tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 06

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 06


"Fuck it!" yelled Sandra disconsolately as she threw her racquet away in disgust. Breathing hard she sank to the ground and leaned back against the wall of the court.

With perspiration glistening on her brow and her cheeks flushed with exertion, Shona stood, hands resting on her hips, breathing deeply. "Another game?" she enquired.

Sandra shook her head. "Not a chance," she said. "I'm going to ache all over after this as it is."

"Never mind," replied Shona grinning wickedly, "I'm sure Martin will give your back a rub later," She paused a moment, "And probably your front too," she added.

Sandra scooped the squash ball off the floor and threw it at her friend. "Shona Fraser!" she exclaimed indignantly, "Is that all you ever think about?"

Shona pondered that briefly. "No," she replied, then added with a perfectly straight face, "I hardly ever think about your front. Although, from where I'm standing, it looks pretty good."

"Oh you," replied Sandra, "That's not what I meant and you know it!"

"True," replied Shona wryly, "but then who was it, on the trip to the museum last year that sneaked away at lunchtime to give Billy Jenkins a blow-job?"

"Yeah, yeah. Don't remind me," said Sandra, grimacing. "Still, I'd never have passed the assignment afterwards without his help so I suppose it was worth it."

They both laughed. "C'mon," said Shona, offering Sandra her hand, "Let's go grab a shower. You know how much Jamal will complain if he can't lock up on time."

The girls left the squash court and made their way to the changing rooms. As they stripped out of their sport's gear Shona eyed Sandra speculatively. "Hmm," she said, "I was right about your front. I guess I'll have to think about it more often."

Sandra stuck her tongue out. "Oh piss off!" she said with a smile. "Yours isn't too bad either," she added.

"Why, thank you," replied Shona, "I'm so glad you approve."

Laughing, the two friends made their way towards the shower. They turned with a start as the changing room door burst open. Jane walked in, smiling broadly. Behind her, on all fours and with Jane's school tie looped around his neck, the other end held firmly in Jane's hand, came Jamal. "Hi girls," announced Jane, "I'd like you to meet my new doggie."

"Jane!" exclaimed Shona, "What the fuck are you doing here with him?"

Jane managed to look slightly abashed. "Well...," she said, "I told him if he was a good boy I'd let him meet my friends and he has been a very good boy!" On his hands and knees, Jamal started to where Shona stood, naked. Jane pulled sharply on her tie. "Down boy!" demanded Jane sharply.

"Oh it's all right," laughed Shona, "I'd love to meet your new pet." Jamal smiled broadly, his brilliantly white teeth a sharp contrast to his dark skin.

"Go on then," said Jane, "say hello to my friend Shona."

Jamal crawled forward until he was at Shona's feet. Sitting back, he placed his hands on her thighs and stared up at her, his long tongue stuck out as he pretended to pant. "Go on!" urged Jane, "Pet him. He won't bite."

Still laughing, Shona flashed a smile at Sandra and patted Jamal's head. "Good doggie," she said, "nice doggie."

Jamal responded by leaning forward and running his tongue up the inside of Shona's thighs. "Oooh!" she sighed as his tongue flicked briefly over the lips of her muffin.

Jane tugged sharply on her tie. "Bad doggie!" she shouted. Jamal looked disappointed.

Shona smiled "No," she said, "it's OK. I don't mind at all!"

Jane shrugged. "Well OK then, if you say so," she said, "just be nice to my friend."

Shona spread her legs slightly in anticipation as Jamal leaned forward once more. "Mmmm," she purred as his tongue slipped between her already moist lower lips and lapped over her clit. "Oh Jane, thank you," she sighed as Jamal's tongue explored her most intimate flesh.

Watching Jamal pleasure her friend with his tongue, Sandra felt a surge of excitement course through her. "Don't worry," Jane whispered to her, "it'll be your turn next." Sandra smiled her thanks at Jane then sat down on a nearby bench and watched intently as Jamal continued to feast on Shona's pussy.

Shona sighed. A warm glow spread over her as Jamal's tongue snaked its way repeatedly along her slit and lapped at her throbbing lit. She dragged her fingernails through the tightly packed, short, dark curls on top of his head as he expertly used his tongue to drive her wild. The fact that her two best friends watched on as a tall, black hunk devoured her pussy only added to her excitement. As his tongue flicked rapidly over her clit, she imagined his cock, long, thick and dark sliding into her moist, pink pussy. She gasped as her mind's eye pictured his prick, slick with her juices, being pushed forcefully into the tight confines of her arsehole. She felt her knees weaken. "Ooooh," she sighed as the first familiar ripples of her impending climax ran through her womb.

"Oh yes!" cried Shona, "Harder! Harder!" she moaned as the sensations in her clit grew in intensity. She felt hands, her hands cup and squeeze her breasts, fingers teasing her stiff nipples. The pressure inside her increased with every stroke of Jamal's tongue.

Jane watched, smiling broadly as Jamal drove Shona towards her inevitable climax. Her pussy, still tender from the attentions of Jamal's thick, black cock, throbbed as his cum trickled into her knickers. She had savoured the way he had used his tongue on her clit before fucking her and she knew, from first hand experience, just how much pleasure he was giving Shona.

Squeezing and tugging her nipples as the contractions in her womb intensified, Shona felt her knees begin to weaken. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ooohhhh!" she cried as the dam of her desire burst and her orgasm flooded over her. Her body shook as she clutched at Jamal's head for support. "Oooh!" she cried, "Enough! Stop! Please stop!" she moaned at last, unable to take any more.

With a smile on her face Shona staggered to the nearest bench and sat down. "Good doggie!" purred Jane, patting Jamal's head. "Now it's time to say hello to Sandra," she said.

Jamal crawled over to where Sandra sat, her legs spread wide, her pussy wet with arousal from the scene she'd just witnessed. Without hesitating he slid his tongue between her wet lower lips and began to eagerly lap up the juices flowing from her pussy. "Oooh!" gasped Sandra as his tongue danced over her clit then flicked in and out of her entrance. With her eyes clenched shut, Sandra writhed with pleasure in response to the actions of Jamal's tongue.

Jane looked over and caught Shona's eye. Shona, having recovered her composure, smiled and nodded. The two friends made their way to the bench and sat down, one on either side of Sandra. Leaning over they kissed briefly then turned their attention to Sandra's breasts. Shona's lips fastened around Sandra's left nipple and Jane's closed around her right.

"Oooooh!" purred Sandra as she felt her friends' tongues flick rapidly over her nipples. "Oh fuck, that's good!" she moaned dreamily, "Suck them, suck my tits! Mmmm, ooooh!"

The walls of her pussy throbbed as Jamal's tongue lapped at her clit with increased vigour and her two friends feasted on her breasts. "Oh! Oh! Oooh fuck!" she cried as the pressure inside her mounted rapidly.

Sandra's slender body began to tremble as the intensity of the sensations she was experiencing grew stronger and stronger. Jamal's lips fastened around her clit. "Oooooh!" she cried, the walls of her cunt contracting as he sucked her clit into his mouth and began to hum softly, his tongue brushing lightly over the tip. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" she begged as her orgasm began to pulse through her. Jane and Shona sucked harder on Sandra's nipples, squeezing her firm breasts with their hands. Sandra screamed as her clit throbbed in response to the touch of Jamal's tongue. Her body shook violently as her womb contracted sending long, shuddering bolts of pleasure screaming through her.

Finally, Sandra could take no more. She pushed Jamal away and he sat back, looking expectantly at the three friends. "Fuck that was wonderful!" purred Sandra as she endeavoured to regain her composure.

Jane looked at Jamal and then to her friends. "I think my doggie needs a reward, don't you?" she asked coyly.

"Sure," said Shona.

"Mmmm," responded Sandra dreamily.

"All right then," said Jane, "you sit up here and the three of us will give you your reward."

Jamal smiled broadly as he got up off the floor and sat down on the bench. The three girls were quickly on their knees in front to him. With Shona in the middle, her friends on either side, her dark hair contrasted sharply with the blonde of Jane and Sandra. "Well, what have we here?" asked Shona as she stroked the growing bulge in the front of Jamal's shorts. "Looks like doggie's got a bone," she said as she began to ease his shorts down past his hips. With his shorts around his ankles, Shona tugged at his tight briefs. Sandra gasped and Shona licked her lips appreciatively as his thick, black cock sprang free. Jane smiled. She had known that her friends would like what Jamal had to offer.

Shona leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock. Sandra reached out tentatively to stroke his thick shaft as Jane lightly squeezed his balls. "I'm going to enjoy this," said Shona. She opened her mouth wide and took his swollen knob between her lips. Jamal gasped in response. Once she was accustomed to having his thick tool in her mouth, Shona began to move her head forward, sliding her lips along his shaft, guiding his knob into the back of her throat. Even when she had taken as much of his prick as she could into her mouth there was still at least four inches of cock protruding beyond her lips. Sandra and Jane moved slightly then each ran their tongues up the sides of his shaft.

As her head bobbed up and down, Shona put her arms round her friends. Caressing their backs, her fingers worked their way downwards. Her hands slid over their arses and up the inside of their thighs. The fingers of her left hand found the wet gusset of Jane's knickers. The pushed it aside and began to tease her friends lips. Her right hand hesitated, not knowing how far Sandra would be willing to go. The decision was made for her. Sandra pushed her hips back and Shona felt her wet lower lips brush against her fingers.

Shona quickly slid two fingers into each of her friends' pussies. She slid them in and out as she worked her lips back and forth along the length of Jamal's cock. Jane sighed and Sandra moaned softly as Shona's fingers gently fucked their eager cunts. She could feel her own juices beginning to flow freely.

Feeling a warm glow spreading over her as Shona's fingers pumped in and out of her cunt, Jane turned and kissed her friend's cheek. "Don't hog it," she whispered, "give Sandra a chance." Shona reluctantly let Jamal's cock slip from between her lips. Extracting her fingers from Sandra's quivering pussy, she licked them clean then offered Jamal's cock to her friend.

"Thank you," purred Sandra as she accepted her Shona's offering. Stretching her mouth as wide as she could she was just able to take the tip of Jamal's thick, black cock into her mouth. Shona moved round so that Sandra was between her and Jane. She reached forward to suck Jamal's balls as her fingers sought out Sandra's pussy once more.

Sandra swirled her tongue around the head of Jamal's cock, poking the tip into the slit. She squeezed the walls of her cunt around Shona's fingers, gripping them just as her moth gripped Jamal's cock. Her body shuddered as she felt Jane's tongue flick over her stiff nipple causing her to suck even harder on the cock in her mouth. Her body began to tremble in response to her friends' touches. In seconds she was cumming again, her body shaking violently as she feasted eagerly on Jamal's cock.

Jane wanted to feel his cock inside her once more, but knew that her friends needed it just as badly. She slipped off her knickers as Sandra sank contentedly to the floor. She sat down on the bench and spread her legs wide. "Eat me, Shona!" she demanded. "Eat me while Jamal fucks you with his monster cock."

Shona moved between her friend's legs. Steadying herself on all fours, Shona leaned forward. Her tongue slipped between her friend's wet labia. She lapped at her juices as they flowed freely from her entrance. She felt Jamal put his hands on her hips. "Mmmm," she sighed as worked the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit, coating it in her juices. Jamal began to press forward. "Oooooh!" Shona cried as the opening stretched to receive him. His cock was thicker than any she had ever had before. She felt as if she were being ripped apart as Jamal slowly sank his prick into her cunt.

Shona lapped at Jane's pussy, darting her tongue in and out of her entrance as Jamal pounded his cock in and out of her cunt. The fronts of his thighs slapped against her arse as he drove his prick into her with powerful surges of his hips. Jane groaned and squirmmed as Shona explored ever fold of her pussy with her tongue.

Sandra, having recovered from her climax, tugged at the buttons of Jane's blouse, undoing them one by one. She pushed the soft, lacy cups of Jane's bra up over her tits, letting them fall free. Then, reaching forward to take on in each hand, she lowered her head and sucked the nearest nipple into her mouth.

"Oh yes, oh yes, OOOHHH YESSS!" screamed Jane as the sensations overwhelmed her. Shona sucked Jane's clit into her mouth, humming softly as she worked her tongue over the tip. Jane's hips bucked, pressing her mound more and more firmly against Shona's mouth. Jamal's cock impaled her from behind with long, powerful strokes.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" yelled Jane, her body shaking uncontrollably. She flinched at every touch of Shona's tongue, moaning as Sandra rolled her stiff nipples between her fingers. Her body was on fire as she came again and again.

Shona removed her mouth from her friend's muffin. Her cunt felt satisfyingly sore from the pounding it was taking. The walls of her cunt gripped Jamal's cock tightly as it plunged into her over and over again. She wanted this fuck to last forever but knew that she had to let Sandra have her turn. "No more," she said reluctantly, "It's time for Sandra to see what you can do."

Smiling, Jamal pulled his cock from Shona's trembling cunt. She suddenly felt a huge emptiness where his cock had been moments before. She got up and sat down in front of Sandra. Sandra rested her arms on her friend's thighs, bracing herself for what was to come. "Oh!" she cried as the head of Jamal's prick, lubricated with Shona's juices" forced its way into her hot wet hole. "Oh fuck! Oh Yes! Oh fuck me Jamal!" she demanded as inch by deliciously thick inch he speared her with his dick.

Sandra's slight body was smaller than that of Jane and Shona. Her breasts, while firm and full were smaller, her cunt was as tight as her body. Jamal lunged, forcing his cock into the hot, wet confines of her pussy. Sandra's body shuddered as she felt herself being taken mercilessly from behind. With her cunt full of cock, she leaned forward. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips and grazed the swollen bud of Shona's clit.

Shona flinched then sighed. She twisted her fingers in Sandra's blonde hair and pushed her more firmly against her. Her juices flowed freely, coating Sandra's cheeks as her tongue lapped and darted in and out of the entrance of her tunnel. The force of Jamal's thrusts pressed Sandra's mouth even more firmly still against Shona's pussy.

Jamal reached forward to cup and squeeze Sandra's tits as his he stabbed his cock in and out of her cunt. He rolled her nipples between the thumb and fingers of each hand causing, momentarily, to gasp with pleasure before returning her attention to her friend's pussy.

Fire coursed through Shona's veins. Her body began to tremble and soon she was moaning loudly. "Ooooh!" she cried as her womb contracted, the walls of her pussy trying to grip Sandra's tongue as it darted in and out. "Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! OH FUCKKKK!" she screamed as she lost control, surrendering herself utterly to her climax. Her fingers tightened in Sandra's hair. She pushed her head towards her. Sandra sucked eagerly on her lips and clit sending bolts of electricity pulsing through Shona's body.

At last, unable to endure the intense sensations any more, Shona reluctantly pushed Sandra away.

Jane watched entranced, her fingers sliding between her lips and into her cunt as Shona came loudly and Jamal's cock pounded in and out of Sandra's cunt. She was hungry for the sensations of having his cock inside her once more. Sandra turned to her friend, saw her need written plainly on her face. "I think you'd better give Jane a seeing to before it's too late," she said with just a hint of reluctance in her voice.

Jane moved over and kissed Sandra firmly on the lips, knowing the sacrifice her friend was making and feeling a twinge of guilt because she was about to deny her what she herself had already experienced. "Sit her in front of me," she said to Sandra, "I'll make you cum while he fucks me."

Sandra didn't hesitate. She sat down on the floor in front of Jane, the tiles of the floor cold against her arse. Shona sat down behind her and Sandra leaned back, feeling her friend's breasts press against her shoulders. She sighed contently as Shona slid her hands up over her stomach and began to cup and caress her tits. "Ooooh," she sighed as she felt Jane's tongue push between her lower lips.

Jane shuddered as she felt Jamal's cock fill her once more. It was easier this time but the walls of her cunt still stretched to accept him. She lapped at Sandra's moist lips as Jamal thrust into her from behind. The walls of her pussy gripped him tightly within her. Sandra's juices flowed from her hole, still open wide from accommodating Jamal's cock. Jane pushed her tongue in to her tunnel lapping hungrily and the juices that coated her tongue. Unlike Shona, who'd had a number of female lovers, Sandra's pussy was only the second that Jane had ever tasted. Sandra's flavour was subtly different from Shona's. Jane felt herself becoming intoxicated.

Sandra moaned as Jane's tongue flicked gently over her clit and as Shona squeezed her tits with her fingers. A feeling of anticipation built up inside her as a warm glow spread from her pussy to engulf her body. Like Shona, Sandra had enjoyed the loving touch of another girl on many occasions but this was the first time she had been with two at once. The fact that she'd just received a solid fucking from Jamal only heightened her arousal.

Jamal felt his balls tighten as he worked his cock in and out of Jane's pussy. He still could hardly believe that he'd just spent the best part of an hour eating, fucking and having his cock sucked by three of the horniest, most beautiful girls he had ever met. He could feel his climax approaching and while he would have been happy to shoot another load into Jane he wanted to share his seed with all three. "Better hurry up," he called to the three friends, "I can't keep this going for much longer."

Hearing the urgency in Jamal's voice, Jane refocused her attention on Sandra. She sucked hard on her clit and enflamed lips, humming softly as she worked her tongue over her friend's sensitive flesh. Shona kissed and nibbled Sandra's neck, her hands squeezed her tits, her fingers teased her stiff nipples. Sandra was breathing hard. Her head tossed frantically from side to side as the attentions of her two friends began to overwhelm her. "Oooooh," she cried as the first tremors of her orgasm rippled through her. Her body began to shake. Gripping Jane's head she pulled her towards her, pressing her mouth more firmly against her mound. "Aaaaah!" she sighed as the pleasurable contractions pulsed through her womb. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yesssss!" she moaned as the waves of her orgasm broke over her. She surrendered herself to her climax, letting it carry her away.

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