tagFirst TimeSt Mary's Girls: Jane's First Time

St Mary's Girls: Jane's First Time


Standing at the bus stop on a mild autumn evening, 18-year-old Jane felt a growing sense of excitement. If everything went to plan tonight, she'd have something to tell Shona about when her raven haired, Irish friend returned from school hockey trip to France. Ever since Shona had returned from spending the half-term holiday at home in Ireland, telling Jane all about how she'd lost her virginity to some boy called Kieran, Jane had been deeply envious of her friend.

In their time at St. Mary's, the two girls had already earned reputations as being the best cocksuckers in the school yet, until the recent half-term break, neither girl had had the opportunity to take the next step. Despite their friendship, Shona and Jane were highly competitive. At night in their room the pair had often raced each other to orgasm, fucking their tight, virgin pussies with the handles of their hairbrushes and other suitably shaped objects. Jane had been more than a little put out to discover that her friend had won the race to become the first to feel a cock filling her pussy. Her sense of envy had been exacerbated further when Shona had recently revealed that during a detention period, for failing to complete her homework, her 'punishment' had been to let Mr. Willis, the girls' science teacher, fuck both her pussy and her arse.

Boarding the bus, Jane fumbled in her blazer pocket to find her pass. She smiled at the driver as she flashed her card, twisting a finger in her long blonde hair as she gave him her sweetest innocent little girl look, noticing the way his eyes devoured her shapely body. She giggled as, with a deliberate flick of the hem of her pleated plaid school uniform skirt, worn several inches higher than the regulation length, she turned and made her way back along the bus, accenting the sway of her hips as she walked towards the stairs leading to the top deck.

Climbing the stairs, Jane noticed that there were only two other passengers, both men, on the top deck. They both stared at her and Jane could feel them undressing her with their eyes as she walked past them to take a seat at the very back of the bus. Sitting down, Jane smiled as she pretended not to notice the surreptitious glances of the two men. They were both in their early twenties and quite good looking, Jane thought.

Almost unbidden, images of the two men moving to sit beside her, their hands caressing her as they forced her to kneel in front of them and suck their cocks, filled her mind. She could feel her pussy getting wet at the idea of blowing two complete strangers at the back of the bus. As her imagination played with the idea of sucking their cocks deep into her hot, hungry mouth, Jane's appetite got the better of her judgement and she let her fingers slip up under her skirt.

The gusset of Jane's knickers was damp as her fingers rubbed along the material. She bit her lip to stifle a moan as her fingers slipped inside her knickers and traced a path along the edges of her moist lower lips. Lost in her fantasy, Jane could almost taste pre-cum oozing over her tongue as her juices coated her fingers.

Jane worked her fingers into her tunnel, feeling the walls of her pussy grip them tightly. As she pumped her fingers in and out, she tried to imagine what it would feel like to have her fingers replaced by a hard, thick cock. In her imagination, the men had flipped her on to all fours and one of their cocks was now pounding her pussy from behind as she sucked the other deep into the back of her throat. Her breath shortened as she watched the two men from where she sat, fantasising about them as she fingered her cunt. Fighting to suppress any moans of pleasure that would betray her, the only evidence visible to a more than casual glance in her direction was the movement of her fingers under her skirt and the heaving of her firm, well developed breasts. Her lips curling as her pleasure intensified, Jane panted under her breath, biting occasionally on her lip, restricting any sound which might escape from between her lips to a slight peep as her fingers twisted inside her pussy, playing the harp of her sexual strings.

The visions filling her mind combined with the sensations in her pussy and Jane quickly found herself on the brink of an orgasm. Screwing her eyes tightly shut, Jane let the sensations wash over her. Her hips bucked slightly against the vinyl covered bus seat, driving her fingers deeper into her pussy. She wanted to cry out but couldn't. Usually extremely vocal when she came, the need to remain quiet, intensified Jane's sensations as her climax gripped her.

With a long, shuddering sigh, Jane let the energy of her orgasm dissipate. She opened her eyes to be confronted with the sight of one of the two men standing in front of her, holding on to the rail of the seat in front of her with one hand while the other stroked his cock in front of her face. "You're a hot little bitch, aren't you girl?" he asked. Jane nodded, unsure if what was happening was real or if she was still lost in her fantasy. "The other guy got off at the last stop," the man said. "I was hoping you'd help me get off now," he added, pushing his swollen knob towards Jane's mouth. "Go on, take it," he said as Jane hesitated. He nodded to where Jane's hand was still concealed under her skirt and added, "by the look of things, given that little display you just put on, it's what you want anyway."

A quick glance confirmed to Jane that the man and she were now the only people on the top deck. She smiled sweetly up at the man, batting her lashes over her deep blue eyes. "Why not?" she said in a little girl voice. Without any further hesitation, she wrapped her lips around his knob and began to work them down his shaft. The initial tang as her lips and mouth enveloped his cock was slightly bitter, she could taste his manly sweatiness and odour. Despite the taste being slightly unpleasant to her mouth it heightened the reality of the situation, stimulating her senses further, intensifying her arousal. Her hand replaced his as she sucked, stroking his thick rod with a rapid movement. With a sense of déja vu, Jane's fantasy merged with reality as she began to taste his pre-cum ooze in her mouth.

"You really are a hot little bitch," the man gasped as he thrust his hips back and forth, driving his stiff prick into Jane's mouth. His mind raced and he found himself melting into the bright blue pools of her eyes as he watched the sexy schoolgirl in front of him feasting hungrily and loudly on his prick. Jane sucked hard, her tongue teasing the tip, her hand blurring as it stroked his shaft. "Oh fuck that's good," the man gasped. "You've done this before haven't you, my sweet little schoolgirl?"

"Uh huh," Jane mumbled from around his cock, staring up at him, her blue eyes portraying an innocence that the cock in her mouth belied. She lifted her free hand to his balls and squeezed them firmly and was rewarded with a strangled groan of pleasure.

In what seemed like no more than an instant from when she'd first taken his prick into her mouth, Jane felt his body tense, his legs trembled noticeably. "Get ready, my sweet little schoolgirl slut," he groaned, "I'm about to fill your hot little slutty mouth with baby batter. You want that, don't you, you cocksucking little whore?"

Jane answered him by nodding and sucking harder on his cock. He had called her a slut and a whore and now she was going to prove to him just how accurate his description was. She could feel his cock begin to twitch in her mouth as his climax approached. She slid her lips back until only his knob remained in her mouth. Sucking hard, she squeezed his balls with one hand while the other pumped his shaft. "Oh fuck... oh fuck... I'm... I'm cumming!" the man gasped as he exploded, shooting a jet of thick, sticky sperm into Jane's hungry mouth. Jane swallowed quickly, sucking hard on his knob as he filled her mouth with cum again and again. "Yeah! That's it! Drink your milk like a good little girl!" he groaned as his cock fired a seemingly never ending fountain of cum into her mouth, forcing Jane to swallow over and over in an effort not to let any spill out.

As the man's eruption subsided, Jane milked his cock with her fingers, squeezing every last drop out on to her tongue. At last, she let his cock slip from between her lips. The man slumped down on to the seat facing her as he tucked himself away. "Fuck! That was great!" he panted. "I wish there'd been hot little sluts like you around when I was at school." Jane merely smiled, unleashing the power of her baby blue eyes on him as he tried to recover. Having improved her teasing skills by comparing notes with her best friend Shona, Jane crossed her legs over in a lady like fashion, while smiling demurely at him. Giving her lips a delicate lick with one sweep of her tongue as she looked at him, mouthing the words, "Thank you."

The bus stopped and they were joined on the top deck by a couple of other people. A few minutes later, the man got to his feet. "Time for me to go," he said in a hushed tone. "Pity there wasn't time for me to give your sweet little twat a good seeing to as well." He fished in his pocket and dug out a crumpled £5 note. Handing it to Jane, he smiled and said, "Here, little girl. Treat yourself to some lollipops. Not that you need any practice sucking on things." With that, he turned and walked down the aisle. He smiled briefly as he disappeared down the stairs, leaving Jane to reflect on what had just happened.

Once on her own, Jane giggled. She couldn't believe what she'd just done. The taste of the man's cum still lingered on her tongue and she realised that they hadn't even told each other their names. The outrageous experience had been a huge turn on and she admitted to herself that it had been a shame that she hadn't had the chance to feel the stranger's cock filling her pussy. The experience made her hungrier than ever to be free of her virginity.

As the bus deposited Jane at her stop, she noticed the driver giving her another appraising look. With an exaggerated sway of her hips, Jane stepped off the bus. She realised that the driver had probably been able to see what had happened on the mirror. As she began the short walk to her destination, she rummaged in her bag for the packet of mints that lay somewhere at the bottom, not wanting to have to explain why her breath tasted of cum. Sometimes, she reflected a little bitterly, being a smoker like Shona, might even have its advantages.

Reaching her destination, Jane's excitement mounted as she walked up the path. Trembling with suppressed anticipation, she reached out and rang the doorbell. The door swung open and her boyfriend, Rob, smiled at her. "Hi, Jane!" he said, "come in." she was almost breathless with anticipation as she stepped into the house. As the door closed behind her, she moved into Rob's arms and felt his lips press against hers.

"Is it still OK?" Jane asked, her voice made husky with her mounting desire.

"Oh yes!" replied Rob, kissing her again, "we've got the place all to ourselves. Dad's on nights all this week and Mum won't be back until after nine."

"Good!" Jane said, "I've got plans for this evening."

Rob laughed. "I bet you have," he said as Jane rubbed herself against him, his cock stiffening inside his jeans in response to his girlfriend's blatant display of desire. They kissed again. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths as their passion grew. Jane's hands roamed all over Rob's body as he began to stroke her breasts through her blouse, his fingers undoing a couple of buttons. Jane slid one hand down the front of Rob's jeans, feeling his stiff cock with her fingers, imagining again what it would feel like inside her pussy. Feeling her juices begin to flow at the thought of having her cock filled with a warm, hard, thrusting cock, Jane felt another tingle of anticipation as a warm glow spread over her.

Finally, their lips parted. "C'mon," Rob breathed, "let's go upstairs." Jane nodded and let Rob take her hand as he guided her towards his bedroom.

Without any awareness of how she'd got there, Jane found herself lying on Rob's bed, her blazer lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, his body pressed firmly against hers as they kissed passionately. The single bed moaned slightly under their weight as they squirmed together on its surface, Rob kissing the exposed tops of Jane's breasts, teasing her nipples through the material of her blouse and bra as she bit on his neck.

As her excitement grew, Jane slid her hand between their bodies, seeking out the growing bulge in the front of his jeans. "Is that for me?" she asked in a little girl voice, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I... uh... I guess it must be," Rob replied, squirming slightly in response to her touch.

"Oh goody!" Jane cooed as her fingers deftly released his zip and wriggled inside.

Rob pressed his lips to Jane's again, kissing her deeply as her fingers stroked his cock. Jane felt his organ growing in her hand and, once again, found herself wondering what it would feel like buried deep inside her pussy. "I suppose you're going to want me to do something about this?" Jane asked, giving his cock a squeeze.

"Well... um... yeah, I guess," Rob replied, rendered almost speechless by the attentions of Jane's fingers.

Jane smiled then slid down the bed until her face was level with his crotch. She fished his stiff rod out of his jeans then flicked her tongue over the swollen knob. "Was this what you had in mind," she asked, fluttering her long lashes at him.

"Uh... why, yes. Something like that," Rob stammered.

Holding his shaft lightly with her fingertips, Jane ran her tongue along its length, swirling it over his knob. Rob groaned with pleasure as his girlfriend employed her talented mouth to drive him wild. "Oh fuck, Jane, that's so good," he gasped as her lips circled his shaft, engulfing his knob in her hot mouth. In his mind, Rob found himself comparing Jane to Wendy and Sarah, the only other girls who had done this to him. Wendy had been reluctant yet tender, Sarah had been enthusiastic and almost as cock hungry as Jane. He had enjoyed their attentions but neither of them had the same ability to drive him wild and satisfy him as fully with their mouths as his blonde haired girlfriend. "You're sooo good, Jane!" he moaned, "You're the best cocksucker I've ever had!" Jane purred contentedly as she slid her mouth along Rob's cock. She knew she was good but she loved it when the beneficiary of her skills complimented her mid blow-job.

Rocking her head back and forth, Jane's lips slid up and down Rob's pole, her tongue teasing his knob. Sliding her head forward, she swallowed as Rob's swollen knob lodged in the back of her throat and heard him gasp with pleasure. "Oh fuck, Jane!" Rob groaned as her throat tightened around his knob.

Jane wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft and began to stroke lightly, her fingers moving in tandem with her lips. It occurred to Jane that Rob's cock was longer than that of the stranger on the bus but that the stranger's had been thicker, she'd had to stretch her mouth wide to accommodate it. She also realised that sucking Rob's familiar, clean cock didn't give her quite the same turn on that she had felt when sucking the musty, slightly sweaty prick of the stranger on the bus.

Rob's hips began to surge forward. "I'm getting close Jane," he moaned as he pushed his cock into Jane's mouth. His words brought her back to the present, dispelling the image of the stranger she'd so recently serviced with her mouth, the mouth that Rob loved fucking so much. She sucked harder and, for the second time in less than half an hour, she could taste pre-cum on her tongue. "Oh Jane! Ohhhh fuck, Jane!" Rob sighed, the pressure for release building. Jane slid her mouth back. Circling her fingers around Rob's shaft, just below his knob, Jane squeezed gently, preventing his release as the tip of her tongue teased his slit.

Rob's cock began to twitch. He squirmed, his hips thrusting as the need to release consumed him. Jane kept up the pressure on his shaft, teasing his knob with her tongue, sucking it hard. Rob groaned as the pressure mounted unbearably. Jane could feel his cock begin to pulse under fingers, she sensed the tightening of the muscles in Rob's groin. "Please, Jane," Rob moaned, "let me cum. I... I'm going to explode!"

Jane let her mouth go slack in preparation for Rob's eruption. She slowly loosened her grip on his shaft and instantly felt his seed surge up through his straining cock. "Aaaaahhhhhh, fffuuucccckkkkkk!!!!!" Rob moaned as he began firing his cum into Jane's mouth, the sensations of his denied release, painful in their intensity. Jane swallowed hard as jet after jet of hot, thick cum flooded into her mouth and down her throat.

As Rob's eruption subsided, Jane let his cum pool on her tongue, savouring its rich flavour before swallowing it down. With his torrent reduced to a slow dribble, she used her fingers to squeeze the last drops into her mouth, teasing them out of his slit with her tongue.

Jane let Rob's spent cock slip from her mouth then stood up, kicking off her shoes, her fingers moving to undo the remaining buttons of her white, school blouse. She smiled down at Rob who lay on the bed, breathing hard, trying to recover from his intense climax. "Pull yourself together, lover," she said as she let her short, plaid skirt fall to the floor around her feet, "my pussy is in need of some TLC." Jane peeled off her white cotton ankle socks before reaching up to unhook her bra. She slid the straps down her arms, freeing her large, firm and shapely full breasts. They jiggled as she bent forward and began to wriggle out of her damp knickers.

Stepping up to the bed, Jane leaned forward, rubbing her breasts against Rob's face before swinging one leg over to straddle him. The bed squeaked below them and Jane giggled as she deliberately rocked back and forth. Rob reached up and pressed her breasts together, leaning forward to flick his tongue over their surface. "Oh fuck, Rob, yes! Lick my tits! Make 'em wet all over!" Jane demanded, grinding her pussy against his recently drained cock.

Coating his girlfriend's breasts with a warm film of saliva, Rob's hands slid easily over their surface. Jane purred contentedly as Rob's mouth explored every inch of her breasts, kissing and licking them, drawing each of her nipples into his mouth in turn and flicking them with his tongue. As she ground her pussy against him, stimulating her clit, the bed squeaked and groaned in time with her movements.

As a warm glow spread through her body causing her cheeks to blush, Jane felt a fleeting pang of envy for her friend, Shona. Just like her friend's, Jane's large, full breasts were highly sensitive but, unlike Shona, who could cum just through having her breasts played with, Jane need to have her pussy or clit stimulated before she could have an orgasm.

Jane shook her head, dispelling the vagrant emotion. Rob was good with his tongue and her clit would soon be getting all the stimulation it needed. Much as she enjoyed the attention her breasts were receiving from her boyfriend's mouth, Jane needed more. Torn between the desire to take things slowly, to give Rob's cock the time it needed to recover and the need to feel her boyfriend's tongue on her clit, Jane surrendered to her need. "I need to cum, Rob," she moaned, "I need to feel your mouth on my pussy!"

Rob began to slide down the bed, between Jane's legs, kissing her flat stomach as he moved into position. Reaching up, he gripped Jane's breasts with his hands as he settled his face between her thighs. Jane's lower lips glistened with her juices. The scent of her rich nectar filled Rob's senses as he began to run his tongue up the insides of Jane's thighs, pinching her nipples with his fingers, his warm breath flowing over and around her moist folds.

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