St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 09


Jane sat down and crossed her legs, her head up and mouth open. The man stood in front of her and jerked himself off, aiming the head at her eager mouth.

He came. His prick fired its thick white load into Jane's mouth, spurt after spurt. He loved the sight of his cream squirting into her mouth The other men watching the spectacle enjoyed it as well, their cameras flashing furiously. After the flow stopped, Jane swallowed the last of it, then kissed the head of his prick.

Eventually, once all the men had taken a turn with either Shona or Jane, Dave called a halt and phoned for a pizza. The food soon arrived and everyone tucked in. Shona realised that she'd worked up quite an appetite with her activities so far. From the way Jane tore into hers, it was clear that she was just as hungry.

Once they'd finished eating Shona and Jane went back into the bathroom and peeled off their cum-soaked hockey strips, tossing them to the floor. They washed themselves off, then changed into their school uniforms for the waiting men.

After putting on the outfits they checked their hair and makeup before going back out for their next session.

"Everything all right?" Jane asked her friend.

"Fuck yes," replied Shona enthusiastically, "I'm really enjoying this. What about you?"

Jane smiled. "Me too," she admitted."

"Well, then, let's show 'em some more," Shona said, opening the door.

Laughing, the two friends stepped back into the bedroom in front of the leering older men. Jane stepped to the middle of the room. She was wearing a red crew-neck sweater with a wide white band around the body and sleeves. Two more thin white bands ran across the sweater, one above and one below the large band. Her skirt was red, with eight inverted white pleats. It hugged her shapely hips tightly, the pleats spreading out slightly as she turned slowly for the men's enjoyment.

She was wearing red knee socks, which had three white stripes, just like her sweater - one wide stripe with a thin white stripe on either side.

"I've gotta fuck you!" screamed one man, whom Shona had sucked off earlier.

Jane smiled. "Then come and get me, big boy!" she coaxed.

The man sprang from the couch and took Jane down to the floor. He grabbed her skirt and tugged it up, then reached to her crotch.. He pulled the gusset aside, pushed his prick into her cunt. Jane screamed a bit and bit her lip. The man was fucking her hard and he was very rough. She found it exciting, even though it hurt.

Jane looked up at the man who was pinning her to the floor and wrapped her knee socks around him. "OK, mister," she said, "if you're gonna be this nasty, you'd better fuck me good."

The man slammed his cock into her even harder. Her thighs shook and slapped against his as he hammered his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck her! Fuck her hard!" Shona encouraged, standing at the side of the room smoking a cigarette as she watched. The sight of her friend taking such a brutal fucking was turning her on immensely.

The man looked down at Jane who moaned, half in pain and half in delight. "I'm fuckin' you good, now, aren't I, you litle slut?" he asked.

"Yeah..." was all Jane could say. Her knee sock-encased legs locked hard around the man. He fucked her with an almost violent frenzy for a full five minutes.

"All right, you little teenage whore," he said, " I'm gonna fuck your mouth now." He pulled his dick out of her cunt, the gusset of her knickers snapped back in place. He moved up her body then grabbed both sides of her head. On his knees, he straddled her. "Open your mouth, you little cocksucker," he demanded.

While Shona watched in fascination, her roommate opened her mouth and the man pushed his throbbing prick into it. Holding both sides of her head up, her fucked her mouth almost as hard as he had fucked her cunt, ramming his cock deep into Jane's throat.

Jane choked occasionally as the man rammed his cock roughly into her mouth, his pubic hair mashing against her nose with each powerful thrust. She struggled for breath, but still kept her lips sealed around him.

"OK sweetheart, now I'm gonna cum right down your throat," he announced, the strain of holding back evident in his voice.

"Ummhmm," groaned Jane, giving her approval.

With one last, powerful lunge, his cock exploded inside Jane's mouth. With a scream, he fired his cum down her throat. Jane felt his hot cum gush down her throat. She would have liked to have tasted it, but his tip was beyond her taste buds, shooting the sticky fluid straight into the back of her mouth. The man's cock bloated and squirted, over and over. He pushed his cock into her mouth hard, squirting more and more cum down her gullet, until it finally stopped.

The men cheered as he pulled his cock out of Jane's mouth, having force fed his load to the horny St. Mary's head girl. Jane managed a smile. While she had enjoyed his rough treatment she hoped the other men wouldn't be quite as rough with her.

"All right then Shona, what can you do for us?" asked Dave.

Shona didn't know how she could top what she had just seen, but she stepped into the front of the room as Jane crawled to the side. The men all gawked at her in her school uniform. A long-sleeved white blouse with a tight red cardigan hugged her torso. Her skirt was red and white plaid with knife pleats all the way around. It was very lightweight fabric, and it was extremely short on her. She bent over just slightly, so the hem would pull up just a bit and give the men a peek at her knickers. This time, Shona wore red knee socks with the uniform and her red and white trainers. She was hot, a charmer that no man could resist, and she knew it.

Shona looked over her shoulder at the men staring at her barely visible knickers, and smiled sweetly. She bent over very slowly, her legs together, gradually showing more and more of her knickers.

The men leered at her display. Her cunt, wrapped tightly in cotton, bulged between her thighs. Her bum was so firm, so shapely, it begged to have another cock.

Dave started playing more music on the CD player and Shona started a lewd, sensuous dance. The men cheered her on as she squeezed her firm, large breasts through her clothes and reached under her flimsy plaid skirt, fingering her pussy through her knickers.

Camera flashes filled the room. Shona turned away from the men again, reached up under her skirt, and slowly thumbed her knickers down in a tight roll across her thighs. She bent over again as she pulled them down, her cunt now visible to all the men, as her knickers dropped to her feet.

One of the men stepped up to Shona from behind. He flipped her skirt up over her waist, and Shona spread her legs for balance. She leaned over, resting her palms on a coffee table, while the man pushed the head of his cock up against her sweet arse.

"Do it," Shona purred seductively. "Put your cock in my arse."

The man gladly obliged, and Shona felt him push the head into her tight rear hole. She groaned as he started fucking her arse from behind.

"Oooh," she moaned. "Do you like fucking schoolgirls in the arse?"

"You fuckin' bet I do," he answered, spreading both of her tight cheeks with his fingers as he worked his cock deeper into her.

The man fucked and fucked Shona's arsehole for what seemed like an eternity. Shona was surprised he was lasting as long as he was, and she was getting a bit tired, hunched over the table like that.

Finally, when she was about to say something, he told her he was ready to orgasm. "I'm gonna cum, Shona!" he shouted. He pulled his cock out of her back passage and finished himself off with his hand. Thick strings of cum splattered off one cheek, running down her thigh and dribbling onto her knee sock.

Shona was a bit disappointed, thinking it was a waste of delicious cum, but at the same time was glad he hadn't tried to put his cock in her mouth after putting it up her arse. There wasn't much that she wouldn't do but she drew the line at that. She wiped her bum cheek and leg clean with a towel while a couple of men laughed at the scene.

Dave walked over to Jane, who had recovered from her last fuck, and helped her off the floor. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, while he squeezed her bum under her skirt. The white pleats pushed up high as he massaged her arse, his tongue probing deep into her eager mouth. "I wanna fuck you, Jane," he told her.

Jane smiled. Dave dropped to the floor and lay down on his back. Jane climbed on top of him, pulling her skirt out of the way. She nestled his stiff prick against her hot pussy and slipped it into her.

Shona had two guys feeling her up and down, but couldn't help but feel a little sad that Dave was fucking Jane instead of her again. While Jane rode Dave gently, one of Shona's guys pulled her down to the floor on top of him. He pulled Shona's skirt up over her waist while Shona skewered herself on his massive cock. The man grabbed Shona's sides and pulled her down to him, kissing her passionately while he fucked her pussy from below. Another man knelt down behind her and nestled his prick against the cock stretched entrance of her arse.

Shona was surprised, and turned around to see the second man shove his dick between her cheeks. She groaned and bit her lip, but in seconds she was enjoying the sensation of having one prick up her pussy and another up her arse. Shona moaned with pleasure, it felt so good to her.

Shona looked over to see Jane still riding Dave, except that now another guy had his cock in her mouth as well. Jane looked back at Shona who smiled at her friend.

Sounds of pure pleasure filled the room as the two friends worked the four men like pros. More camera flashes filled the room as the other men enjoyed the scene.

Jane sucked one guy off first. He shot his load into her hungry mouth and Jane eagerly swallowed it, enjoying the strong, salty flavour of his cum.

The man fucking Shona's arse was next. He pulled out and quickly scurried over to Jane. Jane turned to look at him, just as he shot his load all over her face. Jane laughed, still fucking Dave, as the man's cum coated her face, squirt after squirt, dripping from her chin.

The guy under Shona was breathing hard "I'm gonna cum!" he groaned. Shona slid off him quickly and clamped her lips around his rod, briskly jerking him off with her hand. She felt his cock pulsate in her mouth, just before he fired his thick load of cum into her hot and hungry mouth.

Shona pulled his cock from her mouth so he could squirt his seed on her tongue, anxious to taste every bit of it. The man looked down to see his cum squirting into her mouth. He groaned in ecstasy at the incredible sight.

Shona sucked him dry, then rolled off and watched Jane finish off Dave. The two of them had switched positions and Jane was flat on her back, her knee socks and trainers high in the air while Dave fucked her with long, powerful strokes.

Jane's tits jiggled under the red-and-white sweater as he pumped her. The white pleats of her red skirt were scrunched up around her waist and her shoe laces swung in rhythm with his thrusts.

Suddenly, Dave groaned and pulled his dick out just in time. From between her legs, he shot jets of cum all over her sweater. Jane laughed as his cream splattered all over her sweater covered tits.

Shona tossed Jane a towel and she mopped up the sticky cream as best she could. No sooner had she finished wiping it up, when another guy rolled her over on top of him. Jane reached down and stuffed the guy's cock into her, while another guy knelt behind her and thrust his prick into her arse. Shona laughed, watching what had just been done to her.

While Jane fucked the two men, the last guy stepped up to Shona. "What would you like?" Shona asked.

"I want to eat your pussy, Shona," he answered.

Shona smiled and spread her legs for the man, who buried his head under her plaid pleated skirt. Shona sighed in pure delight, feeling the man's tongue on her clit. She closed her eyes and softly squeezed her tits as the man sucked her into a frenzy. The man's tongue knew no mercy. Shona was soon gasping for breath. She had never been eaten like this before. She screamed as she came, and the man kept up his relentless licking and sucking.

"Oh my God..." Shona whimpered, "You're going to make me cum again..." she moaned. She felt her body shudder and tingle as she came a second time. The man finally pulled his head out from under her skirt, her love juice all over his mouth and dripping from his chin.

He crawled up to her and she kissed him eagerly. Her love juices smeared all over both of their faces, as she probed the man's mouth with her tongue. "Fuck me," she begged.

He obeyed, gently sliding his cock into her tight cunt. He fucked her slowly and gently, enjoying every moment. "Oh, mmm," Shona said softly. "You feel so good in me..."

Meanwhile, the other two men were fucking Jane to an orgasm of her own. Jane screamed in delight, drawing Shona's attention. The two men plotted their orgasms. "Where do we want to cum?" asked one.

"Let's do it in her mouth at the same time," answered the other.

The two men rolled Jane onto her back and squatted on either side of her face, rapidly stroking their pricks. The sight of the St. Mary's girl in her uniform with her mouth open for their cum was too much for them. "Got to cum now, are you ready?" asked one man.

"Yes," replied Jane huskily, "give me all you've got!" She licked her lips in anticipation.

"Fuck Yeah!" the other groaned.

Jane looked up at the two pricks pointed down at her face. The two men came almost simultaneously, their pricks unloading their juice all over Jane's face. Jane laughed as the men coated her face in sticky white cum, finally stopping to squeeze the last of it into her mouth.

Shona looked up at the man above her. "Where do you want cum?" she asked, sweetly.

"Wherever you'd like me to, my little darling," he answered.

Shona smiled, "I want you to cum in my hand," she told him.

The man pulled out and Shona took his cock with one hand. While everyone watched, she briskly wanked him with that hand while she put her other hand out to catch his cream.

He didn't last very long. He grimaced, then gasped as he pumped his thick sperm into her palm. Squirt after squirt, it pooled in Shona's hand. Finally, after she had milked the last of it from him, she released her grip on his prick.

Sitting there on the floor in her school uniform, her legs spread wide without her knickers, she made sure that all the guys were watching.

The men watched in disbelief as Shona smiled, her hand full of cum. Then she lowered her face to her hand and stuck out her tongue to lap it up. She scooped some of it up with her tongue. Thick strands of gooey cum hung from her tongue as she pulled it into her mouth and swallowed, then licked more off her palm. The men cheered wildly as Shona licked the last of it from her hand.

Shona, still smiling, sat in the middle of the floor, cameras clicking furiously around her. Jane moved next to her and embraced her friend. They kissed, their mouths pressed together with increasing urgency. Shona pushed up Jane's sweater, pushed her bra up and began to caress her tits. Jane moaned softly as she responded in kind, feeling Shona's nipples stiffen beneath her palms. "Ready to give 'em the grand finale?" she asked Shona.

"Mmm, yes," purred Shona.

Jane lay back. Shona quickly straddled her and lowered her pussy over her friend's face. "Oooh!" she moaned as Jane's tongue slipped between her wet lower lips.

Cameras flashed. The men whistled their appreciation as Shona buried her face in her roommate's pussy. Shona hummed softly as she sucked on Jane's clit. Jane's body was already beginning to tremble.

Jane slipped two fingers into Shona's cunt as she lapped at her clit. She felt the walls of her friend's pussy grip her fingers tightly as she twisted them inside her.

The two friends sexually charged bodies were soon at boiling point. They shuddered and bucked as their climaxes gripped them. Shona vented her orgasm with a low, lust filled sigh then collapsed forward onto her friend. Jane's body convulsed below her until, finally, she could take no more.

They lay there for a while, then slowly got up. Their tired bodies ached but it was a pleasant pain. Dave smiled. "Thanks girls," he said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of notes. "Here," he said, "this is for you. You've earned it. Now go grab a shower, get cleaned up and I'll call you a taxi."

It was late when they got back to their dormitory. Neither had the energy to do more than pull off their clothes and climb into bed. "Shona?" whispered Jane quietly into her friend's ear as she held her tight.


"I really enjoyed tonight," she said.

"Yeah, me too," replied Shona sleepily.

"Let's do it again soon," said Jane


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