She falls over him and starts to squirt again; this time he tries to get as much as he could in his mouth. He removes her pants from her mouth and kisses her, letting her pussy juices flow between her mouth and his.

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