tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 09

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 09


"OK, everyone look this way... Smile... Perfect!" announced the photographer. Standing on the platform, holding the cup, surrounded by the rest of the hockey team, Shona turned and smiled at Jane. "I wish he'd get on with it," she said under breath, "My arms are killing me."

Jane stifled a laugh. "You're supposed to be immensely proud," she whispered to her friend, "It's the first time St. Mary's have won this trophy in over 50 years."

Shona snorted. "It's so bloody heavy, it'll take me 50 years to recover from holding it," she complained. This time Jane did laugh.

Mr. Fitzgerald shot the friends a disparaging look. "All right, girls," he said in his thick South African accent, "That will be all. Miss Fraser, Miss Jones, if you'd be so kind as to help Mr. Walker carry his equipment to his car."

Shona and Jane made their way forward to where the photographer was packing up his gear. "Thank you girls," he said, "if you just take one bag each, I'll manage the rest."

Shona lifted the bag and glanced over at her friend. Jane was eyeing Mr. Walker speculatively. She caught Shona's glance and winked. He was about 6'3", well built and appeared to be in his mid to late thirties. He had a pleasant face with piercing brown eyes and short, slightly receding brown hair. As he turned to lift up his case, Jane quickly hitched up her short hockey skirt. Her white knickers were just visible below the hem. She flashed a naughty smile to Shona and winked again.

As was frequently the case, Shona let her blonde friend do most of the flirting. While her fit, young body was every bit as stunning as Jane's and while she was just as good looking as her friend and could turn a man's head without any effort, Jane's long blonde hair automatically made her a magnet for any man's attentions. Shona didn't mind, together they made an awesome team.

Jane walked slightly in front of Mr. Walker, deliberately exaggerating the sway of her full hips as she walked. She kept up a constant stream of innocent banter that was full of sexual undertones. Shona smiled. By the time they reached the car she knew Jane had him hooked.

"Thank you girls," he said as he slammed the boot of his car shut.

"Mr. Walker," said Jane, "please call me Jane and this is Shona," she said nodding to her friend.

"Jane, Shona," he acknowledged, nodding to each in turn. "My name is Dave." He paused then looked at the friends appraisingly. "You really are very attractive young women," he said.

"Why thank you," replied the girls in chorus.

"Would you be interested in a spot of modelling?" he asked. "You'd be paid for it, of course."

"What sort of modelling?" enquired Jane.

"Well," he said, "Me and a few of my friends like to take pictures of sexy young women for our private collections. You wouldn't have to do anything you didn't want and, as I said, you would get paid."

"Would we get a copy of the pictures?" asked Shona.

"Sure," said Dave, sounding a little surprised. "Is that a yes then?"

"It might be," replied Jane. "Just what would we be expected to do? Would we have to fuck you and your friends?"

"Well," replied Dave, "Only if you wanted too. Like I said it's up to you, no one will force you to do anything."

Jane and Shona exchanged a quick glance. Shona nodded. "OK," said Jane, "it's a deal. Where and when?"

"Do you know the Four Towers Hotel?" asked Dave. Jane nodded, it was where she and Shona had spent an evening with Geoff and Bob. "Well how about tonight around seven? I'll phone around and see how many guys I can get."

"What should we wear?" asked Shona.

"Just bring what you're wearing," replied Dave, "and maybe a school uniform as well, if you've got spares."

"OK," said Jane, "It's a date."

Dave turned to get into his car, "See you later," he said.

As his car drove off, Jane turned to her friend. "I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to this evening already. My knickers are soaked just thinking about it."

"You're nuthin' but a cheap, two-bit whore, Miss Jones," said Shona, laughing. "But I'll admit the idea's got me going too. C'mon, let's go grab a shower and get changed."

"Will you rub my back if I rub yours?" pleaded Jane in a little girl voice.

"I might," replied Shona, unless I get a better offer." she added wickedly.

"You bitch!" laughed Jane, playfully slapping her friend. "C'mon," she said. "I REALLY need that shower." Laughing, the two friend's made their way across the playing fields back to the changing rooms.

It was just before seven that evening when Shona and Jane arrived by taxi at the Four Towers Hotel. Having each packed two outfits into their bags, they made their way briskly to Room 120. Shona knocked on the door. A man, whom the girls guessed to be in his forties, opened it and peeked outside. "Are you Shona?" he asked.

"Yup," she said with a smile

"And I'm Jane," said Jane standing with her hands on her hips.

The man returned the smile. "Come on in," he invited them.

The friends stepped in. The suite was large and luxurious, with a king-size bed. Shona looked round and quickly counted nine men, all sitting and apparently waiting for her and Jane

Dave jumped up. "Hi, Shona! Hi Jane!" he shouted, walking up to them and giving each a big hug in turn. Then he turned to introduce the girls to the others. "Guys, this is Shona and this is Jane" he said, simply.

Shona and Jane smiled. "Do you want us to get changed?" asked Jane.

"Yeah," replied Dave, " how many outfits did you bring?"

"Two," replied Shona.

"The bathroom's that way. You can get changed in there," he told them.

As they made their way towards the bathroom, Shona counted six cameras and smiled as she imagined all the attention that she and Jane would be getting.

Closing the door behind them Jane turned to Shona and kissed her briefly. "I'm looking forward to this," she said, "Let's get changed first and then we can have some fun with these guys."

Shona laughed. "You're not the only one looking forward to it," she said as she started to undress. "I think we should do the hockey strips first," she continued as she started to remove her outfits from her bag.

"Good idea," replied Jane smiling wickedly.

Shona pulled on a short white skirt with eight red inverted pleats. Then she pulled on her red V-neck hockey shirt emblazoned with the crest of St. Mary's on her left breast. The shirt was a little small for her, having been the one she'd worn last year. It pulled tightly across her firm, large breasts. She pulled on a pair of white knee socks and laced up her red-and-white trainers. As she stepped into her white knickers and tugged them up under her little skirt she looked across at Jane who was putting the finishing touches on her own out fit. "Somehow," Jane said, "I get the feeling they won't be staying on for very long."

Shona laughed then stopped to check herself in the mirror. She fluffed her long brown hair, turned sideways to check out the fit and noted the shortness of the skirt. "So?" she enquired, "How do I look?"

Jane laughed. "If it wasn't for those guys waiting for us outside, I'd have you myself right now," she said as she tugged up the waistband of her skirt a bit, so that her white knickers were almost visible under the hem.

"Ready? asked Shona.

"I am if you are," replied Jane, giving her friend a wink.

"OK," said Shona, taking a deep breath, "here goes." She opened the door and the two friends stepped out.

"Hi girls," announced Dave, "why don't you grab a drink before we get started?"

"Thanks," said Jane and made her way to the table in the corner. She grabbed two breezers and quickly passed one to Shona.

"OK guys, here are the rules," Dave announced as the girls sipped their drinks. "First of all, you can cum in their mouths but try not to cum in their holes if you can possibly avoid it. None of us particularly likes sloppy seconds! Second, everybody fucks the girls in their outfits. You can pull their tops up if you want, but keep their clothes on. Remember, the theme here is a schoolgirl fuck. After everybody gets off at least once we'll stop to get a bite to eat. Then the girls will change outfits and we'll all get to fuck and suck some more. It should be quite a night. I wouldn't count on getting any sleep until after the girls go home!"

The men all laughed. Jane and Shona could feel the hunger in their stares. "Right," said Dave without any further hesitation, "Why don't you girls dance for us?" He turned on a portable CD player while Jane and Shona stepped to the front of the room and began to dance for their appreciative audience

The two friends smiled as they bumped and wiggled for the room of horny men. The room flashed as the men took pictures of the two friends putting on their sexiest moves. Jane shook her tits as she danced, causing her tight top to bounce up and down. Seeing this, Shona turned around and bent over. Her little white skirt pulled up and the eight red pleats fanned out, showing the crotch of her knickers.

The men were gasping and shooting pictures as fast as they could, wanting to capture the magical moment for posterity. Shona just smiled, knowing that these guys would be jerking themselves off to these pictures for years.

The song came to an end, and Dave ordered the two girls to lie down on the floor in front of them. Shona and Jane did as they were asked. As the men continued taking pictures, Shona spread her thighs, showing the crotch of her tight knickers. Jane followed her friend, matching her every move.

Shona reached under the gusset of her knickers and slowly inserted a finger into her wet cunt. She cast a glance at their entranced audience. A few of them had already pulled their cocks out and were stroking them wildly.

Shona couldn't take it any more. She cast a quick glance at Jane then reached down and thumbed her knickers off, wiggling them down her thighs and kicking them aside. With skirt pulled up around her waist, she showed the men her neatly trimmed pussy.

The men screamed for Jane to do the same and she quickly obliged them. There were whistles of approval as the men got their first glimpse of her baby smooth mound.

"Hey girls," called Dave, "Rub each others' clits for us!"

Shona and Jane looked at each other and smiled.. Shona tentatively reached between Jane's legs and lightly touched her roommate's cunt. Jane did the same to Shona, then slowly slid a finger into her cunt.

As the men watched in wonder, the two St. Mary's girls, still fully dressed except for their knickers fingered each others' pussies and massaged each other's clits.

Shona felt wonderful as Jane fingered her. She moaned in delight as her roommate softly stroked her swollen clit. Jane was enjoying this too, with her best friend rubbing her clit with her index and middle finger. Jane bent toward Shona and softly kissed her on the lips. Shona returned Jane's kiss, then they both eagerly thrust their tongues into each others' mouths, kissing passionately.

The men were busy snapping pictures of the two friends. Shona and Jane were totally oblivious to them, lost in their ecstasy.

Finally, two of the men could take it no longer. They jumped off the bed and each grabbed one of the girls. One man had already taken his jeans and pants off and took Jane down to the floor. The other pulled Shona to him and pressed his lips against hers.

"Yeah! Go on! Fuck 'em!" the other men cheered as they stripped down in preparation. Dave put a pile of towels on the table nearby. It was sure to be a messy evening.

Shona's man, who was in his forties with greying hair, had made her lie down on the floor. He flipped up her white skirt and pushed his mouth against the entrance of her pussy, working his tongue deep inside her. Shona looked over to check on Jane. Jane's guy had pulled her tight top up over her tits, unhooked her bra and was sucking one breast while squeezing the other. Jane's hand had a firm grip on his cock, pumping furiously.

A second man dropped to his knees in front of Shona. She looked away from her friend to see the guy's cock before her face. "I can't wait," he explained to her. "I want to cum in your mouth right now. I can fuck you later tonight!"

Shona smiled sweetly, "Whatever you want," she said. She could see flashbulbs shooting off occasionally, as more pictures were being taken. She was so horny she felt she was ready for anything.

Shona glanced quickly back at her roommate. The guy was now fucking Jane, and fucking her hard. Jane groaned as the he relentlessly slammed his cock into her wet pussy.

"I'm gonna cum!" Shona heard the man above her say. She looked up at him and smiled expectantly.

"Open your sweet little mouth!" he groaned. "I'm gonna give you a drink!"

Shona opened her mouth wide for him as he pushed the head of his prick towards her. She saw a spurt of his cum and closed her eyes as it shot into her hungry mouth. It was followed by another, then another and another. Shona had to swallow hard to make sure she got it all. When he finally slowed to a stop, she opened her eyes again, just in time to watch him squeeze the last of it into her mouth.

Dave handed her a towel to clean her face, while the man who had been eating her pussy straddled her and thrust his cock into her cunt. "Ooooh!" moaned Shona as she felt herself stretch around him.

As the man pounded her cunt with his cock Shona looked back at her friend. She was just in time to see Jane's guy pull out and shoot his thick, sticky load all over her tits. As he rolled off another man took his place and stuck his swollen cock into Jane's pussy. Jane's cum-drenched tits wobbled about as he fucked her hard from behind.

Shona moaned softly to herself. She pulled her red V-neck top high over her tits and rubbed her nipples between her fingertips as her man screwed her. She wrapped her white knee socks around him, pulling him into her with each thrust.

Meanwhile, Jane's guy had pulled out, turned her round and crawled up until he straddled her. He wiped her cum-covered tits with a towel, then placed his throbbing cock between her mounds. Jane held her tits together while he fucked her cleavage, groaning with pleasure with every stroke.

Dave got up and put a pillow under each girl's head, as each lay on their back with a guy on top of them.

Shona looked at the other five men, sitting and patiently waiting their turn. Suddenly, she heard Jane's guy scream. She looked over. The guy threw his head back as he pushed his hips hard against Jane's tits. Jane, her head propped up by the pillow, opened her mouth wide as the guy erupted, shooting his wad from between her tits. Jane caught most of it in her mouth, the rest splattering on her pushed-up top.

The sight of her friend eating the guy's load made Shona even hornier. Thick strings of gooey cum hung from Jane's chin. It was clear to Shona that they would have to get their outfits dry-cleaned before they could wear them again. Her reverie was suddenly interrupted. "I'm gonna cum!" moaned the guy on whose cock she was impaled. Shona unhooked her legs from around him and he pulled out quickly. She watched as he jerked himself off for the last few seconds, moaning as geysers of cum shot high into the air, splattering over her skirt, her flat stomach, and her firm, large tits.

As Shona wiped herself clean, then saw the next guy step up with a tube of jelly. "And just what do you intend doing with that?" she asked coyly.

The man smiled. "I thought you might like me to fuck your tight little arse," he said.

Shona smiled, "Sure," she said, "why not?"

He ordered her onto her hands and knees. She pulled her top back down into place, then got into position. The man flipped her skirt over her waist, the eight red inverted pleats fanned out on her back. He put a little bit of jelly on his fingers, then slowly rubbed it around her arsehole. "Ooohhh! It's cold!" gasped Shona.The man just laughed then slowly slipped a finger into her hole. Shona groaned as he worked his finger into her. He finger-fucked her rear entrance for a few minutes, and soon she was ready.

A few feet away, Jane had lowered herself on top of another guy, and was bouncing up and down, fucking him hard. She held up the front of her flimsy skirt with one hand and rubbed her clit with the fingers of the other as she watched Shona.

"I'm gonna fuck your sweet little arse now," Shona's guy told her.

"Mmmm," replied Shona, dreamily. She felt the head of his cock nestle against her tight, rear opening, wiggling around to lubricate it properly. He grabbed her cheeks, and soon Shona felt the head push into her. "Oooffff!" she groaned as, ever so slowly, he pushed it a deeper and deeper into her back passage.

"Oh, God, it's so tight!" he exclaimed. He thrust slowly into her for a few minutes, then picked up the pace. Soon he was fucking her hard, his balls slapping against her enflamed labia with every stroke of his cock. Shona was enjoying it. She could tell by the sound and pace of his breathing that he was about to cum. After a few more strokes, he pulled out.

Shona couldn't see it, but Jane watched as he showered the back of her skirt and top with his load. The cameras clicked furiously. He paused for a minute, caressing her tender, tight bum cheeks and enjoying the sight before him. Then he slowly towelled her off. "Fuck! That was great!" exclaimed Shona by way of a compliment.

Jane, meanwhile, was finishing off her man. He gave her warning of his impending orgasm. Jane quickly jumped off, turned round and took his cock into her mouth. Sealing her lips around it tightly, her hand was a blur as it stroked up and down his shaft. He screamed as he came, filling her mouth with sticky cum. She choked on his load, and most of it spilled out of her mouth. It dribbled down her hand, pooling at the base of his cock. Jane wiped it up as her friend teased her.

"What's the matter?" asked Shona. "Can't you take a load? I can't remember the last time I saw you spill one like that."

Jane was defiant. "Of course I can," she replied hotly.

"Doesn't look like it," Shona snapped back with a smile.

"I'll tell you what," challenged Jane. "Let's race with two guys. Whoever can suck them off first wins, but you have to swallow it all."

"I'm game" agreed Shona readily.

Dave and another guy volunteered for the contest.

"I've got Dave," said Shona. The two men dropped to the carpet, lying there while the two friends positioned themselves between their legs.

"Whenever you're ready," said Jane.

Shona was first to go down on Dave. She clamped her lips around him and sucked hard, working her hand up and down the shaft. Jane took her guy into her mouth as well, and the two girls began their race.

The men cheered the girls on, placing bets on who would win. Shona had Dave on the edge quickly. She worked her tongue across the underside of his knob while she sucked, knowing how much men enjoyed it.

The two cock-sucking St. Mary's girls were in a dead heat. Both men sounded as if they'd explode any second. Suddenly, Dave reared his head back and shot his load. Shona felt it hit the back of her throat and almost choked. Somehow she managed to swallow the first stream. Another squirt, then another and another. As fast as Dave could pump it out of his balls, Shona was swallowing it without losing a drop.

Jane watched her friend, eagerly waiting to see some cum ooze out of her mouth. She was to be disappointed. Knowing that she had lost, she pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Do you want me to suck you the rest of the way, or what?" Jane asked him.

"Just sit down and open your mouth," he told Jane. "I'm gonna squirt it in so I can see it."

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