tagSci-Fi & FantasySSI - Transformed Man

SSI - Transformed Man


Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR

Synopsis: A man is Transformed into nearly a superman.

Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means you cannot copy or repost it, it may be illegal or immoral for you to read, and it is not based on anything real.

Note 2: Thanks to the fan who asked for a story involving Jack meeting a person from his past life!


Chapter 1. The Unveiling

"OK, you can open your eyes now Mr. Phillips."

I had been waiting for Ms. Pink to give the OK, and here it was. I opened my eyes and stared at the amazing man in the mirror. He was tall—nearly seven feet and well-built, muscular without being muscle bound, and in his late twenties or so. He was also devilishly handsome. Best of all... he was me!

Just a few weeks ago I was a 5′ 6″ 38 year-old spindly nebbish with a raft of related health issues—asthma, allergies and more. Then I answered a question on a popular Q&A site, a question pertaining to solving a specific engineering feat with very restrictive parameters. The same poster asked a few more questions and apparently liked my answers because I got invited to a more exclusive forum where I earned points for participation.

After a while, I got invited to ever more private areas of ever more private sites, slipping deeper into the so-called 'dark web' and discovered the SSI—the Secret Sexlabs, Inc.—a shadowy group of people that pooled their research towards the goal of having more and better sex. That was a goal I could get behind! I became a general-purpose troubleshooter and brainstormer for them.

Most members were geniuses in some field or another, but when they needed more general help, or an ear to bounce ideas off of, the 'lay members' of the group, like me, did what we could. After all, a mid-level researcher at a top secret government drug lab could not very well ask their house tech staff about the best way to make up a covert spray gun that could deliver a precise dose of a specific drug into the face of an unknowing victim, could he? Even if he did, they probably would not have thought of loading the drug into the squeaker of a cute stuffed animal. I hear the intended victim actually dosed herself playing with it!

One cool benefit of belonging to the group was that we could earn points towards various procedures and products—like redeeming game points! So many points got you a simple will-suppressing spray. A few more got you pills that induced breast growth. For a larger number yet, you could get a screensaver or MP3 files that basically programmed the user. They had a lot of choices and I made mine.

I wanted a rather expensive package, so I spent years gaining points—answering questions, doing research trials, working on off-line research, doing crowd-sourced scut work (one involved looking at dozens of photo of millions of tiny yellowish dots and tagging those that were a little less yellow.) The longer I was with the group, the easier it was to earn points, so over the years it really added up. Sure, I was tempted a few times—I almost blew a bunch of points on an exciting weekend with a hot actress that the SSI had control over and who would be in my town for a while.

But, no, I stuck to my plan. So here I was, in front of a mirror, posing and flexing my new, powerful body. I appreciated the subtle changes to my face—it was still me in a real sense, but not the 'me' I was used to seeing. Strong chin, clear bronze-tanned skin, something done to my unruly and graying hair that made it look great! I even really liked what I was seeing in my tight trunks. I could just look at myself forev...

"Ahem." Ms. Pink cleared her throat. She had been my initial contact back when I submitted my application and points. She conducted the initial evaluations and preparations, and even sat in on some really embarrassing counseling sessions. We talked a lot about Captain America and my desire for a version of his Super Soldier Serum. We talked about my interest in the classic Doc Savage. We talked about some of the more advanced options I wanted as well.

When I reported for an extended stay three weeks ago, she is the one that led me through everything, introduced me to other guests, and showed me to my room. She was there helping remove the stretchy mesh clothing I wore coming out of the nanite tank, and helped wash the residue away. And yet, I knew almost nothing about her. It was almost like she was a construct instead of a real person. No real figure showed through her business attire. Her androgynous young face had no signs of make-up. She wore her dark hair in a tight bun and had a cultured, neutral voice. She has smiled and even laughed on rare occasions, but even then did not reveal much of a personality. Still, she wanted my attention and got it.

"The rest of the night is yours. You can order supper at your convenience or join the others in the lounge, play games, join in on a class or two, or whatever you want. Your work day starts at seven in the morning. Details and your schedule are on your tablet. Remember, Phase II starts in a week and a half. Good night." With that, she was gone. Her remark about the 'others' startled me, but it turns out there were other guys here (women were in a different building). Some were going through transformations of their own, others were here for a sort of 'basic training workout' program, etc.

Supper sounded good. I dialed up a meal and took a learning lab module. One of the perks of being here is access to an incredible variety of special learning modules. I took a 'learning pill' (a mild hypnotic that made the nearly subliminal lessons take more deeply), opened the class site, settled the headphones in place, and basically went to sleep learning about current global events, national economic issues, and introduction to music theory.

The time flew by. Physical workouts were apparently designed by sadistic physical therapists with advanced SEAL training—everywhere I went I had to carry something heavy and awkward, like a brick or a bucket of sand in each hand, or a log, dufflebag filled with rice and shot, or whatever their evil minds came up with. On the last couple days it was actually young women that I had to carry and who had permission to tease me relentlessly.

We also could not sit if we could stand, or walk if we could run. I ate breakfast and lunch in the gym doing a nasty exercise called a 'wall sit' or literally on the run while doing other things. My old self would have been dead after the first fifteen minutes! I was soon pushing damn close to a half-ton on the bench and able to do a hundred-yard sprint in under eleven seconds. Not world class, but far better than the 'little twerp' that struggled carrying groceries up the stairs.

The scheduled classes were intense as well, covering things like flirting, sexuality (including some really fun hands-on anatomy lessons), dancing, fine foods, literature appreciation, and even stuff like wilderness skills—usually taught while we were jogging in the nearby scrubby foothills. We had open times and spent some of it in old-fashioned gripe and grumble sessions (there were rules against asking why we were here, etc., but we found plenty of things to talk about), some of it practicing our new-found skills, and a lot of it trying to catch up on things like taking naps, email, and showers.

Oddly enough, none of us really felt much in the way of arousal, depression, anger, etc. We suspected that our moods were being manipulated, but did not care much... which, in hindsight, was probably another sign of manipulation. I mean, here I was with a brand new body, including a spanking new horse cock, and I never took it for a test drive during this period!

Chapter 2. Phase II

This time, when I woke up, I hurt. I felt like I had spent a night lying on a rock pile being pounded by big angry guys with big socks full of big bars of soap. My throat, groin, and armpits burned and itched. My mind was fuzzy and my mouth was full of cotton. I could see Ms. Pink looking down at me as she settled some headphones and goggles in place. "Everything is coming along nicely, Mr. Phillips. You will feel better soon." Then darkness again.

The alarm made a tiny clicking noise, preparing to go off, so I beat it into submission and bounded out of bed. "What a god-dammed GLORIOUS morning!" I roared. I strode into the bathroom and pissed so hard it made the water boil. I hopped in the shower and quickly cleaned myself, taking special care of 'old faithful'—soaping it to full, slightly larger than yesterday 10″ erection, relishing its thick, heavy length. I jacked myself until I made a conscious thought to climax and smiled when my spend thwacked solidly against the shower wall—'Like a boss', I thought to myself, smiling. The scent of my usual bath products bothered me so I made a mental note to switch to something less... tawdry. I checked myself out in the mirror and rejoiced at my great new bod! The workouts and Phase II combined to make it something special, and after all, I deserved it!

I glanced at the checklist they gave me. Yep—both the enhanced genitalia and confidence pack were properly installed and working perfectly! I felt like I could do ANYTHING! I recited some things from a cheat sheet, enjoying the deeper rumble in my chest that my voice carried now—several steps lower and more compelling. The mic on the tablet 'listened' to me and reported that the 'command voice' sub-harmonics were working perfectly.

Next, I popped off a couple dozen effortless push-ups and wiped some of my sweat with a cotton pad, which I dropped in a small container and left by the door. I sped-read a book while waiting. My tablet soon chimed that the tests on the pheromones in my sweat passed as well. Phase II was complete and I was almost ready to go home.

I waited for whatever was going to happen next, and was I ever surprised!

My door opened and Ms. Pink entered, although it looked a little like she was pushed. "M... M... Mr. Phillips. How are you feeling?" She was blushing and looked nervous.

"I'm fine. How are you? You look troubled. Can I help?" I said.

"NO!" She said rather sharply, then shook her head. "Er... I mean, no. Thank you for asking."

"Why don't you come and sit down. Let me get you some tea." She had been standing in the hall by the door, but came in and sat in her usual place—a rather uncomfortable stool. "Please, have a seat on the couch. It's a lot more comfortable." She moved with an odd reluctance. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"I am just here to make sure everything has gone well." She forced out between clenched teeth.

"I'm fine, but you look like something is very wrong. Anything you can talk about?" I asked as I handed her some tea and settled in beside her, noticing that she was breathing deeply.

"It's just... Look, you opted for a rather extensive remodeling package and we need to check everything before we turn you loose... er, let you go home. I am here for a penultimate quality check." She was actually shivering slightly. "Th... there are a few more finishing things to do this coming week, but... uh... but we.. we need to know a few things before we move on." She seemed to be losing the thread of her thoughts and was staring at me.

I asked her to tell me what was really bothering her, and I added some 'rumble' as I did so.

"I am supposed to resist you. I am here to see if your enhancements can overcome my nature and my informed resistance. I... I wasn't supposed to tell you that, though. Oh, god. I'm sorry!" She was blushing furiously, and on her, it looked cute!

"That's OK." I said. "I promise I won't take advantage of you."

She took a sip of her tea, her hand trembling a little. "What if I WANT you to take advantage of me?" She almost whispered.

I could actually feel my new confidence and skills kick in as I took the tea gently from her and lifted her face with a finger on the chin, then leaned in for a small, but just slightly extended kiss. She pulled my face towards her and moaned into my lips, then I felt her tongue at my lips.

It organically devolved into an extended make-out session on the couch. We kissed and held each other as close as we could, losing an item of clothing at a time as we tried to hold each other even closer. Soon, her minimizer bra revealed her pleasantly larger-than-expected breasts, and her glasses and bun fell away in a classic 'stodgy librarian turns into beauty' meme. Ms. Pink was a bit of a fox under all the concealing stuff! Not glamour model class, but attractive in that 'sexy businesswoman' way.

I managed to refrain from immediately sucking on her perky tits, kissing my way down to them like we did in class. I spent time on the upper slopes and just relished the saltiness and subtle fragrance of her skin. She was moaning and rubbing anything she could to satisfy her need for skin contact. One hand was roughly grabbing and rubbing my crotch while her other was alternating between pulling my head to her nipples and rubbing her own chest. I think she was acting purely on animal instinct by this time.

When my lips did meet her nipples, it was like a giant spring inside her went off. She tensed up to the point that her ligaments were popping, then relaxed like a damp rag with a shuddering sigh. I had never met a woman who responded this way before, so I can only assume it was because my body, scent, skills, and psyche launched an overwhelming assault on her. She soon blinked her eyes open again and struggled to get out of the rest of her clothes, not taking time to unfasten anything, which just made things more awkward for her.

"Oh God, Ja... Jac... ah... Mr... Mr Phillips! Please, please fuck me. I... I'm so... oh God, your cock!" She was trying to take off my slacks as she buried her face in my crotch. I gently pushed her back onto the couch and removed her slacks and shoes, stroking her as I did so. She took a long shuddering gasp then began to fumble at my shirt buttons. I helped her with the hard stuff since she obviously lost most of her fine motor control.

As she undressed me, I led her to the bed and tossed her on it. I began to kiss her pert breasts, nipples, and chest again as I stroked her waist and tight tummy. She was a small thing and my hands covered large parts of her making her feel almost like a child to me. I tasted, then ate her delicate pussy for a bit before she grabbed my ears and pulled me back to her face. As we kissed, she rolled me on my back and began to wriggle her hips on my throbbing cock.

She broke our kiss as she rearranged herself and used one hand on my cock to line things up, then began to press herself against my hardness. The head of my cock popped in and her eyes popped open as she gasped in shock. She just swayed her body against me for a long moment, getting used to me inside her.

Then she began to work her hips, slipping me in an inch at a time. When there were just a few inches to go, she was moaning. "So full! So full. God, I feel like I am being split in half here. So good, so good." She trailed off and began to moan and babble. She felt between us and an intense expression crossed her face as she felt that she had a bit to go. She began to move her hips in an interesting circular, grinding motion and literally seemed to be trying to screw herself down on me.

When our groins met, she released the breath she had been holding and sagged down on me for a long moment, panting. I hugged and caressed her as she caught her breath, and murmured soft nothings into her ear and neck. "What's your real name, my love?"

She shivered against me. "'Your love'? Ummm, I love hearing you say things like that. My name is Samantha, Samantha Robbins." I kissed her again. It started soft and gentle, but quickly escalated to crushing our lips together, tongues wrestling, moaning deep in our throats. Tendrils of lightning were rippling down my nerves and I could feel her shivering like she was cold under my hands.

Soon, she was pumping herself against me. I let her find a comfortable rhythm and then slowly added my hips to the action, shoving my cock hard into her sodden folds. She seemed to have a small orgasm every couple minutes. I shifted position a bit so I was thrusting more along a side, then along the other side as she squealed in delight. I had her lean back some to press more against her G-spot and soon had her spasming and cumming uncontrollably. I eased her back to a more comfortable position against my chest without withdrawing and let her rest for a long moment.

"Th... that was so... so good. I... I have... never... felt like... that... before." She gasped out weakly.

"Let me know when you are ready for some more." God, I loved feeling this rumble in my chest with a beautiful woman laying on it. She did not answer, but I felt her pussy clench when I said it.

I began to apply some of the techniques we learned and made my cock twitch, then thicken. I added small pumping and sliding movements as well and felt her squirm and moan in response. I knew she was tired and sensitive, but I had not cum yet, so I kept things soft, just enough friction and action to create sensation on my cock's skin but not so much as to irritate her abused tissues. She was nearly purring in aroused contentment and began to gently her hips around my actions. When she began to kiss and lick at my nipples, I began to move more aggressively in her tight folds.

I man-handled her around so her ass was nice and high near the edge of the bed and fucked her doggie-style, moving rather slowly but going deep, relishing the sensations of her twisting and wriggling her tight little butt. I grabbed her sides with my large paws. She felt so small and delicate in my grip—almost like some sort of Japanese sex doll with an internal heater and vibration setting.

She reached behind and was playing with my big balls as she began to babble incoherently. When another orgasm rolled over her it just seemed to inspire her to greater efforts to bring me off. She began to thrust back against me, wrapping as much of her hand around my slippery cock as she could and tried to jack me off in countertime.

I told myself it was time, and we were both rewarded with a rippling burst of cum blasting deep inside her. As big as I was now, and as small as she was, and for as hard as I blasted, I half-expected it to blow out her mouth or something.

She fell off me, murmuring to herself as she fell asleep. I used the bathroom, cleaned myself up some, and went to bed beside her. After a series of incredible dreams, I woke to an unusual sensation and discovered Samantha giving me a long slow blowjob with lots of licking and fondling. "Good morning, Sir."


She blushed prettily. "I... I'm sorry Mr. Phillips. Was that presumptuous of me?" I told her I was not sure what she meant and to explain herself. "It just seems right to address you with great respect. Would you prefer Master?" She asked in all earnestness.

"Do you feel like you are my slave or something?" I wondered, adding rumble to get a truthful answer.

She cast her eyes downward. "It is hard to explain, but I feel as if I should defer to you in all things, that I should take care of you however I can. I don't really feel like you own me as much as I feel like it is just the right and natural way of things that I would do whatever you ask, and even try to anticipate your needs.

"For example, may I help you to the bathroom for your morning routine?"

"What if I wanted you to aim my penis to the toilet, or maybe even drink the urine?"

She shuddered lightly. "As you wish, Sir. However, while I would love to do the first, I think I would prefer not to do the second, unless, of course, you ask me to specifically."

Wow... this was... just wow. I'd have to think about this. "Tell you what, how about you use the toilet, then let me, then we'll take a shower together and go from there." She nodded and stepped away. I tried to gather my thoughts, and felt them clicking into place like a pin-setting machine at the bowling alley. 'Better concentration, check', I thought, referring to the improvements I had asked for.

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