tagExhibitionist & VoyeurS's Second Story

S's Second Story


She had dressed hoping for the best but this was beyond her most ardent fantasies. She gasped as his hand slid up the silk stocking covering her thigh until it reached the naked flesh above it and pushed her very short skirt up to the tiny elastic of her g-string. She couldn't imagine what the two men watching thought but, then again, she could barely put two thoughts together as he ground himself against her, pressing her to the dark wallpaper of the men's room.

She gasped as his mouth pressed against her neck right at the shoulder, feeling his teeth against her skin and his tongue tracing patterns against it. If only she could focus, just for a moment and see the expressions on the faces of their audience. But as she tried once more, his other hand slid up under the sheer fabric of her blouse and pushed up the thin, lacy material of her bar, freeing her breast and groping it roughly. His grinding became thrusting and her legs wrapped around him without her willing their movement.

"Say it," he growled in her ear, "you know what I want to hear... say it... for me."

How many times had she said the words in her head and now, now in the moment, with her mind screaming them, her voice would not come. She knew he wouldn't do it until she said it... until she asked... until she begged and pleaded as he drove her to the point of utter desperation. And she did want it... oh God how she NEEDED it... and right damn NOW!

"Please. Please do it. God, PLEASE do it now." she finally managed to moan. He chuckled. She had known it probably wouldn't be enough, that he'd want it louder so the men could hear it and more explicit, more detailed, more graphic. He always did. But she had hoped he might be as desperate for relief as she was right now. It had been a faint and distant hope, she had known from the start how it would be. For a man, he was so much more in control of his desires than she, as a woman, could ever hope to be.

She tried to focus but he pushed up her shirt and bra completely, exposing her breasts to the men and leaned down, sucking on the nipple fiercely. There was nothing to do but let go completely.

"Fuck me, PLEASE fuck me NOW!" she cried out, hoping her voice wouldn't carry past the door but unable to stop herself. "I need your cock in my pussy, PLEASE fuck me."

She didn't know how, or when, he'd taken out his thick, throbbing cock but with a single deft motion, his fingers pushed aside the tiny ribbon of fabric of her g-string and it filled her dripping pussy until his pelvis pressed hard against the smooth freshly shaved flesh between her legs. She barely heard his animal groan over the sound of her own moaning and desperate noises but his slight loss of control made the pleasure she felt yet more intense.

Was it three or four strokes before she felt her entire body twist inside and her mind turn itself inside out as the orgasm tore through her forcing her into soundless screams and making every muscle tense nearly to the point of snapping then slowly releasing.

His strong arms held her up and his body pressed her against the wall as she began panting and her mind started to clear. She could feel that he was still in need... that he had yet to finish and she now she wanted nothing more than to experience his pleasure but she was far from able to do anything but remain a receptacle for his lust.

Without even meeting her eyes, he turned and carried her to the sink, laying her torso gently but quickly down and spreading her legs with his feet. She knew this was his preferred position and wanted him to be as fulfilled as she had been but she couldn't... wait, the mirror... she turned her head and was able to see his face, fierce and focused as he entered her again and holding her hips roughly began thrusting into her like a jackhammer.

The other men faded into the background as she looked longingly upon him, feeling the swelling of him inside her and hearing the deep, guttural sounds from his chest until he released inside her... filling her, overfilling her...

Then, with one deep, cleansing breath, he reached for a paper towel and cleaned himself, leaving her dripping as she knew he would then straightened his clothes and, ignoring the men, lifted her under her arms and steadied her barely capable legs as they walked out, exited the restaurant and went to his car.

He opened the door for her and eased her into the passenger seat where a towel had been placed for her. He was always prepared and she closed her eyes as he fastened her seat belt and shuddered at what would follow when they reached their destination.

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