tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 19

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 19


With a purposeful stride, Shona walked across the playing field. Ducking behind the cricket pavilion, she dug her cigarettes out of her blazer pocket. Extracting one from the packet, she put it between her lips and lit up with several quick, lung filling puffs before continuing on her way. Smoking as she walked, Shona quickly reached the dilapidated structure on the edge of the school grounds that was her destination. The building used to be the the groundsman's equipment shed but it was now boarded up and deserted, having been replaced with a new building several years before.

Rounding the far side of the building, Shona found Jane waiting for her. She took a final drag on her cigarette then stubbed it out against the door frame. "What kept you?" Jane asked, "I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

"I had to run an errand for Mr. Edwards," Shona replied with a shrug, "and then Mrs. O'Neil wanted to talk about the preparations for this afternoon's prize giving."

"Poor you," Jane sympathised, giving her friend a quick but passionate kiss. "We'd better go in," she said, "the boys are waiting inside and the others will be here any minute."

The only light inside came from sunlight streaming in through cracks in the ceiling and through gaps in the boarded up windows. As their eyes adjusted to their dim surroundings, Shona and Jane made out Sean Walker and Doug Stevens, their opposite numbers from St. Mark's boys' school. "Was beginning to think we'd been stood up," said Doug, an ironic grin on his face.

"No chance of that," replied Jane, "are we all ready?" she asked.

"Just waiting for your worthy successors," replied Doug. "Say? Are they as hot as you two?" he enquired.

"You'll just have to wait and see," remarked Shona, "I'm sure they won't let us down. What about your replacements, reckon they'll be able to last more than five minutes with us?" she asked.

The boys laughed. "There's always a first time for everything," Sean said, "but from your reputations, I wouldn't put any money on it." The girls smiled at the endorsement of their talents.

"What're you two wearing to the party tomorrow night?" asked Doug.

"We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you," answered Jane with a coy wink to her friend.

The four students were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Who is it that seeks entrance to our gathering?" intoned Doug formally.

"The new head girls of St. Mary's" came the reply from the other side of the door.

"Enter then," said Shona, completing the formal address, "and show that you are worthy of your station." The door swung open. Shona smiled as her sister, Niamh entered the room. With Niamh was Annette Williamson, the other head girl elect. The two younger girls stepped confidently into old building to stand before Shona, Jane, Doug and Sean. Niamh flashed her older sister a proud smile and Annette maintained an air quiet confidence as Shona and Jane approached them.

"Do you know why you are here?" Jane asked.

"We do." answered Annette and Niamh in chorus.

"Jane continued, speaking the words that had been addressed to Shona and herself a year before. "You have been chosen on the strength of academic abilities and by a vote of your peers but academic excellence is only one of the qualities required of a St. Mary's head girl, do you understand?" she enquired.

"We do," replied Niamh and Annette.

"You are here to demonstrate that you are worthy to hold the office to which you have been elevated," Jane continued. "By what token to you demonstrate your worth?"

As one, Niamh and Annette's hands went for the fastenings of their skirts. They undid them with nimble fingers, letting them fall to the floor, revealing that neither of them was wearing knickers, their navy stockings held up with matching black suspender belts. The girls' pussies were neatly trimmed. Niamh wore hers cut short in a dark triangle. Annette's hair was longer but waxed into a thin, blonde strip above her slit.

Shona smiled. "You have both passed the first test," she said, giving her sister an encouraging wink. "Now you must demonstrate your abilities. Do you know what is required of you?" she asked.

"We do," replied the girls.

"Then go forth and prove your worth," continued Shona, completing the ritual address, "maintaining the reputation for excellence in all things that is the hallmark of a St. Mary's head girl." Shona and Jane stepped aside allowing Niamh and Annette, dressed only in their stockings, shoes and crisp white blouses, to approach Sean and Doug.

Will you allow us to demonstrate our worth?" Annette and Niamh asked the boys in unison.

Sean and Doug made a show of considering the girls' request. "We will," they answered finally, smiling broadly. Doug offered his hand to Niamh and Sean did the same to Annette, leading the girls towards the bench that sat against the far wall. The boys sat down on the bench. The girls knelt in front of them. Reaching forward they quickly undid the boys' trousers, releasing their straining cocks from their confinement.

Each holding a stiff cock in their hands, Niamh and Annette turned to each other and kissed briefly. Turning their attention back to the Doug and Sean they said, "And thus shall we demonstrate that we are worthy of the position of St. Mary's head girls."

Leaning forward, Niamh ran her tongue along the length of Doug's shaft. Beside her, Annette began to lick Sean's. They worked their tongues up and down the boys' cocks, swirling them skilfully around their knobs, coating them with glistening films of warm saliva. As one, the girls parted their lips and took the boys' cocks into their mouths. Doug and Sean groaned as Niamh and Annette worked their lips up and down their shafts.

Shona found it strange, watching her sister expertly giving head to Doug. Studying Niamh's technique and the strained expression on Doug's face, Shona was forced to admit that her sister appeared to be as accomplished a cocksucker as she was herself and, with just the slightest hint of jealousy, found herself wondering what other talents her sister might have.

Watching Annette and Niamh set diligently about their task, Jane found her mind drifting back, twelve months before, to when Shona and she had knelt bare arsed and in almost the same spot sucking the cocks of St. Mark's then head boys, the Kennedy twins, while their own predecessors had stood watching in judgement.

The choice of head girl was a lengthy process. First they had had to demonstrate their academic ability. Of the thirty or so girls in their lower sixth form year, the twelve with the highest overall exam scores were elected to serve as prefects for the following year. Those twelve then cast lots to select four candidates to face the existing council of prefects. Shona and Jane had faced that ballot with the Baker twins, Avril and Audrey and had emerged victorious just as Niamh and Annette had been this year's successful candidates. Having been elected the girls were required to face one final test. There had never been any doubt that Shona and Jane would succeed in their task. Supreme in their abilities, it had taken a little over three minutes for the friends to bring the Kennedy boys off. With the boys cumming almost simultaneously, Jane had just edged her friend into second place, setting the record for the fastest ever time in the process. Feeling her pussy moisten as she watched Niamh and Annette at their endeavours, Jane conceded that her record could be in danger.

"Oh fuck, Niamh, that's good!" Doug groaned, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the edge of the bench tightly. Niamh met his gaze with her smouldering dark brown eyes as he looked down to see his cock disappearing repeatedly into her mouth.

Niamh's head seemed to glide up and down as she took Doug's cock into her mouth, her lips pursed tightly around his shaft as they slid along its length. With the fingers of one hand gripped tightly around the base, she pumped up and down as she gently squeezed and caressed his balls with the other.

By contrast, Annette's head seemed to blur as it bobbed up and down. Sean's face contorted in a grimace of pain mixed with pleasure as the head of his cock slid between Annette's tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Growing increasingly aroused as the scene before them progressed, Jane and Shona shared a passionate kiss. Their hands caressed each other's bodies as their tongues explored each other's mouths. Both girls felt their pussies grow wetter as their passion mounted and it took an extreme act of willpower from them both to bring themselves back under control. "Fuck, I'm so randy," Jane purred.

"Me too," admitted Shona. She kissed her friend lightly on the lips. "Our turn's coming," she reminded Jane.

"Do you think your sister's as good at eating pussy as she seems to be at sucking cocks?" Jane asked with a wicked glint in her eye.

"Dunno," said Shona with just the slightest edge to her voice, "maybe you should try her someday and find out."

Hearing her friend's slightly indignant tone, Jane laughed. "No," she said, "I don't think I will. After all, no one's ever been able to turn me inside out with their tongue the way you do, not even Matt."

"Thank you," said Shona, noticeably brightening.

Jane laughed then threw her arms around her friend, hugging her tightly.

Humming softly as she sucked hard on Doug's cock, Niamh swirled her tongue around the head, teasing the slit at its tip, savouring the rich taste of his pre-cum as it began to ooze into her mouth. Sean had his fingers in Annette's hair, pulling her head toward him as she took his prick deep into her mouth.

Despite the girls' differing techniques the results were almost identical. Both Doug and Sean were clearly showing the strain as Niamh and Annette feasted on their cocks. Both were breathing hard. Sean's hips were thrusting, lifting his arse off the bench as he tried to drive his cock deeper into Annette's mouth. Doug's head tossed from side to side as Niamh sucked and teased him.

Feeling the growing tension in Doug's cock and balls, Niamh increased her pace until her head was bobbing back and forth almost as fast as Annette's. Sean gasped as he watched almost the entire length of his shaft disappear into Annette's hungry mouth, the head of his cock lodging in the back of her throat.

Both Doug and Sean were breathing hard as they tried desperately to hold on, the pressure for release mounting in their balls. "C'mon, Sean!" Doug urged, feeling his sac tighten, "Give her your load! I can't hold on much longer!" Hearing the desperation in Doug's voice, Niamh sucked even harder.

"Oh fuck, Annette! This is... this is un... unbelievable..." Sean groaned, every fibre in his body screaming for release as pre-cum wept copiously into Annette's mouth. She stared up at Sean, her ice blue eyes piercing him from behind her long dark lashes. The look of hunger in Annette's gaze almost sent him over the edge. Somehow he managed to hold back as Doug moaned loudly beside him.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... ooooohhhhhh fffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!" Doug groaned as his cock erupted, sending the first jets of cum into Niamh's waiting mouth. Niamh pulled her mouth back until only his knob was between her lips. Letting her jaw relax, she sucked hard on Doug's cock as his cum boiled into her mouth, letting it pool on her tongue before swallowing it down.

As Doug shot his load into Niamh's mouth, Sean let himself go. "I'm cumming!!!!" he gasped as his seed surged up from his balls and through his cock to flood Annette's mouth. Taken by surprise at the force of Sean's explosion, there was nothing she could do to prevent a small amount of his cum spilling from her mouth and dribbling down her chin. Recovering quickly, she slid her lips up his shaft, swallowing eagerly as jet after jet of his hot, sticky fluid spilled into her mouth.

Milking Doug's shaft with her fingers, Niamh eased the last of his cum into her mouth. As Annette swallowed her last mouthful she sat back on her heels, letting Sean's cock slip from between her lips.

Niamh gave Doug's knob a final lick then turned to Annette. They kissed passionately, both highly aroused by what occurred. Their tongues explored each other's mouths. "You've spilled some," Niamh said to Annette with a coy little smile then ran her tongue lightly over her friend's chin, wiping away the stray trail of Sean's fluid.

"Thank you," Annette replied then kissed Niamh once more. As one, the girls got to their feet and turned to face Shona and Jane with expressions of expectant triumph on their faces.

Smiling broadly, Jane looked past the girls to where Doug and Sean slouched, their breath coming in strangled gasps. "What say you, St. Mark's? Do you find Niamh Fraser and Annette Williamson worthy to be our successors?" she asked, solemnly uttering the words of the traditional question just as it had been asked of herself and Shona twelve months before.

"We do," replied Sean and Doug together.

Still smiling Jane turned her attention back to the two younger girls. "You may go," she said, "go and uphold the values and traditions of St. Mary's."

"Thank you," said Annette as she pulled her short plaid skirt back into place.

Shona gave her sister a congratulatory hug. "Well done, sis," she said with a smile.

As the girls left, closing the door behind then, Shona turned to her friend. "I made that three minutes ten. I'm afraid you're no longer the school record holder," she said with a teasing smile.

"Well, it was good while it lasted," Jane said with a shrug. "Never knew your Niamh was such a pro though."

"Me neither," admitted Shona ruefully.

"Are all you Irish girls such fucking great cocksuckers or is it just a family speciality?" Doug asked. "I hate to say this, Shona, but your sister is very nearly, if not already, as good at that as you are."

"And what about me?" Jane asked indignantly.

Doug was saved from answering by a knock at the door.

"Who is it that seeks entrance to our gathering?" asked Jane, giving Doug a look that made him wince.

"The new head boys of St. Mark's" came the reply from the other side of the door.

"Enter then, and show that you are worthy of your station," said Sean in traditional fashion.

"They look promising enough," Jane whispered to her friend as she cast an appraising eye over Gary Peters and Mike Wilson, Doug and Sean's successors.

"Hmmmm," replied Shona, "any preferences?"

"Not really," replied Jane, "you?"

"Nope." Shona dug a coin from her pocket. "Heads, I take the one on the left," she said.

"OK," replied Jane "his name's Gary, by the way".

Shona flicked the coin in the air. Catching it in the air, she held out her hand to reveal the coin with the queen's head uppermost. "Heads it is," she said with a grin, "I get Gary and you get Mike or do you want best of three?"

"Nah," said Jane, "I'll go along with that."

The girls waited patiently while Sean and Doug completed the formalities before leading their chosen partners over to the bench against the wall. Sitting down, the two friends made a show of slowly lifting their short, plaid skirts and opening their legs to reveal their pussies. Shona's soft, pink lips showed below her neatly trimmed dark triangle. Jane's hairless pussy was smooth and inviting, her juices glistened on her lower lips as she reached down to spread them with her fingers.

Shona, as the older of the two girls, asked the boys if they were ready. They replied with an eager "Yes!" as they quickly knelt between the girls' legs.

Needing no further encouragement, the Gary and Mike set to their task. Everyone in St. Mark's lower sixth had heard about Shona and Jane's reputations. Knowing that the girls tended to confine themselves to staff and the upper sixth form students, part of the honour of being elected to the posts of head boy was the fact that they would get this chance to be with the two hottest sluts that St. Mary's had ever produced.

Shona and Jane both purred softly as the boys' tongues began to explore their pussies. Turning to each other, the two friends kissed, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths as the boys' tongues darted in and out of their cunts.

"Fuck, this one's good," Jane whispered to her friend as her clit throbbed in response to the lashing of Mike's tongue. Turned on as she was by witnessing the earlier exploits of Niamh and Annette as they'd sucked Doug and Sean into submission, Jane felt a warm glow spread through her body from her pussy.

"Mmmmm," sighed Shona dreamily, pressing her mouth firmly against Jane's as two fingers slipped into her her cunt and began to pump slowly in and out. She gripped the fingers with her walls as they twisted inside the warm, wet confines of her muffin. The tongue flicking over her swollen clit sent a shiver running up her spine.

As Jane let the sensations wash over her she found Shona's hand and placed it against her breast. Her nipple stiffened immediately in response to the gentle pressure of her friend's touch, her arousal climbing higher with the added stimulation. Reaching out, she began to caress Shona's firm, large globes, feeling her friend's body stiffen then melt as her fingers gently squeezed and stroked them.

Shona felt the first rippling tremors pulse through her pussy. She rocked her hips, forcing Gary's fingers deeper into her cunt, his tongue more firmly against her clit. Her fingers tightened around Jane's breast and she heard her friend sigh in response.

As so often happened, Jane found herself becoming more aroused by skilful touch of Shona's fingers than by the mouth of the St. Mark's lower sixth former who was expertly eating her pussy. The girls long association as lovers as well as friends meant that they knew each other's bodies as well as their own, instinctively finding the spots that gave each other the most pleasure.

"Damn! Those girls are hot," Sean said admiringly to Doug, feeling the first stirrings of recovery in his cock as watched the St. Mary's girls in action.

"Uh huh," agreed Doug feeling his own cock stiffen. "I'd be lying if I didn't admit that they're the most fantastic shags that I've ever had." A look of embarrassment flickered across his face. "Don't you ever tell Mandy I said that," he added.

"Don't worry," Sean laughed, "your secret's safe with me." Clearing his throat, he continued, "My Claire's a fantastic ride but those two are in a class of their own. Did you have them before or after you started doing Mandy?" he asked.

"Both," admitted Doug. "Jane before and Shona after. What about you?"

"After," said Sean with a rueful shrug, "and both on the same afternoon. It almost killed me. I'm surprised I had anything left for Claire that night. Not that she was complaining. I was so drained by that pair that it took me forever. If she hadn't let me up her arse I don't think I'd've managed at all."

Doug couldn't help smiling at his friend as he recounted his encounter with the two St. Mary's girls. He knew from experience just how demanding Jane and Shona could be. "If you ever repeat this in front of Claire you're dead," Sean said.

Feeling their climaxes approach, Shona and Jane gripped the heads of the boys feasting on their cunts, pressing their mouths more firmly against their pussies. Shona felt the pressure inside her grow as the sensations in her clit intensified. Jane moaned, her eyes clenched tightly shut as contractions rippled through her womb.

"Oh fuck, yesssss!" Shona cried as Gary's fingers inside her stretched the walls of her muffin. She felt herself slipping over the edge and tried in desperation to hold back her release.

"Eat me!" Jane demanded. "Eat my fucking pussy!" she urged Mike as her hips rocked of their own volition. The walls of her pussy contracted every time she felt the rough surface of his tongue slide over her clit.

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