tagLoving WivesSt. John's Eve

St. John's Eve


It was June 21st in New Orleans. The air hung heavy over the city with a threat of the ever-constant summer storm. Humidity moistened the skin making it impossible to stay dry.

The sky held heavy dark clouds filled with droplets of rain waiting to annihilate the passion of the day. The morning clouds released their liquid on our town but by noon the sun had seared the water from the ground.

Today is an important day for us witches and pagans. The holiday began in Wales probably because they had hard lives and enjoyed celebrating what they had. Be it known as midsummer or summer solstice, or St. John's Eve, it is a celebration where the emphasis is placed on new growth and honoring the land.

The deities that rein over this Sabbat are Aphrodite, Astarte, Freya, Hathor, Ishtar, Venus, and other goddesses who preside over love, passion, and beauty.

Blue being one of the primary colors of the festival, I wore a light cotton azure dress with nothing underneath and a pair of sandals. My hair flowed down my back and my whole being was joyous with the electricity of the day.

James was excited; these were his roots for his family hailed from Scotland. He wore his tartan proudly and even his kilt fit him smartly.

As we drove to the site of the bonfire we watched the dark sky grow darker. He asked the spirits to keep the rain at bay. Even though we drove towards the darkness, the raindrops at no time splattered on our windshield.

When we reached our destination, we were greeted with open arms from those we were aquatinted and some faces with which we were unfamiliar. We were introduced all around and the joviality began.

We gathered in the back yard and all waited their turn to enter the circle. One by one each was called to the circle and welcomed in by the Priest and Priestess. Upon taking our place, we waited for the circle to be completed. Once done, the ceremony began.

The altar table was covered with spring flowers daisies, sunflowers, roses, and black eyed susans along with herbs, wine, mead, fresh fruit, and bread. A white candle as it center. At the Four Corners (East, South, West, and North) candles of green, yellow, red and blue flickered in the dusk.

All assembled called on the forces of Nature and the God and Goddess for the blessings of the harvest and prosperity for all. The battle was fought and growth assured. The celebration was complete as all drank from the chalice of life and shared the bread of prosperity.

After clean up the meal was shared and we all got to know one another by telling stories and talking quietly. James and I talked with several friends and shared stories about our recent encounters.

I spotted Susan a neighbor of ours and went to speak with her. She was telling the gentleman she was talking to about our community. When he spoke, I heard a thick English intonation.

"I love your accent," I remarked, "Where are you from?"

"Well, my lady, I am from Manchester, England," he replied.

"Have you been in the states long?" I inquired.

"No, ma'am, I have only arrived. I have come to inspect my mother's property in Florida and visit friends here in Louisiana," he told me.

"What is your name, may I ask?" I requested.

"Yes, my Lady, I am Gareth,"

"Nice to meet you Gareth," I said as we strolled into the back yard somehow losing Susan.

He told me he was a K-9 cop back in England and we discussed the laws there and the actuality of not carrying a gun. I found him very interesting and extremely sexy. I wanted him.

Gareth told me stories of his life and travels. He was a man with a great sense of humor and a smile that spreads to all with whom he comes in contact. I know I couldn't wipe mine from my face.

He asked me about James and I explained to him our relationship. I told him how James was very inadequate sexually but that he made up for it in other ways.

Gareth smiled and asked what I did to become satisfied.

"Well, usually I have a stable of Bulls to attend me," I shared with him.

"Oh, and you will choose a bull tonight before you sleep?" he wanted to know.

"Usually I have something set up, but tonight being a special night for us, I had not set one up because I had no idea what time we would return home. I didn't want to be exhausted and have to send him away," I told him.

"So you will sleep tonight with you wimpy boyfriend and touch yourself because you have not prepared for a lover?" he asked.

"That doesn't have to be so," I smiled.

He took me in his arms and kissed me deep. His tongue jutted down my throat and his maleness pressed against my body.

We heard a noise, he quickly released me and turned to see what it was. James stood at the gate.

"My Lady, I apologize for interrupting. I had not seen you in a while and I was looking for you. Please forgive me for walking in on this," he begged.

"James, I want you to meet Gareth," I called him to me.

"Gareth, this is James, my boyfriend I told you of," I introduced them.

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

"James, I want Gareth tonight. Make it happen for me," I commanded him.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, "I'll go prepare a space.

He went back to the house and Gareth and I talked some more and did some serious exploring of one another's bodies.

I found his cock and my fingers waltz along its expanse. In the dark I could tell that his shaft was extensive and abundant. It's head flared wide and the urethral opining was a nice indention at its tip. I knelt before him and took his silky head into my lips. My tongue darted in and out of its opening and I tasted precum already arriving at the entrance of his man's estate.

Gareth's large hands held my shoulders and stroked my hair as he thrust his cock deep into my starved portal. My tongue licked and flirted with the object of my desire pulling it deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Just as James returned to the courtyard, I felt the blast as Gareth fed me his seed of life and his body wrenched with pleasure. I swallowed his hot cum as fast as possible but some escaped over my lips and dripped onto my chin.

As his used prick slipped out of my mouth, James kneeled in front of me and licked the sticky substance off of my chin.

Finishing, he said, "I have a room for you my Lady!" He kissed me and helped me to my feet.

James led the way followed by Gareth and myself. As we entered the house I saw couples gathered around. There was a couple on the floor in the middle of the living room. He had his cock in her ass and she was playing vigorously with a dildo in her pussy.

On the stairs was a woman with a prick in her mouth and a tongue in her pussy. Another woman was licking her tits and a man was shellacking her ass. Oh, how I envied her and fantasized about the orgasms she would soon experience.

I reached over and touched Gareth's phallus and felt it pulsate in my hand. Turning I smiled at him and whispered, " You like to watch too?"

He shook head yes. At the landing, there was a man masturbating all alone. I walked up to him and took his lonely pecker in my hands. I kissed his wet mouth and ran my tongue down his neck towards his nipples.

I stopped there and ran licking around the Areola and nipped at the nipple. His cock in my hand grew harder and its head flared.

Gareth reached around my body and took my hard nipples in between his fingers. He pulled them and tweaked them with his fingernails causing a delicious pain to run through my voracious body.

Stroking his arrow slowly I led its head to the warmth of my sugarwalls. Teasing that prick I ran it through my vaginal lips. My juices soaked the hungry redness of the flared chief. I felt a shiver run through him.

I continued to yank his member running its head over the head of my now exposed clitoris. Passion grew in my belly and I wanted more.

I felt wetness between my legs. Glancing down I saw James' baldhead and felt that familiar tongue exploring my flooding womanhood.

Gareth's hardness pressed against my back. Still squeezing my breasts, he took his other hand and positioned it at the arch of my ass. Its head slid to the anal opening and just lingered there. His prick never entered me but teased my ass and caused the fluids to prepare her for action.

I felt the pressure rising in the guy's cock. His mouth found my lips and as his tongue rushed down my throat; his hot seed flowed over my erect breasts. The heavy cum slid slowly between my mounds heading for my hot box.

James interceded and captured it before it reached the valley of its destination. His tongue lapped the salty cum off of my belly and then he ran it down to my hard clit giving it a delicate flick before he sped his hot tongue into my pussy one more time.

Gareth's cum assailed my butt crack and tickled as it headed for my pussy. James' adept tongue captured it as it came close to its destination.

"Thank you, ma'am, for that. I thought I would have to do it all myself, there was no one to help. I am in your debt!" he smiled.

I kissed him once again and walked up stairs with James and Gareth in tow.

Breathing deeply, Gareth said, "Wow! I've cum two times and I haven't even been inside of you yet."

James and I both laughed as we climbed the stairs. He led us to an attic room with a feather bed by the window. A full moon had broken through the thick clouds and a beam of moonlight feel across the bed.

"I think Gareth may need some assistance since he's cum twice in the past half hour, James," I directed.

"Yes, Ma'am!" he replied and walked toward Gareth.

Gareth dropped his jeans and sat on the side of the bed. James crawled between his legs and tentatively took his expired rod into his hand. He looked up at Gareth to verify that it was okay for him to proceed.

I saw a smile flicker in Gareth's eyes as his head shook up and down.

James' mouth opened and his hand drew the defunct penis into his wet mouth. Saliva shimmered on his lips in the moonlight. I heard him slurp as he pulled the Choad into his mouth.

I sat on the side of the bed and my hand inched toward my wet cunt. Seeing a cock in James' mouth makes me wet and horny.

I played with my wet pussy pushing two fingers in and out of the sticky wetness from the previous orgasm. I moaned and ran my fingers into my mouth as a lubricant. Then my index finger and thumb came together squeezing my clit.

Holding my female cock between them, I used my other index finger to massage the throbbing little head.

James head bobbed up and down on Gareth's now growing cock. I could tell it had grown to a point where it was deep throating him.

Gareth had a smile on his face and James' eyes were big and his dicklett was extending to its full three and a half inches.

I crawled over to Gareth and positioned my body between him and James' face forcing James to relinquish his hold on that rod I wanted.

My legs on either side of Gareth's I slid slowly down on his now massive prick and I sighed as it filled my coochie.

His hands grabbed my waist and he assisted me in the pogo motion as his tool found a comfortable place inside my hot box.

James licked his fingers and positioned his hand between our two bodies. He matched the pace and his damp fingertips found my hard clit. He squeezed her then ran his finger around her little head.

Fire flared through my body as Gareth's pistoning of my body slowed as the convulsions calmed. He then rolled over onto the bed and lay me under him.

Rising above me, his arrow aimed at its target Gareth's prick penetrated my pussy again and again. Deep into the caverns of my wanton body, he pleasured every inch of me.

His tongue grazed my lips with fire. His breath, hot with passion, caressed my skin with each down stroke. Agile fingers traced my nipples, the trail to my excited womanhood, and the crevices of my arms.

All the while there was another body pleasing the areas he could not reach. James tongue flittered around my clit each time Gareth's body rose above mine. His fingers traced from the back of my knees and flittered ever so lightly up my thighs playing gently just below Gareth's pounding phallus

Fire consumed my body. My skin was hot to the touch. My face red with passion and delight was flushed. Droplets of water falling from Gareth's face sizzled as they hit my skin.

James found a towel and fanned me to cool my body.

Gareth was panting as he continued flogging me with his throbbing phallus. My back arched toward him wanting his seed and begging for him to fill me with delight.

He slowed to control the pressure deep within his tight sac. I felt the pressure as the thick seed of life traveled from his body to mine. Swell after swell of delightful pleasure washed over me as his seed found its bed.

I felt James' body convulse as his seed fell onto the bed. He scrambled between my trembling legs and his tongue gained entrance into my flooded orifice. I felt the pressure as he sucked and scraped the deposited cum from Gareth.

Gareth rolled over on his back. His prick still was pumping its thick fluid over his head. I rolled over taking the pulsating member into my mouth to catch the tasty cum. I licked and sucked him as he closed his eyes.

James finished cleaning me and crawled off of the bed leaving the room. I rolled over and kissed Gareth.

"You are fantastic. Do you have to return to England soon?" I asked.

"Mmmm, yeah that was great!" he cooed in his heavy English tongue. "But yes, I do leave on Tuesday. Only one more day here in the states."

"Stay with James and I for that day, we'll take you to the airport!" I begged. "I want you between my legs and fulfilling me until you must go!"

"But what about my friends and the tour of the city I wanted to take?" he asked teasingly.

"I'll show you around the city and we can even sneak into some alley ways and play dangerously, please say yes!" I pleaded.

James came back into the room with two bottles of water and a bottle of ale for Gareth.

Taking it, Gareth said, "Thank you James, you're a good boy!"

"Thank you, Master Gareth, I do appreciate you taking care of my Mistress and making her feel like a real woman should feel. I am glad you showed her how a real man can please a woman!" he bowed down to Gareth.

I drank down one bottle of water without taking a breath.

James asked Gareth, "Would you continue to care for my Lady while you are in the states? I know that she would like to feel you in her while you are here. I could tell by the way she responded to you!"

Gareth laughed out loud. "I have never been so honored as to be asked to take care of such a wonderful Lady. I would be pleased to service your Mistress while I am in the states," he consented.

"Thank you Master, Gareth. May I bathe my Lady now, or would you like to fuck her one more time before I run her bath?" he asked.

Gareth looked at my dripping body and the blush on my skin and told James to bathe me.

"Then we'll go to your home and I will tend to her one more time there before we sleep," Gareth directed.

"Yes Master Gareth, " he said as he lifted my limp, exhausted body off the bed and carried me to a warm tub of water.

As the steam engulfed my tingling body, I relaxed further. I closed my eyes as James' gentle hands washed and explored my skin freeing it of the smells of the sex I had just enjoyed.

Pouring shampoo in his hands, he lathered my hair and gently washed it careful that no soap fell into my eyes. His fingers massaging my scalp was sensuous and helped me relax even more. My body slipped deeper in the warm water.

Using the showerhead, he rinsed the soap from my head and body. He grabbed a fluffy towel and held it in front of himself while he reached for my hand to help me out of the tub.

He wrapped me in the towel and led me back to the bed where Gareth had fallen asleep. James dressed me and combed my hair. Then he and Gareth took me to the car and we drove to our home.

Once there, James helped Gareth carry me to bed. He undressed me and made sure that Gareth had everything he needed. He then went to sleep in the spare bedroom.

The morning sun warmed my face and I was disoriented as to where I was. I opened my eyes and looked around. I found Gareth beside me with no sign of James. I remembered that we were now home. Declining memories of the evening before were dancing around in of my head.

Gareth's eyes fluttered as morning greeted him. He turned toward me raising himself on his elbow he looked down at me.

"Good morning, beautiful lady!" he smiled.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" I asked.

"Yes, I did thanks to you," he assured me.

James came in with a tray of coffee.

"Did you sleep well, Master Gareth?" he asked as he handed him a cup of coffee.

"Yes, very good, thank you," he responded.

James handed me a cup of coffee and kissed me on the forehead.

"Good morning, Ma'am, I trust you slept well, I know you were completely relaxed as we lay you down last night," he said.

"Yes, James, I did sleep well and I enjoyed all of the attention you gave me last night. Both of you!" I told him.

"Should we go out for breakfast or should I scrounge up whatever I can in the kitchen?" he asked.

"Let's go out, Gareth wants to see the city!" I suggested.

"I want to shower first though," Gareth explained, "Wash yesterday off my skin so I can enjoy the new smells that will consume my body today."

He climbed out of bed, his glorious prick swaying as he walked. I licked my lips and anticipated tasting him once again.

James went down stairs and found some coffee. He brought up three cups and handed Gareth one just before he stepped into the shower.

"Ask your lady to join me in here," he directed James.

"Yes Master, " he replied.

He brought me my coffee and invited me to join Gareth. I took a sip of the hot liquid and let it slowly drizzle down my throat savoring its tart flavor.

I climbed out of the bed and carried my coffee into the bathroom. The room was filled with steam as the hot water flowed over Gareth's perfect physique. His muscles flexed as he washed his well-shaped legs.

My pussy filled with fluids watching him wash his chest. I climbed in behind him and ran my fingers over his back. He turned and smiled at me.

"Want me to wash your tits?" he asked.

"Yes, I want you to wash me then lick me dry!" I chuckled.

"Oh, my pleasure ma'am!" he laughed as he rubbed soap between his large hands then lathered my body.

His soapy hands explored my entire body. Fingers swirled around my breasts and then ventured into my pussy. There they searched blindly for a road map stumbling over the terrain of my sex.

I moaned as he wiggled and poked his way around my hot box. My nipples reached for his touch and found his tongue eager to satisfy them.

My hands reached for him and the length of his shaft filled them. I soaped my hands and they slid freely the length of his thick pole. I just held them tight around his soap-covered pole as his body worked back and forth.

Feeling the pressure building, I slid down the wall and onto the warm porcelain. Gareth knelt between my soapy legs and guided his soapy arrow into the target between my legs.

The tub was slippery and our bodies refused to remain stable. We slipped and slid all around the wet surface as the water from the shower splattered on our sensitive skin.

Gareth's legs kept slipping away from him. I tried to hold him tight to me but failed miserably. He finally found a hold and quickly fucked my love box with a fervor greater than the night before.

His release splashed his body while it filled mine. His weight fell on me and pinned me to the hard surface of the tub.

While he caught his breath and found himself again I lay motionless under his weight unable to move. Slowly he pulled his weight off of my body and his cock slipped out of my pussy releasing the overflow or our coupling into the tub.

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