tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 14

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 14


A loud cheer from the function suite drifted though to the busy lounge bar of The Royal Oak, making its presence felt above the buzz and chatter of the Friday night crowd. As a group of sharp suited office workers got up to leave, making a table in the corner available, four friends from St. Mary's Sixth Form College, dressed in their going out clothes and enjoying a night out, detached themselves from the milling crowd around the bar and installed themselves in the recently vacated seats.

"Thank Christ for that!" exclaimed Sandra as she sank to her seat, "These shoes are killing me." As her friends laughed at her discomfort another cheer from the function suite penetrated the hubbub in the bar.

"Wonder what's going on next door?" asked Shona, sitting back and taking another pull on her cigarette.

"No idea," replied Jane with a shrug. "Why don't you ask Tony next time he comes over to ogle us while pretending he's only here to empty the ashtray?"

"You've never complained about him before, Jane" added Amanda, "Quite the reverse in fact, If I remember rightly," she added with a sly wink. "Just where were you, exactly, when he disappeared for ages last Friday when he was allegedly changing the barrels?"

Jane blushed slightly as her three friends laughed at her. "Still, I'll bet she got a free drink out of it, at least," added Sandra, "I've never known Jane to turn down a rich, creamy head."

Jane slapped Sandra playfully on the shoulder. "Oh fuck off the lot of you," she said with false indignation, "There isn't one of you who haven't done something similar at some point."

"That's true," agreed Amanda, "It's just that some of us have better taste, that's all."

"Yeah, yeah, OK," Jane responded with a pout. "I'm going to the bar. Same again?" The friends nodded their agreement and continued chatting while Jane went to get their drinks, the sway of her hips as she walked attracting admiring glances from a number of men in the crowd.

"So has everyone decided what they're wearing to the end of school party?" asked Sandra when Jane returned to the table.

"Yup," replied Jane smugly, "but I'm not telling."

"Almost," said Shona, "but I'm having trouble with my underwear."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that!" said Amanda with a smile.

Shona ignored her. "I've got it down to three options," she said. "Option one is the matching black plunge bra, thong and suspender set that Craig bought me for Valentine's day and option two is the skimpy white lacy bra and the matching quick release knickers with the tie ups at the side."

"What's option three?" asked Sandra.

"There isn't an option three." replied Shona with a perfectly straight face.

"I'm not sure I understand," said Sandra, "I thought you said..."

Jane cut her off. "So which is it going to be?"

Shona winked. "I quite fancy the idea of option three."

Sandra looked puzzled. "But I thought... Oh! Now I'm with you," she said, smiling as realisation slowly dawned on her.

The four friends laughed. Shona and Amanda lit cigarettes as they chatted and sipped their drinks. "Look out," said Sandra, presently, "Tony's on his way over to stare down the fronts of our tops again."

Greeted with the girls laughter, Tony smiled. "Oh the joys of being so popular," he said with a shrug. "What're you girls up to tonight?"

"We're celebrating," replied Jane. "It's Amanda's birthday. We're getting her pissed, legally, for the first time."

"Congratulations," replied Tony in his smoothly polished manner. "And do I get to give the birthday girl a kiss?" he asked.

"Only if you want to kiss my arse," replied Amanda, smiling sweetly to take the sting out of her words. Before Tony could respond they were interrupted by a loud cheer coming from the function suite.

"What's going on in there?" asked Jane.

"That's the crowd from Castle Rock Rugby Club," replied Tony. "They're celebrating being promoted to the first division for the first time in the club's history. They've been at it since just after five o' clock."

"Ohhhh," said Jane, giving her friends a knowing smile. Turning her attention back to Tony she gave him a wicked grin. "Just to save you from straining your neck any further, I think you'll find that Shona actually has the biggest tits," she said batting her long eyelashes at him and giving him a falsely sweet smile, "although I'll admit that there isn't really that much between Sandra, Shona and me," she added as he turned and stormed away. Behind Tony's retreating back, Jane held her thumb and forefinger fractionally apart in front of her friends. "He's all talk and no action, that one," she said, "I've no idea what took him so long last Friday, it was all over so quickly I didn't even have time to fake one!" she added bitterly.

"So have we decided where we're going next?" asked Sandra.

"Why don't we let Amanda decide?" replied Shona, "It is her night after all."

"I'm not really fussed," replied Amanda, "Anywhere except 'The Ark'," she said, "I absolutely detest that place."

"It's a dive," agreed Sandra, "but the drink is cheap."

"I don't know about you three," said Jane as the sound of loud rhythmic chanting penetrated from the function suite, "But I'm quite keen to see what's going on next door."

"That's an idea," agreed Sandra, "some of those Castle Rock guys are quite dishy."

"And just what would Martin say if he knew you thought that?" enquired Amanda.

"Dunno," replied Sandra with a diffident shrug, "we'll just have to make sure he doesn't find out, won't we?"

"I'm going to sneak a quick look," said Jane, rising from her seat.

"What I want to know," began Amanda as Jane disappeared into the crowd, "is how your boyfriends put up with you?"

"You're hardly an angel yourself Miss Ross!" exclaimed Sandra.

"Yeah," replied Shona, "Just who is it who gets dressed up in her maths teacher's daughter's clothes while he fucks her?" she asked.

"I never claimed to be an angel," replied Amanda," and I won't deny I enjoy sex every bit as much as the rest of you. The difference is I don't have a steady boyfriend."

"It's always handy to have a steady supply of cock to fall back on when there's nothing else available," responded Sandra with a shrug, "and besides, what Martin doesn't know doesn't hurt him, right Shona?"

"Absolutely," agreed Shona. "I mean, Craig's the best shag I've ever had but it's nice to have variety!"

Amanda laughed. "OK, you win," she said. "Well...?" she enquired as Jane returned.

"Just as I thought," replied Jane, "a group of guys all out for a good time." There was a malicious twinkle in her eye as she spoke.

"Go on," urged Shona, "There's something else, isn't there?"

"Just that they had a stripper who was finishing her act as I peaked through the door. I wouldn't swear to it," she continued, "but I'm almost certain the stripper was one of the Baker twins."

"You're kidding!" exclaimed Sandra and Amanda in unison.

"No I'm not," replied Jane. "I only caught the briefest of glances but I'm 99% certain."

"Well if it was," began Shona, "it was almost certainly Avril. She's done that sort of thing before, remember? Audrey would never do that. Avril tries to play the part but Audrey really is a goody-goody."

"That's true," agreed Amanda. "Remember the time when Avril got stoned at Mark Tucker's party."

"I remember Sandra telling me about it, I wasn't there," said Shona. "Didn't you say someone caught it on video?" she asked.

"That, I would have loved to have seen," said Amanda. "I wonder if Miss Carlisle knows that her favourite has a secret double life?" she added wickedly.

"So are we going to gatecrash their do or not?" asked Jane.

"Yeah, why not?" agreed Sandra.

"Might as well," said Shona, grinning widely.

"Oh, all right then," said Amanda with a resigned laugh as she got to her feet.

"OK then," said Jane, "let's go." The four friends left their seats and made their way through the crowd to the door of the function suite.

Jane slowly opened the door and crept inside. She beckoned her friends to follow her. Shona was the last to enter the room, closing the door silently behind her. Keeping to the shadows at the back of the room, the friends watched as, on the impromptu stage at the front of the hall, a girl proceeded to entertain the men with her striptease act.

"Well that's not Avril or Audrey, that's for sure," said Shona, straining to make herself heard over the cheers and catcalls.

"They obviously booked more than one stripper," Jane replied nodding in agreement.

"Well, this one doesn't do much for me," Shona responded, "She's flat chested and can't dance to save herself. Any one of us could do better," she added critically.

"Hmmmm, now there's an idea," replied Jane with a wicked grin.

"You're not really serious are you?" asked Sandra.

"So... What have we here?" interrupted a male voice before Jane could reply to her friend's query. "Didn't realise we had another act to come," the man continued. "Do you each do your own routine or are you all part of the same act?"

"We're a group," replied Jane before any of her friends could protest.

"Well, well," remarked the man, "Just like Bill to book a surprise for us without telling. You'd better follow me so you can get ready. I'm Ted, by the way."

"Hi Ted, this is Shona, Amanda and Sandra and I'm Jane," replied Jane, nodding to each of her friends in turn, "Lead the way," she said with obvious relish.

"Are you mad?" asked Sandra as they followed Ted to behind a curtained off area at the side of the stage.

"No," replied Jane, "not really. We either do it of our own accord or we get forced. Do you think this lot would let us go without doing a turn? Why else would a woman be in a place like this? Besides, if you didn't think something like this could happen, why did you follow me?"

"That's true, I guess," agreed Sandra.

"Not only that," Jane continued, "I've seen the way you dance. What we'll be doing is much the same as what we'd be doing if we went to a club, only a little more blatant."

"A little more blatant!" exclaimed Sandra, "How much more blatant than taking your clothes off for a group of strange men can you get?"

Shona smiled putting a consoling hand on her friend's shoulder. "It'll be fun," she said, "trust me. It's almost like that photo session we did," she added to Jane.

"Mmmmm," agreed Jane, "I was thinking along those lines myself. That was quite an evening wasn't it?"

"Mmmmm, yes," agreed Shona, smiling as she remembered the events of that night.

"Well, I've stripped for Mr. Reid a few times," admitted Amanda, "and even let him film us fucking, I guess this can't be much different."

"Have you girls got your costumes and music?" asked Ted, sticking his head around the edge of the curtain.

"No," replied Jane boldly, "We were just told to turn up and everything would be taken care of," she lied.

"Ah," replied Ted, "well we've not got anything here," he said with a shrug.

"Never mind," replied Shona, brightly, "we'll manage with what we're wearing now."

"Fine," said Ted. "What about music?"

"Just get them to put on some dance stuff," said Amanda, entering fully into the spirit of things, "something that sounds sexy. We'll manage."

"OK," replied Ted. "The other girl's almost finished, you'll be on in a couple of minutes. Look forward to seeing you all out there."

"I bet he does, the dirty old letch," said Sandra.

Jane laughed. "Well, at least Amanda's going to have a birthday to remember," said Shona. "If we do a good enough job out there, we might be able to convince them to get her a celebratory drink, or something."

"That 'or something' sounds faintly promising," said Amanda, a dreamy smile on her face.

"He didn't really look all that old to me," remarked Jane. "Looked like he'd have plenty of stamina too..."

Before anyone could say anything else the four friends were interrupted as a girl, clutching an armful of discarded clothes pushed her way past the curtain. "Hi girls," she said with a friendly smile, "you must be the surprise special act. I'm Chrissy."

"Hi Chrissy," replied Jane, "loved your routine," she lied.

"Really?" replied Chrissy. "Well thank you. I've only done this a couple of times before. I'm not nearly as good as Avril, the girl that was on before me, but she's been doing this for ages."

"I'm sure she has," commented Sandra, giving her friends a knowing wink."

"Right girls, you're on next," said Ted, sticking his head round the curtain. "I'm just about to announce you. Great show Chrissy, you and Avril certainly got the lads worked up." He handed her an ice bucket stuffed full of bank notes. "Just like we did for Avril, we did a whip round while you were on stage, this is the lads way of showing their appreciation. I just hope they've got enough money left to do the same for your friends here," he added as he ducked back out onto the stage.

"Good luck, girls," said Chrissy as the friends stood waiting for their call. "They're a nice enough bunch out there but they're pretty rowdy. Just typical rugby players, I guess," she said.

"Thanks, Chrissy," said Shona as Jane pulled the curtain back, ready to make an entrance. "Just follow Jane's and my lead," she said to Amanda and Sandra as a thrill of anticipation ran up her spine.

Microphone in hand, Ted walked to the front of the stage. "OK lads," he said, "the fun's not quite over. Our final act for the night is something special, a troupe of four lovely young ladies." The announcement was met with a barrage of catcalls, cheers and whistles. "I know your going enjoy their show so, in true Castle Rock tradition, get your dicks out..." Ted turned to look at Jane and winked. "Just kidding," he said then turned his attention back to the group of men crowding around the stage. "Let's show our appreciation for Jane, Shona, Sandra and Amanda!"

The men began to clap and cheer. One by one, the four friends mounted the stage to be confronted with a barrage of wolf whistles, cheers and suggestive remarks. Jane and Shona confidently took their places at the front of the stage. Shona flashed her blonde friend a quick smile and quickly adopted one of the poses she remembered from the photo shoot. Smiling, Jane mirrored Shona's pose. Amanda took up position slightly behind and to the left of Jane. Sandra moved to a similar position on Shona's right.

The music started. Amid loud cheers from their audience, Shona and Jane turned and kissed each other passionately, their bodies moving to the beat as they let their hands explore each other's bodies. Sandra and Amanda waited, grinding their hips in time to the music as Jane and Shona's kiss grew increasingly passionate.

Suddenly, Jane and Shona broke their embrace and spun away from each other. Shona caught Sandra and began to kiss her. Jane did the same with Amanda.

There were cheers from the crowd as Amanda pushed the straps of Jane's dress down off her shoulders, revealing her large firm breasts, confined by the skimpiest black lace bra. Amanda buried her face in Jane's cleavage, kissing and licking her firm globes as Jane's hands caressed her body.

Shona eased Sandra out of her dress. The audience whistled their appreciation as Sandra stood there in her white plunge bra with matching thong and her high heels. Shona made a show of exploring every inch of her friend's exposed skin with her mouth and hands.

"I'm enjoying this," Amanda purred to Jane as Jane helped her out of her skirt.

"Me too," mouthed Jane as she knelt in front of her friend. She leaned forward and ran her tongue up the inside of Amanda's thighs.

Shona stepped out of her dress as Sandra ran her hands all over her. "You seem to be getting into the spirit of this," she said. Sandra smiled and kissed her friend. Shona felt herself grow wetter, the cheers and whistles of the audience only adding to her mounting arousal.

Amanda left Jane and strode confidently over to Sandra and Shona. As her two friends shared a passionate kiss, Amanda tapped Sandra on the shoulder. When Sandra looked up, Amanda jerked her thumb in the direction of Jane, who stood grinding her hips and running her hands over her body, clearly enjoying the attention of the crowd. Sandra nodded and walked over to Jane. Standing behind her friend she began to kiss and nibble Jane's Neck and shoulders, her hands reaching round to play with Jane's breasts.

"Fuck, I'm so randy," Amanda said to Shona as she ran her hand up the inside of her friend's thigh.

"Mmmmm, me too," replied Shona as Amanda leaned forward to kiss her breasts. Shona ran her fingers through her friend's short brown hair, pulling her even more firmly against her breast.

The music changed with the four girls dressed only in their underwear. Jane and Shona in black, Sandra in white and Amanda in red. The audience screamed and whistled their appreciation as the four St. Mary's schoolgirls drove them wild with their show. Always dancing in pairs, the changed partners over and over again. The blondes, Jane and Sandra and the brunettes, Shona and Amanda, merging and contrasting as they took turns kissing, caressing and dancing with each other.

The girls changed partners again and Amanda found herself with Jane. Their bodies pressed firmly together as they kissed and gyrated sensuously to the music. As Jane continued to bump and grind, working her way down Amanda's front, she began to pull on the straps of her friend's bra. Amanda reached behind her back to unhook the clasp. Jane stood up, shielding her from view as Amanda's bra fell to the floor. With her back to the audience, Amanda let Jane spin her round. When she faced the men in the crowd, her friend's hands were on her breasts, rubbing them gently, obscuring them from the men's' view.

Shona leaned back as Sandra's hands cupped her breasts. The straps of her bra still hung at her side a Sandra leaned over to take Shona's nipple into her mouth. As she sucked on her friend's breasts, Sandra ground her pussy against Shona's leg, feeling the friction of her wet knickers rub against her clit. She spun Shona round. Shona leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands on the floor, her breasts swinging below her. Sandra released the clasp of her friend's bra, letting it fall to the floor then, kneeling behind her, she began to run her tongue up the inside of Shona's thighs.

Amanda and Jane were down to their knickers. Amanda lay on her back on the floor, her head leaning over the edge of the stage as she squeezed her breasts with her hands, Jane kneeling between her legs. As she looked out at the audience Amanda was amused to see that some of the men had their cocks out and were stroking them as they watched her and her friends.

Amanda felt Jane tugging at her knickers. Arching her back, she raised her bum off the floor, allowing her friend to remove them. "Oooohhhh yessssss!" she moaned, closing her eyes as Jane lowered her face to Amanda's pussy and worked her tongue into its folds.

Shona stood, bent over, facing away from the audience, her bum in the air. Sandra sat between Shona's legs, fingering her friend's wet cunt as their section of the crowd screamed and whistled their appreciation. Leaning forward, her tongue replaced her fingers, darting in and out of Shona's tunnel, causing her friend to writhe with pleasure.

The cheering from the crowd rose in volume heightening the girls' arousal. As Jane's tongue beat against her clit, Amanda reached out over the edge of the stage to stroke the cock of the nearest man. Her body writhed as Jane pumped two fingers into her cunt and another into her arse as her tongue lashed Amanda's clit. Stroking the man's cock with one hand, Amanda teased her breasts with the other, feeling the first stirrings of the orgasm pulse within her.

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