tagInterracial LoveSt. Maarten Vacation

St. Maarten Vacation


My wife and I had married directly out of college four years ago and were now living in Boston having attended a small liberal arts school in New England. We are both 26. Karen is a stunner standing 5'3", weighing 110 lbs with a petite 34b-23-34 figure, brown hair, athletic legs and a dazzling smile. I am 5'8", 150 lbs with a runner's build and an average 6" endowment. Our sex life is adequate although I desired Karen to be more adventurous. In this regard, I was substantially more advanced having been actively involved porn for some time and slowly bringing Karen along. Indeed, over the past year we had begun acting out some of our fantasies involving voyeurism and exhibitionism when we decided to spend a week in March at St. Maarten. It was to be our first trip to the Caribbean.

Our flight left without delay and three short hours later we were enjoying ourselves at the hotel's bar and relaxing. We knew St. Maarten had a nude beach which intrigued us having never sunbathed naked before. Karen had gone topless once when we were in Europe but I had never shed my suit. Towards the end of a sumptuous dinner that evening we resolved to check it out the following afternoon after a morning of sightseeing.

St. Maarten is divided between a wealthier, corporate Dutch side that caters to the gambling, cruise ship crowd and a more exotic, native French side. We spent the morning shopping in Marigot, the capital city on the French side. Dressed in a simple, lightweight, flowery sundress and heeled sandals, Karen was

exquisite. With the heat of the sun, she had forsaken a bra and when the breeze picked up her

nipples were evident. As we walked along the sidewalk a number of the street musicians whistled and complimented her figure. Judging by her smile, it was obvious she enjoyed their comments not to mention their lustful stares.

After getting directions from the bartender back at the hotel, we arrived at the beach around 1 pm. Karen was wearing a minimal turquoise bikini with a towel wrap around her and a large straw hat she had purchased that morning. The beach was surprisingly crowded with many European tourists of all ages ranging from infants to grandparents. There was also a group of obnoxious American men in their swimsuits creating a nusiance as their alcohol intake rose.

Wanting more privacy, we opted to walk to the far end of the beach behind these large corral-like boulders.

Nestled behind the rocks, we spread out our beach blanket, towel, picnic lunch and lathered ourselves up with sunscreen. After baking away for an hour or so, I surprised Karen by removing my suit first. Karen soon followed and we both took a dip in the ocean to cool off. The water was exhilarating - particularly without the restraint of a bathing suit. We walked back up to our hidden location and laid down allowing the sun's rays to dry us. While I was on my stomach, Karen kneeled down over me and lathered up my butt to make sure I wouldn't burn when the sun was suddenly blocked out of view by someone.

We turned to see the intruder only to face a very angry black man in his 40's. "What are you doing in my space?" he roared. Swathed in only a multi-print cotton wrap he was incredibly frightening. Although not that tall at about my height, he was very muscular with jet black skin, large lips, a large nose, a shaved head and a nasty scar on his cheek. He was pure African and he was very upset.

"What?" I said. As I raised up to see him better, Karen sat back on her legs and quickly pulled her wrap around her.

"This is my space. This is not for you white tourists. I work here every afternoon. Now get the fuck out." In his hand was a sharp knife and some type of ebony wood statue he was carving.

"I'm sorry. We didn't know this area was reserved," Karen apologized. "We just wanted to stay away from the crowd. We'll move if you want us too but we would rather stay. We'll be leaving in an hour if that's alright?"

He brandished his knife rubbing it against his leg like an old time barber while his eyes focused on Karen. I could tell he liked what he saw which was a little disconcerting hidden as we were from everyone else. After a brief period of silence, he knelt down before my wife and smiled displaying a gold tooth.

"What is your name?" he asked.

"Karen," she replied as she sat back on her legs her back upright.

"Karen, you are most lovely - far too lovely to hide your charms under this towel," he said, as his hand reached out to remove her wrap.

Still laying on my stomach propped up on my elbows I watched speechlessly as he slowly pulled off my wife's terrycloth wrap exposing her luscious breasts. Karen's eyes darted towards me and then quickly returned to face her tormentor. With her arms hanging limply by her sides, he reached out to fondle her breasts. His calloused black hands cupping her tender white tits, kneading them, pinching her nipples and twisting them. She let out a gutteral moan as his assault on her breasts continued in intensity. Reaching over he took the suntan lotion, poured it liberally on Karen's orbs and roughly worked it into her soft skin. As he yanked on her nipples her back arched forcing her breasts forward making them that much more enticing.

"Please don't hurt me," she wimpered. But it was no use as the African was obviously enjoying her submission. She glanced over pleadingly at me but I was dumbstruck. I didn't know what to do as he was much stronger than me. Beyond that, I had to admit to a stirring in my groin. As I watched her torment, a deep held fantasy of mine was coming to fruition.

When her nipples were fully distended, his head moved down as he took them into his hot mouth. Licking them, kissing them, biting them. Cupping under her breasts he fed himself her nipples sucking them deeply as my wife continued passively sitting upright her eyes now glazed as the sun reflected off the African's shiny bald head upon her chest.

When I didn't think she could take any more attention to her tits he stopped.

"Put your hands over your head," he demanded of her. Without a word, she complied placing her crossed arms behind her head her breasts jutting forward. With his eyes staring directly into hers he put his middle finger up to her quivering lips.

"Suck," he commanded.

Moving his finger in and out of her mouth, her tongue lubricated his finger until it was quite wet. He then removed his digit and placed it directly in front of her vagina. Slowly, he rubbed his lubed finger along her slit. I was shocked to see how moist she was. His assault had made her wet. He exerted the slightest pressure and his finger slid easily into her hot cunt.

"MMMMMMM," she groaned as his finger ever so slowly starting fucking her pussy. In and out, in and out, his glistening finger worked over her flaming cunt. As he added another finger and then a third, she gyrated on her legs thrusting forward to meet his insertions. I was mesmerized watching my gorgeous beauty being totally ravaged by this Caribbean nigger.

"You like that don't you?" he said knowingly as Karen writhed up and down on his hand.

"UMMMMM...YES...." she gasped her tits bouncing up and down with his ministrations.

"You are very wet, Karen. I think you like my black fingers fucking your soft white cunt. You are like a bitch in heat. Do you want to cum, Karen? Do you want me to make you cum?

"YES!!!" she hoarsely whispered her body undulating as his fingers continued to fuck her mercilessly.

"Beg for it, bitch" he demanded.

"PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE MAKE ME CUM. PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR BLACK HAND. FASTER. FASTER. PLEASE MAKE ME CUM," she begged. While her arms had been raised above her, the pressure was now too much for she lowered them to squeeze her tits playing with her nipples while her pussy was in a white hot frenzy as she was fingered.

I couldn't believe my ears nor my eyes as my loving wife was reduced to a submissive slut. Underneath me, my cock was rock hard betraying my true emotions.

With a ferocious growl, her hips rotating to meet his thrusts and her breasts bouncing she let go as a furious orgasm engulfed her. Totally spent, she lowered her head as the African removed his cum drenched fingers from her abused pussy. Holding her head up to face him, he kissed her full on the lips his tongue invading her mouth as she sought to take it deep within her. As she yearned for more, he stood up and left us.

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