tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSt. Martin Adventure Ch. 01

St. Martin Adventure Ch. 01


We were young and in love. Only newlyweds, we had not had much opportunity to travel outside of the United States. Sure there were trips to the beach in our home state of North Carolina and we'd gone to Florida to visit family but otherwise we were pretty naïve when it came to international exploration. That's why we were so excited about this upcoming trip to St. Martin.

I had an uncle who had a time share and, when his health problems prevented him from taking his scheduled trip, he offered it to us at his regular rate. Now, this happened a long time ago when you could still travel to the Caribbean using only your birth certificate and picture ID. It sucks for folks nowadays who might have an unexpected opportunity but don't have a passport. It was stretching our budget to come up with the airfare but given the relative cheap cost of lodging we decided we could do it.

Our travel day was pretty typical. Up at O-dark thirty to get to the Raleigh airport with a plane change in San Juan. An hour later we're at the St. Martin airport. My uncle had suggested we get a rental car and I had found the cheapest rate available. I found out why when the guy pulls up in our vehicle. It was a POS soft top jeep like truck. I'm pretty sure there were more holes in the top than tread on the tires. Still, all we needed it to do was get us around a pretty small island. Plus, we didn't have to worry about anyone stealing this crappy car.

The road to the resort was full of twists and turns and not a few goats and donkeys. At least the brakes worked and we arrived without putting the impression of an ass on the already dented bumper of the car. I made sure to tell the valet to be careful with our ride as he drove off to the parking area.

The Mullet Bay resort would be our home base of the next week. I was completely surprised when we arrived. There was no waiting to check in, the front desk staff had all of our paperwork ready and the unit where we would be staying was ready. We wouldn't have to wait around until late afternoon. In fact, because the resort was at a low occupancy level, they had changed us to another one bedroom unit that was oceanfront! This is unheard of for us. It must be our lucky day.

Armed with a map of the resort, our small travel bags over our shoulders and a cold drink in our hands, Liz and I headed out of the lobby to find our room. The pathway from the lobby to our building took us around the pool and toward the beach. This was not a peak time for travel to the Caribbean, what with it being hurricane season, and consequently the hotel was not very crowded. The people we saw as we walked were largely older than us but we did see a few other 20 somethings scattered around on the beach. I couldn't help but notice that most of the women around the pool and on the beach were topless. Liz and I had discussed this possibility when we were making our plans but I didn't realize how excited I would be by seeing it in person.

The heat and humidity were intense at this latitude and this was made even more evident as we entered our air-conditioned condo. It was tastefully decorated in an island flavor with lots of bright colors and tropical pictures. A welcome fruit basket was on the table in the hall. Taking a quick look around there was a comfortable sitting room at the front of the unit with sliding glass doors onto our patio which opened directly onto the beach. A couple of lounge chairs were right out in front looking as if they were calling our names. In the middle of the unit was the open kitchen area that connected with the living room. At the rear was the bedroom with a king size bed and a large bath. The bedroom also had sliding doors opening to a small garden area where we could see the rear of other units and not too far away, the central pool. The bathroom had its own sliding door open to an enclosed outdoor patio about 6 feet square. This was made private by a block wall that I judged to be about 7 feet tall.

"I'm drenched in sweat," said Liz as she slung her bag off her shoulder and onto the bed. "Let's hit the beach and take a quick dip in the ocean."

By the time I had dug my suit out of my bag, Liz was already stripped down and starting to pull on her bikini. In anticipation of the trip, we had both visited the tanning salon in our home town and her already dark skin contrasted nicely against the bright blue of the bikini she was changing into. We had both used the tanning booth nude so there were only faint tanlines from our regular summer tans. I slipped on a brief speedo style suit then pulled on my board shorts. I hadn't really paid attention to what other guys were wearing on the beach since I was so engrossed in the toplessness so I was prepared to be brief if I could. Grabbing towels that were piled by the patio door we walked out to the waiting chairs.

When we first started making out plans about coming to St. Martin we had discussed the more European atmosphere on the beaches. The guidebooks indicated that topless sunbathing was common on beaches on both the French and Dutch sides of the island and there were some beaches that were completely nude. We agreed that it might be kind of exciting to experience this kind of beach especially in a place where we had complete anonymity. I was curious to see how Liz would respond here on the beach at our resort.

I didn't have to wait long to find out. At soon as she had spread her towel out on the lounger she reached behind her back, pulled the knot out of her bikini top and lifted off over her head. She winked at me as she folded the tiny piece of fabric up and tucked it under her towel then stood up proudly, her 36D boobs pointed directly at me. I smiled widely at her display giving her a double thumbs up, happy that I had a wife who was so open and comfortable in her own skin. We both try to stay active and fit but I'll be the first to admit that neither of us have magazine cover bodies.

If she was so willing to go topless the least I could do was lose the board shorts. The tight fitting speedo was appreciated since I could feel myself hardening at the sight of my wife's bare tits. The water was refreshing at 84 degrees. Cool enough to halt any embarrassing swelling in my suit and to make Liz's exposed nipples jut out expectantly.

There were some gentle waves and we enjoyed some time playing, trying to body surf and grabbing a few underwater gropes of tits and ass. By the time we were ready to go back and catch the last of the afternoon sun we had been swept down to the far end of the beach at the edge of the resort.

"Do you want to swim back up or walk from here?" I asked Liz. I was curious to see how she would respond. Other beach going women were topless but I hadn't seen anyone else walking around unencumbered by a bathing suit top.

"Lets walk," she responded. "I rather not be dripping wet when we get back to our spot."

I sensed a few gazes headed our way as we strolled the couple of hundred yards up the beach. Liz's boobs swayed seductively with each step. I would be sure to thank God for gravity and momentum. She seemed to be enjoying it too as she stretched and flexed her arms and shoulders.

Back at our loungers we settled down to read and relax, a welcome reward for a long day of travel. Just about to nod off, I was brought to attention by an approaching resort staff member. The young woman's name tag introduced her as Bridgette. Her accent suggested she was from northern Europe and the dark tan indicated she been in these tropical climes for a while.

"Can I get you guys something from the bar?" she asked.

Fruity drinks have never been my favorite, I'm kind of a beer guy, but the tropical setting, incoming waves and vision of my buxom topless wife on this public beach made me say, "Two Pina Coladas would be perfect." Bridgette smiled then turned to walk back to the bar to get our orders filled, my eyes following her departure.

"You can pull your eyes back in your head," said Liz with a laugh.

That was easier said than done since what had caught my attention was the observation that our server wore a thong bikini bottom under her waitress apron. Judging from the even tan across what peeked out she was no stranger to the thong style suit.

"She looks to be very good at what she does." My recovery was very weak. Liz affectionately swatted at me.

"You know," she said, "I ordered a bathing suit like that when we started planning this trip. I wasn't sure if you'd be okay with me wearing it."

"Babe, the only problem would be my trying to keep my hands off of you. I'd be the proudest guy out here. I think your ass is fine and I'd love to be looking at it uncovered as much as possible."

"You know," said Liz, "they do have nude beaches on this island. Do you think you'd be up to try it out? There's no one here who we know. It might be kind of fun."

"Let's do it then," I answered.

Bridgette was back with our drinks in a short time and as she was setting them on the little serving table between our chairs my wife started asking her questions.

"Bridgette, you look like you've been on this island for a while and you must enjoy spending time out on the beach and in the sun. If my husband and I wanted to find a beach that was a little more open to fewer bathing suits where would you suggest?"

She broke out in a huge smile.

"You've come to the right place to enjoy a nude beach. You know that the French side of the island has many places were people go naked and Orient Beach is one of the most famous. There are lots of people there and lots of beach activities. Sometimes it seems a little too crowded especially when cruise ships are in town. Personally, my friends and I go to Plum Bay or Long Bay beach just up the road and our most favorite place is Cupecoy beach. It is only a short drive from here. The beach is up against some rocky cliffs and the view is very dramatic. There are usually not too many people there. However, if you want food and drink you'd better bring it with you."

With her advice we made our plans for the next day. We decided that Cupecoy would be the place to go and try it out.

That first evening we enjoyed a low key dinner at one of the restaurants in the resort then an early bedtime. We were both pretty tired after and early morning alarm and a day of travel and the excitement of the next days adventure wasn't enough to keep us from an early bedtime.

We had decided to get up early the next morning and try to be some of the first people out to the beach. I was glad that we ordered a picnic lunch from the dining room and the cooler was ready for us to pick up as we finished breakfast. It was also loaded with bottled water and a bunch of Heineken for our beach day. Bridgette had drawn us a crude map that indicated were we should look for parking for Cupecoy and Long Bay beach. Our plan was to spend the morning at Cupecoy then head to Long Bay in the afternoon were there were reportedly some beach edge trees that could provide some shade.

It took a bit of time to find our rental piece of shit car. There had been no miraculous transformation overnight. Still rusty, ratty and rough. The top must do little to keep out the rain since the interior smelled a bit musty but hell, all it had to do was get up to our beach and back. Tossing in the cooler, towels and bags we were off.

Bridgette was right. We were at the turn off for the Cupecoy parking in only a couple of minutes. My heart was fluttering as we pulled to a stop and gathered our things out of the back of the truck. The parking was above a small cliff area and we had to scramble down the rocks to get to the beach. Standing at the top of the cliff we could see down to the incredible aquamarine water and the waves that gently crashed to the beach. Two other cars were already in the parking area so we knew we wouldn't be the first ones here. I gave Liz a big wink.

"Well there's no backing off now. If we don't like it we can always go back to the resort."

Careful to avoid twisting an ankle on the rock path we made it down to the sand then turned to the left to walk down the beach. As suspected, there were other folks already there and we passed by two couples laying out on towels near the cliff edge. These others were fully nude. Yes, we'd come to the right place.

I let Liz lead the way and pick out a place to set out stuff out. I didn't know if she would want to move as far down the beach as we could go or would stay more central in location. As it turns out she only went about 50 feet further down the shoreline and then stopped. I was a bit surprised as she immediately shrugged off her shirt and shorts then quickly untied and removed both parts of her bikini. All this before even spreading out her towel.

"God this feels fantastic," she said.

It looked damned fantastic too.

My eyes kept scanning up and down the beach as I joined her in getting naked. Watching her squat down to spread her towel out made it difficult to not get too excited. I certainly didn't want to pop a hard on out here on a "public" beach.

We spent the next few hours having a great beach day. It was certainly more enjoyable applying sunscreen on each other and I quickly realized how much better it is swimming and drying off without having a wet, sandy swimsuit chaffing and rubbing. We even braved getting up and walking up and down the beach a bit after we saw other couples doing the same thing. Liz got many appreciative glances as her large breasts swayed with each step on the soft sand. Whenever I felt that I couldn't keep my cock from responding to this excitement I would take a quick dip in the ocean until things cooled off.

A few clouds had gathered and our sunny day was interrupted by occasional shadows. It even smelled like we could get a shower so Liz and I decided to gather up our things and drive around. That way we could either enjoy our picnic lunch back in the room or find some other place after the squall blew through. It was tough pulling clothes on again after the freedom of the morning.

It looked like most other folks had the same idea as we loaded our junk into the piece of shit car. The small parking area was almost completely empty. Rather that head right back toward the resort we decided to continue around the island. That way we could check out a couple of other beaches that Bridgette had told us about.

Well, that storm raced across the end of the island right on top of us. The nice thing about a squall is that they can be very brief. This one only lasted 10 minutes or so. The down side is they can dump a lot of water in that short time and, in our crappy jeep like vehicle we were soaked in a matter of seconds. I wasn't sure if the windshield wipers would be better on the inside or the outside of the car. There was no problem with water pooling on the floor. The rust holes let it drain right out. As soon as the storm blew past the sun was back out in blistering intensity and the humidity soared. It was downright uncomfortable.

A turn out on the road pointed to the left and indicated that "Baie Longue" (Long Bay Beach) was just around the corner. Pulling into the parking area we could see the surf on a sandy beach through the trees, so inviting.

"Hey," I said. "This damned key won't come out of the steering column."

This car was starting to infuriate me. I turned, jiggled, pushed and pulled but to no avail. It was stuck and going nowhere.

"Should we go back or just leave it?"

"I pretty sure no one in their right mind would steal this worthless pile of bolts. I say let's just leave it. If we're lucky someone will steal it."

Our towels were pretty wet. Our clothes were soaked. Liz's bag of beach supplies held almost a quart of water. Fortunately the cooler with our lunch was waterproof. We could at least eat.

A short walk through the trees dumped us out onto a brilliant stretch of white sand with few protruding rocks. Low trees lined the edge of the beach and, further up the shoreline, we could see where private villas faced the water. There were a scattering of other people on the beach toward the homes and even from this distance I could see that the dress code was like Cupecoy. We'd be fine going naked here.

I tried to wring out as much water from our towels before spreading them out on the sand. They were still pretty damp but at least we'd have a place to sit while eating lunch.

Liz was undressed in a flash.

"I guess this nudity thing is good for you?" I asked.

She just smiled and winked. I stripped off my wet clothes and, taking hers with me, took them up the the bushes that lined the beach where we had set up, spreading them out over the branches knowing they would dry quickly in this sun. We took some time making sure we applied liberal amounts of sunscreen. This is a lot easier done when naked and a lot more fun when helping one's spouse.

Gentle surf lapped against the sandy beach as we dozed and relaxed. Since our magazines had been soaked during the rain storm we didn't have anything to read so we had plenty of time to talk, something that busy schedules had not allowed too much of. There was an occasional dip in the ocean to cool off from the sun's heat and a chance to play around a bit with the privacy of the water's depth. Yeah, a lot of grabbing and groping. If it hadn't been for the few beach strollers I pretty sure Liz would have gone the distance.

"How about we take a walk?", asked Liz. "I've gotten excited watching these other people walk the length of the beach nude. Since we're nudists now I think we should try it out before we head back to the resort."

"Let me go shake out our towels and give them a chance to dry out before we go."

A ton of sand came off the towels as I shook them and spread them out on the bushes by our clothes and set our flip flops and cooler at the edge of the beach.

Hand in hand we set out along the water's edge. It was certainly erotic strolling naked in this tropical setting. Even with the clearing afternoon weather the beach was sparsely populated and it was several hundred yards before we passed some other people. I gathered from overhearing their conversation that they were French, two young women with 3 young children. All were a naked as we were, the little ones under the shade of an umbrella digging in the sand and the mothers sunning while keeping and eye out. We smiled and nodded as we passed.

"Somehow I don't see my mom taking me and my brothers to the beach like that," laughed Liz.

I guess the reason this is named Baie Longue is that it is, well, long. The sand stretched out ahead of us with a gentle curve. There were villas that faced the beach and water and we couldn't help but look and dream of one day being able to afford to come back and stay at one of these picturesque homes. It appeared that most were unoccupied what with this being the "off season". However, we did pass several where we could see people lounging around a beachside pool. I must have been pretty relaxed since I almost forgot about being naked as we walked by. Toward the far end of the beach where we were about to turn back there was a particularly spectacular home. Its oceanfront side was a pale cream color with lots of glass and an open air porch that had steps that led down to a pool deck. Liz and I couldn't help but walk up to the edge of the property to get a better look. The house appeared empty. The lounge chairs around the pool had been stacked up as had the porch furniture.

"Want to take a closer look?" asked Liz.

I was a little nervous about poking around a house that we weren't staying in much less the fact that we'd be doing it naked. Still, the place looked spectacular and I was curious to get a closer look at the pool and patio area.

"Sure, let's take a look"

There were steps up from the beach on either side of a wall that set 8 or so feet above the sand. The pool was amazing. There were large white paver stones that covered the entire outdoor patio and pool deck. Even in the bright sunlight the surface wasn't too hot for our bare feet. The pool itself was a basic rectangle that I guess was about 40 by 20 feet. However, what made the pool special was the infinity edge that faced the ocean. I could see that the water would spill over the edge on down the wall we saw from the beach into a low channel. From the patio side the edge of the pool water seemed to blend in with the ocean. There was only a subtle difference in blue water color.

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