St. Mary's Girls: Friends & Lovers


With an excited giggle, Jane sat up and pushed Shona on to her back. Climbing between her friend's legs, she gripped the waist of Shona's knickers and began to tug them. Shona raised her bum off the bed. Pulling Shona's knickers off her bum and down her legs, Jane tossed them to the floor. "I can't wait to taste you!" she said as she began to lean forward.

Unlike Shona's teasing approach, Jane made straight for her goal, acting without hesitation in case her nerve deserted her; there would be enough opportunities in future for a more tender, loving approach.

"Ohhhhh!" Shona moaned as Jane's tongue flicked over her clit.

"Mmmmm," Jane murmured, pressing her mouth to Shona's wet lower lips.

Savouring the taste of her friend's juices, Jane explored Shona's pussy with her tongue, flicking it over her swollen lips and clit, darting it in and out of the entrance to her friend's tunnel. Shona squirmed in response to Jane's onslaught. "Gently," she urged, "not so fast. I don't want to cum yet!" she added.

Restraining her initial enthusiasm, Jane moderated her pace, working her tongue slowly along Shona's slit. Shona squealed with delight as Jane sucked on her labia, running her tongue over their surface. "Ahhhhhh!" she sighed softly as Jane 's tongue lapped, with broad strokes, over her clit.

Can I get on top?" Shona asked as a pleasantly warm sensation spread from her pussy to engulf her.

"Yeah, OK. I guess so," Jane replied.

Jane rolled on to her back and Shona got quickly into position above her, her knees on either side of Jane's head, her pussy hovering above her friend's mouth.

Moving slowly, Shona lowered her muffin onto Jane's waiting mouth. "Yessssss!!!" she sighed passionately as her friend's tongue slipped once again between her lower lips and into her cunt.

Rocking her hips, Shona ground her muffin against her friend's mouth. After an enthusiastic if somewhat rough and clumsy start, Jane had relaxed, becoming more gentle as she settled down to savour her first taste of another girl's pussy. As her tongue danced in between the folds of Shona's muffin, Jane felt her friend's juices trickle over her cheeks, coating them with a warm, sticky film.

Supporting herself with one hand on Jane's headboard, Shona used her other hand to stroke and caress her breasts, squeezing and teasing her nipples with her fingers as she rocked her mound back and forth against Jane's mouth. "Oh fuck! This feels sooo good,!" she purred as a warm tingling ran up her spine, her body's responses becoming increasingly automatic.

Jane's tongue lapped at Shona's cunt, slipping between her wet lower lips and flicking over her swollen clit. She could feel the first rippling contractions of Shona's impending climax as they transmitted themselves through her body. "Oh yes! That's it! Lick me right there!" Shona urged as Jane's tongue worried the tip of her clit.

Responding to her friend's increasing arousal, Jane flicked her tongue more and more rapidly over Shona's throbbing clit, murmuring softly as Shona's juices flowed over her face. As contractions began to grip her womb, powerful spasms shook Shona's body. She rocked her hips back and forth, increasing the friction of Jane's tongue against her clit, intensifying the sensations that rose up to consume her from within.

"Oh fuck! Ohhhh Jane!! I'm cccuuuuummmmmiiiinnnnggggggg!!!" Shona cried as her friend's tongue drove her relentlessly onwards. Jane grabbed Shona's hips, pulling her even more firmly against her mouth. Shona's obvious pleasure caused Jane's desire to flare anew. Almost without realising how it had happened, she found herself cumming too, the fingers of one hand, coated with her own warm, sticky juices.

Shona rolled away from Jane's mouth. She moved down the bed to lie beside her friend. Gathering Jane in her arms she kissed her friend's face, licking her juices from Jane's cheeks. Jane clung tightly to Shona, turning slightly to kiss her as tremors continued to run through their bodies.

"Not bad for a first try?" Jane asked, the faintest hint of doubt in her voice.

Shona kissed her. "You were wonderful, Jane. Really, you were," she said softly, stroking Jane's cheek with the back of her hand.

"And with the right teacher, I'll get even better with practice," Jane said coyly, turning to kiss Shona once more. Shona let her body reply, holding Jane close as she kissed her best friend and, now, lover with increasing passion.

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